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Paros, Greece - 2023 Guide

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Paros, situated at the heart of the Cyclades island group, is a captivating blend of modernity and tradition. Its charm lies in the harmonious fusion of traditional Cycladic architecture, vibrant nightlife, picturesque beaches, enchanting rural villages, and historical landmarks.

Whether you seek a tranquil retreat or thrilling adventures, Paros Island caters to your desires. With its breathtaking natural landscape and 120 km of coastline, it ranks among the most exquisite Greek islands. Endowed with endless stretches of golden-sand beaches, lush mountains, and cliff-top villages, Paros is a true paradise.

Thanks to its convenient proximity to Athens, Paros is easily accessible from Piraeus, Rafina, and Lavrion ports. Moreover, its strategic location amidst popular Cyclades islands like Mykonos, Santorini, and Naxos makes it an ideal base for island-hopping adventures.

The island’s vibrant nightlife is centered around Parikia and Naoussa, the two main villages. These bustling hubs offer a plethora of traditional taverns, upscale restaurants, and stylish bars, attracting a vibrant crowd during the summer season. For those seeking a quieter experience, the tranquil traditional villages of Lefkes and Marpissa offer a serene escape.


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Without a doubt, Paros is renowned for its stunning beaches. With their pristine sands, crystal-clear waters, and excellent amenities, beaches like Santa Maria, Golden Beach, and Kolymbithres are among the most famous. However, Paros also boasts secluded hidden gems, perfect for those seeking privacy and tranquility.

Prepare to be captivated by the multifaceted allure of Paros!

Paros Beaches

Paros boasts some of Greece’s most exquisite and renowned beaches, renowned for their crystal-clear waters and serene ambiance. These captivating shores attract numerous visitors each summer, offering a blend of organized coastal establishments with seaside hotels, restaurants, and beach bars, as well as secluded stretches of coastline.

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Among the noteworthy beaches, Kolympithres stands out with its impressive granite formations, while Santa Maria captivates with its expansive shoreline and picturesque sand.

 For windsurfing enthusiasts, Golden Beach and New Golden Beach offer ideal locations, while the Pounda area serves as a popular hub for kitesurfing. It’s important not to confuse this with Pounda beach, which is Paros’ main party destination.

Keep in mind that Paros is a highly sought-after and bustling island, and securing a free sunbed on its various organized beaches can sometimes be challenging.

Kolymbithres beach

Kolymbithres in Paros stands out as one of the most renowned beaches on the island, nestled within the expansive Naoussa bay. What makes this area particularly captivating are the colossal granite formations that border it, their smooth, peculiar shapes shaped by the relentless forces of the sea and wind over countless centuries. It is widely regarded as one of Greece’s most breathtaking shorelines.

The beach of Kolymbithres, which translates to “baptisteries,” consists of a series of small sandy coves, each one following the next. Among them, you’ll find intimate “baptisteries” that can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people, as well as larger ones capable of hosting several dozen individuals. 

The main beach offers organized amenities, including sunbed and umbrella rentals. And if you’re lucky enough to desire seclusion, you might just stumble upon your very own secluded bay for the day.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach, located in Paros, is renowned for its popularity among visitors. Its pristine waters and velvety sands create a picturesque setting, while its wind conditions make it a windsurfing paradise. Notably, an annual international windsurfing competition is held at this breathtaking location during the summer months.

Marchello beach

Marchello is a stunning and expansive bay located near Parikia, the capital of the island. During the summer months, it tends to get quite crowded as beach bars along the coast set the stage for a lively party atmosphere.

Pounda beach

Pounda in Paros stands out as one of the liveliest beaches on the island. Situated on the eastern part of Paros, it offers stunning views of Naxos island and boasts crystal clear waters. It’s important not to confuse Pounda with Pounda bay, which is the island’s main hub for water sports, particularly kitesurfing.

Along the coast of Pounda, you’ll find a beach bar with a pool that regularly hosts parties, drawing in thousands of young visitors each year. 

While a small section of the beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent, it’s worth noting that this area is less popular for swimming. Instead, it mainly attracts water sports enthusiasts who flock to the local kitesurfing clubs, as well as visitors who appreciate the vibrant atmosphere at the beach bar. There are also a few accommodations available in the surrounding area.

Reaching Pounda is easy, either by car or by taking the KTEL bus to the nearby beach of Logaras and walking from there.

Santa Maria beach

Santa Maria is a stunning and well-maintained beach located near Naoussa. Along the coastline, you’ll find numerous watersports centers offering exciting activities and adventures.

New Golden Beach

Situated on the eastern side of the island and nestled alongside Golden Beach, New Golden Beach exudes a charming allure. 

While slightly less bustling and renowned than its neighboring counterparts, this delightful and well-organized resort offers a tranquil escape.

Piperi beach

Piperi, the nearest beach to Naoussa, is just a short stroll away from the village’s port. This charming and picturesque bay offers the perfect setting for swimming and snorkeling, making it an ideal destination for beach enthusiasts.

Parasporos beach

Parasporos, a highly sought-after swimming destination near Parikia, is easily accessible and boasts a picturesque backdrop. With its well-organized facilities and abundance of beach bars, Parasporos offers a delightful experience for visitors.

Logaras beach

Logaras is a charming tourist destination situated near the renowned bays of the island, including Piso Livadi and Golden Beach. With its pristine waters and sandy shores, it entices numerous visitors seeking relaxation and enjoyment.

Ambelas beach

Ambelas is a picturesque sandy beach located on the southeastern side of the island, in close proximity to Naoussa. In this charming area, you will find a handful of delightful hotels and inviting taverns to enhance your experience.

Glyfa beach

Glyfa is located on the southern side of the island, in close proximity to Drios and some of the most renowned bays, including Golden Beach and New Golden Beach.

Agali beach

Agali is a serene sandy beach that offers a tranquil escape from the bustling Parikia resort.

Livadia beach

Livadia is the nearest beach to Parikia, the capital of Paros. With its organized layout and sandy shores, it becomes immensely popular during the summer season owing to its prime location.

Krios beach

Krios, located close to Parikia, is renowned for its pristine waters and sandy shoreline. Its convenient proximity makes it a popular destination, especially during the summer months when it tends to attract a large number of visitors.

Agia Irini beach

Agia Irini, a picturesque beach adorned with stunning palm trees, exudes a tropical ambiance that is simply enchanting. While its dreamy allure is undeniable, it is worth noting that the narrow coastline may result in occasional crowding.

Agioi Anargyri beach

This picturesque cove boasts a sandy shore and crystal-clear azure waters. Due to its proximity to Naoussa, it tends to experience a surge in popularity during the summer months.

Agios Nikolaos beach

Agios Nikolaos is a picturesque sandy bay located near Aliki, a serene tourist destination nestled on the southern side of Paros. This unspoiled beach boasts pristine, crystal-clear waters, and while it may not be equipped with facilities, it offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking natural beauty and serenity.

Boudari beach

Situated between Golden Beach and Drios, this bay remains unexplored due to its intimate size and secluded locale.

How to Get to Paros

Paros, one of Greece’s most popular destinations, is easily accessible by ferry or plane. The preferred mode of transportation to reach Paros is by ferry, although the island also has a national airport that receives domestic flights from Athens International Airport. If you’re coming from other islands like Naxos, Santorini, or Mykonos, the ferry is the only option for direct transportation to Paros.


Paros, a beautiful island in Greece, is easily accessible by ferry from Athens and several other islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Crete, and Milos. Ferries from Athens’ Piraeus port have daily departures throughout the year, while during the summer, there are even more frequent itineraries.

 Additionally, ferries also depart from Rafina port, which is closer to the Athens International Airport. Although Rafina is a smaller port, it offers convenient connections to Paros and other Cyclades islands as well as Crete. 

The summer season brings a higher frequency of routes, allowing visitors to combine their stay in Paros with a trip to another enchanting island. 

Most visitors to Paros come from Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Heraklion (Crete), Milos, and Ios. We take pride in our user-friendly ferry ticket service, which has received high ratings from our satisfied customers.


The island can be reached directly from Athens, with flights landing at Paros Airport (PAS). Located approximately 10km from Parikia, in Kampos, the airport is accessible by car, public bus, and taxi. Excitingly, there is now the option of traveling to Paros from Athens via helicopter transfer!

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