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Xplor Park Cancun - An Honest Review

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Xplor Park Review: Everything you need to know before you visit

Thinking about visiting Xplor adventure park in Riviera Maya, Mexico but unsure if it’s worth it? Well, you’re in luck! As a travel blogger living in Playa del Carmen with extensive knowledge on all of the Xcaret adventure parks, I’m here to help make your decision easier.

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In this Xplor Park review, I’ll cover everything you need to know about visiting and enjoying this adventure park

Xplor Park
Xplor Park

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What is Xplor?

It’s an outdoor adventure park operated by Grupo Xcaret in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Xplor offers six thrilling activities, including ziplining, exploring underground caves, and riding ATVs.

One of the most exciting features of Xplor Park Mexico is its thrilling zipline course, which boasts some of the highest lines in Riviera Maya. During the course, you’ll even get to splash down into a cenote – an experience you won’t soon forget!

Where is Xplor?

Nestled merely 15 minutes south of Playa del Carmen along the path to Tulum, or a brief stretch over an hour from Cancun Mexico lies Xplor. The main highway provides quick and effortless access via car, taxi service or pre-arranged transport.

Why visit Xplor?

Xplor is an incredible adventure park in Riviera Maya, Mexico that offers a variety of exciting activities that you can enjoy all day long. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and endless snacks while you’re there! 

Xplor Park Cancun

There are plenty of activities to try out, so make the most of your visit and give everything a go. This place promises a day full of unforgettable thrills that you won’t soon forget.

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Xplor is perfect for those who are looking for a thrilling experience in a fun and exciting outdoor atmosphere. They offer rides and activities that are suitable for people aged 5 and up (as long as you’re not afraid of heights!). 

However, if you have a big fear of heights, mobility issues (difficulty climbing stairs or walking long distances), cardiac problems, claustrophobia, or are pregnant, Xplor might not be the best fit for you.

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Xplor Activities Overview – What to do in Xplor

Let me introduce you to Xplor’s fantastic selection of 6 outdoor activities that will give you an unforgettable experience.

First up is the thrilling zip line experience, where you’ll soar through the air and feel the wind in your face. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, try the amphibious rides. These rides will take you through different terrains, including water and land.

Raft Voyage Xpor Park Playa del Carmen

For a more relaxing experience, take a raft voyage down the river, where you can enjoy the scenery and the crystal-clear waters. If you’re a fan of swimming, you can’t miss the opportunity to swim beneath grand stalactites in crystal-clear waters.

Another option is to take a dip among hammocks above water, where you can relax and soak up the sun. Finally, you can explore underground caves and discover a whole new world.

What we liked about Xplor:

On the plus side, Xplor offers an unforgettable adventure in a stunning natural environment. The park is well-maintained, eco-friendly, and offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. It also features stunning natural cenotes, exciting water activities, and breathtaking nature views.

What we didn’t like about Xplor:

Firstly, the price of admission is quite steep, and unfortunately, there are no alternative ticket options for those on a tighter budget. Additionally, Xplor only offers one ticket option which means it can get quite crowded. 

Finally, be prepared for a lot of stairs and long walks if you want to fully explore the area. This may not be the best option for those with mobility concerns or those looking for a more leisurely experience.


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Xplor Adventure Park Cancun
Xplor Adventure Park Cancun


Here you will share with you what the arrival experience is like at Xplor:

Ticketing and Check-in

First, you’ll need to go to the ticketing line where you’ll be asked to show your printed tickets, a valid photo ID, and the credit card used to purchase your tickets. Everyone in your group will also need to sign a liability waiver. Once that’s done, each person will receive a personalized wristband that serves as an identifier and allows you to access photos taken throughout the day.

Xplor Tickets

With your ticket, you can enjoy a variety of activities as many times as you want. Plus, you’ll get to indulge in an amazing lunch buffet and have access to unlimited snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. The ticket prices for adults are $129.99 USD, and for kids aged 5-11, it’s only $64.99 USD.

Here’s what equipment is included with your ticket:

  • For zip lining, you’ll get a helmet and harness
  • For the Amphibious Vehicles, you’ll have access to a town and an amphibious vehicle for two people
  • For the Stalactite River Swim, you’ll get a helmet and life jacket
  • For the Rafts, you’ll be provided with rowing gloves, a helmet, and a raft.Xplor Park ZiplineXplor Park Zipline

How to book Xplor Tickets

If you want to purchase Xplor tickets, the official park website is the safest option. Additionally, you might be able to take advantage of special promotions. If you’re looking for extra savings, check out our Xcaret Resource Hub for reviews and comparison guides, as well as the latest Xcaret coupons and promotional offers. You can save a lot of money by using these discounts

Resident Discounts

If you’re a resident of Quintana Roo, Xcaret offers a discounted rate that you can take advantage of either at the park’s ticket booths or online through their website. All you need is an official ID that proves your residency. If you’re a foreign resident living in the area, both temporary and permanent resident cards are accepted. You can purchase tickets with this special discount on Xcaret’s Spanish-language website.

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Helmets and lockers

Once you arrive at the park, you’ll need to check in and get your helmet and locker keys. Keep in mind that helmets are mandatory for all activities, so don’t forget to keep yours on at all times. You’ll also receive a wristband with the corresponding locker number printed in a specific color, which will help you find your locker easily. The lockers are spacious enough to accommodate any size of bag or backpack.


After you’ve checked in, you’ll navigate through winding caves until you reach the park’s central hub, known as “Corazón” or “Heart” in Spanish. This bustling hub is where you can access restrooms, changing rooms, and your locker. You’ll also find plenty of signs that will guide you to your desired activities.

Xplor Review: Activities

Here is a comprehensive overview of all the essential information you need to know about activity reviews:


If you’re looking for an exhilarating journey through the jungle, Xplor’s ATVs are the perfect choice. You’ll embark on a 5-kilometer circuit and encounter canopied hanging bridges, meandering paths, calm flooded caverns and awe-inspiring views of nature. 

Ziplines Xplor Park Cancun

You get to drive John Deere’s amphibious vehicles as many times as your heart desires, from splashing around in tunnels to conquering steep hillsides to mastering winding roads with agile maneuvers. The course is a whopping 3 miles long and much more thrilling than other ATV experiences.


If you’re looking for an exhilarating journey through the jungle, Xplor’s ATVs are the perfect choice. You’ll embark on a 5-kilometer circuit and encounter canopied hanging bridges, meandering paths, calm flooded caverns and awe-inspiring views of nature. You get to drive John Deere’s amphibious vehicles as many.

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Xplor’s Rafts activity takes you on an adventurous journey as you paddle your way through underground caves. This challenge is great if you want to go solo or in a duo; plus, it offers both long and short courses so everyone can find something fitting their interests! As you navigate your way through this subterranean landscape, you’ll marvel at stunning cave formations comprised of majestic stalactites overhead. 

Though a fascinating experience, white water rafting requires uninterrupted attention so that there will not be any unfortunate run-ins. With careful maneuvering and precise steering, however, you can enjoy this unforgettable adrenaline rush with ease.

Stalactite River Swim

If you’re up for a plunge into the unknown and an epic journey of swimming, floating, and trekking, Xplor’s Stalactite River Swim is for you! Journey through ancient caves while being surrounded by beauty – clear turquoise water with impressive stalactites looming above you. 

ATV : Xplor Park
Cancun ATV : Xplor Park

You’ll need a life jacket and water shoes, as the ground can be rocky and tricky to maneuver without injury. At the journey’s end, you’ll even have to swim under a powerful waterfall in order to leave! Swimming through these natural underground caves is an unforgettable experience, so don’t miss out on this amazing adventure.

Hammock Splash

Xplor’s Hammock Splash is an unforgettable experience that takes you on a comfortably seated zipline with a thrilling drop into Xplor cenotes. Upon arrival, you’ll receive your bright and vibrant hammock to carry onto the circuit before being securely fastened in it for the adventurous ride ahead! The activity is short but packs excitement minute after minute- what could be more enjoyable than soaring through the air and splashing down?

Underground Expedition

Get ready for an adventure like no other with the Underground Expedition activity! From exploring underground caves to conquering obstacles and gliding down two thrilling water slides, you’ll be sure to have a blast. There are boot camp-style challenges such as floating nets and wooden platforms waiting to test your strength. This is an experience unlike any other, as it targets shallow waters in comparison to the Stalactite River Swim.

Xplor Review: Food and Beverage 

Xplor Restaurant

At Xplor, you’re in for a treat at the Troglodita restaurant. The dining experience here is unique, with communal seating around large wooden tables where you can enjoy a wide range of American and Mexican cuisine, including hamburgers, tacos, enchiladas, and pizza.

The restaurant offers buffet-style dining, so you can indulge in as much food as you like. You can also enjoy fresh salads and fruits from the salad bar, and don’t forget to try the soft-serve ice cream or gourmet desserts. To quench your thirst, there are soda foundation drinks, water, and freshly made juices available right away.

Although the food isn’t exceptional, it is undoubtedly satisfying after a long day of exploration. Plus, the buffet-style dining ensures that you get your fill, and there’s always something for everyone to enjoy.

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These are services and amenities offered at Xplor:

  • Lockers: Lockers are included in your Xplor admission ticket
  • Restrooms, changing rooms, and facilities
  • Gift Shops
  • Photo Pass

For added memory, you can purchase the Photo Pass package, which includes cameras and Xelfies throughout the park. With tracking technology on wristbands or helmets, you can easily review all your photos at the end of the day. While the Photo Pass package may be pricey, it’s well worth it if you don’t have access to a GoPro or waterproof camera. Plus, it’s much more efficient than lugging around bulky equipment all day.

How to pack for Xplor

Below is what I would recommend wearing to Xplor:

  • Swimsuit: The park offers plenty of water activities, and a swimsuit is a must-have to ensure a comfortable experience. I recommend wearing a one-piece for optimal comfort.
  • Waterproof shorts: In addition to your swimsuit, make sure to bring waterproof shorts for optimal comfort in the zipline harness.
  • Rash guard: A rash guard is also a great item to bring along for protection from the sun and to keep you warm while underwater.
  • Change of Clothes: Keep in mind that you will be getting wet, so make sure to bring a change of clothes.
  • Water Shoes: Closed-toed water shoes are essential for most of the activities, as they protect your feet from sharp rocks during the Stalactite River Swim and Underground Expedition. You can purchase these shoes at a fraction of the price on Amazon compared to what’s available at Xplor gift shops.
  • Biodegradable Sunscreen: Don’t forget to pack biodegradable sunscreen to protect yourself and the park. Traditional sunscreen is prohibited at Xplor, so make sure to bring a biodegradable option.
  • Beach Towel: A microfiber beach towel is also a good idea to quickly dry off after any water-related activities.
  • GoPro or waterproof camera: Bring a GoPro or waterproof camera to capture all the extraordinary memories! Cell phone photography is not allowed for safety reasons, so make sure to pack a camera.

Visiting Xplor: FAQs

What are the Xplor Park opening hours?

The park is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. I recommend arriving early to beat the crowds and make the most of your experience.

Are there any age restrictions at Xplor?

Xplor is designed for children aged 5 and above, with weight and height restrictions in place to ensure safety on the ziplines.

Is transportation included in the admission fee?

Transportation to the park is not included in the admission fee, but round-trip transportation can be arranged for $27 USD per person. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or park for free on-site.

Bottom Line: Is Xplor Worth it?

As someone who has visited multiple times, I can confidently say that the park is well-maintained and offers a variety of thrilling activities that are sure to keep your adrenaline pumping throughout the day. The admission fee may seem costly, but what you will receive in return is worth every penny. Don’t hesitate to embark on your next adventure at Xplor!

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