Real Estate in Thailand

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Thailand's Real Estate for Retirees, Expats and Digital Nomads

Real Estate in Thailand

Foreigners are allowed to buy three different types of property according to Thai law. Those include condominiums, buildings that aren’t attached to their land, and a 30-year leasehold on either titled land or a building. With these options available, now is the perfect time for any foreigner looking to invest in Thailand’s real estate market!

Foreigners can only make up 40% of any one condominium building, but they are allowed to purchase entire apartment blocks – minus the land on which it is situated. Given this restriction, many retirees who choose Thailand as their home opt for a long-term rental rather than owning property themselves. Condos remain popular picks in light of its affordability compared to U.S standards and additional features such as fitness centers, 24/7 security personnel and swimming pools that make retirement even more enjoyable!

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