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The Ultimate Guide for Santorini Nightlife - 2023 Guide

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The Ultimate Guide For Santorini Nightlife

Would you like to relax in a lounge chair with a cocktail in hand while enjoying the stunning views of the volcano, accompanied by chillout music? Santorini nightlife may not be as well-known as Mykonos, but there is still plenty to do once the sun goes down.

Although many people don’t associate Santorini with nightlife, the island offers a variety of options for those seeking a good time. From loud and bustling to quiet and romantic, there are plenty of bars and lounges where visitors can enjoy drinks and music. Santorini’s famous scenery also adds to the romantic ambiance of many of these venues.

Rest assured that you will find a place that suits your preferences, regardless of whether you are a couple seeking a cozy spot to enjoy drinks, a group of friends in search of a place to party all night, or a solo traveler hoping to make new acquaintances during your holiday. There is something for everyone!

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General Information & Tips about Fira Nightlife

Closing times

Most bars close between 2:30–3:00 am, while beach bars usually close earlier, around midnight. Nightclubs, on the other hand, stay open in the early morning hours. However, closing times may vary depending on the crowd, as they tend to stay open later when busy.


It’s better to be cautious about your drinks when you’re out at night, especially if you’re by yourself, even though Santorini is generally safe. 


Before placing your order, be sure to check the prices of items at certain places, as they may be expensive. Moreover, take note that a few places accept only cash and not card payments. For more information read our article for “Currency in Greece”.

Best Beach Bars in Santorini

JOJO Beach Bar

When you visit Santorini, make sure to check out JOJO, a popular beach bar known for its lively parties. You can choose between lounging on sunbeds at the beach or at the pool area across the street. The pool area is where the parties happen, with loud music and big crowds. If you’re looking for a fun afternoon party, this is the place for you. Please note that parties usually end between 11:00 pm and 12:00 am. If you would like to go to a quiet place by the beach, you can visit JOJO and rent a cozy cabana right on the beach. Then, you can sip on a cocktail and enjoy the sea right in front of you. Have a great day!

Chilli Beach Bar

Chilli Beach Bar underwent renovations in 2016 and now serves as a serene restaurant and bar on the beach. The staff is extremely welcoming, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is delightful. Occasionally, the restaurant hosts a Greek barbecue, which you can detect through its aromatic odors. Chilli is conveniently located next to Wave Sports, so feel free to grab a drink after your jet skiing experience. Their cocktail list is quite intriguing, with their signature “Hot Chilli” cocktail being both refreshing and spicy. We highly recommend it!

Tranquilo Beach Bar

Tranquilo is a bar located on the beach where you can relax and unwind. Sunbeds are available on one side, while the bar is across the street. The bar is well-known for its excellent cocktails, especially the mojito, which is considered the best on the island. If you crave some food to go with your cocktail or simply want to eat, they also offer a great menu. You’ll be glad to hear that Traquilo offers a lot of vegetarian options and occasionally has live music performances. If you enjoy salsa dancing, make sure to attend their Latin parties. The bar has a very laid-back atmosphere where you can easily spend an entire day (and even the following day). It truly lives up to its name: Tranquilo.

Theros Wave Beach Bar

Theros Wave Bar is an exquisite and secluded location located among the white volcanic cliffs of Vlychada Beach, also known as White Beach, in Santorini. It provides a stunning taste of paradise that is well worth experiencing. Theros Wave Bar has a charming and calming atmosphere that is perfect for couples and romantic occasions. You can dine and enjoy delicious cocktails, including their must-try “Honey Spirit” cocktail. It is even possible to hold your wedding ceremony there. Overall, Theros Wave Bar is a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

SeaSide by Notos Beach Bar

Seaside by Notos is a restaurant that deserves to be on this list because of its romantic setting and amazing cocktails. Their cocktail list is updated annually, but you can definitely find something you’ll enjoy. Additionally, you can savor your drink while relaxing on one of their large lounge chairs by the sea. If you’re looking for a peaceful spot to begin your evening, this is the perfect place. It’s also incredibly romantic at night, making it an ideal destination for a date without the hustle and bustle of crowds. You may contact them ahead of time to reserve a sunbed or a table. You could also arrange a private beachfront dinner for two.

Wet Stories Beach Bar

Wet Stories is a renowned beach bar located in Santorini. You can relax on lounge chairs, sunbeds or giant bean bags while enjoying the beach. Besides, you can play beach volleyball or cross the street to go to a bar and party. Wet Stories also serves food if you are hungry. It tends to get louder in the afternoon due to guest DJs or live shows. You will not be disappointed by the cocktails. Also, every umbrella comes with a small safe where you can keep your belongings while you go for a swim and an electric charging point for mobile phones.

Best Cocktail Bars in Santorini

There are numerous cocktails to try, but the time is limited. So let’s head to the Best Cocktail Bars in Santorini and enjoy!

MoMix Cocktail Bar

MoMix, which specializes in Molecular Mixology, opened first in Athens and now has a branch in Santorini. MoMix also has electronic music, making it an ideal spot for a fun night out if you’re into that genre.

Casablanca Lounge Cocktail Bar

Casablanca is a lounge cocktail bar located in Fira that you might have missed out on. It’s an excellent option for socializing with friends. The atmosphere is calming, with a balcony that adds a touch of romance to the ambiance, and the focus is on music, particularly house, funk, and soul. Casablanca frequently features well-known DJs. If you aren’t aware of it, it is well worth checking out and grabbing a drink. Casablanca Cocktail Bar was voted one of Europe’s top bars by the Guardian.

Most Romantic Bars in Santorini

If you are a couple looking for a romantic place to have a drink or a person searching for a spot to take your date, this list is perfect for you. Santorini has many romantic bars, and this list will help you find them. You won’t be disappointed with the choices available.

Kira Thira Jazz Bar

The Kira Thira Jazz Bar, which has been in Fira since 1976, is the oldest bar on the island. Despite its name, it offers music for everyone, not just jazz fans. The bar’s cozy ambiance and limited seating make it an ideal spot for an intimate date. You should check out Kira Thira! They have an impressive collection of CDs and the DJ takes requests. Plus, the homemade sangria is amazing and they highly recommend it. Don’t miss out!

Tango Bar

Located right next to Franco’s in Fira, Tango is a lounge bar with stunning views of the volcano and cliffside. They offer a good vibe and great ambiance, starting off with lounge and chillout music perfect for watching the sunset in Santorini. As the night goes on, the music transitions to louder and funkier deep house tracks and the party continues all night long. Although they don’t serve food, their cocktails are amazing. With only nine tables, it’s recommended to reserve one unless you plan on dancing the night away.

Mylos Bar Restaurant

Mylos is a sophisticated bar that features fine dining and breathtaking views. Located in an old windmill on the edge of a cliff in Firostefani, the restaurant is appropriately named after the Greek word for “windmill.” For a romantic evening, Mylos is a great choice, offering delightful desserts, including the “Chocolate Painting.” Don’t forget to try their foamy mojito – it’s my personal favorite.

Palia Kameni (PK Cocktail Bar)

Palia Kameni is a cocktail bar located across from the volcano that offers stunning views of the caldera and Fira. It is well-known for its signature cocktails and chilled playlist, making it an ideal spot for coffee or cocktails throughout the day. If you’re looking for a romantic setting to enjoy Santorini’s stunning sunsets, PK Bar is the perfect choice. You can even book a table online to ensure you get the best seats in the house!

Franco’s Bar

Franco’s Bar is located on the edge of the Fira cliff, providing a stunning panoramic view of the caldera. If you love classical music, it’s the perfect place to visit in Santorini. You can enjoy the sunset while listening to Chopin, Vivaldi, or Maria Callas. The bar also offers a “Maria Callas Champagne Cocktail” to complement the experience. Additionally, Franco’s provides comfortable lounge chairs for you to relax and enjoy your drinks. They offer a great wine selection from the famous wineries of Santorini, with some small “meze” plates to accompany your drink.

Crystal Lounge Bar

Crystal is a lounge bar that offers a breathtaking view of the caldera, the volcano, and the town of Fira. It’s an ideal place to witness the stunning sunset. Whether you’re on a date or hanging out with friends, Crystal provides a peaceful atmosphere to unwind and talk. With music at an appropriate volume, you won’t have to shout to be heard. Try the “Volcano” cocktail while enjoying the view of the real volcano just in front of you. Crystal has a relaxing and romantic ambiance. Plus, there is an excellent selection of drinks to choose from.

Lioyerma Pool Bar

Lioyerma Pool Bar, located after the windmills on the northern tip of Oia, is named after the Greek word for “sunset” and is the best place to watch it on Santorini. Set around a swimming pool in a picturesque setting, customers can relax with a drink and take in the stunning views. As one of my favorite spots in Oia, you will find Lioyerma to be both romantic and laid-back, making it the perfect way to end a good day or turn a bad day around.

Katharos Lounge

Katharos Lounge, located above Katharos Beach (behind Oia), is a great vegan meze (tapas) spot that’s worth checking out. It’s not just a lounge bar, but also has a fascinating history as a hospital that once treated patients with leprosy. It’s one of Santorini’s best-kept secrets.

Best Party Bars in Santorini

Although Santorini is known as a romantic destination, single travelers or groups of friends can still have a great time there. Fira has some excellent party bars that are perfect for a big night out. So, let’s talk about Fira nightlife and the four great party bars you should check out while in Santorini. These bars are casual and suitable for solo travelers as well, so let’s explore them one by one.

Tropical Bar

Tropical is a charming little bar in Fira that has a beautiful view of the caldera. With its friendly atmosphere, cool crowd, and great cocktails, it’s definitely worth a visit. The balcony is perfect for taking in the breathtaking views of the volcano and adds a romantic touch to the experience. Inside, the music is lively and upbeat, which will get you in the mood for a party. You also won’t want to miss their happy hour deals. If you enjoy Latin music, this is the place to be. Every time I’ve gone to Tropical, I’ve found myself dancing a little salsa!

Murphy’s & Saloon

Murphy’s Bar and Saloon is a two-level establishment. The Saloon, located on the bottom level, offers a selection of unique drinks and beers that can’t be found anywhere else on the island, as well as a game of pool. Check the Santorinian Beer from the microbreweries of Santorini.  The lower level has more of a rock bar vibe, and hosts live shows once a week. Upstairs, you can find a lively bar that attracts people from all over the world. It’s a mainstream bar that caters to sports fans who can enjoy watching their favorite teams at Murphy’s. Moreover, if you’re interested in pole dancing, you can practice your skills here while having a great night out. Overall, Murphy’s is an excellent party bar in Santorini.

The Highlander

The Highlander is a Scottish bar located in Santorini. They have two big TV screens that show various sports games and tournaments during the day. At night, the bar turns into an international nightlife spot with music and a lively party vibe. It’s a great place to grab a drink, dance, and meet other travelers.

Two Brothers Bar

There is a party bar/night club called Two Brothers in Fira that has been around since 1983. It’s a fun spot without any snootiness, and the prices are affordable. They even offer a happy hour. Dj Alex will be playing a lot of r&b music, so get ready to dance. Additionally, they offer shisha, which is rare on the island. And don’t forget about their legendary Halloween party that happens every year. It’s a great time!

Best Santorini Clubs

If you’re looking for a more spacious and sophisticated place to spend your big night out instead of small and crowded bars, head a bit up the road to Enigma Club and Koo Club. Both are popular nightclubs in Santorini that play pop hits and Greek music that locals enjoy. These clubs are ideal for groups of friends or couples who love to dance. Please note the dress code might require you to dress up a bit. You will also find the Greek club “Mamounia” further up the same street.

Mamounia Club

Mamounia is a Greek club that has both indoor and outdoor spaces. The music played there is exclusively Greek, and the majority of the attendees are locals. It’s a great place to experience authentic Greek nightlife. If you’re not familiar with the dance style called “Tsifteteli,” don’t worry – you can learn it here and become an expert in no time. Keep in mind that if you want to enjoy the party, you should arrive after 1 am, as the club will likely be empty before then. The festivities continue until sunrise, so be prepared to stay up all night. Don’t forget your sunglasses if you plan to attend!

Enigma Club

Enigma Club, located in a cave room in Fira, is a spacious and elegant club that reopened in 2016. It specializes in electronic and house music but occasionally features guest DJs, bringing hip hop and Greek music to the dance floor. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, there is an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your drinks. Enigma is one of the few establishments that remain open during the winter season, albeit only on weekends. It is a local favorite hangout spot during this time.

Koo Club

The nightclub called Koo is well-known in Santorini for partying. It has one indoor bar and three outdoor bars. The inside dance floor is usually crowded, so you can go there if you feel like dancing. Alternatively, if you prefer a more romantic atmosphere or partying outdoors, you can enjoy the tropical ambiance on the patio outside. You have two options: you can either move the party to Koo Club, or you can simply relax on a sofa under the palm trees and enjoy a drink. The music played at the club ranges from electronic to R&B to Greek later on in the night (or early morning hours). So, you’ll most likely find music that suits your taste eventually. Koo Club is a place that everyone seems to enjoy; I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it. 


That concludes the information on nightlife in Santorini. You have several options for going out for drinks, including Fira, Oia, and the black sand beach. You can choose which location suits your mood or try out multiple spots during your visit.

In Greek, we say “Yamas!” instead of “Cheers!” and it’s a useful phrase to know when visiting Santorini. We hope this list will assist you in having a fantastic time. Enjoy!