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Best Things to Do in Polanco, Mexico City

Polanco is a popular neighborhood in Mexico City that is fashionable and upmarket. There are many shops and restaurants available, as well as cultural attractions such as the Soumaya Museum and Museum of Anthropology. If you want to know more about what to do in Polanco, I can recommend some options.

Polanco is a luxurious and tranquil residential district in Mexico City. It offers a diverse and rich culture with a mix of global residents. Visitors can enjoy upscale shopping, contemporary art galleries, parks, fine-dining options, and renowned theaters.

Polanco Mexico City

Polanco is a neighborhood in Mexico City that is located between the financial district and upscale residential areas. It is known for its beautiful, tree-lined streets, pricey housing, and lively social scene. Residents always have plenty of opportunities to attend cocktail events and try out new restaurants and bars.


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Ifyou live in Polanco, you can enjoy Lincoln Park which offers great amenities such as bike paths, a reflecting pool, a weekly farmer’s market, and a statue of Martin Luther King. However, if you want to visit Mexico City’s most iconic park, Bosque de Chapultepec, you’ll have to head to the southern edge of the city. This massive park covers 17,000 acres and provides excellent jogging routes. You can also visit two popular museums, the national history museum and the anthropology museum, which are both housed in a castle. Additionally, you can watch movies at the boat cinema on the lake. The cinema uses pedalos as seating for the open-air theater.

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The Polanco neighborhood is located north of Chapultepec, which is Mexico City’s largest park, and is about five miles west of downtown. To the east the neighborhood is Avenida Mariano Escobedo, to the west is Anillo Periferico, to the north is Avenue Ejercito Nacional, and to the south is Avenue Paseo de la Reforma.

Polanco Mexico City

Polanco Quick Facts

If you’re interested in good shopping, amazing museums, and being close to big parks and sites, Polanco is the ideal neighborhood to stay in while in Mexico City. Although Mexico City is generally safe, Polanco is known to be one of the safest neighborhoods of them all. Polanco is a stylish and glamorous area, with a blend of modern architecture and traditional Spanish colonial revival buildings. This mix of old and new creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Polanco is located north of Chapultepec Park and west of Centro Historico which is home to many of Mexico City’s famous landmarks. It is at a central location and well-traveled, making it a great place to stay. Additionally, it is within walking distance of many of our favorite Mexico City attractions.

What Makes It Unique

to Mr. Pérez del Toro, Polanco was designed in the early to mid-20th century to cater to the emerging middle class expats from Jewish, Lebanese, and Spanish communities. The neighborhood was built in a style similar to the downtown areas of European cities from that time period rather than a suburban design.

Polanco experienced a decline in the 70s and 1980s as people left for the suburbs. However, by the late 1990s, the area began to flourish due to its restaurants, galleries, museums, bars, and its convenient location near Chapultepec. This revitalization attracted wealthy buyers who were seeking an urban lifestyle.

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9 Unique Things to do in Polanco, Mexico City

1 | Plaza Uruguay

in the bustling area of Polanco, Plaza Uruguay is a peaceful park surrounded by trees, ideal for taking a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. The park features a bronze statue of General José Artigas, a prominent figure in the Uruguayan independence movement often referred to as the father of the movement.

2 | Shop emerging Mexican and Latin American designers


I visited a concept store featuring trendy household items, accessories, clothing, and jewelry crafted by Mexico’s top artisans and designers. I made a purchase of a Tortillero, a volcanic stone bowl with a wooden lid that maintains the warmth of tortillas, as well as a unique handbag crafted from cactus leather.


A store offers modernized versions of traditional Mexican handicrafts that are suitable for home décor.


This store offers a selection of distinctive home goods and apparel designed by up-and-coming Mexican and Latin American creators. We purchased a few clay vases to decorate our residence.


A Mexican jewelry store that specializes in selling contemporary silver jewelry.

3 | Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros

The Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros is a venue that serves multiple purposes and features an exhibit area created by the famous Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. The highlight of the venue is the Forum Universal, home to Siqueiros’ biggest mural, La Marcha de la Humanidad (The March of Humanity).

4 | Dine at one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants


A traditional cuisine has been recognized by UNESCO on its Intangible Cultural Heritage List, which explains why some of the world’s finest restaurants can be found here. Two restaurants in Polanco have made it onto the esteemed World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, each providing a gastronomic journey that showcases the finest Mexican culinary offerings.

When you enter Pujol, you’ll immediately notice how the restaurant elegantly incorporates nature into its interior design. It’s a very exclusive and mesmerizing dining spot that is highly regarded in the city. One of their most well-known dishes is the mole madre, which has been aged for over 1,000 days and showcases the restaurant’s commitment to preserving Mexico’s indigenous culinary tradition.

Pujol has two menu options: a tasting menu in the dining room and a taco omakase set menu at the bar. If you have to choose one, it’s recommended to go for the tasting menu in the dining room. We have tried both and found the food and setting in the dining room to be superior. It is necessary to make reservations well ahead of time.


Quintonil, you can enjoy a 10-course tasting menu that features authentic Mexican flavors presented with advanced culinary techniques. During our first visit to a fine-dining restaurant, we were pleased to find that we enjoyed every dish and wine pairing on the set menu, which ranged from spider crab in green mole to cactus sorbet. It was a truly perfect dining experience.

Quintonil’s ambiance may not be as impressive as that of Pujol’s, the taste of the food makes up for it. Quintonil also provides an a-la-carte menu to choose from if you prefer not to go with the pre-fixe option. Ensure to book your reservation well in advance.

5 | Soumaya Museum

Soumaya Museum displays an extensive collection of art, sculptures, and other objects that belong to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. The exhibition showcases the works of renowned artists like Picasso, Renoir, Dali, Van Gogh, as well as Mexican artists. With over 66,000 pieces, the collection is so vast it is housed in two different buildings – Plaza Loreto, a modern architectural gem, and Plaza Carso.

6 | Try some good mezcal at Ticuhi

of our top picks for bars in Mexico City is Ticuhi. It’s situated on a side street in Polanco and offers an ambiance with dim lighting, great mezcal, and lively music. The bar’s impressive round skylight gives the feeling of being in a high-end bar in space with moonlight shining in through a porthole. Be sure to try their artisanal mezcals and ask for the delicious off-menu tamale.

7 | National Anthropology Museum

The Museum of Anthropology, located in a building designed by Pedro Ramirez Vazquez in 1963, is the most visited museum in the country. It houses a vast array of Mayan artifacts, ranging from pre-Columbian civilizations to the period of the Spanish conquest, and boasts one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. Additionally, the museum building itself is regarded as a work of art.

8 | Enjoy some authentic street food down Lago Victoria

discovered a peaceful street situated to the east of Hospital Espanol in Polanco, which had many street vendors. We presumed it was a popular lunch spot for local hospital employees. Here, we tried the most delicious chilaquiles, a breakfast item made of corn tortilla chips cooked in salsa or mole sauce and garnished with crumbled cheese.

Strip of food vendors on Lago Victoria street

Go for a food crawl and tick off some of these delicious and authentic Mexican dishes:

  • Quesadillas – enjoy a delicious snack by folding corn tortillas in half and adding the toppings of the day, which could be chicken or squash blossom. In case you want melted Mexican cheese, you need to request it. Dip the snack in salsa or guacamole to relish the flavors.
  • Tamales – find a savory mixture of vegetables or meat mixed with masa, open the banana leaf or corn husk.
  • Flautas – such as chicken, beef, cheese, or veggies are stuffed inside either corn or flour tortillas, which are then rolled into long tubes and deep fried until crispy. This is the authentic version of the taquitos that people often buy at a 7-Eleven after a night out at the bar.
  • Gorditas – A skillet is used to fry a thick corn tortilla made from masa, which is then filled with ingredients such as beans, carne asada, chicken, cheese, and salsa.
  • Mole – a sauce made with chili peppers and chocolate, with its roots tracing back to pre-Hispanic times. It has many variations, including green and red mole. We tried mole served on top of enchiladas, which are corn tortillas filled with a savory filling.
  • Torta -“torta” is a type of sandwich that consists of a bun filled with meat, sauce, and fresh vegetables such as avocado, tomatoes, and onions.
  • Churros – your meal with a delightful snack of deep-fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar.

Overwhelmed by the authentic street food options? Then you should consider booking a street food tour with an experienced local guide. Both GetYourGuide and Viator offer some highly reviewed food tours

9 | Shopping on Avenida Presidente Masaryk

venida Presidente Masaryk is a renowned and costly shopping street in Mexico, often referred to as the Champs-Élysées of the country. The boulevard’s cosmopolitan atmosphere has helped establish Polanco as an upscale neighborhood. Visitors can explore the avenue and purchase various high-end Mexican and international brands.

10 | See contemporary art at Museuo Jumex

the contemporary art exhibitions at the concrete cube designed by architect David Chipperfield showcasing works from well-known and emerging artists including Damien Hurst and Andy Warhol. Admission is free, and you can check out the current exhibition. Afterward, head to Eno, a gallery cafe located on the ground level and opened by the head chef of Pujol, for a lunch break.

See our list of 17 contemporary art galleries in Mexico City you should visit and prepare for Mexico City’s high altitude sickness.

11 | Tianguis

Aztecs called street markets “Tianguis”, and they have been a part of Mexican culture for a long time. These markets usually happen once a week or once a month. You can visit the tianguis in Lincoln Park on Saturdays to get fresh produce, tacos, and other Mexican snacks.

12 | The Rufino Tamayo Gallery Museum, Art Gallery

Rufino Tamayo Gallery, located in Bosque de Chapultepec, displays contemporary art and was founded in 1981 by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo. The gallery showcases the exceptional pieces of modern artists including Picasso and Fernand Léger. It was the first gallery in Mexico to be constructed using private funds and is presently operated by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes.

13 | Calzada de los Poetas

Calzada de los Poetas is a beautiful walkway honoring 10 of Mexico’s most celebrated national poets and writers, located within Bosque de Chapultepec, one of the largest city parks in the world. The walkway is surrounded by lush vegetation and provides a peaceful atmosphere that adds to the experience of Mexican culture, history, and poetry.

Where to Eat

those seeking dining options in Mexico City, Polanco is a great starting point thanks to its two exceptional restaurants, Quintonil and Pujol. These restaurants consistently rank among the world’s best, making them a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Of course, if you’re hoping more for taco and tequila joints, you’ll find plenty in Polanco as well. 

Polanco is also home to some of Mexico City’s best and most active nightlife. From cool and slick speakeasies like our favorite Jules Basement, to amazing craft beer breweries like HOP: The Beer Experience.

Where to Shop: Polanco Shopping

a trendy area like Polanco, what you wear is crucial when visiting Mexico City. Fortunately, Polanco has exceptional shopping options if your suitcase is missing some key items.

oring shopping options in Polanco can be a lot of fun as there are many boutiques to choose from. However, we suggest beginning at Antara Fashion Hall for an extravagant, open-air mall experience. It is an excellent place for some high-end shopping or window-shopping. Just remember that although prices in Mexico City are generally favorable for foreigners, shopping specifically in Polanco can be expensive.

Where to Stay in Polanco

If you’re looking for a place to stay in, Polanco is a great area with options for all budgets. There are both affordable hotels and luxurious resorts available in Polanco.

City offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets. If you have a higher budget and are seeking luxury, you may want to consider booking a stay at the elegant Camino Real Polanco, which charges around $155/night and boasts of being the preferred choice of important figures like presidents and kings. On the other hand, if you prefer a more humble and authentic experience, you could opt for the modest Residencia Polanco, which costs only $65/night. Regardless of your budget, you are sure to find a suitable lodging option in Mexico City.

you want to stay at an extraordinary place in Mexico City, you should consider staying at one of Pug Seal Polanco’s stunning residences, which are dedicated to famous personalities such as Edgar Allen Poe. These accommodations are exceptional and luxurious.

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