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Summer in Spain: Best Places to Visit and Top Things to Do

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Why Visit Spain In Summer 2022

Summer in Spain is sizzling and full of life! Average temperatures soar to a balmy 35 degrees Celsius, drawing out locals and tourists alike who want to soak up the vibrant culture this country has to offer. From world heritage sites, to golden beaches and cycling tours, to world class services and tantalizing Spanish cuisine – everything seems more exciting during summertime! So why not plan your trip now for an experience you won’t soon forget? Make the most of your time in Spain by visiting during its hottest season.

With its gentle and steady Mediterranean climate, Spain is an absolutely stunning destination to visit in the summer. From June through August, summer average temperatures may be intense especially in southern regions of the country. Summer in Spain is peak season and coastal beach towns attract vacationers looking for some welcome warmth and hot temperatures. On the contrary, if you would like to dodge excessive heat then northern Spain is your best bet during these months!

Exploring Spain in the summertime is a must-do! Here are some of our favorite activities to enjoy while soaking up the sunshine during your Spain expedition.

Best Time to Visit Spain

To experience the best of Spain, come during its shoulder seasons – April to May and September through October. During this time, you’ll be able to explore without being overwhelmed by crowds coming from other parts of Europe (Germany, France, Italy, UK and others) for summer in Spain or leaving after that season’s end.

June is the absolute best time to visit Spain as the weather conditions are perfect for both outdoor activities and a relaxing beach getaway. By July, temperatures in Spain are starting to rise up beyond 30°C and you can truly experience summer in Spain at its fullest by August. Barcelona and Ibiza will be bustling with people during this month so if crowds aren’t your thing then it’s best that you steer clear of those places. And when traveling further south or even inland cities such as Seville or Córdoba, expect scorching heat above 37°C! So plan accordingly to make sure you have an enjoyable summer in Spain trip no matter what part of Spain you decide to explore in June!

As September approaches, the hot summer crowds begin to disperse, making it an ideal time to visit Spain. The temperatures remain perfect; allowing you to bask in the sun on the golden beaches or take part in outdoor activities like exploring cities and hiking without worrying about getting too warm.

7 Best Places To Visit In Summer In Spain

If you’re looking for the ultimate summer getaway in Spain, look no further! Here are some of the most incredible places to visit that will guarantee an unforgettable experience. Make sure you don’t miss them!

Gran vía street in Madrid, Spain
Gran vía street in Madrid

1. Madrid

Madrid is a must-visit when considering taking a trip to Spain. This historic capital city, renowned to the whole world for its rich culture, iconic historical monuments and world-renowned football team, provides an extraordinary experience that’s simply unforgettable! When in Madrid, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to watch one of Real Madrid football matches – it will be an adventure like no other!

Top Attractions Madrid:

Madrid beckons travelers from near and far with its world-class attractions. Whether you want to explore the Spanish streets of the capital, the splendor of Royal Palace, discover historical gems in Plaza Mayor, uncover cultural treasures at Museo Nacional del Prado, take a stroll through El Retiro park or cheer on your favorite team at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – Madrid has something for everyone!

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Aerial Barcelona, Spain
Spain in Summer : Aerial shot of Barcelona

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is the epitome of art and architecture, especially when it comes to Antonio Gaudi’s work. The streets of this historical city are lined with his designs that will leave you in awe. Home to world heritage sites and sunny summer days, Barcelona should be at the top of your list for a Spanish vacation getaway! With so much to explore here, make sure this stunning city doesn’t go overlooked during your trip.

If you’re looking for the ultimate vacation spot, Barcelona is it! This immaculate seaside city has a rich cultural heritage that dates back 2,000 years with captivating architecture, historical monuments and sculptures spread throughout. You’ll find an array of bars, restaurants, street artists and beach clubs in addition to sunset cruises on the Mediterranean Sea offering some of the best Basque, Catalan and Galician cuisine. Spending days exploring this glorious city will be well worth your while!

Top Attractions Barcelona:

When you visit Barcelona, be sure to check out the stunning La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Park Guell, and Casa Batlo when visiting Barcelona – these are some of the city’s most iconic attractions!

Summer in Spain Palace of Alhambra Granada, Spain
Palace of Alhambra Granada

3. Granada

Yet another culturally rich city of Spain, Granada will leave your jaw-dropped through its majestic structures that speak of its glorious past and enriched history. Apart from that, if you are a mountain lover, then Granada is the perfect place for you. Flaunting the picturesque Sierra Nevada mountains, it will take you to a fairyland. Also, you just cannot forget the world-famous palace of Alhambra!

Top Attractions Granada:

With iconic attractions such as the Alhambra, Generalife, Royal Chapel of Granada and Catedral de Granada, it’s no wonder why visitors flock to this stunning historical city. These majestic landmarks provide a spectacular backdrop for photographers while also allowing tourists an unparalleled opportunity to explore this awe-inspiring city.

Best places to stay in Granada

Summer in Spain in Tenerife
Coastal road in Tenerife

4. Tenerife, Canary Islands

Home to the captivating dormant volcano of Mount Teide, Tenerifelocated in the Canary Islands off Morocco’s coast – is a paradise for nature lovers. Golden and black sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see; cliffside towns with mesmerizing ocean views dot its landscape; while diverse habitats host an array of unique wildlife and vegetation that will amaze you! Standing at Spain’s highest peak, this enchanting island literally rises above all else with its stunning beauty.

Summer in Spain San Sebastian at night
San Sebastian at night

5. San Sebastian, Basque Country

San Sebastián is a breathtaking seaside paradise nestled within the Basque Country, graced with abundant hillsides and golden sand beaches along its picturesque Bay of Biscay. San Sebastian is adorned by art nouveau buildings, landscaped parks, plazas and charming cobblestoned streets in its Parte Vieja old town district – where you can find award-winning restaurants and lively pintxos bars – San Sebastian’s beauty warrants that your retirement days here consist of rejuvenating activities before retiring to marvelous views at Ondaretta or La Concha Beaches.

Summer in Spain, Sunset in Costa Brava
Sunset in Costa Brava. Summer in Spain

6. Hidden Beaches of Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a stunning coastline that extends from the French border to Barcelona and features rugged, wild inlets, secluded coves, picturesque fishing towns, and hundreds of wonderful beaches. Here you’ll find miles upon miles of pristine shoreline with tranquil little spots where you can avoid summertime crowds for some well-deserved peace and quiet. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or simply time spent alone with nature – experience all that this magnificent region has to offer! 

7. Sierra Nevada National Park

Traverse through the Sierra Nevada National Park in eastern Andalusia, and be amazed by its 90-square-kilometer reserve that is home to the highest peaks throughout continental Spain. From rolling hills of meadows and lush forests to rushing rivers and meandering streams, this park provides an awe-inspiring backdrop for those who love hiking or simply marveling at nature’s beauty. With hundreds of years worth of history (and a plethora of outdoor activities) it should not be missed!

6 Best Things to do in Summer in Spain

Cala del Moraig beach, Spain
Beautiful Cala del Moraig beach

1. Beaches: Sunbathe in the Mediterranean Sea

Have you truly experienced summer in Spain if you haven’t seen its stunning beaches? Home to some of the most magnificent shorelines in the world, Spain is sure to fulfill your adventurous soul. What better way to spend summer than sunbathing on one of Spain’s beautiful coastlines?

Best beaches:

For those seeking the perfect beach getaway, Playa de Silencio and Playa de ses Illetes offer stunning white sand beaches with turquoise waters. Meanwhile, exploring one of Europe’s most iconic urban shorelines is a must-do when visiting Gran Canaria – try Las Canteras. And that’s just the beginning: there are plenty more hidden gems waiting to be uncovered during your summer vacation! 

La Tomatina festival, Spain
La Tomatina festival

2. Participate in La Tomatina Festival

Join the renowned La Tomatina festival in Bunol and experience Spain’s most chaotic event! On the last Wednesday of August, more than 20.000 thrill-seekers rush to Buñol, a tiny town situated 40km outside Valencia. Here they get to engage in an hour of pandemonium with over 140 tonnes of tomatoes thrown around – it truly is the world’s biggest food fight extravaganza and the ultimate fun!

Spain in summer hosts a variety of other exciting festivals throughout the summer months, including La Fallas de Valencia and San Fermin. There are plenty of additional festivals celebrated to explore when spending summer in Spain!

Wine tour in Spain
Wine tour in Spain

3. Join one the famed Spanish Wine Tours

Experience the breathtaking beauty of La Rioja’s vineyards. With its majestic million hectares across a range of landscapes, it’s no wonder why Spain is now the world’s leading wine producer. Make your way through carefully curated wineries to sample some unforgettable flavors like robust Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Bierzo and refreshingly effervescent cava! Embark on an epicurean journey that will leave you in awe.

Aerial of Malaga City, Spain
Aerial of Malaga City

4. Enjoy August Fair in Malaga

Malaga is a modern haven with an array of museums, historic buildings, eateries, nightlife hotspots and beaches. Its most celebrated event is the Feria de Malaga (August Fair), which takes place in two separate parts: the Day Fair held downtown, and Cortijo de Torres for its nighttime festivities. The picturesque cityscape will be adorned with art pieces crafted by locals while folk music reverberates through every corner. If you are spending summer in the beautiful city of Malaga make sure you don’t miss this vibrant culture showcase!

scuba diving in Spain
Scuba diving in Spain

5. Beautiful Scuba Diving sites in the majestic Mediterranean

If you’re wanting to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea, L’estartit is a superb spot for exploring. Since it has been protected since 1990 and located in proximity to Medes islands, this diving destination features one of Spain’s most spectacular marine biospheres that is home to an abundance of coral gardens and gorgonian forests! Take your time here as each breathtaking view provides an unforgettable experience unlike any other.

Best scuba diving spots: 

Are you ready for an underwater scuba diving adventure? Enjoy the top scuba diving sites in Spain! From Barracuda Point to Manta Ray Night Dive, from Blue Corner Wall and beyond explore a world of beauty beneath the waves.

Ibiza, Spain
Beautiful Ibiza

6. Party in Ibiza

If you’re looking to let loose and experience the ultimate party paradise, there’s no better place than spending summer in Ibiza! Famous for its world-renowned superclubs, DJs, world class facilities, beautiful weather and unparalleled revelry vibes – this Spanish isle has been captivating visitors for decades. From Café del Mar’s breathtaking Balearic sunsets to dancing all night long in renowned clubs; if it’s a wild nightlife of unadulterated fun that you seek – then put Ibiza at the top of your must-visit summer in Spain list.

Summer in Spain: 5 places to visit to escape the crowds

Spain is a renowned tourist destination in the summer, yet tucked away from its popular resort towns and beaches are many lesser known gems. If you’re searching for an extraordinary escape this season, here are some of Spain’s offbeat destinations to avoid the big crowds. From hidden villages deep within Southern Spain to untouched wildernesses near Aragon, there are plenty of unique experiences awaiting your exploration! Make sure not to miss out on these extraordinary adventures as they will surely create lasting memories during your summer vacation in Spain.

Peratallada Baix Emporda, spain
Peratallada Baix Empordà, Catalonia

1. Empordà, Catalonia

The picturesque Empordà region of Catalonia, extending from the north side of Girona to France’s border, is a lesser-known paradise. You can enjoy its tranquil atmosphere and peaceful countryside that looks just like Tuscany!

Winding, worn Spanish roads guide you through an idyllic landscape of lush greenery and abundant vineyards. It’s the perfect spot for a pleasant drive; be sure to take in picturesque villages like La Pera, Monells, and Peratallada as your route takes you along. For those looking for something even quieter still, Madremanya is the ideal choice with its characteristic stone buildings scattered throughout town. Food in Empordà is a taste sensation! With its flavors hinting at the region’s medieval origins, it will tantalize your taste buds. Don’t miss out on trying their traditional roast goose with pears – one bite and you’ll be hooked!

Rías Baixas Galicia, Summer in Spain
Rías Baixas, Galicia Summer in Spain

2. Rías Baixas, Galicia

For a beach vacation that will make you feel like an insider, check out Rías Baixas – the five estuaries that slice into Galicia’s shoreline. The area is known for its cooler climate compared to other parts of Spain in summer. With surprisingly tranquil waters and some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches, this remarkable getaway for an unforgettable summer in Spain!

Be sure to make a pitstop at Sanxenxo, the tourist hub of Rías Baixas. The port may be abuzz with tourists, but the outskirts and fishing villages preserve local culture while neighboring Portonovo boasts a beautiful harbor and great local food. On weekends these two areas become very crowded, so plan accordingly!

Take some time out of your stay to explore a neighboring island, whether it be for the day or overnight. With visitor numbers regulated, make sure you book a permit before leaving. You can catch ferries from Vigo, Cangas or Baiona and an added bonus – Playa del Rodas beach on Cies Islands has been voted as one of the most gorgeous beaches in all the world!

3. Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Malaga is one of Spain’s iconic summer playgrounds. A culturally rich city renowned for its sun-drenched seashores and inviting restaurant patios that beckon with delectable tapas and sangria. To truly experience Malaga’s splendor, you must journey beyond the beaten path. While your visit should include a few days lounging on the beachfront, opt to hire a car so you can venture inland and uncover an enriching look at local culture and history.

Málaga is the perfect spot to delve into some of Spain’s most picturesque coastal towns. Frigiliana, a stunning village barely an hour away from Malaga and Archidona, with its plethora of pool-equipped hotels ideal for a few days’ stay – are two great options among many others. Don’t forget about Grenada either – not far off at all and offering an evocative Alhambra palace complex as one of its main attractions.

Why not take a few days to explore the charming town of Ronda? It’s located in Malaga province and is perched atop an impressive gorge. The surrounding area boasts stunning architecture as well as captivating stories from its past. Not only that, but there are some lovely walking trails just waiting to be explored within the nearby national park!

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
Jerez de la Frontera

4. Jerez de la Frontera

Beat the heat and escape to the old town of Jerez during summer in Spain for a refreshing, ocean-inspired breeze. The nearby Atlantic Ocean provides a cool reprieve from all the heat and Seville’s sweltering temperatures while still offering an accessible base to explore its coastal beaches. Consider taking a train to the stunning beaches of Valdelagrana in El Puerto de Santa María or Cádiz city. However, if you’re looking for somewhere truly off-the-beaten path, try visiting the sandy shores of Conil de la Frontera or Los Caños de Meca instead! To conclude your day by becoming immersed in history, be sure to pay tribute at Baelo Claudia’s magnificent Roman Ruins.

Make sure to experience the substantial gastronomy in Jerez, and be sure to taste their signature sherry; as it is known that Jerez is home of Spain’s oldest winemaking district. Finally, don’t forget that while you are visiting this stunning region- you can witness Andalusian horses performing in all their equestrian glory!

Jerez is also home to its own flamenco dancing tradition, called bulería. During the summer months, locals and visitors alike can experience these captivating performances. Every Friday night in July and August, one can witness a live performance at Alcázar de Jerez–a Moorish fortress.

Rio Matarraña, Spain
Rio Matarraña

5. Matarraña, Aragon

Travel three hours southwest of Barcelona, and you will find yourself in a seemingly untouched paradise: Matarraña. Here, lush olive groves line green valleys beneath the shadows of towering mountain peaks while pine trees sway with the gentle breeze. Don’t forget to visit Parrizal Gorge either – hike alongside its cliffs and aqua pools for some truly breathtaking views! Kayaking and swimming are popular activities downriver too; there’s no shortage of outdoor adventure here!

Exploring this region should be considered a must. Take the single-track road out of La Portellada to experience an unforgettable day in Ráfales village. This part of the area is sparsely populated, and you might catch sight of uncommon ibex goats or wild black vultures feeding at Mas de Bunyol, which serves as a bird observatory for locals!

Tips for Summer in Spain

As you prepare for a summer holiday in Spain, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Pack and wear light clothes; Summer in Spain is always hot and sunny! 
  2. Don’t forget your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses. The Mediterranean sun can give you a sunburn – even if it’s overcast – as well as your camera so that you can capture some beautiful memories of this trip. 
  3. Do some research beforehand on festivals or monuments during your stay and make note of their dates and timings. You won’t want to miss out on any Spanish culture while visiting!

Are you ready for the ultimate summer in Spain? With this guidebook, we have provided all the details needed to make the perfect summer vacation and your trip to Spain unforgettable. From must-visit attractions and old world charm to thrilling activities and experiences, there is something for everyone here! So don’t wait any longer – start planning your journey now and create everlasting memories in beautiful Spain.


Most frequent questions and answers

Spain’s interior regions feature a continental Mediterranean climate, which is accentuated by its high elevation resulting in intense summer temperatures. Spain in summer can become unbearably hot while winter brings frigid conditions that are sure to chill you to your bones!

Spain in summer typically experiences sweltering summers, with temperatures climbing to over 35 degrees Celsius. This is hotter than the coastal areas of Spain!

The Spanish Summer officially starts on June 21 but lasts until September 21. However, it is usually warm and sunny from early May to early September. Because Spain is so large, the climate can vary according to where you visit. From late February to late March the beaches of Balearics are open to all tourists. See our Palma Guide Guide for more information.

Despite its general aridity, certain regions of Spain can receive up to 600 mm of average rainfall every year.

Spain reaches its peak temperatures in the months of July and August.

Spain stands out for its remarkable music, captivating dance, stunning beaches, colorful bullfights as well as its emblematic sunshine and culture.