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Nomade Tulum - An Honest Review

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The Nômade Hotel Tulum is a trendy hotel located in Tulum, Mexico that offers a bohemian paradise experience.

The Location

The Nômade is situated on Tulum’s beach in the hotel district, where you can find many restaurants and bars, particularly the trendy ones that are usually pricier than those in Tulum city. Keep in mind, because the hotel district is in the heart of the jungle, mobile reception is non-existent, but most places offer complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots.

There are numerous restaurants, shops, and accommodations located within the hotel area along the beach street.

The Hotel Vibe

As you enter the hotel, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve stepped into a bohemian paradise. The friendly people and natural materials used in the gypsy chic design add to the ambiance. You’ll find the houses and tents nestled in a lush, green jungle, yet the beach is just a few steps away. In the reception area, you can unwind on relaxing seats and enjoy complimentary detox water.

They offer a welcome drink made with pineapple, watermelon, and chipotle spices which is very refreshing. I enjoyed the beautiful combination of the jungle and the nearby beach. They have comfortable sun beds, nets, and unique pyramid-shaped hammocks at the beach. Additionally, they have a small pool at the beach for relaxation.

Seaweed Sargassum in Tulum Beaches

While the beach is nice and clean, we encountered a lot of seaweed when we visited in February. The beach management team removes the seaweed every morning, but it accumulates again throughout the day due to the ocean’s wind and current. It’s difficult to predict how much seaweed you’ll encounter during your trip to Tulum. Personally, I didn’t mind the seaweed, but others may have a different preference. Despite this, it’s still a beautiful beach.

The Atmospere and Souroundings

The a village-like atmosphere that aligns with Tulum’s vibe and brings guests closer to nature. The staff at Nômade prioritize sustainability by avoiding single-use plastics and offering plenty of plant-based food options. Additionally, guests can freely rent bicycles to explore the surrounding area or take a 20-30 minute ride to Tulum City.

At The Nômade, candles are lit up in the evening to add a magical touch to the atmosphere. Live music is available every evening, as well as free yoga sessions that occur several times per day. Additionally, other free daily sessions are available, which change regularly. The main focus of The Nômade is to meet others and discover yourself in the process. For hotel guests, there are free events available in the “Gratitude Tent.”

The Rooms

Our accommodation was not a typical room, but instead a tent referred to as a “deluxe tent.” Its ambiance resembled that of an explorer’s tent, and it made me feel like Indiana Jones during my stay.

Our tent had a small outdoor area that was both open and private, perfect for working and relaxing. To enter the tent, you just need to slide the door open and lock it from the inside or outside using a key.

Sleeping in the Deluxe Tent

The tent is set up as a single space with a large bed, closet, sitting bags, table, and mirror all decorated in the same Boho style as the rest of the hotel. An air conditioning unit is also installed to ensure a comfortable sleep during warm and humid evenings. Additionally, a complimentary glass bottle of drinking water is provided in the room and can be replaced for free upon request. If you prefer not to stay in one of the tents, the Nômade also offers beach bungalows that may be booked instead.


You can access the outdoor bathroom through a sliding door. The shower and toilet have a small wooden roof above them to protect from rain. The bath amenities, such as body lotion, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner, are provided in reusable containers and have a pleasant scent.


The breakfast buffet is located in the main building where the concierge service, a bar, and the “Macondo” Restaurant are also situated. The restaurant serves healthy food from a holistic menu in the evening and in the morning, it serves the breakfast buffet. We highly recommend it as it has plenty of fresh and healthy options available. Additionally, you can order hot dishes like eggs.

One downside is that the prices for drinks such as cappuccino and other coffee specialties are not included in the beverages covered by the price – only tea, juice, and regular coffee are included.

La Popular Restaurant

One of our favorite restaurants at the beach is La Popular. They mainly serve fresh fish, but they also have tacos and other options for meat and veggies. The ambiance is amazing as you sit in the middle of the beach with your toes in the sand, listening to the waves.

Bottom Line: Nomade Hotel

We had a fantastic stay at the Nomade Hotel, thanks to the welcoming staff and great atmosphere. The hotel offers many beautiful and inspiring spots that are perfect for photos or relaxing. However, for the coming days, we will be exploring and driving around Yucatan, so we have booked another hotel. We really loved our time at Nomade by relaxing and enjoying the hotel’s amenities.