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Jungle Gym Tulum - 2023 Visitors Guide

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2023 Best Guide – Tulum Jungle Gym  

Maybe you have seen Tulum Jungle Gym on Instagram with its wooden and stone Fred Flintstone gym equipment, perhaps you are looking for some of the best things to do when you visit Tulum, Mexico. What you need to know is that this little-known gem is a new one of a kind outdoor fitness experience. Made out of natural materials, it provides a unique training opportunity at the beach, next to the turquoise water of Mexico. 

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What is it like to visit Tulum Jungle Gym?

When you visit Jungle Gym, you get adventure and a workout all in one. This real-life Fred Flintstone gym provides everything you need for your best outdoor workout ever…its pretty unique. 

The gym equipment is 90% made from natural materials like wood (from local carpenters), bamboo, and stone which makes for an interesting and unique workout and training.

They do also have more options for functional traditional gym equipment such as Olympic and EZ bars with bumper plates, medicine balls, Kettlebells, TRX’s, boxing bags & Bulgarian bags.

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The gym also has certain features like a beach-themed obstacle course with cargo nets, monkey bars, and many, many more activities. It is perfect for anyone looking for an immersive workout experience like no other.

Where is Tulum Jungle Gym?

Tulum Jungle Gym is located in the quiet and safe town of Tulum, Mexico, on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The location is known around the world for its pristine beaches, turquoise water, white sand, majestic cenotes, archaeological sites, eco-friendly luxury hotels, great food, and vibrant nightlife.

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How far is Tulum Jungle Gym from Cancun?

Cancun to Tulum by car

We drove from Cancun Airport (Tulum doesn’t have an airport) to Tulum by car in November 2022. It is approximately a 75 mile drive. Travel time by car is approximately 1 and a half hours.

Cancun to Tulum by bus

The cheapest way to the Jungle Gym is by taking the local ‘Collectivo’ shuttle bus from Playa to Tulum for 45 pesos ($3), then getting a taxi from Tulum town to the beach for an estimated 100-120 pesos ($5-6). The total journey time with this method should be around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Is it just for Instagram photos, or can work outut?

Tulum Jungle Gym is much more than just a place to take photos for your Instagram. It is a real gym. It is actually one of the best gyms in the world,d offering an immersive and enriching training right next to the turquoise water. It combines the best of nature with modern fitness equipment to give you everything you need for the best outdoor training of your life. 

When you visit the beach location,n you can choose to work out barefoot at the beach. The gym also offers a wide array of activities, from traditional workouts with Olympic bars and medicine balls to more options of strength training using logs, rocks, wood, bamboo and stone


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Can anyone go to the Tulum Jungle Gym?

Yes, anyone can visit Tulum Jungle Gym, regardless of their fitness level or experience. The location caters to everyone from beginners and casual exercisers to advanced athletes and bodybuilders. And even though it is open to anyone interested in fitness and working out, certain features of the gym will particularly appeal to calisthenics enthusiasts, gymnasts, bodybuilders, and weightlifters. 

Does the Tulum Jungle Gym offer classes?

Yes. It does offer private classes, providing a truly immersive workout experience in a very special environment and location. The private classes are structured around the equipment and the beautiful outdoors. All classes are led by certified instructors and fitness professionals who are very passionate about fitness and will help you and show you…like they did us… how to reach your fitness goals. Just grab a water bottle and enjoy a fantastic workout!

Exercises include:

  • Benching a log
  • Squatting with wooden barbells (made by local carpenters)
  • Using the wood, bamboo, and stone equipment
  • Jumping onto tree stumps
  • Swinging from the hand-made monkey bars
  • Lifting rocks on a wooden pulley and cargo net…the list just goes on

How do you get into the Tulum Jungle Gym?

You can experience all that one of the best gyms in the world has to offer for a really, very affordable price.

The entrance fee is $30 USD per person (January 2023 pricing), which grants access to the gym’s full range of activities and classes. It also offers discounts for groups larger than 5 people and special pricing for locals. It is conveniently located a few miles away from several beachfront properties, making it easy to enjoy all the things that the area has to offer.

We biked almost daily from Tulum Pueblo to the gym. It’s a short bike ride.

Does the gym provide towels and showers?

They provide guests with face towels, hand gel sanitizer, and sun cream. And even though they didn’t have showers at the time we visited, you can use the showers next door at Ahau hotel (200 meters away).

What Hotels are recommended near?

Tulum Jungle Gym is conveniently located next to the water and a few miles away from several resorts, hotels and luxury beachfront properties. 

Visitors from around the world looking for hotels near Tulum Jungle Gym can find plenty of options to fit their needs. Tulum is a popular beach destination. Both Tulum Beach and Pueblo have a variety of accommodations available,e from budget hotels to luxury resorts and retreats. 

You can also read our detailed guide on the best hotels near the Jungle Gym.

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Hours of operation

What you need to know before you plan the day and time of your visit is that both gyms are open 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm. 

Who owns the Tulum jungle gym?

Tulum Jungle Gym has been in operation for 5 years now. It is owned and operated by Tulum Adventure Fitness. It’s a small family-run business based in Tulum, Mexico. Founded in 2017 by husband and wife team, it has over the years become one of Tulum’s most beloved fitness providers. 

Alastair and Katie opened the gym in February 2017, which quickly went viral due to its popularity on Instagram and other social media. The gym is now renowned as one of the top gyms in the world, regularly visited by fitness and wellness professionals, international bodybuilders, Cross Fit athletes, and others.

The business has a location at the beach (the one you probably have seen on Instagram) and a new second bigger location called Tulum Jungle Gym Pueblo at the nearby town. We went to both locations and would suggest experiencing them both as they are some of the best gyms we have ever been to. Certain features of the Pueblo location are not offered in the smaller beach location.

Is it Popular and Crowded in 2022?

Over the years Tulum Jungle Gym has become a very popular place for tourists around the world thanks to Instagram.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a workout that’s good for your mind, body, and soul, then the beach, sun, sea, and sand are the perfect playing ground for you. And if throwing coconuts, hanging, jumping, climbing and pushing logs at the beach is your thing, then Tulum Jungle Gym is a great way to spend part of your day during your trip to Tulum and great photos, style points and many likes on Instagram and other social media.


Most frequent questions and answers

Tulum Jungle Gym welcomes all fitness lovers.  From casual exercisers to advanced athletes, it caters to simply everyone looking for an immersive workout. They Gym has been particularly appealing to calisthenics devotees, gymnasts, bodybuilders, and weightlifters!

For $30 USD per person (2023 pricing), you can access the gym and the wide variety of activities and classes that Tulum Jungle Gym offers. Plus, discounts are available for groups over 5 people and locals receive special offers too! Located just a few miles away from some beautiful beachfront properties or a short bike ride from Tulum Pueblo, it is really easy to make the most out of what this area has in store.

In February 2017, Alastair and Katie opened the gym doors – and before they knew it, their business had become a viral sensation due to its presence on Instagram! Now renowned as one of the best gyms in the world, this workout hub attracts professionals from all over- including bodybuilders, Cross Fit athletes and more. It’s no wonder why people come far and wide just to experience what this amazing facility has to offer.

Journey to the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the small but vibrant town of Tulum and discover the Tulum Jungle Gym. Tulum is an oasis renowned worldwide for its turquoise waters, ivory shores, ancient Mayan monuments and hippie and sustainable vibe.