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Mystika Museum Tulum - 2023 All you need to know

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​​A Detailed Guide to Mystika Museum in Tulum

Tulum is an enchanting oasis for travelers seeking unique, authentic experiences. With its picturesque beaches, verdant jungles, and vestiges of Mayan civilization, this Caribbean paradise in Mexico promises something to accommodate all preferences. While influencers on Instagram and extravagant events have become widely associated with the area, there’s much more that lies beneath the surface – a vibrant venue teeming with myriad possibilities! 


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Mystika Museum Tulum Entrance

With its sultry climate and the picturesque Caribbean Sea with white sand beaches, it’s no wonder why travelers from all over the world are drawn to this incredible destination. Where else can you bask in the sun during the day then enjoy an unforgettable nightlife experience? Not only does Tulum offer something for everyone but don’t forget about exploring its rich Mayan cultural history!

Tulum is a cultural paradise, offering visitors incomparable and exclusive artistic experiences. A perfect example of this is the newly opened Mystika Museum.

Mystika Museum Tulum

The world-renowned arts venue celebrates Mexico’s Mayan culture and its stunning natural attractions with captivating large-format photographs and multi sensory installations. Founded by renowned Mexican photographer, Pepe Soho, this enthralling exhibit takes visitors on a mesmerizing adventure showcasing the rich heritage of the Mayans as well as breathtaking scenes like the Monarch butterfly sanctuary, firefly sanctuary, and humpback whales performing acrobatics off of Mexico Pacific Coast.

Mystika Museum Tulum - Stunning

Experience a captivating, surreal journey through contemporary art and cutting-edge technology at this extraordinary museum. Prepare for an experience that you will never forget!

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Where is Mystika Museum Tulum

Mystika Museum, situated at the entrance of Tulum Archaeological Zone just right next to its parking lot, is easy to locate. It offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all visitors through an immersive and sensory journey that will be treasured forever.

Mystika Museum Tulum

What is Mystika Musuem like?

Step into the Mystika Museum and you’ll immediately feel like you have been magically transported to a whole other realm. Instead of simply observing art passively, this museum invites visitors to engage with it as well – allowing them to actually touch and experience the artwork in an interactive way that is not possible at traditional museums. Journey through its four distinct sections for an unforgettable sojourn that will test all your senses!

Awash with captivating displays, the Mystika Museum is an unforgettable experience for all. From a kaleidoscopic chamber to an enthralling light show that celebrates the glory of nature, your senses will be delighted by what this museum has to offer.

Mystika Museum Tulum Horses

The “Soul of the Earth” exhibit is a major highlight, taking visitors on an immersive journey through the natural world, complete with captivating visuals and an astonishing soundscape to accompany it. In order to honor Mayan culture and cosmology specifically, one can experience a 360-degree dome tour that allows for spectators to witness Tulum ruins within a starlit sky.

Additionally, if you’re mesmerized by pyramids, then ascend into the second section of this exhibit where spectacular sights such as Chichen Itza are tantalizingly illuminated beneath a night time canopy filled with stars. In the final installment, Spirit is a tribute to some of nature’s most incredible creatures and highlights their awe-inspiring beauty.

What makes Mystika Museum unique?

The Mystika Museum stands apart from other art galleries by using the latest technology to give its visitors an awe-inspiring experience. Guests will be taken on a journey through exhibits that incorporate projection mapping, augmented reality, and other advanced techniques – producing a captivating world of fantasy and realism.

Mystika Museum Tulum

By incorporating technology seamlessly into the exhibits, visitors are able to become fully absorbed in an unforgettable experience.

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The Location

The Mystika Museum is conveniently located just north of the Tulum Archaeological Zone (Tulum Ruins) and can be easily traversed via bike or a taxi from Downtown. Its captivating building structure complements its lush surroundings, boasting enormous windows that allow an abundance of radiant sunshine to spill in while affording magnificent views of the surrounding jungle and sea beyond.

How much does Mystika Musuem Cost?

The admission fee per adult currently costs 85 pesos while children below five years old can enter without any charges; on-site car parking rate stands at 150 MXN Pesos. Trust us when we say you should not miss this extraordinary chance!

Mystika Museum Tulum Window


Opening Times

Mystika is open to welcome visitors of all ages seven days a week – Sunday through Tuesday from 10 am to 7 pm and Wednesday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Mystika Museum Tulum Family

How much time should you spend at Mystika Museum?

During your stay, you will bask in the magical atmosphere for anywhere between 60-90 minutes!

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