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Weather in Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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A Complete Guide to Mykonos Weather: When to Visit and What to Expect

Mykonos, a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea close to Athens, is an all-year beloved destination due to its inviting Mediterranean climate and ample amount of sunny days. 

The optimal time for visiting Mykonos, however, is during the summertime. Not only will you experience never-ending sunshine, but you can also indulge in its vibrant nightlife. With average temperatures ranging between 23°C/ 73°F and 26°C/ 78°F, you can be sure that your visit here will be filled with great weather as well as fun activities.

mykonos weather
View of Mykonos Town


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Mykonos in January

If you’re looking for the ultimate destination to relax and unwind, Mykonos in January is perfect. With average temperatures of 12°C/53°F, you’ll experience a pleasant atmosphere when not under direct sunlight

You can expect a maximum of seven hours of sunshine per day with only 11 wet days. The wind speed increases slightly near shorelines but overall remains moderate with low levels of heat and humidity as well as UV exposure.

Mykonos in February

February in Mykonos is like a dream come true – mild, sunny weather with the occasional light shower. 

Despite it being the winter season, be sure to pack your sunglasses for a trip to Mykonos – it has around seven or eight hours of brilliant sunshine each day in February. The sun rises at 7 am and doesn’t set until 6 pm. 

You can expect an average daytime temperature of 12°C/ 53°F. However, it will feel slightly warmer on sunny days. During evenings, temperatures typically cool down, with lows reaching 8-9°C/ 46-48°F. 

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Mykonos in March

The delightful spring season on the Greek island of Mykonos lasts from March to April and brings with it a pleasant, temperate climate.

Mykonos weather
View of Matoyianni street.

Although temperatures may not be high enough for sunbathing yet, you can still relish taking walks along its picturesque beaches and soaking up the culture of this remarkable isle by exploring its towns and historic monuments.

Mykonos in April

Temperatures begin to rise on this popular Greek island as the brief spring season heads towards summer. 

The Mykonos weather in April is packed with Mediterranean sunshine, and it’s usually warm enough to relax along the golden sandy beaches and promenade restaurants. An average of ten hours of sunshine mean you can spend the entire day on the beach.

Mykonos in May

During May, Mykonos is the perfect destination for soaking up some sun and relaxation. The island’s summery climate brings with it warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine – enough time to bask by the beach or at your hotel’s pool (if it has one).

Mykonos in June

Mykonos in June enjoys a hot, sunny, and dry weather that makes it one of Europe’s best vacation spots during this month. You can spend time lounging by the beach or pool while soaking up some sun.

mykonos weather
View of Mykonos Town

Relax by the stunning sandy beaches while basking in average highs that reach 27°C/ 80°F. Even on milder days, you will still enjoy temperatures up to 21°C/70°F during peak hours. In the evenings, it usually cools down to a comfortable 19°C/66°F. 

Mykonos in July

Mykonos is an idyllic island getaway, especially during the month of July. Swathed in the sunshine and boasting golden beaches, vibrant nightlife, and picturesque promenades, you will feel as if you have been transported to paradise. 

Experience the events of a lifetime with more than 14 hours of sunshine on average and temperatures reaching 24°C/75°F. Rise early at 6 am for an adventure-filled day that won’t end until 8:30 pm, all without fear of rain – only 4mm is expected during the month! 

Mykonos in August

The peak season to visit Mykonos is the summer months, specifically June through August. In August, temperatures can reach a balmy 30°C/ 86°F, and more often than not, you’ll find yourself soaking up clear skies and sun rays as opposed to raindrops. 

Fortunately, the nights are much milder, with temperatures dropping to 21°C/70°F. With over 13 hours of daily sunshine and sunsets past 8 pm, you’ll have plenty of time for outdoor activities – just don’t forget your water bottle and sunscreen.

mykonos weather
View of Psarou Beach in Mykonos

Mykonos in September

September is the perfect time to visit this stunning Greek island. With its Mediterranean-like climate, temperatures can reach up to an ideal 27°C/80°F with minimal showers. The tranquility of the month after peak season makes for a truly picturesque holiday experience.

The Aegean Sea’s inviting 23°C/ 73°F temperature creates a refreshingly cool escape, especially when temperatures peak at 27°C/80°F during the day and drop to 18°C/ 64°F in the evenings. With only four anticipated days of rainfall, it’s no wonder that many tourists visiting Mykonos choose this warm month out of the summer season.

Mykonos in October

Mykonos in October offers visitors a pleasant experience of warm temperatures, peaking at over 20°C/ 68°F, and hours of sun every day. 

The daytime temperatures usually average around 22°C/71°F, with lows of 15°C/59 °F and night-time temps dipping down to 14°C/57°F. While there are some light showers sprinkled throughout the month, you’ll still be able to enjoy long days at the beach or poolside as sunshine will bless us with nine hours a day on average.

Mykonos in November

Mykonos in November tends to be temperate and mild, with a daily high of 18°C/ 64°F that could drop on cooler days. On average, you can expect 11°C/ 73.4°F lows during this month. 

As an added bonus, the Mediterranean island enjoys eight hours of sunshine per day from 6:50 am when it rises until 5:15 pm when it sets – much brighter than what is seen across Northern Europe at this time.

Mykonos in December

Spend your Christmas at Mykonos and bask in the brilliant winter sunshine! You will be graced with an average of 13°C/ 55°F during the day, so make sure to bring along your sunnies.

mykonos weather
Mykonos Windmills

At night time, it might get a bit chilly, though; temperatures tend to drop around 8°C/46 °F, which is why we recommend that you dress warmly when going out for dinner or taking a stroll after dark. 

Following six hours of beautiful sunshine each day, dusk falls at 5 pm. December may be one of the rainiest months, with approximately 102mm over 11 days. However, the sea temperature is still relatively cool for swimming at 17°C/ 62°F.

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Most frequent questions and answers

For many, June to September is the most ideal period to explore Mykonos, with August and early September presenting some of the warmest weather. With temperatures around  30°C/85°F during these peak summer months, you can bask in warmer climates while taking advantage of all that this Greek paradise has to offer. 

However, if heat is not your favorite thing or you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere on your holiday – look no further than spring. This season is perfect for those wanting to delve into the hidden gems dotted across Mykonos without having to worry about excessive warmth.

The answer is the intense, summer-blowing northern wind known as Meltemi. During July and August – peak tourist season on Mykonos – this maritime force is generated by varying atmospheric pressure between North Africa and the Balkans.

From a cozy 15°C/59°F low to 22°C/71.6°F during the day, Mykonos in October is warm and inviting. Enjoy some sunbathing by your pool or at the beach while keeping an eye out for light showers; on average, 47mm of rain falls across four days throughout this month.

Visit between June and September to ensure optimal weather – the hottest month being July at an average high of 29°C / 84°F, with low temperatures dropping down to 23 °C/73 °F in the evening hours making it more than just bearable.