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9 Museums in Cancun - 2023 Visitors Guide

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Are you looking for the best museums in Cancun?

While the picturesque white sand beaches, luxurious all-inclusive resorts, exciting water sports and majestic Mayan ruins in Cancun are a must to explore, there’s something more worth considering – nine of its illustrious museums. Each museum takes visitors through a unique journey of discovery into the past and culture of Cancun. Although visiting these historical enclaves might not be at the top your list of top things do in Cancun when planning an escape to this popular destination, you can learn so much about it that would otherwise remain unknown! 

Mayan Museum Cancun
Mayan Museum Cancun


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Museums in Cancun – A break from the beach

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little sun, fun, and cocktails by the pool but why not add in some culture to your ideal vacation in the Mexican Caribbean? Millennials and families are seeking more engaging cultural experiences as part of their travel plans. Including an immersive experience with local customs is sure to make your next getaway even better!

The Yucatan Peninsula is renowned for its lengthy and illustrious history, offering adventurous travelers a range of museums and historical sites to explore. If you’ve imagined stuffy institutions with preservationists in white gloves or dry lectures delivered by tour guides, think again – Cancun and the Riviera Maya are home to unique experiences that require everything from snorkels to floor maps!

Whether you’re a millennial or traveling with family, cultural exploration should be top of mind when planning your next vacation. After all, there’s nothing like an immersive experience to bring out the best in any trip!

Best Museum in Cancun : MUSA - Cancun Underwater Museum
Best Museum in Cancun : MUSA – Cancun Underwater Museum

1. MUSA – Underwater Museum of Art (Cancun, Isla Mujeres)

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, why not explore the wondrous depths of MUSA’s 500 underwater sculptures? With a glass-bottom boat tour, snorkeling or even scuba diving, you can witness the beauty and serenity of its two main sites. Don’t forget to bring your waterproof camera so that you can capture all your incredible memories! Prices may differ depending on which type of experience is chosen; be sure to check out prior to embarking on this remarkable journey.

3D Museum of Wonders

2. 3D Museum of Wonders (Playa del Carmen) 

Prepare to be astonished when you explore this newly opened palace of optical illusions and whimsical delights – your Instagram account is sure to fill up with the most creative selfies ever! The museum features over 60 pieces of “pavement art” from renowned artist Kurt Wenner, where marvelously imaginative visuals emerge upon viewing them at the correct angle. Admission is $30 for adults and $25 for kids aged 5-12. Plus, don’t miss out on a 50% discount on Sundays!

Best Museums in Cancun : Mayan Museum Cancun
Best Museums in Cancun : Mayan Museum Cancun

2. Mayan Museum of Cancun (Cancun)

When the San Miguelito archeological site was found, it was only natural for the Mexican government to build an awe-inspiring museum around it. The Mayan Museum spans almost 200 acres, this exceptional establishment offers a comprehensive exploration into Mayan civilization and its impact on pre-Columbian cultures. Come visit us Tuesday through Sunday between 9 AM to 6 PM; admission is just $3.50!

Xcaret Park Fork Museum
Xcaret Park Fork Museum

3. Mexican Folk Art Museum (Xcaret)

This place abounds with vibrant Mexican folklore, allowing you to understand and appreciate the wide-reaching regional styles from across Mexico. You can thank its talented artisans for this unique experience!

With an extensive selection of Day of the Dead-inspired dolls on display, this museum is a must-see for all visitors. There’sx enter, but make sure you bring some cash so you can take home something special as a keepsake – because trust us: you won’t want to leave without one! Open Monday through Friday from 9am until 7pm and Saturday and Sunday 11am until 7pm.

Best Museums in Cancun : Cancun wax Museum
Best Museums in Cancun : Cancun wax Museum

4. Cancun Wax Museum

Tourists of all ages can take a journey back in time at the renowned Cancun Wax Museum. Here, you will be able to remember beloved characters that have left an impact on countless people across the world – from creatives and writers, to singers and politicians. There are over one hundred famous figures showcased throughout 23 different scenes spanning many genres such as cinema, sports, music television, politics children’s stories and horror within this museum located in Cancún’s Hotel Zone. The Cancun Wax Museum is sure to be one of your most memorable experiences while visiting beautiful Mexico!

Our art gallery features icons such as Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs and the Holy Father Pope Francisco. There are also reigning royals like Queen Elizabeth II and Princes of England along with beloved musicians including The Beatles, Lionel Messi and Diego Armando Maradona. We further welcome cinematic stars from Marilyn Monroe to Robert Pattinson & Mr Bean! Last but not least we honor Ayrton Senna’s legacy with a replica of his Formula 1 car on display!

5. Ka’ Yok’ Planetarium and Observatory  

Ka’ Yok’ Planetarium and Observatory in Cancun features a mini science museum as well as its planetariums and observatory. From the telescope housed under the observatory, you can actually challenge your vision to stare straight at the sun without hurting your eyesight! Plus, it has an immersive 360-degree dome system that is sure to leave you captivated by what lies beyond Earth. The museum opens its doors to visitors every day of the week, except Thursdays when it offers an exclusive “astronomical evening” experience! During this event guests are granted unparalleled access to explore the stars and planets. Entry is just $3 with hours from 9am – 7pm Monday-Wednesday & Friday and 11am -7 pm on Saturdays. On Thursdays you can stay until 10 pm for a unique stargazing adventure that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Underwater Archeology

6. CEDAM – National Museum of Underwater Archeology (Puerto Aventuras)

Don’t be fooled by its modest size; this museum is full of artifacts from shipwrecks in the vicinity, making it a great place to take a break from all the activities Akumal has to offer. Plus, there’s no charge for admission – how can you resist?

Cenote Dos Ojos cave
Cenote Dos Ojos


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7. Prehistoric Museum at Parque Dos Ojos (Tulum)

Take a step back in time and explore the fascinating aspects of Ice Age culture with an excursion to this unique museum. Located on top of an extensive system of underground rivers, it lies midway between Cancun and Tulum off the highway – offering plenty for your buck! In this museum you’ll find archaeological artifacts alongside fossilized remains from prehistoric animals – perfect for those interested in learning more about human civilization’s past. Plus, the scuba divers who unearth these wonders are also your tour guides – so you can be certain that everything you’ll learn is based on true facts. The museum opens its doors all week from 10 a.m to 4 p.m., with admission priced at just $2.50! Come and explore the underwater treasures today!

8. The Island Museum (Cozumel)

After undergoing a thorough transformation, this curated museum offers an incredibly insightful journey into Cozumel and its environment; revealing the historical events that occurred here when Spanish explorers first encountered native Mexican tribes. Delve deeper to discover how these indigenous people have evolved alongside their land and waters over time.

The museum offers a wide variety of activities throughout its four main halls and Mayan culture section, as well as fascinating temporary exhibits. Open from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 4 pm, adults can enter for only $4 while children under 8 get in at no cost!

Tequila Sensory Museum
Tequila Sensory Museum

9. Tequila Sensory Museum in Cancun

When it comes to Mexico, one iconic drink that cannot be overlooked is tequila! Such a unique and beloved beverage has its own museum dedicated solely to its rich history and cultural significance. It’s not just about the taste either; traditional production methods for this special Mexican spirit are also firmly rooted in local culture.

The Tequila Sensory Museum provides an appreciation of the diverse tequilas that can be tasted and viewed. As it is only manufactured in certain parts of Mexico, a variety exists with varying flavors; however, you will immediately discern why Mexican tequila stands as the pinnacle at this one-of-a-kind museum. From educational exhibits to tastings of superb beverages, experience a brand new way to explore your love for agave spirits!

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