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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Halkidiki - 2023 Guide

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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Halkidiki

The region of Halkidiki is located in Northern Greece and boasts three stunning peninsulas with more than 1000 beaches. It has the longest coastline in Greece, spanning over 550 kilometers/340 miles. Moreover, the area is abundant with magnificent pine trees, giving it a vast forest-like feel with plenty of beaches.

Halkidiki has numerous smaller beaches and coves with plenty of charm. Due to the large number of these smaller beaches, you can always find a spot on the type of beach you prefer regardless of when you visit Halkidiki.

As a Greek born in Northern Greece I have visited and explored the majority of these beaches, but I have also consulted locals and tourism boards for their recommendations. This article is based on my personal experience after all these years I am visiting Halkidiki.

Although beaches are amazing, it’s important to remember that you will need food, and the weather can be unpredictable. That’s why I will also provide information about some of the top activities to do in the surroundings of Halkidiki’s beaches, as well as offer recommendations for excellent restaurants and hotels.


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Halkidiki Beaches 

Halkidiki is a region located in the northeast of Greece. Although it has magnificent mountains inland that are popular among hikers, the region is best known for its three “fingers” or peninsulas.

The region closest to Thessaloniki is called Kassandra, which is also known as the first finger. Among the three regions, it is the most developed one and offers plenty of facilities, nightlife, and social beach activities. If you are looking for a lively holiday experience, Kassandra is the region that suits you the best.

The second finger of Halkidiki, is called Sithonia. Its central point is Mount Itamos, and it offers a more laid-back atmosphere than Kassandra. Sithonia is the ideal destination for those who seek a peaceful and rejuvenating beach vacation.

The beautiful Athos is the third and easternmost finger that has the stunning Mount Athos. While there are beaches and towns at the top of the peninsula, there are fewer facilities available. It is worth noting that most of the Athos peninsula is a separate religious state where women are not allowed to enter. 

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Blue Flag Beaches

In order for a beach to become Blue Flag certified, it must meet 13 different criteria that cover a range of areas, from water quality to hospitality to accessibility, among others. Recognized all over the world, the Blue Flag is a universal eco symbol. Halkidiki boasts more than 90 beaches that are Blue Flag accredited.

Kassandra Peninsula

The beaches on the west coast of the peninsula may not be as shiny as those on the east, but they offer stunning sunset views and are still pleasant. The water at these beaches is mostly shallow, making it a suitable destination for families.

1. Afytos Beach

Afytos, a lovely stone village, features two beaches – one on each side. Both have crystal-clear blue water and are small in size. Additionally, each beach has its own assortment of restaurants and taverns.

halkidiki beaches
Afytos Beach

2. Kallithea Beach

In Kallithea, there is a town with a stunning white sandy beach and numerous amenities available. Additionally, there is a site called Zeus Ammon located near the beach.

3. Kryopigi Beach

On top of a hill, there’s a beach that has several small coves with white sand and turquoise water. In the town, you can find one of the best fish restaurants in Greece called Trizoni, or you can try something more casual at Anthoula’s Tavern. As you head south from Kryopigi, the next two beaches, Polichrono and Hanioti, are very popular with tourists. Hanioti is especially great for families and people who want an active beach day.

4. Pefkochori Beach

The beach has a mix of sand and pebbles, so it might not be the softest option for beachgoers. Nevertheless, a pleasant selection of cafes, restaurants, and other establishments is available to explore. One such restaurant, Mamalouka, has a stellar reputation and is touted as the summer rendition of a thriving Thessaloniki eatery. It has a trendy Greek bohemian vibe that many people find appealing.

5. Hroussou Beach

My favorite beach in Kassandra is a small cove with light golden sand. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available, but it doesn’t feel too crowded. The surrounding area is equipped for holiday camping.

6. Skala Fourkas Beach

There is a beautiful sandy beach on the peninsula’s west side, where you can also find some great seafood restaurants. It is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

7. Sani Beach

The Kassandra peninsula has a beautiful and clean beach, which has received a Blue Flag award. The area has plenty of high-end accommodations, spas, and restaurant options, including the luxurious Sani Resort. During the summer, festivals are frequently held here because of the area’s beauty.

8. Possidi Beach

This tourist resort sparkles with a family-friendly atmosphere and is located on the south side of Kassandra. You’ll find plenty of chairs and umbrellas lined up along the perfectly shallow water, ideal for leisurely walks along the shoreline. Don’t miss the impressive lighthouse, which looks like it came out of a storybook, and be sure to try the fresh fish at local taverns.

halkidiki beaches
Possidi Beach

9. Nea Potidea Beach

If you enjoy watersports, head over to Nea Potidea in Kassandra. The area has multiple outdoor adventure centers where you can rent equipment for exploring the waves. It can get quite crowded in the summer, so be sure to arrive early. Once you’re done, you can visit one of the nearby beach bars for a refreshing Mythos beer.

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Sithonia Peninsula

I found Sithonia Peninsula more appealing compared to Kassandra. Also, despite being larger and having a mountain called Mount Itamos, Sithonia is less developed, which makes it more preferable to me.

10. Nikiti Beach

The town of Nikiti is new and has a larger beach, but it is still very beautiful, with lots of light golden sand and many restaurants, bars, and facilities.

11. Elia Beach

The Anthemos Hotel is situated on Elia Beach, which is a slim stretch of sand lined with pine and olive trees. While having lunch at Boukadoura, you can enjoy a view of Elia Beach.

12. Rodia Beach

If you travel towards the south from Karydi, you will reach Rodia Beach. This beach was previously known as banana beach and is characterized by steep rocks and large plane trees that grow up to the coast.

13. Kavourotrypes Beach

I believe Kavourotrypes Beach in Halkidiki is one of the best. It’s absolutely stunning with beach chairs, a bar, and pine trees stretching to the shore. The colors are breathtaking, and the views of nearby Mount Athos are simply amazing.

halkidiki beaches
Kavourotripes Beach in Halkidiki

14. Koviou Beach

The west side of the island has a lovely sandy beach that offers a great view of the sunset.

15. Kalogria Beach

Kalogria Beach is located on the middle peninsula of Sithonia. It is a secluded spot compared to other nearby beaches. The sandy beach is surrounded by a dense forested area, which provides privacy. Although there are umbrellas and chairs available, the beach feels like a hidden enclave. Kalogria is an ideal location for watching the sunset.

halkidiki beaches
Kalogria Beach

16. Lagomandra Beach

If you want to experience the local life and see fishermen in action, visit Lagomandra Beach. The beach offers great views of the water and the surrounding area, which is surrounded by the greenery of Mount Itamos on the Sithonia peninsula.

17. Sarti Beach

The visitors in Sarti, located on the eastern side of the Sithonia peninsula, can enjoy a beautiful view of Mount Athos across the bay. The beach is popular in Halkidiki due to several rocky fingers extending into the water, creating a picturesque view perfect for photos. Nearby, there is a village called Sarti, offering accommodation options and a seaside promenade.

halkidiki beaches
Sarti Beach

18. Kalamitsi Beach

Kalamitsi is a beach located on the southeastern side of the Sithonia peninsula. It has a crescent shape and is surrounded by lush, rolling hills. Although smaller than nearby Sarti, Kalamitsi offers a more interesting experience- you can take a mini-adventure by swimming to the island that faces the beach. There are also campsites available nearby if you wish to stay near this beautiful scenery for a longer period.

19. Agios Ioannis Beach

This beach, located on the Sithonia peninsula, offers more solitude than other tourist options. It’s known for its serene waters and surrounding natural beauty, with trees almost extending onto the beach. If you prefer to be closer to the hubbub, it’s still situated near the larger and more well-organized Nikiti Beach. However, please note that there are no restrooms or showers available here, which results in fewer people during the busiest months.

20. Platanitsi Beach

Platanitsi Beach is located on the southern side of the Sithonia peninsula, 72 km (45 miles) southeast of Poligiros. This beach is popular among visitors from nearby resorts and offers soft golden sands and crystalline green waters. It is equipped with all the necessary amenities for beachgoers, including umbrellas, tavernas, sunbeds, and water sports clubs. Platanitsi Beach is a great spot for families with children.

21. Karydi Beach

This beach is recognized as the top beach in Vourvourou and potentially the most stunning beach in Sithonia. It features sandy shores, lush vegetation and offers a view of Mount Athos from a distance. If you prefer a more peaceful setting, you can take the footpath to Mikro Karydi, located to the right of the beach. Karydi Beach is known for its beautiful scenery and white sands. It’s located on Vourvourou Bay in Sithonia, which is about 33 miles southeast of Poligiros. The beach is a combination of fine, white sand and rocky areas. The water is shallow, green, and clear, making it safe for children to swim. The beach is situated at the end of Vourvourou Bay.

22. Toroni Beach

Toroni, situated at the southern tip of Sithonia, is a renowned destination admired for its mesmerizing landscape and extraordinary beaches. The beach boasts crystal-clear, greenish-blue waters, and the hills enclosing it are replete with olive groves and pine trees. Additionally, Toroni Beach and its surroundings have an interesting historical connection, and visitors can discover numerous charming Byzantine churches in the vicinity.

halkidiki beaches
Toroni Beach in Halkidiki

23. Trani Ammouda Beach

Trani Ammouda, also known as Ormos Panagias, is a beach located in Sithonia, the central peninsula of Halkidiki. It is a serene and secluded beach that boasts one of the largest stretches of sandy coastline in Sithonia. The beach offers a variety of facilities for those who require them but also provides ample space for those seeking privacy. The waters are shallow and the sand is golden, making it an ideal spot for families and beachgoers wanting a peaceful and uncrowded environment to relax by the sea.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The Kassandra peninsula has several popular beaches in Halkidiki, such as Sani, Kallithea, Paleochori, and Hanioti. The Sithonia peninsula, on the other hand, is less touristy and has many secluded coves to enjoy. It is popular to go camping on the beaches of the second peninsula in Halkidiki.

Located in Northern Greece, Halkidiki boasts three stunning peninsulas and over 1000 beaches, making it the longest coastline in the country at over 550 kilometers.

Chalkidiki, also known as Halkidiki, is a peninsula and regional unit in Northern Greece that belongs to the region of Central Macedonia and the geographic region of Macedonia.

Northern Greece’s Halkidiki is a renowned vacation spot known for its cosmopolitan seaside towns, stunning natural scenery, and stunning beaches.