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Royalton Chic Cancun - An Honest Review

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The hotel zone in the city has numerous resorts that cater to different types of travelers. One of these resorts is the adults-only, all-inclusive Royalton Chic Suites Cancun Resort and Spa, which is set to become part of the Marriott Bonvoy family later this year. Now that travel is returning and many are seeking their first escape after a year of staying at home, we decided to check it out. Keep in mind that the type of experience you have at a resort depends on the vibe you’re looking for.

The type of resort preferred by a person who enjoys live music and nightlife is different from someone who prefers quiet evenings and relaxing days. The Royalton Chic Suites Cancun Resort and Spa demonstrates that the atmosphere of the resort is significant.


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The Location

The Royalton Chic hotel is located in the hotel zone of Cancun, which may have advantages or disadvantages depending on your preferred atmosphere during your stay. The hotel’s location is convenient, being only a 20-minute drive away from Cancun International Airport (CUN) map, and there are many touristy restaurants, bars, and activities nearby. If you’re seeking a vibrant nightlife and a tourism-centered experience, the hotel zone is an ideal place to stay. On our initial day, we took a walk along the hotel zone strip to explore the area. The sidewalks in the area are spacious enough to handle pedestrian traffic, and popular spots like Senor Frogs and Coco-Bongo are located just a short distance away.

Staying in the hotel zone offers the advantage of sandy beaches. The Royalton Chic is located beachfront, allowing guests to enjoy an ocean swim or poolside relaxation with a scenic ocean view and refreshing breeze. In addition, there are nearby rental services for water activities like wave runners and snorkeling along the same strip of beach.

Although being located in the busiest tourist area in Cancun has its advantages, there are also drawbacks to consider. For example, it may be more challenging to avoid the crowds, and you may not get an authentic experience of Mexico.

If you prefer a more relaxed vacation on the beach and want to explore local favorites, rather than touristy bars and clubs, you might want to consider a resort outside of the hotel zone. Nonetheless, there is plenty of beach to enjoy in the area.

The Ambience

During our trip to Mexico, we rented a car which was convenient but may not be suitable for drivers who are easily nervous. The resort offered free valet parking and we were asked for the name associated with our reservation at the gate. Upon arrival at the resort, a staff member greeted us and assisted with our luggage. Our temperatures were also taken before we entered the lobby area.

As soon as we entered the resort, it was evident that my companion and I might not enjoy our stay despite its luxuriousness. There was a DJ playing loud music on a large platform right at the entrance, which ruined the exquisite ambiance of the lobby from my perspective.

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Since I prefer spending a peaceful afternoon reading by the beachside with a margarita, this was not my ideal vacation destination.

On Monday evening at 5 p.m., we arrived at the resort and found the lobby to be moderately busy. Despite having four check-in counters, we had to wait for around 10 minutes before being assisted. While in line, we were offered a delicious pink fruity drink and could enjoy the beach view through the glass windows at the back of the lobby, so the wait was not a big concern.

The check-in process was straightforward and took about five minutes at the counter. As with most hotels and resorts, they require a card on file for incidentals. The only extra charge added to the bill, besides the room rate, was a $2 environmental tax.

I found it difficult to hear because of the busyness of the lobby, the playing music, and the presence of plexiglass separators and masks. However, I did appreciate the use of bracelets with a small flat fob which allowed access to our rooms and all of the restaurants in the resort. In my opinion, this was more convenient than having actual room keys since they could be easily lost or inconvenient to carry around during our stay.

The Rooms

I booked a standard room, which was a luxury junior suite with a sunset view. The room was nice, but not very spacious, and had two queen beds, a sofa that could be turned into another bed, and a small desk area. Although the beds were comfortable, they were not anything special. The issue was that there was only one outlet and one USB plug-in for charging devices between the two beds.

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There was another outlet near the desk. It was inconvenient since my partner and I needed to charge multiple devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets, which turned it into a game of figuring out who gets to charge their devices first.

Inside the closet, there was a safe and a steamer. Since I use a steamer for my clothes at home, the absence of an iron and ironing board did not bother me. However, it could be a problem for thicker fabrics that require more than a portable steamer to get rid of wrinkles.

The bathroom had a double vanity, but the outlets were only on one side, which made it difficult to do our hair for dinner. Also, the lighting in the bathroom area was a bit dim for my liking, which made applying makeup more challenging. I would have expected better preparations in the room for getting ready, especially since the hotel encourages dressing up for dinner and exploring the nightlife in the hotel zone. Low lighting wasn’t ideal for applying winged eyeliner, which requires precision.

The shower was roomy and had two shower heads – a rain shower head and a hand-held shower head that was detachable and mounted on the wall. Although rain showers sound appealing, people with thick or long hair find them insufficient for washing and conditioning their hair. The hand-held shower head had stronger water pressure and was more effective.

I noticed a few areas in the bathroom that were not cleaned properly, such as the soap scum buildup on the hand-held shower head and some dirty spots in the hard-to-reach parts of the shower. In addition, the minibar only contained water bottles and a few canned sodas, and the coffee station was not well-stocked. However, we were able to order room service anytime we needed something.

If you don’t like ordering through the phone, you can place a room service order using the TV. Simply access the full menu on the TV, place your order, and wait for a confirmation call to your room. The TV also provides information on the resort, such as available restaurants and fitness schedules. You can even book spa treatments and excursions through the TV.

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Our hotel room had a balcony that overlooked an outdoor entertainment venue, which provided a great view of the sunset and live music. However, the music and lights made it difficult to sleep without closing the curtains, though some light still came through the cracks. Even though we were high up, we couldn’t keep the curtains open to wake up to natural light.

Restaurants and Dining

It’s not unusual for all-inclusive resorts to have some inconsistency in their food quality. At the Royalton Chic, there are several dining options available, including a buffet with varied options, an Asian-and mayan inspired restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, a sports bar, a steakhouse, and a cafe that serves specialty coffee, baked goods, and gelato. Unfortunately, the Italian restaurant was closed during our stay.

It should be noted that almost every restaurant except for the buffet had notably small chairs, which made dining uncomfortable for me as a plus-sized traveler. If you have a similar body type, you may need to be prepared to squeeze into chairs wherever you choose to eat, and consider packing clothes accordingly for dinner.

We didn’t have enough time to try every dining option, but here’s a brief overview of the places we were able to visit.

Out of all the restaurants we tried, the Asian restaurant was my least favorite due to the crowded atmosphere and uncomfortable seating. The three-course meal included a starter, sushi, and a main dish. While the starter dishes had great flavor, the portions were small. The sushi, unfortunately, was mediocre. On a positive note, the main dishes were generously sized as we both couldn’t finish our meals.

During our meal, a belly dancer unexpectedly performed. Although the dancer was talented and put on a beautiful show, the performance felt a little out of context while we were eating. Moreover, the volume of the music played during the performance was quite high. It’s not surprising that the Mexican restaurant was the best choice. 

The atmosphere was more laid-back (with no belly dance performances in the middle of the meal), and the food was superb. We got ourselves some mango margaritas, the delightful melted cheese and chorizo dish, and tacos. I had the Baja fish tacos while my friend had the el pastor tacos, and both were excellent. And, of course, we had to order some chips and guacamole to complete the meal.

The buffet offers a variety of dining options with stations for various cuisines. Although it can get noisy while ordering due to its popularity, there is plenty of seating available. Whether you crave traditional Mexican food or pizza, the buffet has got you covered. I ordered and enjoyed the hand-made tacos.

I visit Scoops Gelato and Caffe Lounge to function every day with the help of coffee. During my visit, I was satisfied with their selection. The room had a coffee machine and self-serve basic coffee and cream, but I chose to order a coconut iced coffee from Scoops.

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Aside baked goods, takeaway snacks, and gelato, the café also offers various coffee choices. Note that they don’t have a menu, so make sure to decide what to order beforehand. One morning we tried the room service for breakfast but were disappointed with the coffee and food quality. It took an hour to arrive, and by then, my omelet and my friend’s french toast had already turned cold.

The Amenities

The best part about the resort for me was how close it was to the beautiful blue ocean. You can easily reach the beach from the resort as it is just a flight of stairs and 15 steps away from the doors. On the beach, there are lounge chairs available for guests to relax on while sunbathing, drying off after a swim in the ocean, and even ordering drinks from the bar.

If you prefer the pool over the beach, there is an infinity pool located at the edge of the property that overlooks the beach. You can find more lounge chairs with umbrellas around the pool areas. The bigger infinity pool also has a swim-up bar that operates all day.

Despite the decently crowded pool area during our stay, we managed to have our own space. Towards the end of the day, the swim-up bar got crowded with party-goers. However, we could still grab drinks and move to relax at the other end of the pool.

As a Diamond Club guest, you have access to exclusive areas that can be added to any room reservation. These areas include a separate pool and lounging areas on the beach. However, since the resort is not at full capacity, there may not be a significant difference between these areas.

All guests have access to a rooftop pool area, but the cabanas and food or alcoholic drinks and beer ordered from there cost extra. The pool is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, but the area stays open until midnight. Although there are typically nightly events, the rooftop was mostly empty during our stay. It was a nice break from the loud party atmosphere of the rest of the resort. However, as more people start booking stays and the normal event schedule resumes, the rooftop may become busier.

Although there is a spa at the resort, it may be difficult to locate. The only signage referencing the spa that I came across was the check-in desk located outside the Gourmet Marché restaurant. You can book treatments through the TV in your room.

In addition to the spa, the resort provides fitness classes such as sunrise yoga, kickboxing, boot camp, and zumba to guests. However, finding the gym was challenging because the resort map on the TV was unclear, and there was no clear signage to guide me towards it. Furthermore, the third floor, which hosted several eateries and bars, also had nightly performances.

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On one night, there were a pair of dancers, and on another night, a talented electric violinist played popular pop songs. Before COVID-19 restrictions, it was easy to imagine the resort as a lively party destination for tourists who wanted to have fun and experience a thrilling nightlife without leaving the resort. The resort had a stage, dance floor, and bar that served hooka. However, due to social distancing measures, dancing was not allowed.

The service was good in general. Most staff members were attentive without being too intrusive, and they all wore masks while inside the resort. However, it felt like the hotel didn’t have enough staff. We had to wait for one hour to get room service, and one person had to handle multiple stations at the buffet. This seems to be a common issue across resorts as more tourists start to travel again, and properties are still in the process of hiring more staff to meet the demand.

The service at the concierge desk was not satisfactory. We asked the concierge for recommendations for a nearby local restaurant during our excursion, but we did not receive any suggestions. Instead, we were encouraged to dine at the hotel. It was surprising that, being in the hotel zone, we were not able to get any local restaurant recommendations. We were hoping at least to be directed to popular spots such as Senor Frogs or Coco-Bongo for local cuisine.

Bottom Line: Royalton Chic Cancun

For those who enjoy nightlife, the atmosphere is crucial. Due to COVID-19, many people are hesitant to be in crowded or dancing environments, which can dampen the party experience. Although the Royalton Chic resort was designed as a place to party, it was not as lively due to the limited bar hours and COVID-19 safety measures such as social distancing. Therefore, if you want a peaceful getaway, this resort may not be the best choice. 

If you’re looking to experience Cancun’s nightlife, it’s best to wait until COVID-19 restrictions on masks and social distancing ease and more people start booking trips again. I’m not personally interested in the party scene during my vacations, but I understand that Royalton Chic could be an excellent spot to socialize and have a blast in Cancun once everything is back to normal.

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