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Valencia Guide for Expats: Everything you need to know

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Valencia Guide for Expats

Valencia is an excellent choice for expats looking to settle in Spain due to its vibrant culture, laid-back lifestyle, and affordable cost of living. With the stunning architecture of its old town, the enchanting gardens of Turia Park and the renowned café scene, Valencia is a perfect destination for those seeking a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Spanish culture, then Valencia is ideal. The city offers a plethora of cultural experiences that include visits to its numerous museums and galleries, performances at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía opera house and concerts at the Ciutat de les Arts i Sciences complex. In addition, a number of events such as Las Fallas festival or La Tomatina tomato fight provide plenty of opportunities to get involved with the locals and learn more about their culture.

Things to do in Valencia

Valencia is a city with plenty of activities to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, cultural experiences or nightlife, there’s something for everyone.

Outdoor enthusiasts can spend the day exploring the numerous parks and gardens located throughout the city. Among them are Turia Park, a vast park built in the bed of a dried-off river that offers plenty of recreational activities such as biking, jogging or rollerblading. Other options include Jardines del Real and Jardines de Monforte, both of which offer tranquil green spaces ideal for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing.

Cultural enthusiasts will be in their element in Valencia; with its numerous museums and galleries covering a wide variety of topics from ancient history to modern art. The Valencian Museum is an excellent place to start your cultural journey with its impressive collection that includes many archaeological finds from around the city such as Roman mosaics and medieval ceramics. Other places worth visiting are the City Arts Centre (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de la Ciudad) and the IVAM Modern Art Museum (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno).

As evening approaches, Valencia comes alive with its vibrant bar scene offering everything from traditional tapas bars to lively nightclubs playing all types of music. The old town area provides some great drinking spots where visitors can enjoy local wines and beers while taking in the locals’ lively conversations. If you’re looking for something more eclectic then head to La Central where they host art events and live music performances on weeknights. Alternatively, if you’re up for some late-night dancing then La Tasca del Raval offers a great mix of Latin rhythms until the early hours of the morning. There are also a large selection of restaurants offering traditional Valencian fare such as paella valenciana alongside international recipes from Japanese sushi bars and Italian trattorias.

Best neighborhoods for Expats in Valencia

Valencia is a great city for expats, offering plenty of cultural experiences, outdoor activities and vibrant nightlife. There are a variety of neighborhoods in Valencia that cater to the needs of expats, each providing its own unique benefits. If you’re looking for a cosmopolitan atmosphere then Ciutat Vella is an ideal neighborhood with its narrow cobbled streets and bustling café culture. This area also provides easy access to attractions such as the City Arts Centre (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de la Ciudad) and IVAM Modern Art Museum (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno).

For those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, El Carmen is another great option with its winding streets lined with traditional buildings combined with modern amenities. Many areas within El Carmen have been converted into pedestrianised zones which are highly convenient for getting around the city on foot. Additionally, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in El Carmen offering some of Valencia’s best tapas dishes as well as live music performances during weekends.

For expats looking to experience the beach life while living in Valencia, then Malvarrosa Beach is your ideal neighborhood. This area offers visitors a long stretch of golden sand and crystal waters along with numerous restaurants serving fresh seafood specialties. Additionally, there are also markets located here where visitors can buy local products such as fruits and vegetables or handmade crafts made by local artisans.

Finally, Ruzafa neighborhood is another great place for expats to consider when settling down in Valencia. Located close to the city centre yet still retaining its traditional charm, this neighborhood offers plenty of trendy boutiques and cafes as well as museums and galleries showcasing both modern and contemporary works from local artists. In addition, Ruzafa has its own share of lively bars that offer craft beers alongside popular international beverages such as mojitos or caipirinhas until late at night.

Cost of Living in Valencia

Cost of living in Valencia is generally lower than most other major cities in Spain, making it a great destination for expatriates looking to stretch out their budget. While prices can vary depending on the area you are living in, there are plenty of affordable options available.

For those looking for the cheapest accommodation, Valencia has many shared apartments with basic amenities that can cost as little as 300-400 EUR per month. Alternatively, if you would prefer a more comfortable apartment with a separate bedroom then make sure to budget around 500-600 EUR from your monthly income.

The cost of day-to-day items such as food and drink will depend on where you choose to shop but generally speaking one could expect to pay around 20 EUR per person for a meal at an average restaurant or 15 EUR for groceries at local supermarkets. Additionally, public transport fares range from 1.50 EUR for single tickets up to 30 EUR for monthly passes, making it an economical option for getting around the city.

Valencia also offers exceptional value when it comes entertainment with discounts available at cinemas, theaters and concerts. You can also find deals on shows with special offers such as two tickets for the price of one or discounted entry fees during certain days of the week or months of the year.

For expats who would like to take advantage of Valencia’s thriving nightlife scene then there are plenty of bars and clubs available offering drinks at reasonable prices ranging from 3-8 EUR depending on what type of beverage you choose. Furthermore, Valencia also has its fair share of cultural attractions such as museums and galleries which often offer free admission or discounts on entry fees during certain times throughout the year.

Overall, Valencia provides great value for money when it comes to both accommodation and everyday expenses enabling expats to enjoy everything that this vibrant city has to offer without breaking their bank account!

Bottom Line

Given its low cost of living, vibrant culture and laid-back lifestyle, Valencia is an excellent choice for expats searching for an unforgettable experience in Spain!