Malaga for Expats

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Malaga Guide for Expats: Everything you need to know

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Malaga Guide for Expats

Malaga, the second-largest city on the Costa del Sol coast in Spain, is a popular destination for Expats looking to live and work in a vibrant urban environment. With more than 2000 years of history, Malaga has something to offer just about everyone. From its diverse culture and laid-back atmosphere to its abundance of recreational activities and stunning views, malaga is the perfect place for expatriates to call home.

Things to do in Malaga

The city center offers a wealth of attractions including churches, parks, museums, galleries, shops and cafes. The old town district contains many of Malaga’s architectural gems such as the Alcazaba fortress that dates back to Moorish times and the Renaissance style Cathedral de la Encarnacion cathedral. In February each year, Malaga celebrates its Fiesta de Carnaval which includes music parades and celebrations.

For outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to do in Malaga from relaxing on one of its many beaches such as La Cala de Mijas or Fuengirola or taking part in water sports like sailing or kayaking. Nature lovers have access to the nearby Sierra de las Nieves mountain range where they can enjoy hiking and bird watching. There are also several golf courses around malaga with views of the sea.

Malaga is also home to a variety of culinary delights which expats should not miss out on experiencing! Local restaurants offer up traditional dishes like gazpacho soup or espeto sardines cooked over coals; while food markets are bustling with fresh seafood options like prawns and oysters. For dessert try malagueña cake – made with almonds, honey and cinnamon – or Churros con Chocolate – doughnuts dipped in thick cocoa sauce – both classic malagueño treats!

Best neighborhoods for Expats in

Each neighborhood in malaga has it’s own unique character from fashionable Marbella Old Town with its cobbled streets and designer stores; to bohemian Soho which is filled with funky bars, eateries and galleries; or romantic El Palo with breathtaking sunsets overlooking the beachfront promenade.

Cost of Living in Malaga

Cost of living in malaga for Expats can vary significantly depending on their location and lifestyle. Generally, malaga is considered to be an affordable city when compared to other Spanish cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

The cost of housing is generally lower than in other large cities; however, the range depends on the size, condition and location of the property. Rents for one bedroom apartments in the city center can range from €650-1200 per month, while a three bedroom apartment outside of the center may cost €850-1500 per month.

Utilities such as water, electricity, gas and internet are relatively affordable, with average costs around €50-80 per month. Food costs will depend on personal preferences but it’s possible to grocery shop at markets and shops for basic items including fresh produce, dairy products and meats for around €150-200 per month.

Transportation is also reasonably priced with monthly bus tickets costing about €25-30 depending on usage. Taxis are also an option with fares ranging from €5-10 within malaga proper. If you prefer to drive your own car prices can range from €300-600 per month in fuel expenses depending on the type of vehicle and how much you use it.

Bottom Line

No matter what type of lifestyle you’re looking for when it comes time for life abroad – malaga has something for you! Overall malaga provides expats with a great quality of life without breaking the bank! With its mild climate year round and easy access to outdoor activities like hiking, sailing and water sports malaga offers something for everyone – all at an affordable price!