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Santorini Airport - 2023 Guide

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Santorini Airport

Santorini Airport (JTR) stands positioned on the eastern edge of Santorini, only 3 miles away from the picturesque capital Fira which serves as the transportation hub. Santorini International Airport JTR, is one of few airports in the area, and is a bustling hub from spring through autumn – its high season. Daily flights arrive from Athens Airport throughout the year and charter flights (May to October) come in from more than twenty additional European cities. 

There are regular daily direct flights between Athens and Santorini all year round; whereas during summertime you can even find direct flights to numerous European cities for a hassle-free journey!

Constructed in 1976 with a classic Cycladic design, this site was recently enhanced even further through a 2017 renovation project. The airport is small but it can get very crowded. To ensure an efficient, stress-free experience at Santorini Airport, we recommend that you arrive no later than one hour prior to your flight. If you are checking bags should plan on arriving two hours before departure. To save time upon arrival at Santorini airport, be sure to check in for your flight ahead of time online!

For those arriving in Santorini airport, you have a variety of transportation options to get from the Airport to your destination. From taking an affordable bus ride or pre-booking a car service for just slightly more than a taxi; all the way up to renting your own vehicle and even private hotel transfers – each option is explored here! Taking the bus can be especially easy if Fira is where you are headed, while pickups offer an easy solution that’s not too hard on your wallet.

 An approximate 10-20 minutes drive will bring you from any point in Santorini to the island’s airport – making getting around this picturesque place an easier task than ever!

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 Planes & Helicopters

santorini airport
Airplane of Aegean Airways: The flag carrier of Greece

During the high season, JTR Airport receives  many international flights, while also accepting private jets, helicopters, smaller aircrafts and charter flights from Greece or elsewhere. You can even fly from one Cycladic island to another with just one stop in Athens! Allowing you a comfortable travel experience within this gorgeous region of Greece.

 How to get to & from the airport

Distances from:

Oia: 17 km / 10.5 miles | Port: 6 km / 3.7 miles | Fira: 5.1 Km / 3.1 miles | Kamari: 5.5 Km / 3.4 miles

Public Airport bus

During the summer months, Santorini’s airport is connected to other areas of the island via an accessible public bus service (KTEL). To depart from the airport, simply take a ride on one of their buses to Fira. Tickets cost just 1.80€ (approx.1.9$) and are available for purchase directly from your driver!

The public bus station at the airport is nestled between both arrivals and departures buildings, with one route per hour beginning around 5 AM to 8 PM. A budget-friendly option, yet prone to delays; KTEL buses provide luggage storage space as well so you can switch tickets while on your way from Fira onwards towards other destinations such as the port.

Every day, there are 7-15 buses running from Santorini Airport to Fira, with the most frequent schedule during peak season. During this time of year, there may also be a bus between the airport and ferry port in Santorini – but that isn’t guaranteed. Unfortunately, no late night buses go from the airport directly to Fira; if you’re traveling to or from anywhere else on the island (including beaches), then you’ll need to change at Fira for another ticket. All departing buses leave only from here as well!

Expert Tip: If you decide to use public transportation, don’t assume that the bus will make a stop at every destination. Instead, ensure the driver knows your desired destination so they can pull over and drop you off accordingly! Even if you’re unsure of where exactly your final station is located, simply let them know what city or area you are heading towards.

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Private Transfer

To make sure that your arrival at Santorini Airport is seamless and without hassle, it’s wise to reserve a transfer service ahead of time. This ensures you can hop into a taxi, minibus or private VIP car quickly after disembarking from your flight. That way, you won’t be left waiting in worry for transportation! We recommend Welcome Pickups as the best private transfer.


With only 37 taxis available to serve the incredibly popular island of Santorini, it can be difficult to secure a taxi. There is an official stand right by the airport’s arrivals hall, though that may not always yield immediate results during peak times. Have patience and form a queue if necessary! Additionally, fares are non-metered in Santorini; agree upon your fee with the driver before leaving for your destination.

A trip from the Airport to Fira or Oia usually costs 25$ – 30$ but prices may increase at night and on holidays – make sure you have cash ready beforehand as this is the preferred method of payment when traveling by taxi here in Greece. Remember too that there is strictly a four person limitation for all vehicles driven across Santorini.

Uber and Lyft at the Santorini Airport

Unfortunate as it may be, there is no Uber or Lyft service in Santorini.

Car rentals

Planning to wander around the island? Why not rent a car and make your exploration easier! Santorini’s roads are nicely kept up with plenty of bilingual signage both in Greek and English. 

Reserve ahead of time, and it’ll be ready for you at the airport – exactly thirty seconds from where you step out upon arrival. The rental car companies located there include Avance, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty, Sixt, Suntime – so choose whichever suits your needs best! 

Our suggestion is DiscoverCars where you can find the best prices in Santorini. The car park serves as a pickup spot for rental cars, making it easy and convenient to get your vehicle.

Before your Santorini excursion, make sure to get an International Driving Permit so you are prepared for car rental companies such as Drive, Alamo, National and Enterprise that offer pick-up and drop-off services close by. With these essentials taken care of beforehand, you can enjoy the roads of this majestic island without worries!

Whether it’s through AAA (US), CAA (Canada), the UK post office or AAA Australia, an International Driving Permit can be obtained for a fee of anywhere from $5 to $25. Don’t forget that these permits are only valid for one year! If you’re driving in Greece, having an IDP is essential; not carrying one could result in hefty fines if you get pulled over or have any sort of accident. 

Thankfully most rental agencies will rent to foreign drivers without them – but it’s still best practice to carry your IDP at all times while traveling abroad and behind the wheel.

Shuttle Services

Finally, many accommodation providers offer shuttle services to and from the airport for a surcharge. If you’re interested in this service, make sure to contact your chosen accommodation facility directly for more information.

Shuttle buses may seem inexpensive at first glance, but the per-person costs can rack up in a hurry. You’ll find shared shuttle service to and from Santorini Airport for around 15$ each way; these services can be booked ahead of time or onsite at an arrivals kiosk. It’s not unheard of to get your own private shuttle, though they usually transport numerous passengers with as many as four stops per route.

So while it might appear less expensive than booking a car service upfront, that low rate doesn’t remain so cheap when you factor in every person riding along! For those making a single journey, taking a shuttle is usually the most cost-effective semi-private transportation option.

Airport Facilities

santorini airport
View of Santorini Airport

At Santorini Airport, you will experience an array of travel amenities. Enjoy refreshments at the cafeteria or ATM services with currency exchange options. Conveniently rent a car from one of many car rental offices and take advantage of free parking in the limited spot area.

 For added comfort, utilize complimentary WiFi access during your wait time, charge up any electronic devices via charging station outlets and transport luggage easily on provided carts! Surrounding the airport, you will find a wealth of hotel and accommodation options as well as delightful cafes and eateries to tantalize your taste buds.

For your convenience, there are three ATMs located both at the arrival gate and outside of it. If you’re looking to convert your currency while traveling, the arrival gate at the airport offers a convenient service for exchanging money! Looking for a place to satisfy your cravings? Aircanteen and Ontime Coffee & serves delicious pies, sandwiches, pizza, salads and desserts!

 Shop with ease and convenience at the duty-free store! Products include luxury perfumes & cosmetics, delectable confectionery, fine Greek gourmet items, top-of-the-line electronics, premium tobacco products and spirits. Santorini Airport offers complimentary wifi, making it easy to access the internet! All you need to do is choose the “Fraport-Free” network on your device and launch a browser.

Near the airport

Already dreaming of exploring Santorini? After you reach the airport, Messaria and Karterados are both within a comfortable 2-3 miles drive. Monolithos and Kamari beaches will be your best bet for stunning sea views, while local wineries offer a different kind of beauty. Visit here to find some amazing options!

Expert Tip: I suggest reserving a rental car ahead of time to make your trip easier and smoother, especially if you need an automatic transmission vehicle. Collecting your automobile from the Santorini airport is much simpler than doing it in Fira, Oia or at the ferry port – so keep that in mind!

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Most frequent questions and answers

The airport in Santorini goes by the names Santorini Airport or Santorini International Airport, and it is identified by the code JTR. Although Santorini is a small island, the airport is the largest in the southern Aegean Sea. Additionally, Santorini Airport also serves as a base for military aircraft.

To ensure a smooth departure, we advise passengers with only carry-on luggage to arrive at Santorini Airport one hour before their flight. Passengers who need to check bags should arrive two or more hours in advance. Checking in online ahead of time will also help save time.

It has only one terminal recently renovated and expanded with 17 check-in desks. However, its design is less attractive than Mykonos Airport’s terminal.