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Little Venice, Mykonos - 2023 Guide

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With its vibrant colors, traditional aesthetic, and ocean-side locale, it’s no wonder why Little Venice is world renowned as the place to visit in Mykonos. Mykonos is undeniably one of the most favored hotspots for tourists in Greece. It belongs to the illustrious Cyclades, acclaimed as the best islands in all of Greece during summer, and jointly with Santorini (Thera), it stands out as two of its most beloved locations.

Mykonos is undeniably popular for a multitude of reasons. It radiates a vibrant cosmopolitan air that compliments the traditional local color, stunning sugar-cube houses and churches with characteristic blue domes which overlook an inspiring Aegean vista. Relive history as you traverse through renovated 16th-century windmills providing incredible perspectives over the sea and other Cycladic islands nearby. Experience delectable food, remarkable beaches…and Little Venice!

Not only does this picturesque destination boast breathtaking views from atop the water’s edge, but it is also conveniently located for easy access!

For romantic travelers, Little Venice in Mykonos is one of the most captivating destinations on the island. This delightful district boasts an array of elegant and beautiful houses perched perilously at sea level – a sight that has left many visitors completely smitten with its beauty and character over time.

From the remarkable Little Venice, you can admire stunning sunsets and sip on delightful cocktails as overlooking the vivid blue Aegean Sea against its white-washed buildings. It exudes a sense of tranquility that is sure to charm even the pickiest tourists!

Alefkandra beach marks the start of Kastro, a neighborhood as picturesque and ethereal that it has become an inspiration for many renowned artists. Little Venice’s unparalleled charm has enticed countless creators to establish their homes here in Mykonos. From exquisite artworks and etchings to stunning paintings, these masterpieces have illuminated the esteemed reputation of this remarkable corner of Mykonos beyond its borders.

It’s no surprise that Little Venice has become one of the most photographed places in Europe! This destination offers a plethora of fun activities to keep visitors engaged, from vibrant nightclubs and bars that stay open late into the night – perfect for party-goers – to more relaxed experiences. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or want to explore at your own pace, here are all the details you need to know about Little Venice so you can make the most out of your experience there!

Did you know that the iconic windmills are situated right across the bay? Take a short boat ride and explore this remarkable sight!

Where is Little Venice?

Little Venice, which you could consider a ‘suburb’ of sorts in the western area of Mykonos’ Chora, can be effortlessly trekked to. All you have to do is follow the road that leads up to the iconic windmills, and voilà -you’ll arrive at your destination!

How to get there

Little Venice of Mykonos is conveniently located in the Town, a short six-minute walk away from Fabrika central bus station and three minutes from a nearby parking lot. To explore this area to its fullest potential, we suggest taking part in an organized tour at budget-friendly prices or arranging for transportation services such as taxis or private VIP cars online beforehand. Your pickup can be arranged directly from the port, airport, or hotel with just one simple booking!

For those who desire to explore the beauty of Little Venice and its environs, a car rental is an ideal solution. With a rented vehicle at your disposal, you can journey around Mykonos town leisurely with no time constraints. Alternatively, public transfers are also available for convenient travel between bus stations located in Fabrika or Old Port; however, be mindful that their schedules may vary according to seasonality.

Pro-Tip: Buses don’t always stop at each of their arranged stops, so it’s best for travelers to inform the driver in advance about where they are going. That way, you’ll be sure not to miss your destination!

Why “Little Venice”?

When the area was initially dubbed Alefkandra after its neighboring beach. Nevertheless, due to the merchants of Mykonos’ Chora, who got their inspiration from Venice and constructed these homes with a Venetian essence, this district gradually began taking on more of an Italian vibe.

Situated at the coastline, these vibrant homes boast balconies overlooking a breathtaking seascape. Arches and alleyways constructed in true Venetian style give visitors the sensation they are wandering one of Venice’s picturesque canals – thus earning this area its moniker of “Little Venice”!

A brief history of Little Venice

The 13th century marked a pivotal time for Mykonos as it became an essential stop along the Venetian trading routes. Travelers and merchants alike relied on this island to replenish supplies before heading off in either direction, be it towards Italy or further east. Even after being conquered by the Ottoman forces in the 18th century, Mykonos still retained its exquisite Venetian influences that have shaped its culture today.

It’s in the area of Little Venice where its architecture truly altered to match the influence from other cultures: colorful homes that peek over vibrant waves, complete with elaborate wooden balconies and arches. While formerly most of those houses were merely fisherman dwellings, they now radiate a unique style and magnificence which attracts visitors year after year.

It has been suspected that during the 17th and 18th centuries, Little Venice was an ideal spot for pirates to steal goods. The properties were utilized as bases of operations where they could fill their vessels with stolen merchandise, and local fishermen and merchants might have even been involved in these criminal activities. We can only speculate whether this is true or not! Nonetheless, throughout the Ottoman era there were still traces of Venetian influence within Mykonos’ most beloved area – holding on to its past splendor as a trading hub through time.

History bits

Constructed between the 13th and mid-18th centuries, Little Venice is a timeless testament to Venetian rule in days gone by. From wealthy merchants to captains of industry, this picturesque neighborhood was once home to some of the most distinguished families on the island. Designed with elegant architecture, many were blessed enough to own properties directly situated along its scenic shoreline for generations.

Many homes were renovated into cool, trendy bars that still exude a classic charm. You can sip your favorite beverage with family or friends and witness the ship sailing in the distance for an idyllic experience.

Little Venice today

Little Venice is one of Mykonos’ most sought-after destinations for both locals and tourists alike. Even though it’s located on an island, this vibrant hotspot never sleeps – there are always shops, bars, and restaurants open no matter the hour! This area has gone through extensive renovations since the 1950s to present visitors with a wide selection of breathtaking seaside restaurants serving up delicious meals or beverages with picturesque views of the sea. Come visit Little Venice today for an unforgettable experience! As you take in the majestic views of Little Venice’s windmills and glimmering waters, you will be surrounded by its historical charm. Once night falls, this little corner of Mykonos is transformed into a lively hub for partying and entertainment! Enjoy some delicious cocktails as different genres of music fill the air around you – all within easy walking distance from one bar to another. There’s no place quite like Little Venice when it comes to experiencing an unforgettable nightlife scene!

Little Venice’s sunsets

Just as in Santorini (Thera), the setting sun presents an extraordinary spectacle to behold in Mykonos’ Little Venice. Make sure you savor your cup of coffee or a cocktail at sunset, overlooking the iridescent waters of the Aegean Sea from a café or bar along Little Venice’s waterfront. As the sun dips beneath its horizon, it will cast vibrant hues across the sea, all while providing an unparalleled backdrop against house fronts. What better way to welcome nightfall and everything that comes with it?

Little Venice’s romantic strolls

Mykonos may be known for its romantic atmosphere, yet it is Little Venice that truly steals the show. While strolling through the antiquated side streets and pathways and breathing in the fragrant aroma of bougainvilleas, visitors will find themselves surrounded by picturesque doorways and staircases belonging to old fishing homes – providing a breathtaking backdrop for an unforgettable getaway with someone special.

When you’re ready for that perfect romantic dinner with your special someone, Little Venice offers an unforgettable atmosphere. From world-class fine dining restaurants to exquisite aesthetics, everything here is designed to create the ideal ambiance and make your evening one to remember.


Whether seeking a tranquil destination in the heart of Town, or something more secluded, there are multiple lodging options that fit your needs. Many are located within walking distance of the picturesque neighborhood, while others can be found scattered throughout this vibrant town.


Most frequent questions and answers

Why “Little Venice?” Initially dubbed Alefkandra after the close beach, it soon earned its nickname of Little Venice due to merchants channeling their inspiration from the Italian city and using this influence in constructing homes within Mykonos’ Chora. Gradually, these dwellings gave off a more Venetian atmosphere that has endured throughout time.

Conveniently located in Mykonos Town, Little Venice is a mere 6-minute stroll from Fabrika central bus station and just 3 minutes away from a parking lot.

While the road is open to the public at all hours, it would be best for visitors to plan their trips around rush hour times (7:00 am – 9:00 am and 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm on weekdays) if you wish to avoid traffic.

Meandering from Little Venice to Camden will take you approximately 1 hour, depending on your pace and if you decide to admire some of the attractions along the way. Regent’s Canal is 8.6 miles (14 km) long in total, but we won’t be taking that entire route today.