Where is Monterrey Mexico?

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Where is Monterrey, Mexico, located?

Boasting a rich cultural heritage and vibrant atmosphere, Monterrey is the capital of the Mexican state of Nuevo León. As one of Mexico’s largest cities, it extends west to east alongside the majestic Rio Santa Catarina and sits adjacent to the picturesque Sierra Madre Oriental mountains.

Are you curious about this evergreen paradise? No need to worry – here are some facts about Monterrey that will help satisfy your curiosity! 

Make your way to Monterrey, Mexico with ease by arriving at either the bustling Mariano Escobedo International Airport (MTY) or the convenient Del Norte International Airport (NTR).

Monterrey, Mexico can be found at 25.69° north latitude and -100.32° west longitude on the world map.


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Distance to Other Major Destinations:



Estimated travel time by car

Monterrey – Mexico City

568 miles or 914 kilometers

~ 9 hours and 40 minutes

Monterrey – Puerto Vallarta

696 miles (1,121 kilometers)

~ 13 hours and 30 minutes

Monterrey – San Pancho

669 miles (1,077 km)

~ 12 hours and 30 minutes

Monterrey – Cancun

1,426 miles (2,295 km)

~ 28 hours

Where is Monterrey, Mexico on the Map

About Monterrey 

Monterrey, Mexico is a city of history and culture, with the first inhabitants being the semi-nomadic Chichimecas. Touring Monterrey today offers travelers an opportunity to take in stunning cave paintings and petroglyphs left behind by these early peoples – a visit that provides both historical insight as well as artistic enchantment.

Regiomontanos, the residents of Monterrey Mexico, are aptly named; their city translates to ‘King of the Mountains’ in English due to its majestic surroundings. Five different mountain ranges tower around this magnificent place providing a picturesque backdrop as well as an ideal playground for extreme and outdoor sports lovers alike. From any point in the city El Cerro de la Silla stands proudly with impeccable beauty and grandeur that is incomparable. A short distance away lies the city of Guadalupe, home to El Cerro de la Silla mountain. This symbol of Monterrey is distinctively shaped like a horse saddle (i.e., “silla” meaning chair). As such, tourists are highly encouraged to experience its majestic trails when visiting the area! Climb up and explore all that this stunning peak has in store – you won’t regret it!

The stunning Cola de Caballo waterfalls in Monterrey, Mexico offer a one-of-a-kind bungee jumping experience with its 70 meter drop. Its name literally translates to “horse tail” and stands at an impressive 27 meters or 89 feet tall within Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey. Come face your fears and take the leap of a lifetime!

Monterrey is a city like no other. As the third largest Mexican metropolis and capital of Nuevo Leon, it lies grandly in the stunning Sierra Madre mountain range. Here you’ll find an estimated three million locals whose vibrant culture make this place unlike Mexico’s traditional landscape, instead resembling more of what we expect from US cities!

Home to the nation’s most significant businesses, Monterrey is Mexico’s modern-day powerhouse of commerce and industry. The city also houses numerous maquiladoras which assemble goods (often with foreign components) meant for export markets in America, Europe and Asia.

Frequently Asked Questions about Monterrey Mexico

WhatWhere in Mexico is Monterrey located?

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Mexico, Monterrey is a mere 910 kilometers from capital city – Mexico City. While other Mexican cities such as Guadalupe and Saltillo are slightly further away at 6 and 74 kilometers respectively, it’s still easily accessible for those seeking adventure beyond the bustling metropolis.

What can you do Around Monterrey?

Adventure-seekers visiting Monterrey will be enchanted by the region’s spectacular northern deserts and mountains. From exploring Garcia Caves to horseback riding near Horse Tail Waterfalls, or admiring Rodrigo Gomez Dam from afar—you can even take in breathtaking views of Sierra Madre Mountains from Chipinque! There is something for everyone here.

What US city is closest to Monterrey, Mexico?

With San Antonio, Texas being the closest US city to Monterrey, Mexico, many residents often make use of its close proximity and shop in San Antonio regularly.

Is Monterrey, Mexico, close to Texas?

Indeed, Monterrey Mexico is located in close proximity to those of us living in Texas. The cities most closely related include San Antonio, Austin, Houston Fort Worth and Dallas.

How far is Monterrey, Mexico, from the ocean?

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable beauty of Mexico by visiting one of its nearest beaches from Monterrey. At a distance of 199 miles (320 kilometers), Heroica Matamoros is just within reach, or you could experience La Pesca Beach at 270 miles (435 kilometers) and Tampico with 316 miles (508 kilometers). Enjoy the scenic drive away from Monterrey’s 186 mile-lengthy coast to any beach destination!

Is it safe to travel to Monterrey, Mexico?

While Monterrey, Mexico is generally safe for travelers, the US Department of State Overseas Security Advisory Council has given it a Level 2 rating due to crimes in the area. Therefore, visitors must use extra caution when visiting and always remain alert around their belongings. Practicing common sense and prudence are essential components for a successful trip to Monterrey!

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