What Language do they Speak in Cancun

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What Language do they speak in Cancun & other essential info

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Language is spoken in Cancun

Cancun’s official language is Spanish, but many of the locals in the tourism industry also speak English. In addition to this dual language proficiency, some indigenous people still use Mayan as their primary tongue; therefore you may find yourself hearing conversations between them that are in the Mayan dialect. 

Although Spanish is the language of choice used among locals and travelers in both this city and throughout Mexico, you should know that English is also a viable means for communicating with people. So even if you are not familiar with speaking Spanish, rest assured that English is widely accepted here as well.

Language in Cancun

For those of you who are planning a trip to Cancun, make sure to brush up on your English and Spanish so that communicating with the locals is less intimidating. Additionally, always bring along handy items like maps, dictionaries, and a cell phone with internet access; they can be extremely useful when facing unexpected situations or doubts during your journey.

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Other Important Cancun Info


Nestled in the breathtaking Mexican state of Quintana Roo lies Cancun, a paradise that entices thousands of tourists each year.

What to Pack for Cancun


Spanish (and English in areas frequented by travelers).


The Mexican Peso and American Dollar ($)

Tipping in Cancun

Tips in Cancun

It is customary and also expected to tip in Cancun, Mexico!

What language do they speak in Cancun Hotel Zone

Hotel Zone

Experience the breathtaking 14 miles of beachside resorts and hotels, surrounded by powdery white sand beaches and glittering turquoise waters. Then make your way to Cancun’s renowned Party and club zone in Punta Cancun!

Time Zone

GMT – 6

Cancun Airport

Cancun International Airport (CUN)

Temperature in Cancun (Mexico)

During the summer, temperatures typically hover around a balmy 87-95 Fahrenheit (29-31 degrees Celsius).

Busiest Time to visit Cancun

Spring Break Mid Feb – April

Best Time to visit Cancun

November – December

Best time to visit Cancun for deals

July – October

Season Duration

All year long, Cancun nightlife, restaurants, shopping malls and resort is bustling with activities that will keep you entertained throughout your stay.