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Europe Holiday in Winter: Cosy Retreats and Magical Christmas Celebration

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Europe holidays usually conjure up images of picturesque coastal towns, Renaissance heritage, sun-kissed beaches, vineyards, and countryside. But it is also a place where alpine vistas and quaint townships turn into cosy escapes during the winter. Apart from skiing and winter sports that allure globetrotters to enjoy powdery snow slopes, Christmas is that time of the year that puts an enchanting vibe on certain destinations. If you are someone who can embrace the snowy weather, then White Christmas is the way to celebrate this holiday season! Getting a Schengen visa is your ticket to explore these best European destinations that welcome you all to enjoy the winter with unforgettable moments. 

    • Rovaniemi, Finland
      Visiting Rovaniemi for Christmas is a trip that is guaranteed to be memorable and cherished. It gets so much attention as this place is home to Santa Claus Village, where you can meet Santa not just on Christmas but any time of the year! Besides meeting Santa, you can explore the Arctic Circle, go on reindeer or husky rides, and even witness the enchanting Northern Lights. When it comes to winter stays, choose from guesthouses and hotels, but the best experience would be to spend your time in snow hotels and glass igloos! Rovaniemi is a magical destination where Christmas fantasies come to life.
  • Strasbourg, France
    A visit to Strasbourg is like stepping into a real-life Christmas fairy tale. Often referred to as the “Capital of Christmas,” Strasbourg is a destination tucked in the north of France. During December,  the entire city is transformed into a magical Christmas village. The city’s Christkindelsmärik – ‘Market of the Christ Child’  is one of the oldest and most picturesque Christmas markets in Europe and attracts more than a million visitors every year! The Christmas market offers traditional Alsatian crafts, festive foods like foie gras, spiced bread, andmulled wine. Furthermore, its stunning half-timbered houses, narrow streets, and the majestic Strasbourg Cathedral looming in the backdrop exude a timeless charm.
  • Prague, Czech Republic
    Prague, often referred to as ‘The City of a Hundred Spires,’ becomes a vibrant destination during the Christmas season. The historic Old Town Square is the heart of the festivities, with its towering Christmas tree and its bustling markets. The whole square is adorned with thousands of twinkling lights, creating a truly magical atmosphere. The Christmas markets and trade fairs, locally known as ‘Vánoční trhy’, offer a wide variety of traditional Bohemian treats such as trdelník, a sweet pastry, Christmas cookies called cukrovi and svařák, a hot mulled wine.
Brandenburg Gate Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
  • Berlin, Germany.
    The capital city transforms into a winter wonderland, with over 60 Christmas markets scattered throughout. The most iconic one is the Berliner Weihnachtszeit at Roten Rathaus, Red Town Hall, which boasts a vast ice rink and a nostalgic carousel. The Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market is another highlight, set against the stunning backdrop of Gendarmenmarkt Square. Here, you can enjoy live classical music and savour traditional German treats.
  • Zermatt, Switzerland
    How well does a warm mug of real hot chocolate in a cosy Swiss chalet sound? Head to Zermatt during December for a fairy-tale setting, misty mountains, and a unique winter atmosphere. Enjoy the twinkling, snow-blanketing alpine township at the foot of the iconic Swiss mountain, Matterhorn, where the vibe emanatesholiday cheer as December draws in. After taking a picturesque Gornergrat train ride to this charming township, unwind in a cosy chalet before exploring the lively atmosphere and events. Zermatt is home to a plethora of charming, snow-dusted Swiss chalets, such as Chalet Zermatt Peak and White Pearl Zermatt, to name a few.  Don’t forget to go skiing on snowy trails at Zermatt’s ski resorts and enjoy some wonderful après-ski moments.

Hiking Plitvice Lakes Croatia

  • Zagreb, Croatia
    The festivities take place in various locations throughout the city, including the historic Upper Town and the bustling Ban Jelačić Square. The entire city is decked out in lights and decorations, and the markets offer an array of handcrafted gifts, traditional food, and warm drinks. The special Christmas trams and ice park at King Tomislav Square add to the enchantment. Zagreb’s unique blend of tradition and old-world charm makes it a top choice for a festive winter getaway.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    While Amsterdam may not be the first city that comes to mind as a winter Christmas destination, it offers a unique and charming experience. The Dutch capital is known for its picturesque canals and historic architecture, and these elements take on a special charm during the holiday season. Amsterdam’s most famous festival is the Amsterdam Winter Parade, which starts in mid-November and extends into the new year until February. It features an ice skating rink, a festive Ferris wheel, and canal cruises. However, the joy of the Light Festival, the Christmas Tree in Dam Square, and the many food stalls and Christmas markets attract both locals and visitors during Christmas. The illuminated canals and beautifully decorated streets make for a stunning backdrop for your winter stroll. 
  • Hallstatt, Austria
    Nestled by Lake Hallstatt, the charming village of Hallstatt is a hidden gem for a peaceful winter getaway. Hallstatt’s serene atmosphere and snow-covered scenery make it the perfect place for a quiet and serene Christmas vacation, even though it may not have elaborate Christmas markets like other cities. If you prefer a more intimate, less crowded European Christmas, Hallstatt’s tranquil chalets overlooking picturesque alpine hills or lakes are the ideal place to spend the holiday season and beyond to ring in the New Year!
  • London, England
    Christmas in London is full of magical moments. Witness the awe-inspiring Norwegian Spruce Tree, adorned with 500 white lights in the traditional Norwegian style, during the highly anticipated tree-lighting ceremony at Trafalgar Square. The London Christmas lights and vibrant decorations add to the festive mood. During the Christmas season, wandering around the bustling streets from Regent Street to Trafalgar Square becomes a popular activity for both locals and tourists. A trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter is a must for fans of the series, as the Great Hall, the towering Hogwarts castle, and the Gryffindor common room are all exquisitely decked out for the holidays. You can even catch a ride on the Polar Express and celebrate the holidays with fellow travellers and Santa Claus!

December is just around the corner, and the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ is approaching quickly. But it isn’t too late to plan or modify your Christmas holidays. This time of the year, every nook and cranny of these mentioned destinations is fascinating to visit. The bright, shining Christmas decorations and the illuminations instantly cheer up everyone and turn on the festive mode. Club it up with vibrant Christmas, delectable Christmas treats, visits to ski resorts, or stays at exquisite chalets for a blissful holiday! While the temperature drops in winter, the festive allure rises beyond expectations. This time, celebrate your holiday season in Europe, which will turn out to be one of the most enchanted moments to savour in your life!