Where is Cabo San Lucas Mexico?

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Where is Cabo San Lucas Mexico Located - Ultimate Guide

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Where is Cabo San Lucas Mexico located?

Ready to explore the breathtaking destination of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Look no further than Los Cabos for a once-in-a-lifetime trip! Located at the southernmost tip of Baja California peninsula, this city is home to incredible views and activities.

Learn about all that awaits in our handy guide – including fun facts about your much anticipated getaway. Don’t wait any longer – book your stay now and experience Cabo’s beauty first hand! 


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Located at 22.89 latitude and -109.92 longitude, the San José del Cabo International Airport (SJD) is the closest airport to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With its convenient location, it’s no surprise that Los Cabos International Airport is one of the busiest airports in all of Mexico!

If you want a high-end luxury experience, you can check out one of the 13 best all-inclusive resorts in Cabo.

Distance to Other Major Destinations:



Estimated travel time by car

Cabo San Lucas – Guadalajara

815 miles (1,312 km)

~ 22 hours and 30 minutes

Cabo San Lucas – Puerto Vallarta

790 miles (1,272 km)

~ 22 hours and 45 minutes

Cabo San Lucas – Mexico City

1,156 miles (1,861 km)

~ 28 hours

Cabo San Lucas – Cancun

1,484 miles (2,387 km)

~ 46 hours

Map Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

“Cabo San Lucas” is a Spanish title derived from “Cape St. Luke”. It’s well-known for its diving, golfing, fishing, and surfing opportunities and was once nothing more than a humble fishing village. However, in the 1980s to 1990s it underwent an amazing transformation into one of Mexico’s finest holiday spots as well as the perfect place to retire!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the proud home of Earth’s newest body of water: The Gulf of California – often referred to as the Sea of Cortez or Vermilion Sea. Created a mere 5 million years ago due to shifts in tectonic plates, this gulf offers an array of marine life that make it a paradise for divers!

Situated in the southeastern area of Cabo San Lucas, lies a spectacular place known as Land’s End or The End of the Earth. Here you will find El Arco – an 80 million year old rock formation that marks the distinct line between the Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean – granting it UNESCO World Heritage status. To witness this awe-inspiring sight, you must visit by boat to truly appreciate its grandeur!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is renowned as the Striped Marlin Capital of the World. It is believed that more striped marlin populate here than in any other location on our planet! As a result, individuals from all around come to Cabo San Lucas and sign up for marlin fishing trips. In fact, this destination proudly hosts the world’s most generous payouts when it comes to its annual marlin tournament – a perfect opportunity you do not want to miss out on!

What is Nearby Cabo San Lucas?

Delve into a Cabo San Lucas map and uncover the picturesque spots nearby that make up Baja California Sur. With an eye on where Cabo is situated, you’ll be amazed to find out that it’s just beyond San Jose del Cabo―an intimate Mexico destination known for its vibrant art gallery district. Exploring this beautiful region can easily fill your days with fulfilling experiences! Take a brief drive and you’ll find yourself in Todos Santos, the alleged source of inspiration for “Hotel California.” You could also opt to explore some other extraordinary escapades like swimming with whale sharks at Cabo Pulmo, hiking through Fox Canyon or simply relaxing in El Chorros hot springs. Stepping away from your lodging location gives you the opportunity to grasp distinctive elements of the regional culture as well as its natural beauty. 


Is Los Cabos in California or Mexico?

Los Cabos is located in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur, or South Lower California. Mexico’s historian Carlos Lazcano described it as a completely different region from US-California which was named 85 years after this Mexican state. It has become one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations due to its abundance of activities and attractions like pristine beaches, beautiful resorts, golf courses and excellent restaurants.

Is Cabo in Mexico or the USA?

Although Cabo may seem close, it’s actually located in Mexico, not the United States.

Why is Los Cabos so dangerous?

Although Los Cabos has breathtaking beaches, the treacherous riptides and powerful waves make it a dangerous spot to swim. The eastern side of Baja Peninsula is comparatively safer for swimming; however, ensure that you adhere to beach protocols and never take risks by entering any closed-off areas.

Why is Cabo so popular?

Cabo is every traveler’s paradise, with its beautiful landscapes that ranges from Land’s End to sun-kissed beaches and surfable waves. Not only does it offer a vibrant variety of scrumptious Mexican dishes; but also an energizing nightlife scene for those wanting some rest and relaxation. Its diverse marine wildlife further adds on to the charm making it one of the main attractions in Mexico.

Is Cabo expensive?

Vacationing in Cabo is pricier than you may expect due to its popularity and the obligatory tourist tax set into motion this year. All international travelers are mandated to pay 350 pesos, which translates to approximately 18.50 USD for upkeep of infrastructure and social service initiatives.

From Hollywood movies to conversations with coworkers, you’ve probably heard of Cabo San Lucas, one of the most popular tropical Mexico destinations. Travelers head there for everything from family vacations to spring break parties and destination weddings. With so much to do, all sorts of people love visiting Cabo, whether they’re wanting to simply relax on the beach with a margarita or get out and explore the environment. There’s so much to discover here, and once you know where Cabo San Lucas is, you’ll be able to plan your next great adventure.

What’s the Time in Cabo San Lucas?

If you are a traveler from North America, one of your biggest fears when traveling to Cabo San Lucas may be adjusting to the time zone change. But don’t worry – this won’t be an issue! The time in Cabo San Lucas corresponds with the Mountain Time Zone in the US, meaning that most travelers will only experience a difference of one or two hours after they reach their destination. It’s important to note though that Mexico follows Daylight Saving Time on different dates than we do here in the United States — clocks move forward on April 3 and back again October 30.

Best Time to Visit Cabo?

Make your Cabo trip unique and unforgettable no matter when you go! If you’re looking for cooler weather, plan to travel during the winter or early spring months. Snorkeling and scuba diving would be ideal in the summertime, because of the warm water temperatures as well as discounted rates on your vacation package. Enjoy fishing tournaments throughout autumn while families can relax away from home in Spring Break! But regardless of season, there’s always plenty of activities that will make your time spent in Cabo San Lucas one to remember.

Is there a difference between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo?

Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo, the two main cities of Los Cabos, are linked by Highway 1 — otherwise known as The Corridor. Located at the southernmost point of Baja California peninsula, both towns boast a wealth of attractions perfect for any traveler.

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