Where is Tijuana Mexico?

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Where is Tijuana, Mexico, located?

Need some useful information regarding the city of Tijuana? Discover its impressive distance from popular destinations, as well as intriguing facts about this Mexican gem! Located in Northwest Baja California and sitting on Tecate Creek near the North Pacific Ocean, Tijuana is bordered by both Mexico’s state of Baja California and America’s Golden State. With so much beauty surrounding it, there are bound to be countless exciting activities that await you here! 

Tijuana is an enormously popular tourist destination located on the Baja California Peninsula in Mexico, and just a stone’s throw away from San Diego. It has been transformed over time from its Prohibition Era notoriety of being a small border town into a bustling metropolis with development programs that have created amazing opportunities for growth – including those for its middle class society members. With so much to offer and easy access from San Diego, it’s no wonder why Tijuana draws millions of travelers annually!


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For those seeking a Mexican getaway, the General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport (TIJ), conveniently located in Tijuana, is the nearest airport to make your vacation dreams come true!

Tijuana, Mexico’s exact location is 32.52 latitude and -117.05 longitude.

Distance to Other Major Destinations:

 DistanceEstimated travel time by car
Tijuana – Mexico City1,728 miles (2,779 km)~31 hours
Tijuana – Puerto Vallarta1,362 miles (2,190 km)~25 hours
Tijuana- Cancun2,715 miles (4,368 km)~49 hours
Tijuana – San Pancho1,335 miles (2,145 km)~24 hours

Where is Tijuana, Mexico, on the Map

About Tijuana

Hailing from Tijuana, Mexico? Then you’re a proud Tijuanense or Tijuanero! This bustling city is often referred to as ‘T.J.’ for short, and it’s origins can be traced back even further with old documents that called the place La Tía Juana, Tiguana, and other variations of those names. Ultimately though this moniker comes from the Kumeyaay word “tiwan” which translates to “by the sea” in English – an apt description of this coastal paradise!

The San Ysidro Port of Entry located in Tijuana, Mexico continues to be renowned as the world’s most active border crossing. Covering an expansive 3185 kilometers or 1979 miles, it facilitates more than 50 million people annually and is conveniently a short day trip away from its neighbor city –San Diego. Thus earning it the name “Gateway To Mexico. It also has come by another esteemed title “A Heart Between Two Seas” due to its position between two oceans while yet another refers to it as “The Most Visited City In The World” — all these acknowledgments are owing to this landmark busy port.

Unbeknownst to many, the renowned Caesar salad was created in 1924 at the Caesar Hotel and Restaurant by an Italian American restaurateur named Caesar Cardini. Interestingly enough, this beloved dish originated all the way from Tijuana, Mexico – who would’ve guessed? Besides that fun fact, did you also know: contrary to popular belief, anchovies are absent from its original recipe!

Frequently Asked Questions about Tijuana Mexico

What US city is closest to Tijuana?

Located just 20 miles or 32 kilometers away from San Diego, California is the nearby city of Tijuana in Mexico. But other US cities are within reach too! Los Angeles is only 127 miles or 204 kilometers away; Las Vegas 270 miles or 435 kilometers; and Phoenix 295 miles or 475 kilometers. With all these options there’s no excuse to miss out on a Mexican adventure!

Is Tijuana in Mexico or the USA?

Nestled on the northwestern border of Mexico is Tijuana, a city located in the Mexican state of Baja California.

Is Tijuana safe?

Although certain areas of Tijuana are considered safe to stay in, it is still regarded as an unsafe city. In 2018, the murder rate was staggering at 138 homicides per 100,000 people out of a population of 1.9 million – enough to designate it Mexico’s most dangerous city! Street and violent crime also remain rampant in Tijuana; its extremely high homicide rate alone paints a bleak picture for anyone who may venture there.

How far is it from San Diego to Tijuana?

Located only a mere 20 miles or 32 kilometers from San Diego is the Mexican city of Tijuana. There are four ways you can travel between these two cities: car, trolley, pedestrian bridge, and bus; however the border crossing process may take several hours to complete. Despite its closeness in proximity making it an ideal destination for travelers looking for convenience and adventure.

Why is Tijuana so popular?

Boasting a vibrant culture, diverse cuisine and stunning street art, Tijuana is renowned for its attractions. Unfortunately it has also become notorious worldwide as one of Mexico‘s most hazardous cities.

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