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Santorini Beer - 2023 Guide

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Boasting a world-renowned winery, Santorini has also become home to three burgeoning microbreweries in recent years. Their signature beers – Volkan Blue monkey and Donkey Beer – have gained immense popularity for their flavorful taste that can’t be found anywhere else! So, visit these breweries to taste the unique flavor of Santorini Beers.

Santorini Brewing Company

No list of Greek microbreweries would be complete without mentioning the renowned Donkey Beer from Santorini Brewing Company. The brewery produces a range of lagered ales, each crafted to perfection with no filtering, pasteurization, or preservatives added. Get ready for an unforgettable taste experience you won’t find anywhere else! From the classic Red Donkey dark lager to Crazy Donkey, the first ever IPA created in Greece, and from White Donkey Weiss beer to Lazy Ass refreshing lager and Slow Donkey matured in local Assyrtiko Wine barrels – there are multiple thirst-quenching beers produced by this brewery. If that’s not enough for you, try their newest addition – Blue Donkey Blonde Saison! Located near Kamari beach, the microbrewery has become one of Greece’s most popular destinations due to its close proximity and presence. There is a bus stop just outside for convenient access. But that is not all – their craft beers are distinctive and undeniably refreshing! Come and explore the operations of Donkey Beer Microbrewery! Taste the delicious beers and enjoy a beautiful tour in the brewery. For an even better experience, make sure you arrange your visit ahead of time by contacting at +30 22860-30268 or via e-mail: from Monday to Saturday (12:00 – 17:00). Best part? There is no cost involved with visiting this incredible place. So don’t wait any longer and join everyone else who already loves it here!

Volcan Beer

Volkan is an extraordinary, artisanal microbrew hailing from Santorini with a brewing process that fuses solely Greek ingredients. Consisting of local grape honey added at the end of the brew, as well as citron leaves and mineral water filtered through volcanic lava – this lager stands apart from its competitors on the list for being wholly unique! Isn’t it amazing? Volkan is currently a standout among specialty beers in Europe, having won several awards and providing an impressive selection of brews like the pilsner-style Volkan Blonde, the dark Dunkel beer known as Volkan Black, the exotic wheat ale called Volkan Grey and the classic lager style of Volkan White.

Ftelos Brewery

FTELOS Brewery was born from the dream of three respected entrepreneurs in Santorini to create something extraordinary: an inviting atmosphere, where visitors can savor remarkable beers and craft unforgettable brewing experiences. A group of passionate entrepreneurs dreamed big, and with that ambition in mind, they established the one-of-a-kind FTELOS Brewery in Santorini. The name itself was inspired by the local term for “ridge,” honoring their home’s unique dialect. It didn’t take long before it became an acclaimed destination throughout the Cyclades!

Escape to Karterados, Santorini, and immerse yourself in the world of FTELOS Brewery! The modern 4.800 sq. meter space (on a lot exceeding 7.200 sq meters) offers an unparalleled brewing, gastronomical and cultural experience that you won’t find anywhere else! Enjoy the beer-themed restaurant with several tapas bars as well as a roof garden restaurant boasting spectacular views of Santorini – all under one roof!

FTELOS Brewery is proud to be recognized with the 2021 Nutrition Award for Most Innovative Brewery. 

 FTELOS Brewery is the perfect place for beer aficionados who want to enjoy a memorable experience! The themed restaurant and tapas bars offer various Mediterranean dishes paired with the delicious beers. During your visit, you can take part in an educational tour of the facilities, go on beer tastings and meals tours, look at artwork from dynamic exhibitions, or stroll around the fragrant bioclimatic garden. Don’t miss out – come explore FTELOS Brewery today!


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The beloved brew of Greece is known as either bira or zythos. While the term ‘bira’ derives from beer, the more archaic name ‘zythos’ hails from ancient Greek.

Celebrate in Greek fashion with “Yamas,” a phrase that translates to “Stin Yeia Mas” and stands for “to our health!” Enjoy responsibly!