Playa Langosta Cancun

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Playa Langosta Cancun - 2023 Visitors Guide

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Looking for a paradise away from the hustle and bustle of tourists? Look no further than Playa Langosta – Cancun’s beloved locals-only beach. With its white sand, crystal blue waters, lengthy pier, and shallow depths, it is an ideal spot for families with small children or anyone who just wants to relax by the ocean. There are also restrooms and playgrounds nearby, but don’t forget your own chairs if you want some extra comfort! 

Playa Langosta Cancun
Playa Langosta Cancun

Tucked away in the northern part of Zona Hotelera lies a hidden paradise called Playa Langosta. Boasting Cancún’s iconic white coral sand and shallow, turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling, it is truly an idyllic spot to take a dip. When you’re ready to come ashore, plenty of beach restaurants and bars are just waiting to be explored!


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Cool off at Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta Cancun

If you’re in Tamarindo and yearning for a swift retreat, head to the nearby stretch of pristine beach known as Playa Langosta. All it takes is a 15-minute ride on your bike from Super 2001 away from town — with some easy inclines along the way — to get there. At this small shopping complex (with three or four stores total), stop by Matty’s Deli Café; its homemade unsweetened iced tea will do wonders for hydration! Once across the road, you’ll find access straight into paradise itself: crystal blue waters lapping at soft sand beneath sunny skies.

Get ready for a day of blissful serenity! Follow the path just beyond Barceló Hotel’s lounge chair area, and soon come across an astonishing bay. Hang your belongings on a nearby tree before changing into your trunks to take a dip in its radiant turquoise waters – stay as long as you’d like! When hunger strikes, make sure to pop by Matty’s for something delicious. I highly recommend their sensational seared tuna wrap with Asian slaw, avocado, and wasabi-infused mayonnaise – it certainly won’t disappoint!

Where is Playa Langosta?

Playa Langosta Cancun
Playa Langosta Cancun

Playa Langosta is a stunning beach conveniently located in Cancun’s resorts Hotel Zone on Boulevard Kukulcan, just 5 kilometers from Isla Mujeres. The majestic Maya Hotel stands next to the entrance. It is one of the most popular beaches due to its proximity to downtown Cancun and extraordinary beauty. If you’re visiting Playa Langosta, plenty of activities are awaiting you! Soak up some sun while basking on its white sandy shore or take a dip into its turquoise waters – no matter which activity calls your name, this beach won’t disappoint!

Embark on a remarkable journey to Playa Langosta Cancun, where you will have the opportunity to experience an array of activities! From swimming with dolphins, strolling along the pier or visiting Isla Mujeres – there is something for everyone. So get your friends together and play sports such as soccer, tennis & volleyball – or take it easy kayaking instead. For those feeling energetic, head to the children’s playground area for some exercise, and when you are done, enjoy a beautiful sunset while watching ferries sail by towards Bahía de Isla Mujeres.

How to get to Playa Langosta?

Take a scenic drive down Boulevard Kukulcan, and when you pass the Hotel Casa Maya, veer off into an alley-like street for direct access to Playa Langosta. To have the best experience possible, I suggest arriving early so that you can get situated in the parking lot without any delay.

If you’re taking public transport, these three routes will take you to your desired destination: Route 1 takes passengers from the Cancun Hotel Zone to the Port of Juárez on Av. Rancho Viejo; Route 2 – 94 transports individuals between the Hotel Zone and market 28 found on Av. Kabah; lastly, with route 27, one can travel conveniently between the Hotel Zone and Plaza de las Américas located in Villas del Mar. Navigating Playa Langosta by foot is tricky since there are several commercial premises that make it difficult to distinguish an entrance point – thankfully a visible Cancun sign serves as a helpful guide!

What to do in Playa Langosta?

Playa Langosta Cancun

Are you looking for a getaway? Come experience the beauty of Playa Langosta Cancun! Relax in its turquoise waters, bathe in its white sand, and make new memories with your friends. Enjoy watching dolphins from afar or partaking in activities like swimming alongside them. Then, go on an adventure along the pier and reach Isla Mujeres to explore even more – practice kayaking or have fun playing sports such as soccer, tennis, and volleyball. For those wanting to stay closer by, there is also a children’s play area at the entrance of Playa Langosta where you can exercise –or admire an incredible sunset while ferries pass by Bahía de Isla Mujeres!

Where to eat in Playa Langosta

On the beautiful beaches of Laya Langosta lies an unparalleled array of exquisite eateries that will tantalize your taste buds. Whether it’s fine dining at Palapa or Pearls, a quick bite from La Cala or The White Box restaurants, Italian dishes at La Trattoria, seafood delicacies at Sirenas Raw Bar, or snacks and drinks from local street vendors – you can find something to satisfy any craving!

How to take the ferry in Playa Langosta

Climb aboard the ferry at the pier and embark on an awe-inspiring journey through Mexico’s Caribbean. If you get on board at 10:30 am, you’ll have a chance to swim with dolphins – what could be more breathtaking? Playa Langosta offers free parking, umbrellas for rent, kayaks available for use, showers, and lounge chairs for your comfort. Additionally, there is something special about our surroundings; outside of Arenal are hammocks, open-air gymnasiums, and Langosta Park, which mustn’t go unnoticed either.

Things to do in Playa Langosta

Plenty of things to do! Embark on a thrilling adventure in Playa Langosta and visit amazing destinations such as the pier to take a ferry ride to Isla Mujeres, try your luck at Playboy Club’s casino, swim with dolphins at Delphinus Dolphin Swim, or experience culture through Teatro Cancun’s theater.

Playa Langosta Cancun

Playa Langosta Float Fun Cancun

Crafted to ensure everyone can have a blast while getting in shape, this structure is fitted with more than 60 anchors that guarantee safety for the whole family.

How much is Float Fun Cancun?

For an unforgettable experience, Float Fun Cancun has exceptional packages available online! Each package takes place during the ultimate time frame of 10am-7pm, Monday through Sunday. With a one-hour package at $300 MXM(-15% off), you will be thrilled for that rate alone! The two hour package is even better, with -20% off, and only set to cost $500 MXM. If three hours sounds more like your speed – no problemo amigo – it’s only going to cost you 650MXN, and if you want the full day pass, it’s just 1100MXN (that’s still an incredible deal!). So join us now for some fun in the sun by purchasing any of our amazing packages today!

What are Playa Langosta inflatables in Cancun?

Float Fun Cancun is an extraordinary project that forms part of the larger WIBIT initiative, active in over 70 countries worldwide. This park consists of 300 inflatables interconnected with one another, featuring a plethora of water games and bridges to facilitate users’ passage throughout this unique structure. Not only are these inflatables entirely safe for our environment by being anchored down securely with “mantas,” but they also provide exhilarating fun without any harm to anyone or anything!

Is Langosta Beach public?

Yes, there are no entrance fees; you can use the facility for as long as you’d like.

How far is it from Playa Langosta to Cancun?

If you take the Boulevard Kukulcan route, it will be a 9.9 km journey (14 minutes by car) to Playa Langosta from Cancun. For a shorter drive of 9.2 km but with possible delays due to traffic, opt for traveling along the Boulevard Kulkucan and Av Coba path; then again, if time is of no concern, travel via the 10.3km long Blvd Kukulcan and Av Rodrigo Gómez stretch – this could take up to 16 minu

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