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Santorini Port - 2023 Guide

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Santorini Port Athinios

The renowned port at Santorini, otherwise known as Athinios or the New Port, is located in the south-west corner of this breathtaking island. Its picturesque entrance into caldera bay faces Nea Kameni, a volcanic landmass to its left. Boats and ferries are welcomed here from all around Greece and beyond – but it’s not just an easy destination for passengers; visitors will be delighted when they approach the harbor walls made up of large rocks with bright white houses perched above them on steep cliffs! 

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Athinios Port in Santorini

Located 8 km/5 miles away from the stunning capital of Fira and 9.3 km/5.7 miles away from its airport, it is no surprise that Santorini’s port has earned the reputation as one of the most remarkable ports in the world! With direct ferry connections to Athens (Piraeus Port), Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, and more destinations across Greece – you can explore all this incredible island has to offer with ease. So don’t wait any longer; book your tickets now for a journey into extraordinary Santorini!


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Oia: 23 km / 14.2 miles | Airport: 9.3 km / 5.7 miles | Fira: 8.6 Km / 5.3 miles | Kamari: 9.7 Km / 5.3 miles

Public transfer

For those looking for an economical way to leave the port, KTEL buses provide a cost-effective and reliable option. Prices range from 1.60€ to 2.20€; however, discounts may be applied – such as discounted fares for people with larger families or disabilities, students, etc. The bus stop is conveniently located at the port and runs on regular schedules. Furthermore, these buses offer plenty of storage space below, along with comfortable seats, all available after purchasing your ticket directly from the driver (cash only). Passengers are then transferred 8.6 km/5.3 miles away to Fira’s Central Bus Station in no time!

A 20-minute journey from the port to Fira will cost you €2.00, but keep in mind that’s only half of your way there! To get from Fira to Oia (12 km/7.5 miles away), you’ll have to take another bus – a 30-minute ride for just €1.60. Though this is by far the most popular route, it can be difficult trying to find an available seat because of its length and requirement for a transfer between buses; if you’re carrying heavy luggage with you, we recommend other options instead!

Fira is home to several bus lines that transport you throughout the island in a jiffy! You can reach Imerovigli, Kamari, or Perissa for only €1.60 (30 minutes) and €2.20 (20 minutes), respectively – making your trip to Santorini hassle-free and cost effective as well!

Moreover, you can quickly and affordably transfer from the port to the airport with a bus switch in Fira. Bus tickets cost just €1.60 for 10 minutes of travel time, and there is approximately one route per hour – making it extremely convenient!

Car rentals

Looking for flexibility during your Santorini vacation? Look no further than car rentals! As soon as you get to the port, you can rent a vehicle and explore those secluded landmarks of Santorini – towns, villages, and beaches that cannot be accessed via bus. And if cars aren’t quite up your alley, motorbike or quad bike rentals may also be available! With so many options at hand, now is the time to unlock freedom on your journey with car rental opportunities in Santorini. Our suggestion is DiscoverCars where you can find the best prices in Santorini.

Taxis & Private transfers

Get to your destination quickly and conveniently when you book a private transfer online in advance. You have three choices: taxi, minibus, or VIP car – all of which pick up directly from the port. Should you prefer to call local drivers for pickup, that’s an option too! However, due to limited taxis on the island and their cash-only policy (which can only fit up to four passengers), it might be difficult to obtain one immediately upon arrival at the port.

If you’re looking for a easy and quick way to get around the island, taxis are available from the port to various locations such as Fira (20 minutes), Oia (60 minutes), Imerovigli (25 minutes), Kamari (30 minutes) and the airport (25 minutes). However, we advise that if you want an efficient journey with no lengthy wait times, pre-booking a private transfer is your best option. Our suggestion is to book with Welcome Pickups and they will do everything for you.

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Hotel transfers

From complimentary private port and airport transfers to various other amenities, many hotels and guesthouses offer an array of services with the potential for additional fees.

Port Facilities

Visit the port of Athinios and benefit from a modern, air-conditioned waiting area with complimentary WiFi access. Parking is available at no cost– just look for one of our many designated car parking spaces. In addition to all these amenities, you’ll find ATM machines, stores, eateries, cafes, and accommodation options in close proximity too! Best part? The port never closes: it’s open 24 hours per day throughout the year.

Important notes

From June through the beginning of September, the port can become overcrowded with activity, and frequent ferry delays may occur as a result. The roads leading to the port will likely experience extra traffic during this period, too, so it’s recommended that you remain flexible in your plans and allow for some wiggle room if needed.

Other ports in Santorini

In addition to Athinios, Santorini features several other ports that are not used by large ferries. Ammoudi Port is a small harbor enclosed in volcanic rocks below Oia and accessible either by road or foot (climbing down about 300 steps). Gialos Port, Old Fira’s port situated beneath the village of Fira, can also be found. Both locales provide breathtaking views perfect for enjoying during your travels! Although it’s not used anymore by ferries or other large vessels, the dock is a bustling hub for cruise ships, excursion boats to the volcano, and fishing trips. If you’re feeling up to it, there are 600 steps down that will take you right there; otherwise, get on one of the cable cars ready to shuttle visitors!

Santorini Ferry Port vs. Santorini Cruise Port

Boasting two ports, the picturesque island of Santorini is a dream come true for travelers. Athinios Port – also known as New Port or Thira Port – is dedicated to serving ferries, and Skala (Old) port welcomes cruise ship tender boats and private tour vessels. For those looking to arrive via ferry, Athinios will be your final destination; it’s where all passenger car ferries dock upon arrival to the breathtaking Greek Island.

Located 8km/5 miles away from Fira, the bustling capital of Santorini; 20 km/ 12.5 miles distant from Oia and 9 km/5.5 miles westwardly to the airport rests Athinios Port- a mini haven for ferry travelers. During peak season, this tiny port teems with passengers all keen on boarding ferries departing or arriving daily. With its limited space, however, it can be quite chaotic, leaving one feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Santorini Ferry Port Transportation

If you are visiting Santorini, Athinios Port can be hard to reach on foot. Thus, it is recommended that you acquire transportation no matter where your accommodations may be located. Several methods of transportation, such as buses, taxis, and private cars or shuttle services, will suffice for this task. Additionally, hotels often provide a private transfer option for guests, which could prove beneficial in this situation too! All considered, though, taking the bus is most typically the easiest and cost-effective route when traveling from the port to any other site on Santorini Island.

It is essential to remember that Greece, including Santorini, experiences frequent public transit strikes. All forms of transportation are affected by the strike – buses, trains, ferries, and flights suffer delays or cancellations, while taxis may be harder to come across than usual. The biggest of these strikes usually occurs on May 1st; it would therefore be wise to avoid booking any ferries or flights then in order to minimize disruption during your trip!

Buses at Santorini Ferry Port

Upon arriving at the Athinios ferry port, take a left, and you’ll find yourself faced with Port Santorini public buses to Fira. The island’s main town and transportation hub is only moments away! Don’t forget that any luggage can be stowed either below or above the bus – but don’t worry – if you need assistance figuring out where to go from there, the driver will usually be waiting outside to sell tickets and help direct passengers accordingly. Otherwise, simply purchase your ticket once onboard for an easy journey onward!

To travel to your desired destination, you will require a €2.30/person ticket that can be purchased with cash only. The journey takes around 20 minutes, and if you are located outside Fira, then you must get off the bus to board another one; timetables of the following buses at this stop are easily visible.

Fortunately, Santorini’s public transportation system is not just convenient but also reasonably priced and dependable! Maneuvering the main bus station in Fira can be intimidating, but it is actually quite straightforward to navigate. The only time I would advise against taking the bus is if you need a transfer from Fira to Oia and have luggage with you—the route between these two destinations has very high demand, so it may prove difficult to find both seating space (above) as well as room for your personal items (below). For up-to-date schedule information, please check the KTEL official website.

If you’re not staying in Fira, the only way to get to Athinios ferry port on Santorini is to first take a bus from your location up to Fira and then switch buses at that point (and purchase another ticket). The timetable for this second leg of your journey varies as it follows the schedule of ferries and can’t be found online; instead, it will usually posted one day prior.

Taxis at Santorini Ferry Port

When you arrive in Santorini, don’t rely on a taxi from the port. You might be lucky and find some waiting after disembarking the ferry – they will usually be lined up to your left as you leave. But there is no guarantee that any taxis are available, nor is it certain that if there are some, you’ll get one of them by being first off the boat. To avoid an extended wait for transportation, those not wanting to use public transport should book a private transfer ahead of time instead.

When taking a taxi in Santorini, it is essential that you agree upon the fare before starting your journey. If not negotiated ahead of time, you could be paying an inflated rate upon arrival – so make sure to bargain! Most journeys from the ferry port to Fira or Oia will cost about €30-€35 and €30-€45, respectively. Remember that taxis usually charge more at night and after midnight as well; additionally, keep in mind they only accept cash payments in euros – no credit cards allowed here.

Greek taxis have a strict occupancy limit of four passengers.

Private Car and Shuttle Service

For a stress-free transfer from the Santorini ferry port, you can’t beat Welcome Pickups. They make sure everything is taken care of in advance, so all you have to do is book and pay for your ride before arriving at the port. After booking, they’ll email you confirmation details along with a photo of your driver – that way you know exactly who to look out when docking! Your chauffeur will keep track of any potential delays on the route and be waiting there upon arrival with their name printed clearly on a welcome sign. Plus, if needed, child car seats are available too – just pre-order prior to departure!

Looking for a stress-free arrival to your destination? Welcome Pickups provides comparable rates – €35 to €40 from Fira, Firostefani, or Imerovigli; €40 to €50 from Oia – and the convenience of pre-paying so you don’t have to worry about having cash on hand.

Car Rental & Parking at the Ferry Port

In my opinion, the most effortless way to book a Santorini rental car is through DiscoverCars. They use first-rate global companies, and their user-friendly website makes it easy to spot an exemplary deal. If you’re arriving at the port of Santorini, your two best picks for pick-up locations would be Downtown Fira (take the bus from the port up to Fira, then walk five minutes or so towards any of nearby multiple rental car offices) or alternatively access one of several private transfers available which take passengers directly from Santorini’s harbor right into its airport where you can collect your hired vehicle there hassle free!

If you plan to rent a car and pick it up from the ferry port, simply select “Santorini Port”. Be aware, however, that the road leading up from the port is incredibly dangerous – complete with steep inclines and sharp switchbacks alongside frequently congested traffic. Personally, I haven’t attempted this route myself and strongly recommend against doing so!

When disembarking from the ferry in Santorini, you won’t miss the disorganized parking lot to your left. This area is usually bustling with tourists, buses, and cars converging around a single point when ferries arrive or depart – so brace yourself for some chaos! I can hardly stress this enough: getting a rental car at the port of entry should be avoided due to its overwhelming atmosphere.

Santorini Port to the Airport

When Santorini is in high season, there will typically be a ferry port to airport bus running. However, if that specific route does not exist at the time you are visiting, don’t worry! You can still get from the port to the airport quickly and conveniently. Simply take a €2.30 bus ticket from the port up to Fira (20 minutes trip), then change buses with an additional cash only ticket of €1.80 (10-minute ride). Keep in mind that buses normally depart every hour or so for your convenience; refer to Santorini’s Bus Timetable for further instruction and details on this route too!

After ferry docks, there may be some Taxis available nearby; however, with only 25 cabs serving the entire island, it can be difficult to guarantee you secure one. This is especially true if your travel plans depend on catching an airplane – don’t take the risk! Pre-booking a ride via Welcome Pickups ensures that your journey begins and ends stress-free.

Welcome Pickups offers a pre-booked airport ride from Athinios Port to Santorini for just €50, similar to booking a cab. Our drivers are proficient in the English language and will be sure to keep an eye on ferry schedules so they can accommodate any delays. Plus, when you arrive at the port you’ll find them waiting with a sign that says “Welcome” – how courteous! For families traveling together, car seats are available upon request.

Santorini Port to Fira

For a quick, affordable journey from Athinios port to Fira, the bus is your best bet. The buses are comfortable and dependable, and there’s always one waiting for you at the dock when you disembark. Just pay the fee before boarding (or sometimes onboard) with cash only, as it costs €2.30 for each person; then stow your luggage beneath the coach while selecting a seat of choice—the ride lasts around 20 minutes! Once arriving in Fira, simply exit at its central station located near the outset of the pedestrian-only zone along the cliffsides.

When traveling with a lot of baggage, needing to use a child car seat or if your accommodation in Fira is not close to the bus station, pre-booking a ride from Welcome Pickups may be your best option. These services are prepaid and have fares from the port to Fira ranging from €35 – €40 – similar rates as that of an ordered taxi.

After your ferry arrives, it’s uncertain if a cab will be available. With only 25 taxis on the entire island, you’re chances of finding one are slim. To ensure safe transportation and avoid such worries, pre-booking with Welcome Pickups is strongly recommended! Not to mention that these rides come at an advantage as they can be paid in advance (unlike Santorini cabs which accept cash), and larger minivans can also be arranged – something not permissible by Greece’s 4 passenger taxi limit! Plus child car seats can easily be added upon request too.

Make your stay in Fira even more memorable by opting for one of the top-notch hotels that provide complimentary port transfer, set up ahead of time.

Santorini Port to Oia

Athinios Port does not have a direct bus to Oia. To get there, you must transfer to the hectic Fira bus stop – where the busiest route on Santorini is from Fira to Oia. Unless you are traveling without bags, it can be hard to find space for your luggage beneath and yourself inside of the already-crowded vehicle before it’s full! This being said, I wouldn’t suggest taking buses from Athinios Port if you’re bringing along suitcases with all your belongings. Traveling from Athinios port to Fira will cost €2.30 per person and takes approximately 20 minutes, while the journey onward to Oia is just €1.80 each and requires around 30 minutes of travel time. Please note that cash payments are required for bus fares on Santorini (as stated in the official Bus Timetable).

After a ferry ride, there is never any guarantee that you will find an available taxi at the port. With only 25 taxis on this island, your odds of finding one quickly are slim – unless you’re lucky and fast! But why leave it to chance? Booking in advance through Welcome Pickups eliminates all guesswork. Plus, pre-payment online provides convenience; if needed, we also provide child car seats for larger minivan sizes (as Greek taxis have a four passenger limit). Why take chances when securing ground transportation after disembarking from a ferry can be simple with Welcome Pickups?

Oia’s best hotels provide free port transfers or a private taxi, booked in advance for their valued guests.

Santorini Port to Imerovigli

When looking for an affordable way to get from Athinios port to Imerovigli, the bus is your number one option. After disembarking the ferry, you will see clean, safe, and dependable buses parked on the left side of the pier. Before boarding, don’t forget to pay a fare with cash (sometimes it’s accepted onboard too). Also, make sure that you store all your bags under the coach before taking any seat. Note: there’s no direct line between these two points – if you need to transfer to Fira station, be prepared to pay an extra fee as well.

For your travel convenience, the cost for a person from Athinios port to Fira is €2.30 with each 20-minute trip! Additionally, you can take another bus journey of similar length and price (€1.80) towards Imerovigli starting at 8am till 10pm every hour in accordance with the Santorini Bus Timetable. As soon as you arrive at its stop near the town entrance – only 5-10 minutes away from most cliffside hotels – hop off and explore all that this stunning place has to offer!

The most convenient way to get from the Santorini Ferry Port to Imerovigli is with Welcome Pickups. Their English-speaking drivers will be in contact with you ahead of time, and they will track your ferry schedule for any delays or changes. When you arrive at the port, look out for their welcome sign! A pre-paid fare booked through Welcome Pickups should come in around €40 – similar to a taxi price – and car seats are available on request.

If you’re planning to travel from the port to Imerovigli, reserving a Welcome Pickups ride ahead of time is highly recommended. With only 25 taxis available on the island and often none at the port when ferries arrive, this advanced option provides peace of mind that your transportation needs are taken care of – no worries about finding a taxi or having enough cash in hand for payment. Additionally, pre-booking allows for larger rides if necessary (Greek taxicabs have a 4 person capacity limit), as well as child car seat arrangements if needed.

Take the hassle out of your next visit to Imerovigli by calling or emailing ahead to arrange a complimentary port transfer or pre-arranged transfer with one of the best hotels in town. You’ll be glad you did!

Santorini Port to Kamari

If you’re looking for the most economical way to get from Santorini’s ferry port to Kamari, taking the bus is your best bet. The buses are clean and comfortable; they operate reliably, and there will always be one waiting at the port when a ferry arrives. Simply pay the fare (cash only) prior to boarding or on board itself, stow away your luggage underneath, then make an additional stop at Fira Station with another fee before getting dropped off in Kamari! For a mere €2.30/person, take the 20-minute journey from Athinios port to Fira and then continue on for 25-30 minutes to Kamari at an affordable fare of €1.80/person! The bus station in Fira has frequent departures between 7am and 11:30pm, usually every 20 minutes or so; plus, once you arrive downtown Kamari it’s only a 5 – 15 minute walk to most hotels there.

Pre-booking a ride from Welcome Pickups is the most convenient way to get from Santorini Ferry Port to Kamari. With English-speaking drivers monitoring your boat for delays or rescheduling and with a welcome sign at the port upon disembarkment, you will be ready for your journey in no time! Plus, fares are prearranged and prepaid; approximately €40 – similar cost as an ordered taxi – gets you there quickly! You can even request car seats if needed.

Avoid the possible disappointment of relying on taxis to get from the port to Imerovigli, as there are only 25 available options. To make sure you and your family will enjoy a safe, stress-free ride, why not pre-book with Welcome Pickups? You’ll be able to reserve a larger minivan that could fit more passengers – Greek taxi services have a limitation of 4 passengers – plus request for an infant car seat if applicable. And don’t forget that all payment is made in advance, so there is no need to worry about bringing enough cash or credit cards!

If you are looking for the best Kamari hotel experience, consider booking one that offers complimentary port transfer or pre-arranging your own transfer. Make sure to contact the establishment in advance so they can better accommodate your arrival!

What time to Arrive for Santorini Ferry Departures?

During the summer season, Santorini’s ferry port can be chaotic due to its popularity. To ensure your spot on the boat and avoid excessive stress, arrive at least one hour before your ticketed departure time. Make sure you get your tickets first, as collection points tend to become crowded right before departures; afterward, take a breath of relief knowing that you have secured a place on board! At Athinios Port, not only can you wait for your transport in comfort, but you can also enjoy a bite or quench your thirst with the multiple small cafes and minimarts on offer. It’s truly an enjoyable experience!

When to buy my ferry tickets?

Santorini is the ultimate Greek island-hopping destination, and tickets for ferries should be booked in advance, particularly from June through September. During spring, fall, or winter, it’s likely possible to arrive an hour early at the port and still purchase a ticket, but it’s always best to plan ahead if you can! FerryHopper has made researching routes, schedules, and prices incredibly straightforward, whether you buy online or wait until your arrival onsite.

With Ferryhopper, you can be certain that they will keep you updated on any changes or delays for your ferry trip. Buy tickets in advance via their website – most lines offer e-tickets, and the other goods booked online can also be picked up an hour before departure at the dock. It’s a worry-free way to plan ahead with peace of mind!

Where are the ticket kiosks in the Santorini Ferry Port?

If you’ve pre-booked your tickets through Ferryhopper, then head to Nomikos of the two travel agencies located at Athinios Port. You’ll find them within a row of buildings opposite the ferry dock along with Dakoutros. Once there, you can collect your tickets hassle-free and be well on your way!

Do Greek ferries use e-tickets?

FerryHopper has made it easier than ever to travel by ferry in Greece with their electronic ticket system! Once you book your e-ticket on the platform, confirmation is sent via email along with a link for web check-in. On the day of departure, simply check-in online and print or save your boarding pass onto any device – no need to collect physical tickets at the port upon arrival anymore!

Delivery of Santorini Ferry Tickets

To avoid any scheduling changes and extra fees, it is best to book your ferry tickets online or pick them up at the port an hour before departure. Although some ferry companies offer delivery of tickets to your hotel prior to travel, if these need changing due to schedule alterations, this can only be done in person with a representative from the company – for an additional cost. Avoiding pre-delivery ensures that you have control over any potential modifications ahead of time!

Santorini Port Ferry Schedules

Enhance your travel experience by utilizing FerryHopper for the most up-to-date schedules and fares of Greek ferries, making it a breeze to buy ferry tickets in advance! While many routes rarely sell out, we recommend securing your spot 2 or 3 months prior for added peace of mind before setting off on an unforgettable journey around Greece.

Staying Near the Santorini Ferry Port

There aren’t any hotels close to the Santorini ferry port. You’ll require a taxi or bus or pre-booked transfer to get to and from the port, regardless of where you stay on the island. Therefore I don’t recommend moving hotels just to be close to the ferry.

If you’re looking for a convenient place to stay near Athinios Port, then Fira is your best bet! This vibrant town has direct buses from and to the port, making it more accessible than any other nearby village. To maximize convenience even further, consider staying in one of these three hotels: Angel Luxury Suites (luxurious), Atlantis Hotel (moderately-priced) or Petini’s Place (budget-friendly).

Whether you take a taxi or book a ride with Welcome Pickups, the cost and time to get between any Santorini town and the port is similar. So, don’t fret – choose your preferred village and relax, knowing that convenience isn’t an issue!

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✈️ Flights: To find the best flight deals to Greece, I always use Kayak. Remember to subscribe to their price alerts for the travel dates you want. Another great alternative for flight deals is Expedia.

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🤿 Tours & Activities: For tours and activities in Greece, I highly recommend using either Viator or GetYourGuide. These websites offer a full refund if you cancel your booking 24 hours before the start of the tour, and they also provide excellent customer service in case of any issues.

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