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The Hilton Hotel in Downtown Playa Del Carmen - An honest Review

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Why we chose The Hilton in Downtown Playa del Carmen? Well, there are plenty of reasons! The pools are stunning, the beach is beautiful, the location is unbeatable, the food is included and tasty, and the rooms are luxurious. 

And that’s just the beginning! You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a lavish experience here. Especially in today’s tough economic times, even extravagance is seeking some form of cost-effectiveness. There are destinations where a six-figure salary is barely enough, while in other places like Mexico, a mere $1,500 per person can afford you a luxurious week-long stay.


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So if you’ve ever been curious about experiencing a royal lifestyle, keep reading! I recently had the fortune of staying at The Hilton, exclusively for adults, in Playa del Carmen’s city center.


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1. Location

This hotel is located in downtown Playa del Carmen, just a short distance from the popular 5th Avenue. Unlike many other resorts in the Riviera Maya that are often spread out and secluded, this hotel enjoys a prime location.

The Hilton is a well-known 5-star hotel located in the town center, offering all-inclusive, adult-only suites. While the lush greenery encapsulating many of the grand structures along Quintana Roo’s coastline is beautiful, it can be challenging to navigate on foot without booking a ride. As someone who dislikes being stuck in one place for too long, I prefer the freedom to roam around.

Rather than feeling like a captive in your hotel, The Hilton offers you the option to explore the vibrant streets of Playa del Carmen.

The 5th avenue is located very close to the hotel lobby and is well-known for its amazing restaurants, bars, and shops. Many people consider taking a walk here as the best part of their trip.

This property is located in a tropical city by the shore, offering a unique charm. Additionally, it is in a great location to explore the natural wonders hidden within Mexico’s jungles. The hotel is superbly designed, providing a cozy and comfortable yet impeccable and luxurious atmosphere – not too big and not too small.

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The Rooms

The Hilton Playa del Carmen hotel only offers suite rooms, which are all very luxurious. The most basic suite still includes an in-room jacuzzi, a sofa, and a small table. The beds and pillows are very comfortable, and the room has a unique and upscale design. Additionally, all rooms come with amenities like a private balcony, 24-hour room service, and turndown service included.

During our stay, we chose a room with an ocean view as we enjoy having a good view and the sight of the pool and ocean from our window. We found this room to be an excellent value as we were able to get a pretty decent view without having to pay for an oceanfront room which would have been more expensive. Another great feature of the rooms is the spacious balconies that come with the suites. They include both chairs and hammocks and offer views of either the garden, pool or ocean, depending on the room.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hilton Playa del Carmen thanks to the spacious and comfortable room with amazing views. The hotel offers various types of rooms including garden view, pool view, swim up, ocean front, ocean front walk out, and swim up ocean front (which boasts breathtaking views).

The Resort Property

The Hilton Playa del Carmen Adult Resort is a stunning property that gives you a luxurious, tropical resort experience. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by friendly employees who are always available to help you get a taxi or shuttle. As a security measure, they check everyone who enters the building. There’s a comfortable sitting area where you can wait as they check you in. It’s a full-service experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

As you stroll around the resort, you’ll come across several charming spots with fresh greenery, fountains, and columns. These overlooks, courtyards, and corridors are all outdoors, letting the sea breeze flow through without any enclosed hallways.

Restaurants and Dining

I was impressed by the quality of food at the all-inclusive hotel, which was unlike other hotels of its kind. The Hilton Playa del Carmen Adult Resort has a total of 7 restaurants and an equal number of bars, each with a unique theme. The restaurants include buffets and regular à la carte options, as well as various snack shacks located throughout the resort.T he seven restaurants within the hotel provided a luxurious dining experience.

They used innovative cooking techniques and fresh ingredients, and had attentive and welcoming service. The restaurants drew inspiration from various locations around the world and offered a wide array of delicious and exotic cuisines, ensuring there was something to suit everyone’s taste.

Some of my top picks were Asiana, which serves Asian fusion cuisine; El Mediterraneo, known for its Mediterranean specialties; and Maria Marie’s, a spot for French-Mexican fusion dishes. While it might depend on the time of year, I didn’t have to wait in line for a table at these restaurants, and they all had a pleasant atmosphere without feeling too crowded.

If you reside at The Hilton, you have the extra benefit of being able to dine at the restaurants located in the adjacent property, Panama Jacks. These additional dining choices comprise of a sushi bar, Italian specialties, a grill on the beach, and more.

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The Pools 

The Hilton Playa del Carmen has a beautifully designed pool area. It features three large, winding pools with two hot tubs located among them. The main pool is long and thin, with plenty of seating options including chairs, loungers, and cabanas. Adjacent to the main pool is a slightly cooler pool that has a swim-up bar. A small footbridge crosses over the pool area, providing easy access to both pools. With its proximity to the ocean, this pool is a great place to relax and enjoy a drink.

The temperature of the two hot tubs is warm enough to enjoy even during the daytime. However, they feel even better at nighttime when the air is cooler. The resort has other pools in a different area that’s not close to the ocean and we didn’t spend much time there. But it’s good to know that it’s an option.

The cabanas by the pool can be rented for an extra fee of $75 per day, which includes all-day use of the cabanas, two chairs located beside the cabana, and complimentary poolside service. It’s important to note that while resort food is included, you can only get poolside food service if you rent the cabanas. The other chairs and loungers around the pool are free, but you should arrive early to reserve your spot.

The Bars

The Hilton offers high-quality premium liquors in all 5 of its lively lounges. You can indulge in an authentic Mexican experience at the Tequileria, where you can choose from a variety of well-known Mexican tequilas and enjoy imported cigars that are perfect for even the most particular cigar enthusiast. Some tequilas and cigars may have an additional cost.

Coffee House

The Hilton offers a Coffee House for coffee lovers who need their morning fix. At this gourmet café, you can enjoy rich and flavorful coffee. You can also pair your espresso or cappuccino with a dessert. Special dietary needs are catered to with sugar-free options available.

The Gym

The Life Fitness Center has been upgraded and is fully equipped for those who want to maintain their fitness goals while on vacation. Various classes including spin, aerobics, and Stott Pilates are offered. Additionally, there is a rooftop tennis court for matches and 24-hour water activities like volleyball and aqua aerobics.

The Spa

For those who enjoy being pampered, they should visit SPAzul. You can experience ancient restorative rituals and holistic therapies in a tranquil setting. The Hilton offers a Temazcal stone steam bath and luxurious salon, making it an ideal place to revitalize and energize your body.

The Beach

It’s worth noting that the beach at The Hilton in Playa del Carmen may not always meet expectations, particularly if you’re expecting a postcard-perfect beach. Although some days it does look beautiful, of all the beaches in the area, this one happens to be my least favorite. However, I wouldn’t discourage you from staying here; just be aware of this fact. A fantastic beach at Playacar is just a short walk away.

The resort has chairs, loungers, and cabanas arranged along the beach for the guests to use. While the chairs and loungers are available to all guests, the cabanas are exclusively reserved for those who are Hilton Honors program members.

The cabanas are luxurious with incredibly comfortable vinyl beds that stay clean. It was delightful to relax in the shade of the cabana, feeling the cool breeze while we rested or napped in the mid-afternoon.

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Please note that seaweed season in Playa del Carmen is between May and October, not just at the Hilton Playa del Carmen Adult Resort. During this time, there is a large amount of sargassum seaweed growing near the beaches. The seaweed is not slimy and is more like twigs. However, it forms huge mounds on the beach. Workers go to the beach every morning to rake the seaweed into piles, and a tractor comes by to clear the beach of seaweed for the day.

Although the ocean and beach were still beautiful, it is recommended to visit between November and March to avoid seaweed season, which was not a major issue.

Things to Do

The Hilton offers a variety of activities for both relaxation and adventure during your vacation. You can try an introductory SCUBA lesson, take dance classes, and attend culinary classes to expand your palate. At night, there are also nightly performances to enjoy.

Near the pool entrance, there is a spacious atrium with an open bar, ample seating, and great views of the pool. It also includes an open area for nightly entertainment that showcases various singers and dancers. The shows are diverse, with different acts every evening, offering a unique experience each night. Although most of the acts were enjoyable, a few nights’ entertainment exceeded our comfort level due to their adult content.


The resort and city of Playa del Carmen felt very safe due to the presence of military and police guarding the area for the safety of tourists. The areas surrounding the resort and Quinta Avenida are safe day and night. However, it is recommended to be cautious when venturing outside those areas, especially after dark, and it is not advised to go far off Quinta Avenida (5th Avenue) at night.

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Bottom Line:  Hilton Playa del Carmen Resort Review

I highly recommend the Hilton Resort in Playa Del Carmen. The resort offered luxurious amenities such as beautiful beaches, refreshing pools, comfortable rooms, great service, and delicious food that was included for free. It was a very relaxing experience, and I believe you will have a great time there too.

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