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Best Places to Stay in Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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Where to Stay in Mykonos – Everything You Need to Know

Are you trying to locate the perfect area in Mykonos for your stay? This guide has everything you need. It provides an informative overview of the best accommodations situated all around this exclusive, cosmopolitan paradise. Either you looking for a luxurious hotel or for an airbnb there is surely something for you. 


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Where to Stay in Mykonos for First-Timers

If you’re visiting Mykonos for the first time, the ideal way to experience this paradisiacal island is by splitting your days between Chora (also known as Mykonos Town) and its stunning beaches on the south side. 

Chora is connected to the sandy beaches of Ornos and Platis Gialos by regular buses, which operate about every thirty minutes during summertime. Additionally, its iconic windmills, characteristic Little Venice precinct, and an array of bars, eateries & boutiques exude an iconic charm.

At both of these picturesque shores, you can find exclusive hotels, exquisite restaurants, and rentable sunbed/umbrella sets for a comfortable stay. 

Where to Stay in Mykonos for the Beach

Escape to Mykonos, where dozens of divine beaches are tucked away in emerald coves along the coast. 

Beaches on the South Side

The south side has some of the most tranquil waters as they are protected from winds. Here you’ll find golden sand, delicious food and beverages, plenty of sunbeds, and umbrellas for a day out under the sun. 

Beaches in Mykonos Town

Exploring the amazing beaches of Mykonos Town is simple due to their accessibility via bus and select spots that are on the water taxi route. 

These pristine paradises have something for everyone: 

  • Ornos Beach and Platis Gialos Beach are perfect for families, 
  • Psarou Beach has a mall nearby, making it ideal for newbie simmers 
  • Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach should be your destination of choice if you’re looking to truly let loose. 
  • Elia Beach is the perfect destination If serenity and tranquility are what you seek. This expansive beach boasts great swimming opportunities and quaint taverns throughout its length.
  • Kalo Livadi Beach is an excellent option for those who would like to relax in luxury without being surrounded by hordes of people. This picturesque beach offers a selection of trendy clubs and luxury hotels.
    where to stay in mykonos
    View of Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos

Where to Stay in Mykonos for Romance/Honeymoons

When seeking a magical honeymoon or romantic getaway, Mykonos stands out above the rest. The hustle and bustle of Mykonos Town provide an ideal setting for grand celebrations with lively streets and squares, breathtaking sunset views, endless nightlife activities, as well as world-class restaurants.

Here are some of the best places depending on your taste.

  • Want to witness the most spectacular sunsets? Agios Ioannis is your place to be.
  • Looking for a serene location with tranquil waters? Look no further than Elia.
  • Eager for a vibrant yet uncrowded experience? Kalo Livadi has you covered. 
  • Searching for somewhere out of the way, but still offering some attractions nearby? Panormos gives access to picturesque Agios Sostis Beach and rustic Kiki’s Tavern without overrunning tourists.

Where to Stay in Mykonos for Families

Mykonos provides the perfect vacation destination for families with its beautiful sandy beaches, clear waters, and delicious dining options. 

Ornos, Platis Gialos and Psarou

Located on the western side of the south coast beach, these three places offer a relaxed atmosphere compared to Mykonos Town or other popular adult-oriented beaches. 

Not only do these areas feature excellent sand and swimming opportunities but you’ll also find an array of casual tavernas as well as accommodations including water taxi connections that link all south coast beaches together plus direct bus access from Mykonos Town. 


Psarou is a tranquil paradise for those seeking shelter from the wind and luxury amenities, with designer shopping plazas and bus routes to Mykonos Town. Plus, you can enjoy aquatic activities such as water sports rentals here.

Where to Stay in Mykonos for Nightlife and Parties

With its plethora of bars, cocktail lounges, and shops concentrated in the narrow pedestrian-only lanes, Mykonos Town is renowned for its nocturnal activities that remain open until long after sunrise. 

Little Venice

As the day winds down most tourists love to watch a sunset cocktail at Little Venice prior to plunging into Chora’s or Old Port’s nightlife madness.

Paraga Beach

Paraga Beach’s SantAnna and Scorpios host some of the most extravagant events, whilst Cavo Paradiso, Tropicana, and Paradise Beach Club at Paradise Beach attract a vibrant crowd who love to party. 

Super Paradise

Super Paradise is home to the illustrious Super-Paradise beach club that has been running for years as well as Jackie O’s which offers nightly drag shows. How many more options do you need!

Where to Stay in Mykonos for Sightseeing

Mykonos Town offers travelers a wealth of unique sightseeing opportunities, from the iconic windmills to the historic Paraportiani Church and charming Little Venice. Its narrow lanes are sprinkled with mesmerizing bougainvillea flowers for visitors to bask in its beauty.

best places to stay in mykonos
Panagia Paraportiani

For an extraordinary experience, take a ferry ride from Old Port to Delos Island – the ancient site where Apollo and Artemis were born

Step into a world of ancient tradition in Ano Mera, the only surviving traditional village on Mykonos Island. Explore centuries-old churches such as Panagia Tourliani and Byzantine Monastery Paleokastro alongside remnants of castles built centuries earlier. 

Accessible by direct bus from Chora, you can easily stay within one village while sightseeing around the other. It’s time to uncover the secrets held by this fascinating locale.

Where to Stay in Mykonos for Short Trips

If your stay in Mykonos is limited, then the best option for you would be to make a reservation in Mykonos Town. This vibrant area offers great accommodation, delicious food options, and lively nightlife experiences – all within walking distance from two of the most popular beaches on the island. 

Tourlos, a port, and marina located off the coast of Mykonos Town, holds one major advantage. It’s here where visitors usually arrive or depart thanks to its proximity to New Port. 

Tourlos can be accessed via an enjoyable 15 to 20-minute ride on Sea Bus (operating every half hour) or with a leisurely 20-minute stroll. A fifteen-minute northbound walk from Tourlos will take you to Agios Stefanos Beach – a peaceful beach known for stunning sunsets and exquisite hotels and tavernas.

Old Port of Mykonos

Nicknamed the “Paradise Isle,”, the Old Port of Mykonos is renowned for its majesty and beauty. It is a bustling mecca of vacation rentals, luxury hotels, and restaurants. Tourists leisurely stroll through the streets while servers energetically flit between tables serving traditional Greek feasts. 

For many years, the Old Port of Mykonos was the hub for cruise liners coming and going from the island. Although not as busy today, it remains a wonderful destination with plenty to offer first-time visitors to this vibrant Greek island.

Hotel Recommendations

White Memories

Step into the lap of luxury at White Memories, a one-bedroom apartment in the very heart of Mykonos’ Old Port. Everything you need for an exceptional stay is here: from a fully stocked kitchen and bathroom to stunning outdoor seating with breathtaking ocean views from your private balcony.

Check Out Prices & Availability for White Memories

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Mykonos Pad

An exceptional home away from home in the heart of Mykonos invites visitors to enjoy their own private terrace complete with plush beanbags and a luxurious hot tub. 

From the balcony, guests can soak up stunning views of Old Port’s beauty while nestled in comfort. The apartment features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a generous living area.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Mykonos Pad

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Villa Kampani

Villa Kampani is an ideal self-catering accommodation located in the heart of Mykonos’s Old Town. With a mere 300 meters separating you from the legendary port, take advantage of your own secluded terrace with breathtaking views. 

To make sure that every need is taken care of, complimentary Molton Brown toiletries and daily breakfast are provided at no extra cost.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Villa Kampani

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Little Venice

Located beneath the Old Port of Mykonos, Little Venice is a popular yet tranquil neighborhood, with its multitude of hotels, restaurants, and homes overlooking the ocean. 

As tourists traverse the charming streets and take in all that this coastal town has to offer, they are guaranteed to be awed by the gentle cooling breeze from nearby waters. 

Whether it’s taking part in some lively entertainment or simply sipping on cocktails while watching an enchanting sunset unfold over the sea – Little Venice will never cease to fascinate you!

where to stay in santorini
Mykonos Little Venice

Hotel Recommendations

Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique

The luxurious Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique is situated right beside the iconic windmills and boasts a historic 60s aesthetic. The suites are beyond plush and upon arrival, you will be given complimentary sparkling wine, healthy trail mix snacks as well as luxury cosmetics.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Mykonos Theoxenia

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Myconian Inn

Myconian Inn is situated just a short two-minute stroll away from the beach, making it an ideal place to stay while on vacation. Each room provides a comfortable retreat with white walls and accents of blue that mirror the island’s aesthetic. 

Guests will also enjoy access to cable television, complimentary WiFi, and hairdryers in their rooms.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Mykonian Inn

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Vencia Boutique Hotel 

Vencia Boutique Hotel is an attractive destination that offers incomparable levels of service. The breathtaking infinity pool boasts stunning views of the ocean, making it the perfect place to watch a romantic sunset. 

Each room features air-conditioning and complimentary WiFi for your utmost comfort during your stay!

Check Out Prices & Availability for Vencia Boutique Hotel

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Megali Ammos Beach

Megali Ammos Beach provides the perfect retreat for travelers who want to experience all of Mykonos Town’s hustle and bustle, but also some peace and quiet. 

Just a short walk away from Little Venice, this less crowded area offers visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in genuine local culture. Here you can take pleasure in the rolling waves that lap against its shores day and night, as well as its rugged charm.

Hotel Recommendations:

Cape Mykonos

The stunning Cape Mykonos, a Cycladic-style hotel that’s one of the most sought-after in all of Mykonos, is an absolute gem. Inside you’ll discover luxurious interiors with minimalistic accents and furnishings. 

The spacious rooms and suites have private bathrooms as well as balconies boasting incredible views, whether it be of the islands or the ocean beyond. Plus there’s free parking for your convenience.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Cape Mykonos

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Mykonos Bay Resort & Villas

At Mykonos Bay Resort & Villas, you will have access to stunning views of the sea and iconic windmills. To make your stay even more memorable, all guests are offered a complimentary welcome drink as well as a sumptuous Mediterranean breakfast buffet each morning. Plus, the hotel provides an easy-to-use shuttle service to the port.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Mykonos Bay Hotel

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Grand Beach Hotel 

Positioned in the perfect spot on Megali Ammos Beach, it boasts an elegant setting and breathtaking views of the ocean. Just a short stroll away from some of Mykonos’ best beaches, it’s easy to see why this hotel is so popular.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Grand Beach Hotel

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Platys Gialos

For a beach experience that beckons travelers from near and far, Platys Gialos is the perfect place to be. Situated southwest of the beautiful island of Mykonos, it is an idyllic destination for families looking to spend time in the sun.

Located away from Mykonos’ Old Port and Little Venice, this stunning stretch of sand offers sunbathers the chance to bask in its golden rays or take an invigorating plunge into the Aegean Sea for a refreshing retreat. 

Thanks to its invitingly soft sand beach boasting gentle surfs and plenty of room for playtime fun, it’s no wonder why this picturesque locale has become a favorite amongst travelers. 


Ornos, which lies between Mykonos and Ag. Ioannis Diakoftis, is a must-see for any traveler to the island. 

With Korfos Beach in the north and Ornos Beach in the south, all it takes is a five-minute stroll to explore both beautiful beaches. Summertime visitors have an abundance of spots for sunbathing. However, during peak season finding space on the sand can be difficult. To guarantee a prime position at either beach, plan ahead and aim to arrive early.

best places to stay in mykonos
Mykonos Panorama

Where to Stay in Ornos?

Yiannaki Hotel

If you’re looking for an ideal stay in Ornos, Yiannaki Hotel is the spot. Not only does it come equipped with a beautiful sea-water pool and swim-up bar, but its rooms offer neutral colors and all of the necessities needed to make your vacation perfect. 

Each room also has its own private balcony as well as air conditioning, so there’s no need to worry about being uncomfortable during your stay here! Furthermore, a delicious breakfast is included with every booked room rate – what more could one ask for?

Check Out Prices & Availability for Yiannaki Hotel

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Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway, Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites is the perfect destination. It’s conveniently located just steps away from the beach and offers stunning Cycladic decor throughout. 

Every room features spa baths, some with private hot tubs or even swimming pools! With its elegant ambiance, it won’t take long to feel relaxed and pampered here so why wait?

Check Out Prices & Availability for Kensho Boutique Hotel and Suites

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Mykonos Blanc

Mykonos Blanc provides a serene stay for visitors, located just steps away from the stunning Ornos Beach. 

With each room offering air-conditioning and spectacular views of either the sea or garden, Mykonos Blanc is an excellent choice for those wanting to experience impeccable service in Ornos.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Mykonos Blanc

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Elia Beach

For those seeking a pocket of luxury and exclusivity in an off-the-beaten-path destination, Elia Beach is the perfect place to stay. 

Located just 25 minutes away from Old Port Mykonos along the southern coast, this idyllic spot offers high-calibre travelers respite amid rolling hillsides and pristine waterscapes.

Staying at Elia Beach is recommended for those who wish to explore Mykonos outside of the bustling Old Port area, as it offers ample opportunity for exploration and activity. 

Where to Stay in Elia?

Greco Philia Hotel Boutique

Located a mere two-minute walk from Elia Beach, it offers something special and unique to all guests. Its boutique style adds an extra sense of warmth and character – each room is distinctively different yet still captures spectacular ocean views. 

Check Out Prices & Availability for Greco Philia Hotel Boutique

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Myconian Avaton

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort at Myconian Avaton. Be pampered with a thalassotherapy wellness center, two outdoor pools, and stunning ocean views from many exquisite guest rooms. 

The Cycladic design marvels are equipped with minibars and iPod docking stations for your convenience. Relaxation awaits you here – come explore what Myconian Avaton has to offer today!

Check Out Prices & Availability for Myconian Avaton

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Cova Suites

For an unparalleled holiday experience, look no further than Cova Suites. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of Elia Beach from the property’s terrace. The friendly team at Cova Suites will also be more than happy to help you arrange car hire so that you can explore Mykonos’ exciting wonders.

Check Out Prices & Availability for Cova Suites

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Psarou Beach is a secluded paradise situated just steps away from Platis Gialos Beach and close to the bustling town of Mykonos. 

Here, luxury yachts dock in crystal-clear waters, creating an idyllic backdrop for this picturesque location. The beach presents a tranquil atmosphere with its waveless shoreline made up of fine sand speckled with pebbles.

For accommodation, you won’t be disappointed by these top-rated Mykonos hotels: Mykonos Blu, N Hotel, and Colours of Mykonos. Each offers something special that will make your getaway truly unforgettable.

Agios Stefanos Beach

Nestled in the heart of the city, this neighborhood offers a tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle. But if you’re looking for more than just peace and quiet, never fear – having access to your own vehicle will allow you to explore all that this island has to offer.

where to stay in mykonos
Mykonos Town

So when selecting lodging at this picturesque village, don’t forget about transportation options too.

If you desire to remain near the area, however, your family can still bask in picturesque sunset views from Agios Stefanos Beach. This locale is especially ideal for families traveling with kids as it’s exceptionally secure and safe.

Agios Stefanos is the closest beach to New Port at Tourlos and is conveniently located just 3km away from Mykonos Town. Don’t let its small size fool you; this sandy shore has a few restaurants and beach clubs, among which stands out Limnios Tavern -with picturesque sunset views- that offers delicious Greek comfort food specialties. 

Agios Ioannis Beach

This picturesque beach on the west coast of Mykonos is a must-see sunset spot! It’s so popular that it served as one of the locations in Shirley Valentine, and you’ll find some amazing seafood at Hippie Fish. 

Plus, there are two chic boutique hotels perched atop the hillside with incredible views of the Aegean Sea. Filled to the brim with umbrellas, this sandy crescent will leave an unforgettable impression! Get ready for a breathtaking journey down the steep and narrow access road to Agios Ioannis, where several daily buses from Mykonos await your arrival. 

Once you’re there, take in the panoramic views of the Cycladic church by the sea before commencing your 10-minute walk past it and around the headland towards Kapari Beach. There lies an idyllic cove sheltered by picturesque cliffs – perfect for some well-deserved relaxation!

If you’re looking for luxurious accommodations at the picturesque Agios Ioannis Beach, then look no further than Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Katikies Mykonos, or Anax Resort and Spa. 

These three luxury hotels boast some of the finest amenities available in Greece — from on-site spas to pristine swimming pools — making them a must-visit during your next trip to this idyllic beach destination.

Bottom Line

If you are in trouble picking where to stay in Mykonos, I have the solution for you! Mykonos is a unique place, and it will amaze you either way! So, book your accommodation and visit Mykonos to explore it!


Most frequent questions and answers

Located in the core of the western shore, Mykonos Town – fondly called “Chora”– is a vibrant hub filled with captivating whitewashed buildings. This small town has numerous hotels, restaurants, and attractions that make it an ideal place to explore while visiting Mykonos Island.

Psarou Beach is undoubtedly the most vibrant beach in Mykonos, and arguably one of the liveliest beaches known throughout Greece. The sand here is gentle and soft beneath your feet, while its waters are shockingly clear with an inviting temperature you won’t be able to resist. Not only that – there’s a never-ending row of restaurants, bars and beach clubs making this spot even more thrilling!

Mykonos is an island of unparalleled fun, cosmopolitan beaches and delightful villages. The second most visited vacation spot in Greece, nicknamed “the Ibiza of Greece,” promises a party like no other! We suggest staying 3 to 5 days so you can experience as much as possible while here.