Tulum for Expats

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Tulum Guide for Expats: Everything you need to know

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Tulum Guide for Expats

Tulum, Mexico is an increasingly popular tourist destination and a great place to live for expats and digital nomads looking for a change of scenery. The city offers incredible views, culture, food and activities. If you’re planning on moving here or just need some tips for enjoying your stay, this Tulum guide for expats is here to help you out!

Things To Do in Tulum Mexico

Tulum has something for everyone! From beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters to cenotes (sinkholes) teeming with life, Tulum has plenty of amazing activities to explore.

There are also archaeological sites like the Mayan ruins of Coba and Tulum that you can explore, as well as some amazing eco-parks like Xel-Ha which provides snorkeling opportunities and animal encounters. Get your heart racing at the incredible Tulum Jungle Gym! Whether you’re looking for an intense workout or a relaxing yoga class, this gym has something to offer everyone. Get ready to sweat, strengthen and tone in one of the most unique training environments around! In addition to all the sightseeing opportunities Tulum also offers many cultural attractions like local markets where you can buy artisanal goods and restaurants featuring delicious regional cuisine.

Best Neighborhoods for Expats in Tulum

When selecting a neighborhood in Tulum there are several factors to consider including proximity to amenities, atmosphere and cost of living. Some of the most sought after neighborhoods in Tulum include Aldea Zama which is known for its luxury beachfront properties as well as its vibrant nightlife scene; La Veleta which is known for its laid-back atmosphere and easy access to the beach; Cancun which has an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes; and Las Palmas which is known for its affordable housing options as well as its close proximity to numerous shops and services.

Cost Of Living in Tulum

The cost of living in Tulum will depend on various factors such as type of accommodation, lifestyle choices etc., but it is generally considered cheaper than US cities given that rent prices are cheaper due to low demand from expats who prefer property rentals over buying property outright. Additionally, utilities are also quite cheap compared to other countries due to government subsidies while food costs tend to be lower than urban areas due to abundance of fresh produce available nearby. However transportation costs can be higher than other cities due to lack of public transport infrastructure in Tulum so having a car or bike is recommended if you plan on staying here long term.

Bottom Line

Tulum is an ideal destination for expats looking for a change of scenery, a vibrant nightlife, resorts, and plenty of activities to explore. The cost of living in Tulum is generally considered cheaper than US cities due to lower demand for property rentals and government subsidies on utilities.