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Tulum Shopping Guide - 2023 Guide Best Shops in Tulum

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Best Shopping Spots in Tulum

Looking for the best shops in Tulum? If you’re on the hunt for that special something to bring back home, be it a gift, clothing item or memento, our Tulum shopping guide is a wonderful starting point.

Tired of bringing home the same old magnets and t-shirts from your travels? Do you want a unique souvenir that captures the spirit of your journey? Look no further than Tulum. This area is bursting with hundreds of charming boutique shops selling one-of-a-kind artisan goods so you can show off something special to family and friends.

Plus, this is an excellent opportunity to support local businesses – why not give them some love while exploring all that Tulum has to offer?

From vibrant bazaars to chic boutiques and malls, Tulum offers an array of shopping opportunities for everyone. With inexpensive souvenirs, designer clothing, local artwork, and more at your fingertips – the possibilities are endless! Take a look at the top 10 best places to shop in Tulum so you can plan out your ultimate vacation itinerary!


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Experience all this Mexican paradise has to offer, from its gorgeous beaches and archaeological sites to its diverse selection of shops where you will find any item imaginable!

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1. Mercado Maya Tulum

Mercado Maya Tulum, more commonly known as the Tulum Market, is an outdoor market that celebrates and showcases the Mayan culture’s gastronomic traditions, creativity and artistic heritage. While visitors can find textiles, handcrafted artworks, among other items here, it’s local farmers who offer a bounty of organic fruits and vegetables – a reminder of how deeply connected we are to our roots.

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly shopping and eating experience in Tulum, then look no further than the popular market! It offers everything from a food court to butcher shops, souvenir stores, and clothing outlets.

Here you’ll find great deals on both dining options as well as stylish apparel typically inaccessible elsewhere. In other words, this is your one-stop destination for all of your affordable needs in Tulum!

Tucked away in the bustling streets of downtown Tulum, this singular marketplace offers travelers a chance to truly immerse themselves in the spirit and culture of the city. From its unmistakable aromas to its vibrant atmosphere – it’s certainly an experience like no other! Plus, you can buy unique souvenirs that will remind you of your memorable journey for years to come.

Where to find it: Calle Orión Sur, Tulum Centro, 77760 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Open: Daily 7am – 6 pm

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2. Tulum Bazaar

Explore the eclectic array of shops, vendors, boutiques and restaurants at Tulum Bazaar! Located in charming Tulum Centro, only a few blocks away from Parque Nacional Tulum off highway 307. Experience the inviting ambiance as you peruse through our cozy shopping mall featuring unique items not found anywhere else.

Tulum Bazaar provides an array of shops and vendors for shoppers to explore, from trinket stores with gifts and souvenirs to artisans who craft pottery and artwork by hand. The center also features numerous options for local street food as well as restaurants offering casual dining experiences with genuine regional fare. However, please keep in mind that most merchants here are cash only!

Where to find it: 77760 Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

3. Tulum Beach Road

Tulum Beach Road is an enchanting shopping center featuring a wide variety of small stores, body art studios, clothing boutiques and handcrafted artifacts. Located in the vicinity of the archaeological site in Tulum, it has plenty of eateries serving up local tacos and ice-creams along with coffee or any other beverage you may desire. You can find everything from global brands to locally made goods here – no matter what type of merchandise you are looking for!

Searching for the perfect memento to commemorate your family’s trip to Tulum? Just a short 10-minute drive away from downtown, you’ll find an ideal shopping area that has everything you need! After a long day of fun in the sun, this is the perfect way for your entire family spend quality time together discovering amazing souvenirs.

4. Wóolis Foodie Market

Woolis Foodie Market is an amazing gem, full of locally crafted goods centered around sustainability with practical recycling and composting. This place has it all – from home-brewed kombuchas to salsas, dips, vegan options, soaps and even Mezcal! If you’re looking for organic products in Tulum then this little store should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

5. Mixik

Hands down one of the best places to shop in Tulum! Look no further than Mixik, an artisanal store that offers a wide variety of affordable handmade items from Mexico! From clothes and homewares to folk art pieces – you name it, they’ve got it. Located on the main highway just off Calle Jupiter Norte, this beautiful boutique is nestled between two destinations: Downtown Tulum and the Hotel Zone. And what’s better yet? They provide one-of-a-kind souvenirs with none of those boring bookmarks or tacky fridge magnets included!

Venture into Downtown Tulum to find our favorite destination for finding extraordinary artisanal crafts. From sugar skulls and embroidered blouses, to traditional ceramics, you will be delighted by the variety of artwork available here! The staff is also happy to wrap up your items neatly as a lovely added touch. Look out for the red and yellow store adorned with skeletons – it’s impossible to miss this one-of-a-kind spot when in town!

Photo courtesy of Mixik’s Instagram

6. Blackbird

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, Mr. Blackbird is the place to go in Tulum! This boutique shop is located near the beach and specializes in custom bikinis and swimwear as well. Every item sold here has been carefully crafted by local artisans using only premium metals, gems, and precious stones – making it one of our favorite brands from Tulum. The price points are surprisingly affordable too! From stunning rings to intricate bracelets, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye at Mr. Blackbird!

7. In The Middle

When in Tulum, make sure to visit In The Middle and De La Rosa Jewelry Store. In The Middle offers a variety of men’s fashion pieces that use minimalistic silhouettes crafted from natural and sustainable materials – quintessential ‘Tulum Vibes’. Plus, the unique charm at De La Rosa Jewelry Store is guaranteed to leave you spellbound!

8. La Troupe

Whether you’re looking for the perfect boho-style outfit or a one-of-a-kind accessory, La Troupe has it all! Their locally sourced and responsibly crafted apparel is available at surprisingly reasonable prices. You’ll find stunning jackets, tote bags, skirts, hats, kimonos, jumpsuits and even jewelry – everything you need to look fashionable while exploring Tulum’s south beach zone. Plus, they offer an extended online shop with delivery so that shopping will be easy as ever regardless of where you are located!

La Troupe offers impeccably handcrafted decor and fashion at a fraction of the cost, making it one of our favorite shops in Tulum. Located just south of the Hotel Zone, you’ll be surrounded by an array of boutiques that should not go unnoticed. Plus, why pass up on an opportunity to support local businesses? It’s time to shop!

La Troupe offers an array of elegant items, such as exquisitely embroidered ponchos, stunning cushion covers and their popular tote bags. But beware – these products sell fast so you’ll have to act quickly if you don’t want to miss out!

An example of La Troupe style clothing, via Facebook page

9. Mexicarte

If you’re looking for unique, handcrafted souvenirs from Mexico to take home with you, MexicArte has got your covered. From Huichol art and skulls to beautiful sculptures and pottery, there’s plenty of artwork and clothing on offer in their three locations located further down the beach as well as Tulum town center and Akumal. Not only can visitors get amazing pieces that locals love too – but they also have handmade bags perfect for bringing back a piece of paradise!

Courtesy of Mexicarte’s Facebook page

10. Auras

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to purchase the latest fashion trends and home goods, then Auras is undoubtedly your best option in Tulum. From rattan furniture to light linens, this boutique stands out from its competition by offering items such as decor pieces, soaps, perfume – simply everything! Located just off highway #307 near the Archeological Zone and within reach of some truly breathtaking views makes shopping at Auras an experience like no other.

11. Caravana

Caravana is a unique sanctuary for Tuluminati-style fashion, selling leather products such as bags, hats, belts and headpieces. Their distinctive designs are also available on ponchos, dresses, vests, capes, and much more! You can find them in Mexico (Merida & Valladolid), Miami or even the Greek island of Mykonos – wherever you are in the world there’s sure to be a Caravana nearby.

12. Pura Vida Tulum

Pura Vida, a boutique clothing store situated in the heart of Tulum, offers chic and organic garments for all styles. Beyond apparel, they carry an array of handcrafted pieces from sandals to jewelry, shoes to ceramics – even souvenirs!

13. Spiritum

For those of you who are looking for fashionable yet sustainable clothes and home decor, Spiritum is the perfect destination! Located near Nomade Resort, this shop carries high-quality items that will make heads turn. Although prices may be higher than usual here, it’s worth every penny – especially when it comes to their popular mules. Tourists and locals alike seem to love them!

14. Gypsea Market

Visit this amazing place for all your vegan, organic, and gluten-free needs! Not only do they offer a variety of food and grocery items, but you can also find kombucha, soaps, home goods, including fluoride-free toothpaste here – not to mention hard-to locate treats exclusive to Tulum. Though it might be slightly more costly than other locations in town – the quality and selection are unbeatable.

15. La Madra Tierra

In search of organic beauty products? Then, La Madra Tiera has you covered! From handmade Mexican-crafted soaps and fragrances to facial essentials and hair care products – they have it all. Rumor has it that their solid cleansing soaps provide amazing results. Additionally, if you’re on the lookout for a unique gift idea for your dad, boyfriend or brother – then this is perfect. Their Gentleman’s Beauty Kit comprises of a razor, shaving soap, brush as well as other essential items; making it an ideal present for any special man in your life!

16. KM33

For the ultimate shopping experience, look no further than KM33. Located south of Tulum Beach and just behind Mr. Blackbird, this stunning store is Latin America’s go-to destination for all things stylish, luxurious, and unique. Peruse their exquisite jewelry pieces or find yourself a couture fashion statement – perfect if you’re looking to treat yourself or get that special souvenir! Sure, it may be on the pricey side but let’s face it: when in Rome… right?

Still need convincing? Rihanna loves KM33, and if it’s good enough for the Queen of Pop herself, then surely it is a product worthy of your consideration.

17. Fresh Market

You’ll find two Fresh Markets in Aldea Zama that are fully stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables and other essential items such as sunscreen, toiletries, beer, and wine. With all of the necessities under one roof, you can make a quick stop for everything your family needs!

Prices at this destination are noticeably steeper than other standard Tulum locals markets.

Photo via Fresh Market Tulum

Ready to discover the ultimate guide to shopping in Tulum?

Are there any Shopping Malls in Tulum?

Are you seeking a large shopping center in Tulum? Unfortunately, there are no malls open or currently under construction that we have knowledge of. However, the nearest big shopping centers to explore can be found in Playa Del Carmen – Paseo del Carmen and Quinta Alegría Shopping Mall on Quinta Avenida.

Tulum Shopping Tips

  • When looking for the ideal memento from your Tulum vacation, a dreamcatcher is the perfect choice. You can find them in many stores around town – however, if you want to snag an even better deal, take a drive down #109 road towards Azulik Uh May and explore some of the stalls that line up along the route!
  • Generally, fashion boutiques and jewelry stores are not fans of bargaining. However, if you’re shopping in a roadside stand or souvenir craft shop, why not take the plunge to try and purchase items at a discounted price!
  • Let’s shop local! In Tulum, supporting small businesses is imperative now more than ever as tourist numbers grow. Choose family-run small businesses over big corporations to make a real difference in our community.

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