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19 Best Restaurants in Cozumel

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Welcome to Cozumel

Cozumel may be a small island, but don’t let that fool you ! The restaurant scene in Cozumel is absolutely incredible. While most restaurants and cafes are located in or near the town center, there are also some hidden gems on the outskirts that are definitely worth checking out. From quick bites to fancy feasts, whether you’re craving Latin favorites or European delights, Cozumel has it all. So, without further ado, here’s our guide to the best restaurants in Cozumel. Enjoy and Buen Provecho!

Where to Eat in Cozumel

The Best Neighborhoods for Goof Food in Cozumel


If you venture to the west side of the island, you’ll come across a handful of restaurants nestled outside of town. Many of them are part of beach bars, resorts, or beach clubs, adding to the charm of the experience. You might even stumble upon a few specialty restaurants scattered along different beaches too. Enjoy exploring and savoring the delicious delights!


The main town on the island is where you’ll find the majority of the restaurants. Luckily, most things are within walking distance in town.


When you explore the untamed east side of the island, you’ll come across a handful of charming restaurants. The majority of them are located between the Transversal (the cross-island road) and Chen Rio. Just a heads up, as they only accept cash in USD or pesos.


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Budget Options

Burritos Gorditos| $-$$ Mexican, Tacos

Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a delicious burrito? At Burritos Gorditos, you won’t be disappointed. They’ve got a wide range of fresh ingredients to choose from, whether you’re craving a vegetarian option, an egg and chorizo breakfast burrito, or a mouthwatering steak burrito.

You’ll find Burritos Gorditos conveniently located on 5th avenue, just north of the plaza. Swing by any day from Monday to Saturday between 8 am and 5 pm to satisfy your burrito cravings. The cozy spot has a small indoor table and a picnic table outside on the sidewalk, giving you the choice to enjoy your burrito right there or take it with you to the beach.

Speaking of options, Burritos Gorditos offers a fantastic variety of flavors, including veggies, shrimp, chorizo, steak, and chicken. And guess what? They even have an option to make your burrito extra large if you’re feeling extra hungry. Plus, with prices around 120 – 150 pesos, it’s a wallet-friendly choice for a quick and tasty breakfast or lunch.

So why wait? Head over to Burritos Gorditos and treat yourself to a satisfying and affordable meal. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Alley on 10th (Callejon de las Diez) | $-$$ Food Stalls, Mexican, Seafood, Vegan

Alley on 10th is an absolutely fabulous new addition to the Cozumel food scene! It’s a vibrant open-air food court with a variety of locally owned and operated food kiosks. Here, you can indulge in the delectable flavors of Mexican cuisine at affordable prices. From fresh seafood infused with regional spices and fruits to mouthwatering vegan Mexican specialties, there’s something for everyone. And guess what? Dona Clary kiosk serves up authentic Yucatan food, and there’s even a bar on site to quench your thirst! Cheers to a fantastic dining experience!

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El Coffee Cozumel | $-$$ Coffeehouse, Baked Goods, Cafe

Looking for a delicious spot to indulge in affordable breakfasts, pastries, coffee drinks, and more? Look no further than El Coffee Cozumel! This cozy coffeehouse, inspired by diners, serves up a wide variety of delicious freshly baked cookies, cakes, pies, breads, quiches, and more, every single day. With a laid-back atmosphere, local artists’ work on the walls, and even wifi if you need it, you’ll feel right at home. And let’s not forget about the incredibly friendly staff! Plus, it’s conveniently located right in the heart of town. Come on in and treat yourself!

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La Choza | $-$$ Mexican

For an authentic Cozumel Mexican restaurant experience, visit La Choza. This family-run restaurant is popular among locals and tourists alike. They serve a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes, including regional specialties. From breakfast to dinner, their spacious interior is perfect for larger groups. Try their delicious huevos rancheros or explore regional specialties like huevos con chaya, made with scrambled eggs and the regional plant known as chaya. Don’t miss their cafe de olla, a traditional coffee preparation with spices. 

La Choza is also known for their lunch specials of the day, which include soup and a refreshing cold tea made from hibiscus flowers called jamaica. The friendly staff serves meals quickly, and their full menu offers a variety of options, including fajitas, seafood dishes, and chile Relleno. Pair your meal with one of their famous margaritas from the full bar. Meal prices range from 200 to 250 pesos.

La Clasica | $-$$ Mexican, Bar

 La Clasica is a true gem! The service team here is absolutely fantastic and loves to help guests make delightful food and beverage choices. La Clasica serves up mouthwatering classics like the steak tacos with bone marrow and mezcal pork shank. The sea food shines with Roca Coco tostadas and tuna carnitas. The cocktail menu will definitely have your taste buds tingling, and the bartender is always available to create a personalized beverage just for you!

 Website     Map

Casa Denis

$-$$ Mexican, Mayan, Yucatecan

The oldest restaurant in Cozumel, Casa Denis, has been serving delightful meals since 1945. As you step into their courtyard adorned with hand-painted murals, you’ll feel the charm and warmth. From traditional Mexican dishes to Yucatan specialties, the menu offers a range of simple yet delicious options. Don’t miss out on the mouthwatering Cochinita Pibil tacos! With its convenient location near the main town square and surprisingly comfortable outdoor seating, Casa Denis is the perfect spot to enjoy a fantastic meal with a refreshing breeze.

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Crazy King Burrito

$-$$ Mexican, California Cuisine

Crazy King Burrito is not just any ordinary local burrito shop; it’s a favorite among all who give it a try! Our burritos come in two different sizes, packed to the brim with fresh and flavorful ingredients. You’ll find a variety of protein and veg combinations to tantalize your taste buds, but our asada and shrimp burritos take the crown for popularity. And don’t forget about our homemade hot sauces that perfectly complement the burritos. Just a friendly reminder, we kindly accept cash only at our restaurant. Come on over and let us satisfy your burrito cravings!

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Amparos Breakfast Bistro

$-$$ Mexican, American, Breakfast

Amparo’s Breakfast Bistro is an absolutely fantastic place to enjoy a relaxing and delightful breakfast, brunch, or lunch! The menu is not only incredibly affordable but also offers a mouthwatering array of dishes. You’ll find huge plates of steaming hotcakes, delightful scrambles, and even a dedicated vegan/vegetarian section. Amparo’s has a unique and inviting vibe that locals absolutely adore, especially for their famous Sunday brunch. Oh, and let me tell you, their Eggs Benedict might just be the best on the island!

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The Best Tacos In Cozumel

You asked for it, so here’s our ultimate guide to the best tacos in Cozumel. Get ready to satisfy your taste buds with these mouthwatering options:

  • Best Al Pastor Taco: Taqueria Los Sera’s: This one is an absolute winner! We recommend going without cheese and adding onions and cilantro for that extra flavor. Trust us, it’s incredible!
  • Best Fish Taco: San Carlos Pescadería: Brace yourself for a crispy yet tender fish taco experience. It’s pure bliss in a corn tortilla. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Best Taco Variety: Mr. Taco: A favorite among both locals and visitors. Even though it’s a little off the beaten path, it’s totally worth the short taxi ride from downtown.
  • Best Chicken Taco: Los Tacotales: If you’re craving a chicken taco, this place is a must-visit. Their grilled chicken makes all the difference. You’ll love it!

And let’s not forget the honorable mentions: El Pique & Diegos Tacos. Give them a try if you have the chance!

Get ready for a taco adventure in Cozumel! Enjoy!

Midrange Options

K’ooben Laab | $$-$$$ Italian, Mexican

Located on 30th avenue, K’ooben Laab is a small restaurant slightly off the beaten path, serving delicious homemade Italian bread and pasta. The chef is Italian, offering traditional Italian dishes and specials with Mexican flavors. K’ooben Laab makes fresh bread daily. 

The pasta menu is simple, with six noodle and sauce options. They also have vegetarian and vegan pasta, along with salads and charcuterie plates featuring high-quality meats and cheeses. K’ooben Laab is popular for lunch, dinner, coffee, and breakfast. 

Their breakfast menu includes bagel sandwiches, omelets, and exceptional coffee. This excellent restaurant prides itself on serving fresh, high-quality food at great prices. Pasta dishes cost between 120 and 180 pesos for a generous portion.

La Candela | $$-$$$ Mexican, Latin, Caribbean

Looking for a reliable spot for delicious Mexican breakfast and lunch? Look no further than La Candela! This cozy, open-air restaurant offers home-cooked meals at affordable prices. Whether you’re a local seeking traditional lunches or a visitor craving slow-cooked and hearty dishes, La Candela has got you covered. 

Forget about just tacos and quesadillas – here, you’ll find full-on, family-style Mexican dishes served hot and bursting with flavor. So, if you’re feeling hungry, why not swing by and experience it for yourself? You’ll find us right in the heart of town!

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New Especias | $$-$$$ Italian, Mediterenean 

Cozumel has some top-notch Italian restaurants, and New Especias is among the best. On Calle 3 between Avenue 5 and 10, it’s a two-story building. The bottom floor is air-conditioned, while the upstairs has a covered roof but open walls, providing views of the downtown area. The small upstairs balcony offers the best tables, overlooking the street below. 

Open for dinner from 6 pm, except on Wednesdays, New Especias serves homemade Italian classics, including pasta, seafood, chicken, and steaks. The filet mignon with peppercorn sauce is a must-try steak, and they also have a lionfish filet with caper, olives, and fresh tomato. Lionfish are an invasive species on the island, making it a sustainable fish choice and encouraging fishermen to hunt them. 

Appetizers cost around 180 pesos, pasta dishes range from 200 to 300 pesos, and fish and meat main courses range from 300 to 450 pesos. New Especias boasts a friendly staff and serves delicious Italian cuisine.

La Casita de Indio 333 | $$-$$$ Mexican, Seafood

Welcome to Las Casita de Indio 333, where a local family’s house serves as the heart of our delectable seafood restaurant. Step into our vibrant, partially open-air establishment adorned with colorful walls and handwritten chalk menus. We take pride in sourcing fresh fish and seafood daily from local fishermen, ensuring that every bite of your meal is divine. Don’t miss out on our mouthwatering specialties: the coconut shrimp and seafood platters. And to complete your experience, grab a cold cerveza or agua del dia and let us treat you like family.

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La Cocay | $$-$$$ Mediterranean, Italian, Steakhouse

Did you know that Mediterranean cuisine is available in Cozumel? La Cocay is the perfect spot to satisfy your taste buds and have a delightful meal. Set in a charming garden, you can enjoy locally sourced seafood, a variety of small plates, tapas, pastas, sizzling steaks, pizzas, and mouth-watering desserts. The menu caters to all tastes and includes a fantastic selection of wines and cocktails. Don’t miss out on their delicious daily specials! Whether you’re meeting friends or planning a special night out, La Cocay is the place to be in Cozumel.

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Cerveceria Punta Sur | $$-$$$ Mexican, Pizza, Microbrewery

Cerveceria Punta Sur, Cozumel’s first microbrewery, brews beer on-site and offers wood-fired pizzas, empanadas, and salads. Located on 10 avenues between Calle 3 and Rosado Salas, this brewery serves various craft beers, including IPA, stout, ambers, and a hibiscus-infused light ale. The brewing equipment is at the back, and you can see the grains on beer-making days. 

They also have a full bar. The kitchen, behind a small outdoor seating section, features a large, wood-fired oven for thin crust pizzas with various toppings. Don’t miss their house specialty, the lionfish pizza, which helps support local fishermen. Open from lunch until 11 pm daily, pizzas cost between 150 and 200 pesos, and pints of beer are 80 pesos. Cerveceria Punta Sur offers a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff.

Jolly Cafe & Late Breakfast | $$-$$$ Breakfast, Cafe, International

This amazing western-style breakfast cafe effortlessly combines American/European cuisine with Mexican specialties, giving them a delightful twist! From Eggs Benedicts to Chilaquiles, Waffles to Mole Enchiladas, and so much more, there’s something for everyone at this breakfast spot. Even if you slept in, no worries! 

The restaurant’s name says it all – they’ve got you covered! Enjoy fantastic coffee drinks and soak in the cozy modern decor, making it a super delightful way to start your day, whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon.

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High-End Options

Guido’s | $$$ Italian, Seafood, Pasta

Experience the charm of upscale Italian dining with delightful outdoor patio seating in a stunning garden setting. Our guests are drawn to our fabulous fish dishes and stay for the mouthwatering steaks and pastas. 

At Guido’s, our excellent wait staff and bartenders are part of what makes our restaurant famous in Cozumel. You can find us in the heart of town on the main waterfront road Av. Rafael. Come and join us for a memorable culinary journey!

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Buccanos At Night | $$$-$$$$ Seafood, Contemporary, Fusion

Buccanos at Night should definitely be at the top of your list! With stunning sea vistas, a calming coastal atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious creative cuisine, this traditional yet contemporary fusion restaurant is a must-try. From fresh catch of the day choices to elegantly prepared steaks and mouthwatering lobster ravioli in brown butter, Buccanos at Night will surely become your new favorite spot. Don’t miss out on their enticing daily specials menu! With rave reviews as one of the best restaurants in Cozumel, Buccanos at Night is unmatched in its chic and friendly ambiance.

Bajau | $$-$$$$ Grill, Seafood, Caribbean Fusion

Smoke, fire, salt, and the sea… at Bajau Steakhouse and Seafood Grill, they’ve got it all covered in their inspired and unique way. Get ready to dive into a menu that showcases Caribbean fusion with beautifully curated dishes. Picture this: fresh raw ceviche with chili and tiger milk, spicy habanero salmon, fried fish, Asian-style noodles, pork belly, and more. And let’s not forget their grilled meats and seafood sections, where every item is perfectly seasoned and cooked over their coconut charcoal grill. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on that tantalizing aroma that fills the air. Plus, the dining room offers a chic and well-appointed setting with a stunning view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Oh, and don’t forget to indulge in their refreshing artisan cocktails and sweet desserts. It’s the perfect experience all around!

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Ix Kool Mayan | $$$$ Mexican, Latin, Fusion Cuisine

If you’re looking for an incredible dining experience in Cozumel, Ix Kool is a must-visit! Renowned for its authentic Mayan dishes, this place will make your tastebuds sing with delight. But it’s not just about the food – you’ll also immerse yourself in a fascinating cultural experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. Don’t miss out on the cochinita pibil, the pork panucho, and other Yucatecan specialties. Trust me, just go for it! You can find Ix Kool just 10 minutes south of the town center, near the Royal Village mall. 

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The best restaurants in Cozumel: final thoughts

The little island of Cozumel has got you covered with a great variety of restaurants! Whether you’re in the mood for elegant fine dining or a hole-in-the-wall taco place, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Trust me, getting outside in the water and building up a big appetite will make your food adventure even more exciting! So go ahead and try as much delicious food as your heart desires! Enjoy!

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