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Underwater Museum Cancun - 2023 MUSA Guide

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Underwater Museum Cancun Guide

Beyond the luxurious resorts and vibrant clubs, Cancun has so much more to offer. If you’re looking for a way to stay active during your holiday in this tropical paradise, why not try something different? We opted to explore the museum! Of course, it wasn’t just an ordinary museum with classical paintings on white walls where silence is key – this was one of those unique places that will surprise and delight you. 

Cancun Underwater Museum
Cancun Underwater Museum

From the majestic Mayan histories and customs that enshroud Mexico’s lands, to the mysterious depths of its oceanic environs, this remarkable part of paradise contains many secrets yet to be unlocked.


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The Underwater Museum Cancun is a place for everyone, built with the future of our oceans in mind. Are you ready to explore an entirely new world beneath the surface? Come explore the captivating underwater world of Punta Nizuc on this one-of-a-kind snorkeling tour! Uncover a hidden beauty and be mesmerized by all that is revealed on the ocean floor. An unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget!

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What is the Underwater Museum Cancun?


In 2009, MUSA Cancun -Museo Subacuático de Arte- was established with the mission of engendering artificial reefs to lure marine life and consequently generate new snorkel sites. The Underwater Museum Cancun now hosts over 500 sculptures from renowned English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor which can also be found in other places worldwide such as Lanzarote’s underwater museum.

The Cancun Underwater Museum has swiftly become a must-see attraction in this city. Not only do these sculptures provide an exciting experience for visitors, but they are also beneficial to the environment and local economy. The statues encourage people away from natural reefs towards the museum, allowing them to restabilize; the material used is particularly suited as it promotes coral growth and creates an artificial reef at no cost! Thus MUSA is doing much more than simply providing entertainment – it’s investing in both nature and community alike!

How do you visit MUSA?


Catamaran tours are ideal for those who want to experience the stunning Underwater Museum of Art, even if they don’t feel comfortable submerging fully. On sunny days, you will be able to observe a number of structures from 8 meters deep in the water; however, sometimes visibility can be limited due to weather conditions. Fortunately, most areas around Isla Mujeres consist of shallow waters where colorful aquatic life abounds —certainly making this an unforgettable excursion!


Glass Bottom Boats

For those who feel a bit uneasy in the ocean, there is another alternative to explore its depths that won’t get you wet. Glass bottom boat tours are available throughout Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun – kids and groups all ages can enjoy this fun experience. By inquiring at any one of these tour stands, you will be able to observe the wonders of the deep sea while remaining completely dry!

Where are the underwater statues?

The MUSA project is a long-term endeavor with authorization to sink 1200 sculptures in 10 distinct areas near Cancun, developing artificial reefs. To date, 3 underwater galleries have been established at the following locations:

  • Machones is located off the coast of Isla Mujeres and offers both snorkeling and diving opportunities with a maximum depth of 8 meters (26 ft).
  • Punta Nizuc, situated at the southern tip of Cancun’s hotel zone, has a maximum depth 4-5 m/13-16ft – making it ideal for snorkeling.
  • Punta Sam boasts depths up to 3.5m (~11ft) as well as several newly placed sculptures; however its best used for snorkeling only. Enjoy your adventure in Cancun-Punta Nizuc!

Cancun Underwater Musuem

The Machones Gallery is renowned for its Silent Evolution installation of 400 human-sized figures, yet it’s too deep to be ideal for snorkeling. Punta Sam may have shallow waters but only features two installations at the moment; making Punta Nizuc the optimal choice when seeking an enjoyable experience with a variety of underwater statues in relatively shallow depth!

Punta Nizuc snorkeling trip

If you’re searching for more knowledge regarding snorkeling in Punta Nizuc, your search has come to an end. Unfortunately, there is limited information accessible online about the activity – even locally! Most tourist operators will only offer Isla Mujeres’ main snorkel trip that includes a stop at MUSA Machones upon request; some guides don’t even recognize where exactly lies the gallery of Nizuc.

Not long ago, Punta Nizuc was freely accessible from the shoreline; however, since its transformation into a private beach that is no longer possible. The only way to get there now is via Aquaworld Cancun’s Paradise Snorkel Trip – and it promises an unforgettable experience!

Aquaworld Punta Nizuc snorkel trip

Embark on an incredible snorkeling expedition in Punta Nizuc without worry—book your trip online, through nearby hotels or tour agents if you choose, but it’s not mandatory. When we visited Aquaworld, all it took was a few minutes to sign up for the next departure!

Where the tour of the Museum starts
Where the tour of the Museum starts

How much does MUSA cost?

Adults can enjoy the marine park and dock for only 57 USD, while kids receive 50% off at a rate of 27.50 USD!

Enjoy on this breathtaking tour with complimentary snorkel gear and life vests, all while indulging in refreshing soft drinks.

Hours of Operation

Embark on your aquatic adventure from Aquaworld Marina between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Aquaworld boat

Jump aboard a boat and cruise through the mangrove lagoon to Aquaworld’s floating platform near Punta Nizuc reef. The friendly staff will provide all the necessary equipment, such as a snorkeling vest, so that you are prepared for this guided adventure! Swim around vibrant corals before exploring the captivating underwater statues – it’ll be a journey of discoveries like no other!

MUSA car

Statues in Punta Nizuc

Depending on the tour you take, your underwater museum snorkeling experience will be filled with awe-inspiring sculptures which vary in size and shape. You are guaranteed to witness the highly acclaimed Understanding installation—standing only 1.8 meters deep under water it is quite visible even if visibility conditions aren’t ideal! If you seek out other statues lurking deeper down, make sure that you visit between May and July when sea conditions tend to be more tranquil thus making them easier to spot beneath clear waters.

The Nizuc Reef

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Punta Nizuc lies in its statues. However, novice snorkelers may find equal pleasure exploring the reef with glimpses of smaller coral formations and hard corals visible to those who take their time while submerged. Unfortunately, though it’s an inner small reef that Paradise trip guides typically explore (with correspondingly lesser marine life) is not as well-kept or lively as one might hope for.

Important Tips:

Before making your way to MUSA Cancun, do not forget these essential tips!

  • Make sure you eat a substantial meal prior to entering the water.
  • Additionally, only wear lotions that are environmentally friendly and safe for marine life such as sunscreen or insect repellent.
  • Bring cash with you in pesos for potential tipping of tour guides.
  • If you wish to capture some memorable underwater moments it is highly suggested that invest into obtaining a waterproof camera!
  • Reserve your spot now as tours are highly sought-after and have limited daily bookings due to the size of the vessel.
  • By respecting the underwater art and marine life, you will be able to make your tour even more memorable. Abide by all safety protocols in order to have a pleasant experience during your visit.


How deep is the Cancun Underwater Museum?

If you’re looking for the perfect diving adventure, then look no further than the Cancun Underwater Museum! At only 30 ft (10 meters) deep, it’s great for beginners and certified divers alike. Plus, its shallow depth also makes snorkeling an enjoyable experience as well.

Why are there statues underwater in Cancun?

In 2009, an audacious project was launched in the Cancun and Isla Mujeres region with a single purpose – to construct an artificial reef that would provide assistance to marine life restoration.

Where is the Cancun Underwater Museum located?

The Cancun Underwater Museum boasts three distinct areas, with the main attraction situated between Cancun and Isla Mujeres

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