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Playa del Carmen Catamaran Guide - Everything you need to know

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Looking for the very best Playa del Carmen Catamaran tours? The Riviera Maya offers more than just beautiful beaches and resorts. Experience thrilling outdoor activities, such as a catamaran cruise in Playa del Carmen, where you can enjoy the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. 


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A few Important Playa del Carmen Cataraman Questions and Answers 

Why go on a catamaran tour?

If you enjoy being on the ocean and on boats, one of the most distinctive things to do in the Riviera Maya is to take a catamaran from Playa del Carmen. It’s a great way to experience the breathtaking turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and it’s a fun and memorable adventure.

What can you do on a catamaran tour?

A catamaran tour from Playa del Carmen is a popular boat tour that allows you to sail around the vivid turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean. While each catamaran experience may vary, typical activities include catamaran sailing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, an open bar, and dancing with a DJ. Additionally, some tours may also offer food and beverages.

Who are Catamarans tours not suited for?

Now, if you tend to get motion sickness or seasick, it’s recommended to avoid using a catamaran. Nonetheless, some individuals have found relief by wearing sea sickness bracelets. Nonetheless, if being on a boat makes you feel uncomfortable, you may not have a pleasant experience.

Where do most Playa del Carmen catamarans leave from?

To go on a catamaran trip from Playa del Carmen, you’ll need to visit a marina in a different location. This could be Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, or Puerto Aventuras, depending on which catamaran excursion you select.

How long does a catamaran tour last?

Usually most catamaran tours last around 4-6 hours. If you factor transportation time, it will likely be a full day experience. 

What is the price range for a catamaran tour?

Catamaran tours come in different price ranges to suit various budgets. Group tours typically cost around $60-$120 USD per person, while private charters in Playa del Carmen can range from $900-$2,000 USD depending on the size and duration of the boat. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of ground transportation when calculating the total cost of your catamaran experience.

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To board the catamarans, you will have to reach the marina since they do not depart from Playa del Carmen directly. You may have to pay for a taxi (no uber in Playa del Carmen) or transfer to get to the marina, but some tours can include transportation or provide it for an added cost. Make sure to verify this before booking your catamaran experience.

Best Catamaran Tours near Playa del Carmen 

As I said earlier, because there is no large marina in downtown Playa del Carmen, the majority of catamarans do not depart from there. Instead, they leave from neighboring towns that are located around 30 minutes to 1 hour away from Playa del Carmen.

Although it requires more travel time, it’s worth it for the impressive water and snorkeling areas that are better than those around downtown Playa del Carmen.

The best places near Playa del Carmen to go on a catamaran sail are listed here.:


After Isla Mujeres, Cozumel is a great option for a catamaran sail. El Cielo, located on the southwestern tip of the island, is a particularly stunning spot for snorkeling. Here, you can swim with giant starfish in remarkably clear water.

Isla Mujeres

In my opinion, Isla Mujeres is the perfect location for a catamaran sail. Although it is a bit farther from Playa del Carmen, this small island off the coast of Cancun offers an incredibly clear and bright turquoise and blue water that will take your breath away. It is absolutely worth the trip if you want to experience the most beautiful water in the Riviera Maya.

To make the most of your Isla Mujeres catamaran trip, try to choose one that takes you to Playa Norte. It’s a stunning and very popular beach on the island that is definitely worth a visit. Playa Norte is known as a party cove and is a favorite spot for catamarans, boats, and yachts. You might even spot a celebrity super-yacht anchored there! This is one of the top activities to do in Isla Mujeres.

Puerto Aventuras

Puerto Aventuras, which is situated approximately midway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, has a sizable marina and is commonly used as a departure point for catamaran cruises from Playa del Carmen. When going on a catamaran tour from Puerto Aventuras, you can expect to go on reef snorkeling adventures at Inah Reef or Paamul Bay, which are both nearby.

Isla Contoy

To visit Isla Contoy, an uninhabited tropical island a few miles away from Cancun, you’ll need to take a boat tour since it is only accessible by boat.

Sunset Catamaran

  • If you are looking for a romantic experience, then you must try the Luxury Sunset Sailing Cruise in the Riviera Maya. It is a 2-hour catamaran sail that starts at sunset from Playa del Carmen. The package includes an open bar, snacks, and roundtrip transportation from your hotel (map). You will enjoy the luxury catamaran and stunning evening hues while creating memories that last a lifetime.

Booze Cruise Party Catamaran

  • This 7-hour party cruise from Cancun to Isla Mujeres is only for adults and includes open bar, live entertainment, snorkeling, and buffet lunch. However, you will need to arrange for your own transportation to Cancun as it’s not included

Private Playa del Carmen Catamaran Charters

If you have a big group or desire a more personalized experience, it is highly recommended to book a private catamaran rental in Playa del Carmen.

How much do private catamarans cost?

Private catamaran rentals in Playa del Carmen range from $900 to $2,000 USD based on the boat’s size and duration. Although more expensive than group tours, renting a private catamaran for a group of 15 friends could cost around $100 USD per person, similar to the cost of group tours

Why book a private catamaran?

By renting a private catamaran, you have the freedom to customize the experience to your liking. This includes selecting destinations and how long you stay at each one. Additionally, you get to choose the food and drinks offered, as well as the music played on board. The dedicated staff will focus solely on your group, ensuring prompt and attentive service. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity, doesn’t it?

Playa del Carmen Catamaran FAQs

Can you rent a private catamaran in Playa del Carmen?

Certainly! You have the option to rent a private catamaran in Playa del Carmen and have complete exclusivity with a private crew. You can also customize your entire experience.

Best catamaran tours near Playa del Carmen?

To have the best catamaran sailing experience near Playa del Carmen, head to Isla Mujeres or Cozumel as their turquoise waters are the clearest.

Can I snorkel on a catamaran sail in Playa del Carmen?

Catamaran sails in Riviera Maya usually include stops for snorkeling and provide snorkel gear.

Bottom Line: Playa del Carmen Catamaran Guide

Would you like to go on a catamaran tour from Playa del Carmen? The guide I provided offers helpful information if you’re interested in this activity during your vacation in the Riviera Maya. You can do snorkeling, partying, or a sunset sail.

A catamaran sail or tour from Playa del Carmen is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should definitely try, regardless of which option you choose.

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