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Naka Cave Thailand: The King of Naga Giant Snake Cave

Prince Fahoong 

Standing tall and strong with a handsome face, Prince Fahoong (Thailand) was adored by the men in his kingdom. His dazzling grin and twinkling blue eyes had all of the ladies swooning over him.

But despite having abundant wealth from which he could have anything money could buy, what good were riches if there was no one to share them with? And so it happened that like many other princes in stories before, Fahoong found himself feeling lonely as true love still eluded him.

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The king of naga giant snake cave


Wandering through the woods near Khong Long Lake, the Prince heard a forlorn melody that filled his heart with love. He followed it to its source but was unable to find her; all he could hear were echoes of her captivating song ringing in his ears. Mesmerized by the beauty and sadness of this unknown girl’s voice, he knew then that she’d left an everlasting impression on him.

Just as he was about to turn away, a faint cry of anguish caught his attention. His spirit knew it had to be the same girl who was singing earlier; and so he hastened forward in search of her. As if on cue, a glimpse of red and green cloth fluttered behind an enormous tree trunk– but with lightning speed she vanished once more. There at his feet however lay a shed snake skin… one quite unlike any other patterned snakeskin he’d seen before! The first half of the sky glowed a brilliant crimson while the other was as verdant in hue as the foliage on the majestic tree…

With the snakeskin clutched in his hand, The Prince was confounded and returned to the palace. King Ue-Lue – renowned for being one of history’s wisest men – would surely have answers about the half-seen female stranger with a captivating voice he’d encountered earlier that day. He must know something beyond what this peculiar skin could mean!

Far away on the opposite side of Khong Long Lake, Nakkarintrani wept. Life had been so unfair to her; she was plagued by feelings of sadness and loneliness. While walking through the woods that day, something unexpected caught her attention: a man with an enchanting smile and sky-blue eyes who captured her heart in an instant. Though captivated, she knew they could never be together – this only added salt to her wounds.

Little did anyone know, Nakkarintrani was a nāgi – a serpent that could manifest in human form. She hails from the mystical realm of Patala Loka–a place saturated with lavish riches like gold, silver and impressive rubies larger than an adult hand. Her father is Lord of the Naka, as well as being entrusted by the gods to take care of all these treasures left behind by souls lost too soon in battle.

For generations, the Naka people had created a flourishing city above the ground. They populated it with palaces and homes that emulated human dwellings. However, they were all aware of one vital rule: A Naka must never marry a human or else their deities would become enraged and take away every gemstone and ornament within their kingdom – leaving them destitute in rapid succession if these luxuries vanished from sight.

Without those riches, poverty was sure to ensue among its inhabitants; resulting in starvation that could ultimately bring about extinction for this ancient race.

Resolved to put her plan in motion, Nakkarintrani journeyed into the woodlands with a purpose. There would be no hiding; she was going to tell him about the love bubbling within her and if he felt equally fervent for her then they could transition together towards an unknown kingdom far away from where anyone knew or cared that she was different – a nāgi. Instilled with courage and conviction, Nakkarintrani ran back home to gather up all of her belongings and hers eyes glowed bright with determination as she set off on this grand mission…

Nakkarintrani was elated – the outcome of her plan had been even more successful than she’d ever imagined! After a brief wait, she returned to the forest and encountered him again. He was not just an average man like before; he was revealed to be a Prince! Despite being petrified at disclosing her secret as a nāgi, his promise of unending love put all fear aside and allowed Nakkarintrani know that their bond would last till eternity.

As their lips touched, a tiger crept up from behind them and pounced at her with its teeth just inches away from Nakkarintrani’s throat. In an instant, Prince Fahoong unsheathed his sword and slashed the beast’s paw to force it back into the woods howling in agony. She questioned why he didn’t kill it despite the danger; in response, he stated that under no circumstance could he bring himself to harm another living creature.

Instantly, she realized that her instincts were correct: he was a decent man. In the same moment, Prince Fahoong clasped her hand and stared into her eyes with his deep blue depths. He asked if she would marry him and before even saying yes, she embraced him eagerly in utter bliss – overwhelmed by happiness!

A few days later, Price Fahoong nervously paced around the entrance of his grandfather’s secluded chamber located in the center of Rappata Nakhon Palace. The day before, he had declared to King Ue-Lue that he had found true love and wanted to marry her; yet she was a nāgi from Lord Naka’s family. Subsequently, His Majesty sent an envoy to inform Lord Naka about this urgent matter which they were now discussing behind closed doors.

Suddenly, Prince Fahoong heard his name being called by one of the guards; it was like a beacon of light in that moment. “Prince Fahoong,” they said, “the King Ue-Lue requests your presence – you may enter!” Without hesitation the doors opened wide and he stepped inside cautiously, feeling so nervous and anxious that his heart seemed to be pounding out of his chest.

As Fahoong entered the room, he discovered his grandfather and Lord Naka conversing over a glass of Cha Yen, flavored with herbs from the Royal Palace gardens. His grandfather smiled at him before speaking: “Fahoong my lad, after much deliberation between me and Lord Naka we have both come to an accord – you may marry your beloved Nakkarintrani but heed our warning; if her horrendous secret is ever exposed then you will be cast away from this kingdom as well.”

When Fahoong heard the news, he erupted with joy and tightly embraced his grandpa in a hug so powerful it felt like his ribs were about to break. “Oh, thank you! Thank you!” He giggled as he spun around and around with him. “You can’t imagine how excited I am right now – seriously, there are no words for this happiness!” Excitedly kissing both of his grandfathers cheeks goodbye, he made way towards the doorway before abruptly stopping himself one last time to express an immense gratitude once more.

Lord Naka bellowed after Prince Faroong as he stepped outside. “PRINCE FAROONG! Don’t be so eager to flee, I have something important to tell you.” As the prince drew closer, he noticed how menacing Lord Naka’s expression appeared.

“Listen carefully,” the Lord commanded with a finger pointed ominously at him. “I do not condone this marriage – our laws forbid it; never has a nāga married a human before- and especially not MY daughter! Yet she is young and in love; her happiness means everything to me so I will not stop her from following through with it.”But if anyone EVER becomes aware of her true identity and WHAT she is, I will take merciless revenge on your grandfather’s kingdom. You may now go marry, yet remember my warning or suffer the consequences!

Faroong’s smile immediately vanished as he respectfully bowed out of the room, his mind running rampant with anxiousness. However, his concerns wouldn’t last for long; after all he was marrying a stunningly gorgeous girl in addition to receiving both his grandparent and Lord Naka’s approval. Nothing could possibly prevent him from experiencing everlasting joy….

Khulan, a humble chambermaid who worked at the Royal Palace, was disheartened. For years she had silently harbored her devoted love for Prince Fahoong; however, with their significant social disparity there seemed little chance his attention would ever be hers. Yet still Khulan dreamed that maybe – even just once – he might return her feelings… But when it became known that the prince married another woman all hope vanished and left in its wake an intense fury towards his new spouse.

After three years, Nakkarintrani had failed to bear a royal heir and the citizens of Rattapa Nakhon grew frustrated. Unbeknownst to them she was actually an enchanting nāga, whose secret remained hidden from everyone – yet their ignorance caused them to dub her ‘Khwām pĕn h̄mạn’, or infertile; they would jeer every time she passed by.

The once vibrant Nakkarintrani had been reduced to a mere shell of her former self, exhibiting pallid complexions and uncharacteristically withdrawn behavior. Sequestered in her bedroom for hours on end with nary an appetite or a morsel consumed, she was so sickly that she began losing touch with humanity altogether; spontaneously transformed into a snake when unaccompanied. Uneaten food from the previous night still cluttered the room’s interior by morningbreak as Khulan, their chambermaid ventured inside to collect it.

Khulan disliked this duty, for she still hated the Prince’s wife with a passion. Khulan knocked on the door and, hearing no answer, she stepped into the bedroom. But she did not see Nakkarintrani in the bed – she saw a giant snake!

Upon the scream, Khulan attempted to flee in terror. Yet it was then that an unfamiliar yet unmistakable voice filled the room – a hissing one. “Pleassss don’t be sssscared, Khulan. It’sss me, Nakkarintrani – your Princesssss.” A rush of disbelief swept through her; she learned Fahoong’s wife is actually a snake! She had to inform the Prince immediately and let him know that he only needs to annul their marriage for him to marry someone else…perhaps even herself, Khulan?

She raced out of the building, shouting “Where is the Prince? His wife is a serpent! Where’s the Prince? HIS WIFE IS A SERPENT!” She darted through all of the rooms in the castle and quickly word spread. Everyone began to parrot her words – “His spouse is a snake! Nakkarintrani’s a reptile!”, until finally it reached King’s ears. But not only his Highness heard this news; today was indeed King’s birthday and Lord Naka had been invited to celebrate with him as well. Enraged, he rose from his seat and shook an accusing finger at The Monarch.

“I told you!” he bellowed. “You should have listened to me! I never wanted this wedding to happen!” And with that, he stomped out of the palace walls.

That evening, the Lord arrived back with all his troops from Naka Kingdom in a show of awe-inspiring grandeur – massive 20 foot tall nāga, their fangs glistening ominously as they slithered through the streets.

The citizens of Rattapa Nakhon were defenseless against the destruction that washed over them, their homes and palace crumbling before their eyes. In a desperate attempt to flee from the chaos, many ran for the bridge – only to be met with tragedy halfway across. The cruel will of Lord Nakah was evident as he commanded his troops to torch it into ashes; leaving those poor souls suspended in mid-air until they plummeted deep into waters below.

In a matter of hours, Ratttapa was obliterated. The city had been razed to the ground, citizens were either dead or running away in terror, and the majestic Royal Palace lay demolished. King Ue-Lue took one last glance of his beloved kingdom before striding solemnly towards Lake Khong Long. He lifted up his hands as he bellowed out into heaven so that all deities could hear: I solemnly swear to not rest until my glorious kingdom is recovered, with Buddha as my witness.

After one brave step forward, the great King Ue-Lue suddenly vanished into the shadowy depths of Khong Long Lake. Did he succumb to his watery grave that fateful night in Rappata Nakhon? Or was it a mystical curse from Patala Loka that sealed his fate beneath its waters until such time as his beloved Kingdom can be restored?

What became of Prince Fahoong and his beloved Nakkarintrani? Some believe they discovered a route across the lake that fateful night, finding refuge in a tiny cave until their passing. It is said that even after succumbing to grief and starvation, the couple remained eternally devoted to one another – just as passionate about each other as when they initially fell in love. The survivors of this tragic event gave names to both the small cavern and its inhabitants: Naka for her, and Fahoong forevermore with it.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Naga Cave is a popular tourist destination located in Phu Langka National Pak in Thailand. It is shrouded in mystery and legend, with local folklore suggesting that it was created by a mythical snake god called Naga. The myth and legends of naga can be found in Buddhist and Hindu mythology. 

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Naga is a powerful serpent god that is believed to have created Naka Cave, along with many other caves throughout the region. Naga are said to have magical powers such as being able to bring luck and fortune to those who enter Naka Cave. Some locals even believe that entering Naka Cave can help them unlock their true potential or realize some of their dreams.

Legends claim that this protector called Naga lives in the deepest part of Naka Cave and has done so for centuries. Descriptions of Naga vary significantly depending on the source – some portray them as immense serpents with multiple heads, while others depict them as more humanoid creatures. 

But despite all of these stories, it’s important to note that Naga exist solely in myth and legends. 

A rock snake has been described as a large snake made from stone, rocks or other materials such as wood or metal, but they are purely fictional creations. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that a snake rock ever existed or could exist today.


The biggest and largest snake in Thailand is the reticulated python. Thailand’s largest snake which can grow up to 8 meters long. This massive snake is native to Southeast Asia and is one of the longest snakes in the world. They are known around the world for their characteristic markings, which give them their name. Reticulated pythons are carnivorous and typically prey on small mammals such as rats, monkeys or even deer. They are also known to eat other snakes, including cobras. While the python is not a venomous snake, reticulated pythons can kill their prey by constricting them until they suffocate.

While they may not be the most dangerous snake in Thailand, they are undoubtedly the largest snake! Reticulated pythons can be found in areas throughout Southeast Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.