Where is Bacalar Mexico?

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Where is Bacalar Mexico located?

Are you wondering where Bacalar, Mexico is located? This guide includes fascinating facts about Bacalar and answers to all your frequently asked questions. Nestled in the southernmost part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Bacalar belongs to the state of Quintana Roo, which is close proximity to Belize. 

Most travelers who fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN) will venture their way towards this hidden paradise; however those wanting a closer experience can arrive at Chetumal International Airport (CTM). Come and explore what many consider as one of Latin America’s best-kept secrets!

Tucked away between the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize lies Bacalar, Mexico at 18.68 degrees north latitude and 88.39 degrees west longitude – a true gem of an undiscovered destination!


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Where is Bacalar Mexico on the Map

Distance to Other Major Destinations:



Estimated travel time by car

Bacalar – Chetumal

25 miles (41 km)

~ 40 minutes

Bacalar – Tulum

132 miles (213 km)

~ 3 hours and 15 minutes

Bacalar – Playa del Carmen

171 miles (277 km)

~ 3 hours and 20 minutes

Bacalar – Cancun

215 miles (348 km)

~ 4 hours and 15 minutes

Where is Bacalar Mexico located?

Situated in the southern region of Quintana Roo, nestled on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula lies Bacalar – a paradise full of dynamic beauty and serene tranquility. Mahahual beach is among the finest coastline gems that can be found along Costa Maya and it is only a stone’s throw away from Bacalar – an ideal location to experience some of Mexico’s best beaches!

Just a brisk half-hour away from the Mexico – Belize frontier lies the famous Bacalar Lake, home to many of Belize’s most grandiose resorts. And if you’re keen on continuing your journey across Central America, you can do so by crossing through Chetumal in Mexico near Bacalar!

How to get to Bacalar

Fly to Bacalar

The most convenient airport near Bacalar is Chetumal International Airport (code: CTM). Located merely 45 minutes away, this small airport usually requires a connecting flight through Mexico City, Cancun or Guadalajara. Despite its accessibility to Bacalar though, many travelers find it easier to fly into Cancun International Airport due to the sheer number of daily flights!

Rent a Car

Ready to rent a car in Mexico and explore the Yucatan Peninsula? Many travelers embark on this exciting journey, seeking out as many of the captivating places that Yucatan has to offer. As you set off on your adventure, keep these these essential travel tips for driving in Mexico at top-of-mind – they’ll provide some extra assurance so you can enjoy every moment stress free.

Private Shuttle

The most convenient method for travelling from Cancun Airport to Bacalar is via reliable private transportation shuttle. With a Tripadvisor-endorsed company, such as Cancun Airport Transportation, you can book your journey knowing that an English speaking driver will greet you inside the airport and promptly take you directly to your desired destination in Bacalar.

Taking the Bus to Bacalar Mexico

ADO, Mexico’s premier bus company, provides rides to Bacalar from any location in the Quintana Roo and Yucatan region. The cost may fluctuate based on your pick-up spot; however typically you can expect a roundtrip ticket for $700 – 1,000 pesos (roughly equal to $35-$50 USD).

Bacalar Fun Facts

Bacalar, Mexico is renowned for its vibrant, multi-hued Laguna Bacalar – otherwise known as “The Lake of Seven Colors.” But does this body of water truly contain seven distinct tones? Indeed it does! From powdery blues to azure shades that could easily be mistaken for the sea itself – the lake offers up a rainbow of aquatic hues unlike any other on earth. The city’s namesake comes from its original Mayan name: Siyan Ka’an Bakjalal which translates directly to mean “the birth of heaven surrounded by reeds.” A fitting title indeed, given just how breathtakingly beautiful this destination truly is.

Until 2011, the picturesque town of Bacalar was part of Othon P. Blanco municipality in Quintana Roo – until it earned its own city status and consequently resulted in a 40 percent decrease to Othon P. Blanco’s territory size. In 2006, this remarkable destination became one of Mexico’s 111 “Pueblos Magicos” as granted by the Department of Tourism for being deemed a national treasure worthy enough to be bestowed with such an honor!

Embark on an ancient journey to Bacalar, where you’ll encounter the oldest living organism known to exist – stromatolites. These fascinating rocks have been around for thousands of millions of years and give us a glimpse into Earth’s distant past.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bacalar Mexico

How far is Bacalar from Cancun?

It takes approximately 321 kilometers (or 199 miles) to travel from Bacalar to Cancun.

How long is the drive from Cancun to Bacalar?

Embark on an exciting road trip from Cancun to Bacalar, a journey of 215 miles (346 km) that will take you approximately four hours and fifteen minutes. Along the way, make sure to stop at tourist hotspots such as Playa del Carmen and Tulum for optimal exploration!

How do I fly to Bacalar?

When you’re looking for the most convenient way to reach Bacalar, consider flying into Chetumal International Airport (CTM) or Cancun International Airport (CUN). Your final destination will depend on your point of origin. We strongly recommend choosing flights that fly into Chetumal airport, as it is much closer to Bacalar than Cancun!

Is Lake Bacalar saltwater?

Lake Bacalar is a paradise of pristine freshwater, fed by underground springs and separated from the salty waters of Chetumal Bay by powerful pressure. This special lake exhibits remarkable shades of blue due to its fascinating blend of saltwater and freshwater. Come explore this enchanting destination today!

Are there crocodiles in Bacalar?

Despite the many accounts of crocodiles found in Bacalar Lagoon shared by visitors online, science indicates that it is unlikely that they thrive here due to Lake Bacalar being a freshwater lake. Still, yes – there are still some cases of crocodiles present here!

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