Safety in Uruguay

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Uruguay's Safety and Security for Retirees, Expats and Digital Nomads

Safety and Security in Uruguay

Uruguay is the highest ranked nation in South America according t the 2020 Global Peace Index. Ranking 47th out of 163 countries on the same index, Uruguay is a safe country to retire in. In comparison, United States scored 121st; however that doesn’t mean crimes don’t occur at all. Nonetheless you can be rest assured knowing your retirement destination has an enviable reputation for safety and security. 

The Uruguayan capital city of Montevideo is a safe and thriving place, with its population totaling 1.3 million people– almost half the nation’s count! Crime rates remain low in this bustling hub, as most offenses are minor inconveniences that don’t escalate to violence if not encouraged by resistance.

Old Car Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

When taking road trips within Montevideo or anywhere else in the country for that matter, make sure you keep your valuables securely tucked away out of sight at intersections. Unfortunately, some criminals have been known to reach into open-windowed cars and steal nearby belongings so it’s best to be on guard when making stops or parking up along your journey here.