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Mayan Museum of Cancun (Museo Maya) - 2023 Visitors Guide

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Visiting the Mayan Museum in Cancun – Museo Maya

Museum Entrance

In addition to its stunning beaches, and vibrant nightclubs, Cancun offers a unique look into the captivating past of the Mayans. The Riviera Maya is proud to house The Mayan Museum (Museo Maya), showcasing precious artifacts that narrate tales about this renowned civilization’s customs, artwork, and remarkable resourcefulness. 

Mayan Museum Cancun
Mayan Museum Cancun

A stop at the Museo Maya is an absolute must during your stay in Cancun! This museum offers a plethora of artifacts from Quintana Roo and nearby ruins, wonderfully presented with bilingual descriptions for maximum comprehension. In addition to its charmingly decorated exhibition halls, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the region’s culture – it truly can’t be missed and should be on your list of things to do in Cancun!


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Learning more about the Mayan culture

At the museum, you can take a journey into an archeological museum and explore ancient wonders that were created centuries ago by this remarkable civilization. If you go off-the-beaten track and travel deep into the heartland, you will be able to witness modern day Mayans living as they have done for generations – speaking their native language, wearing traditional garments and inhabiting homes built from wood with palapa roofs. By delving deeper into their culture, it becomes easier to understand why Cancun is one of Mexico’s most treasured destinations!

Mayan Artifacts
Mayan Artifacts

What is Museo Maya like?

Step into the entrance of the museum and prepare to be transported on an archaeological journey that unearths submerged caves from Quintana Roo’s distant past. Follow this timeline as it winds its way through time, all the way up until Spanish conquistadors arrived at this peninsula centuries ago. The artifacts found here tell a story about their culture and evolution, containing sacred burial rituals components, daily life items that have been used for over two thousand years!

The walls of this room are adorned with maps showing the colonial era, conquest and Caste War of the 19th century. To bind past to present, stunning Mayan ceramics from Museo Maya in Cancun decorate these same walls.

The second room of the museum offers a fascinating journey into various aspects of Mayan civilization. Here, you can uncover their unique relationship with nature, gain insight into how cities rose and fell in times past, become immersed in their economic activities from agriculture to trade relations and more.

Notable cultural expressions such as writing systems and calendars are also on display for guests to explore, along with details about battles between royal families. You will even learn about famous rituals like the ball game that the Mayans have celebrated for centuries!

Mayan Fossils

The Mayan Museum of Cancun is home to an extensive selection of intricate artifacts excavated from Quintana Roo and the Maya area in Tabasco, Yucatan, Campeche, and Chiapas. Additionally, maps depicting both European exploration and traditional Mayan trade paths are available for viewing. Moreover, a special exhibit hall houses temporary displays revolving around Mexican and Mayan culture; these items have been selectively borrowed from other prestigious museums throughout Mexico. Thusly presenting visitors with a comprehensive account of ancient history!

Mayan ruins of San Miguelito

San Miguelito Ruins
San Miguelito Ruins

Stepping into the Museo Maya, you’ll be entranced by its peaceful gardens and taken away to a different time as you explore San Miguelito’s lesser-known ruins (1250-1550 AD). Here, historical structures with wooden and palm roofs enclose an area that may have been inhabited until Spanish colonists arrived in the mid 1500s. A 25 minute walk around this archaeological site will leave visitors mesmerized by its beauty and intrigued by its past.


Opening Hours

The doors are open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00am to 6:00pm with the last entrance at 5:30pm. Make sure you take in all of the museum’s captivating delights by arriving before this cut-off time. Sadly, Mondays remain closed until further notice.

How much does Mayan Musuem cost?

70 pesos per adult for admission.

Facilities at the Museo Maya


The museum is very accessible for everyone. Elevators will take you up to the different exhibition halls, and ramps are also available. As a security measure, no bags are allowed inside; however, complimentary lockers can be found on-site so that you may store your belongings while exploring the museum! Additionally, there are bathrooms located throughout as well as an impressive gift shop filled with souvenirs so that this incredible experience leaves lasting memories long after departing!

Where is the Museo Maya?

Come take a trip to the bustling Hotel Zone of Cancun at km 16.5 and explore the alluring museum! The museum is very close to all the big resorts has a free parking lot for those who are driving, or if public transportation is more your style, there are plenty of bus routes that can get you here in no time. Regardless of how you choose to arrive, this destination is sure to be one heck of an adventure.

Mayan ruins to visit

Searching for a glimpse into the Mayan culture? Look no further than Chichen Itza! Along with this majestic experience, there are even more captivating sites to explore. There are smaller museums as well as thrilling pyramids that can be scaled and El Rey in Cancun’s Hotel Zone has some of the most stunning ruins around. 

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