Lifestyle in Uruguay

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Uruguay's Lifestyle for Retirees, Expats and Digital Nomads

Lifestyle in Uruguay

Are you considering retiring in Uruguay? Learn more about the different lifestyles available to you! From Montevideo, the nation’s capital and highest-ranked city for quality of life in all of South America, to peaceful La Paloma on the coast – every person can find something that suits them best. If a fast-paced lifestyle is your goal, head straight for bustling Montevideo; if tranquility is at the top of your list then settle down away from it all in picturesque La Paloma!

Tennis court and Quality of life in Montevideo, Uruguay

Very few places in latin America can compare to the quality of life that Uruguay has to offer. Tennis courts in Montevideo[/caption]

If you inquire of Uruguay expats what they cherish most about living in the country, many will give praise to its liberal and vibrant atmosphere. As a highly progressive South American nation, Uruguayans are widely recognized for their immense acceptance of different cultures and beliefs. The Economist even voted it “Country of the Year” in 2013.

Uruguay is blessed with a tangible Latin American flair, as its people are primarily descended from northern Italy and Spain. Uruguay was once under Spanish rule but has since established an impressive degree of stability in both politics and economics – combining to form this one-of-a kind European ambiance.