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Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen - An honest Review

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If you’re planning a trip to Riviera Maya in Mexico and looking for an all-inclusive resort, consider adding Secrets Moxché to your list. This new adults-only resort near Playa del Carmen is highly recommended. 

The Secrets Moxché and Secrets Impression Moxché are not the same. The Secrets Impression Moxché is an ultra-high-end property within the broader Secrets resort, which can cost $1,500 or more per night. However, you should still consider staying at the standard Moxché property.

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I’ve been to many Secrets resorts and have grown accustomed to their top-notch food, drinks, and service. However, Secrets Moxché in Playa del Carmen stands out with its elegant, nature-inspired decor. Let me assure you, it’s one of the most stunning all-inclusive resorts I’ve ever visited.

Secrets Preferred Club and Impression

At Secrets Moxché, there are different levels of luxury available to guests. The Preferred Club offers larger suites and exclusive access to a rooftop pool and restaurant. The Secrets Impression hotel, on the other hand, is even more exclusive. It’s like a luxury hotel within the larger Secrets Moxché resort, sharing some facilities but with its own separate space and amenities.

The Secrets Impression resort has slightly less than 200 rooms, but each room is larger than the standard resort room. Additionally, every room has a huge terrace with an outdoor hot tub. The resort also has private pools and beaches, upgraded amenities, great restaurants, and top-shelf liquor.

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Secrets Moxché Location

The Secrets Moxché hotel is situated five minutes north of downtown Playa del Carmen and approximately 30 miles south of Cancún International Airport (CUN). To get there from the airport, it will take you around 40 minutes since it’s located just beyond Riviera Maya.

The Secrets Moxché hotel in Cancún, similar to other Secrets hotels in the area, is situated close to the airport. You can choose to travel from the airport to the hotel by either booking a private transfer or taking a taxi. Both choices are simple and reasonably priced.

Secrets Moxché Lobby & Check-In

The Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen resort, which opened in April 2022, is designed with the concept of “tree root” or “Moxché” in mind, reflected in the outdoor layout and wooden accents in the lobby. The resort’s front entrance and lobby are particularly impressive, featuring a welcoming open-air design.

The staff guided us to a desk where we could check in, and we were given free champagne to drink while we completed the process. The staff member was amiable and made an effort to get to know us. We talked about our past experiences at Secrets and our eagerness to discover this new establishment. We were recognized as World of Hyatt members and thanked repeatedly since we had used Hyatt points to book our stay.

Although our room was ready upon arrival, which is rare for other all-inclusive hotels, our excitement dwindled after checking in. We were taken to a different part of the lobby where we were pressured to sign up for a Hyatt timeshare presentation. This was unexpected and dampened our enthusiasm upon arrival. This sales pitch was a first-time experience during a Secrets stay.

The check-in process was quick and efficient, which was a great start to our trip. We were greeted warmly and offered a cold glass of champagne, which was a nice touch.

Secrets Moxché Rooms

At Secrets Moxché, there are 485 rooms available with various setups to choose from. For our 6-night stay using Hyatt points, we opted for the entry-level room – a Tropical View room with a king bed. Though an Ocean View option exists, we didn’t feel the need to book it as we don’t spend much time in the room when traveling, and the view from the Tropical View room was satisfactory for us.

The bathroom had an impressive layout. It featured a large bathtub beside a full-sized mirror with accent lighting and a rain shower entryway. Additionally, there were two separate rooms – one for the toilet and the other with a double vanity. The amount of soapstone used in the bathroom was noticeable, and the sliding wood-panel door separated it from the bedroom. We got a lot of inspiration for our own home from this bathroom.

The room was impressive, with a generous size of 668 square feet. It had a comfortable king bed in the center, plenty of accent lights, and beautiful design touches throughout. A large sliding glass door behind electrically powered blinds led to a roomy patio with a daybed for lounging outside. Each morning, we enjoyed starting the day with coffee on the patio.

The room in the five-star all-inclusive property was equipped with amenities of the highest quality. The fully-stocked mini bar included soft drinks and beer. One of the features we admired at Secrets Hotels was the tablet located next to the bed. It served as a digital concierge and allowed guests to easily order room service. The tablet provided details on daily activities, restaurant menus, and even the TV guide, making it a useful addition to the room.

Secrets Moxché Facilities & Amenities

Secrets Moxché is a vast resort with many amenities like a luxurious spa, numerous pools, a fully-equipped fitness center, and a large theatre. You can choose to engage in various activities or just relax in one of the many lounging areas. You’ll never run out of things to do at this resort.

 Secrets Moxché Pools

One of the main attractions at Secrets Moxché are the pools. The first one you’ll come across is the lagoon, which is located just past the lobby. It has a beautiful sandy “beach” and is bordered by decking that features lounge chairs, an elevated restaurant named Bamboo, and a beach bar called The Cove. During our stay, we spent a lot of time at this pool because it was calmer and more restful than the others. The water is mostly around five feet deep, so it’s ideal for relaxing with a refreshing drink.

You will find several man-made “cenotes” hidden behind rock walls. Although there are only a few lounge chairs available, it is a good place to escape the crowded areas of the property. We did not spend time at these cenotes, but they seemed to be popular, particularly in the afternoon.

The main pool is situated beside the beach and has a Sugar Reef swim-up bar at the north end. The bar is quite lively during peak pool hours. The activities team also host events here which includes kayak races, water volleyball, and water polo. One of the highlights of this pool is the afternoon performances by musicians. They are quite talented and add to the overall ambiance of the pool.

During our stay, we spent several days at the pool. A tip for others is to go early in the morning to secure lounge chairs as they were quickly taken at this spot.

Secrets Moxché Beach

The beach at Secrets Moxché is pleasant, although it may not be the largest or finest we have seen. The resort is located near other properties, which limits the amount of beachfront available. However, the sand is regularly groomed and kept in good condition. While there are some rough areas in the water that could make it challenging to enter, and the swimming area is not very extensive, the beach is still a fun place to enjoy some time in the sand.

We really liked the cozy tiki huts that can accommodate two lawn chairs and a small table. They have a unique appearance resembling an inverted bird’s nest but allow air to flow while offering shade. We spent a couple of days using them as a home base. Although it’s not among the best beaches in Mexico, Secrets Moxché beach is still a great place to chill out by the sea.

The beach service is great! We usually received our drinks faster from the beach servers than from the bars within the property.

Moxché Spa

The spa at Secrets Moxché was one of the best parts of our trip. It’s a beautiful and clean facility located on the ground floor. For around $200 USD per person, we enjoyed a three-hour session that included a steam room, hydrotherapy, a sauna, mud treatment, a facial,  and a one-hour full body massage. There are also other services available. I highly recommend visiting this spa – it’s definitely worth it!

Secrets Moxché Fitness Center

My wife and I have a habit of bringing our gym clothes on vacations and using the fitness center a few times. We did the same on this trip and went to the Secrets Moxché fitness center a few mornings. The fitness center is similar to others at Secrets properties, small yet well-kept and useful. The center can be found on the second floor, and there is always a full staff. Guests must check-in at the front desk.

 The fitness center is well-equipped with cardio machines, free weights, and other equipment. Even though it’s not large, there is ample space. In addition, there are two studio rooms that offer daily workout classes.


Secrets Moxché Restaurants

In my experience of staying at various all-inclusive resorts, I have found that the dining options at Secrets properties, particularly at Secrets Moxché, are unmatched. The servers, chefs, and other staff members go above and beyond to provide top-notch food and service.

Moxché has 10 restaurants, 7 bars, and a 24-hour coffee shop on its property. This way, you can always find a place to eat and drink, and you have plenty of options to choose from so you won’t get bored or tired of the same choices.

Market Café

The Market Café is a buffet restaurant at Secrets Moxché and is popular for its vast selection of international dishes. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at specific times – Breakfast from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m., lunch from 12:30 p.m. until 5 p.m., and dinner from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. My wife and I had breakfast there a few times and were pleased with the traditional buffet options available.

The staff promptly and kindly refilled our coffees and juices and cleared our plates before we went to the buffet. If you don’t want to go to a busy restaurant in the morning, you can use the tablet in your room to order room service. It usually arrives within an hour and can be left in your room’s “Secrets Box” for a hassle-free morning.

Secrets Moxché Service

I’ve noticed that all Secrets properties I’ve stayed at have excellent service, including Secrets Moxché. The staff are always attentive, polite, warm, and welcoming. From the moment we arrived until we left, we felt the great pride the staff takes in their job. Every staff member, including gardeners, maintenance workers, activity staff, and servers, was quick to greet us with “buenos dias” or “hola” as we passed by.

The service was quick and attentive throughout our stay, particularly on the beach where staff promptly refilled our drinks and cleared our plates. Despite being an all-inclusive resort, we didn’t experience any shortage of staff like we have at other resorts in the area.

We were thoroughly impressed by the exceptional service provided by Secrets Moxché, which surpassed that of most other all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

Bottom Line

I highly recommend Secrets Moxché Playa del Carmen as one of the most stunning all-inclusive resort I have ever stayed at, despite having stayed at several. The resort’s exceptional services, exquisite design, and delectable food and drinks make for a memorable experience that I would gladly revisit.

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