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Is it Safe to Travel to Cancun 2023 Guide

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Is Cancun safe for U.S travelers?

The answer is a resounding yes! Although there have been issues with drug-related violence in certain areas, the beauty and tranquility of this exotic paradise still make it an ideal destination to escape from your daily life. Cancun boasts breathtakingly beautiful beaches, endless sunshine and turquoise Caribbean waters – perfect to relax amidst its charm and culture while ensuring maximum safety measures are taken at all times. 

Is Cancun Safe ? : Cancun beach Mexico
Is Cancun Safe ? : Cancun beach Mexico

Every year, 13 million tourists flock to the picturesque beaches of Cancún and Tulum in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region – which is responsible for almost half of Mexico’s total tourism revenue. However, during the last few decates this idyllic paradise has been tainted by a dramatic increase in murders due to its popularity as a drug hotspot among tourists looking for illicit substances.


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Cancun, Mexico is an exuberant cultural melting pot, with luxury resorts, savory Mexican tacos and tostadas alongside refined gourmet meals and vibrant nightlife. Shopping enthusiasts will find a haven here as well; popular malls, chic boutiques, and quality merchandise line the streets. To explore even further beyond this bustling metropolis, Cozumel Island and the mythical Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza are only a brief voyage away!

Cancun has estabished itself as one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the world, with over 20 million passengers in 2022. It’s a great destination for families, honeymooners and adventurers alike due to its captivating history and vibrant wildlife. And although there have been some reports of violence and drug-related crime in Mexico, Cancun it is still safe to visit Cancun; read on to find out more!

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Is Cancun Safe to Visit in 2023?

Despite Cancun being one of the safest vacation spots in Mexico, occasional petty crimes like scams and pickpocketing still present themselves as an unfortunate reality.

Fortunately, if you remain mindful of your safety and take the usual precautions, there’s no reason for any worry during your stay. You might have heard about gang-related violence between drug cartels that affect certain parts of Mexico; however it is important to note that these reports do not include a city widely regarded as tranquil oasis such as Cancun.

Is Cancun Safe?

While certain dangerous crimes occur in Cancun, the media often overlooks the reality of how secure tourists are and instead amplifies fearmongering. For seven consecutive years, I’ve visited both Playa Mujeres and Riviera Maya with no feeling of insecurity – mainly because we stayed within our resorts’ boundaries for a big portion of  that time. In point of fact, visitors rarely become a target for these unfortunate circumstances; authorities take additional steps to guarantee their safety. To be on the safe side though when it comes to petty crimes, you might want to steer clear from places outside the Hotel Zone.

Granted, visiting Mexico can be hazardous. Although many people are concerned about the drug cartels or burglars aiming to prey on vacationers in cities like Cancun and Mazatlan, the most common risk for travelers is not using their better judgment by purchasing illicit drugs while abroad.

The vast majority of American travelers killed in Mexico have met their unfortunate demise as a result of attempting to purchase illegal drugs from the notorious cartels.

With the rise of visitors settling in beachfront resorts, the region is heavily monitored compared to Cancun’s inner parts. However, this doesn’t mean you should be careless – for example hurricanes are a constant hazard (even though they very rarely hit Cancun). Thankfully though, due to advanced warning systems and improved evacuation procedures, there has been an overall decrease in fatalities reported with recent storms. To stay informed about any potential storm warnings or advisories it’d be wise to follow your local media outlets and always keep an eye out for updates from the National Hurricane Center.

Read the detailed Hurricane Season in Cancun Guide.

How to prepare for your trip to Cancun?

Before taking any trip to a foreign land, it is essential to check the Travel Advisories for your intended destination. The United States State Department has recently released an advisory that suggests travelers exercise increased caution when visiting Cancun in Quintana Roo state. There have been reports of criminal activity and violence occurring at unpredictable times, even in renowned tourist attractions. Therefore, extra safety precautions should be taken if you decide to visit this area!

Safety in Cancun
Safety in Cancun

As a traveler, you should stay alert to your surroundings and avoid any locations that are known for criminal activities. It is important to leave potentially dangerous situations quickly as U.S citizens and legal permanent residents have been victims of kidnapping in the past. For more information on safety tips when traveling in Mexico, please visit the U.S Department of State website by clicking here for their current travel advisory report.

Cancun may not be marked as a high-level risk area by the State Department, but that doesn’t mean you should take visiting there lightly. To stay safe and prepare for any potential emergency during your travels, it is highly recommended to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) offered by the State Department. This will ensure you receive updated information about safety warnings or updates about Cancun so that you can plan accordingly – whilst also making it easier for authorities to locate you if needed during an emergency situation.

In this article, we will discuss different types of crimes found in Cancun and how to best protect yourself during your visit.

Crime in Cancun

Despite its proximity to a major drug cartel corridor and being one of the world’s top travel destinations, Cancun’s crime rate is surprisingly low at 62%. Home burglaries and corruption take precedence in criminal activity.

The crime rate is comparable to some of the most popular U.S. cities. Miami and LA have crime rates of 58.56% and 59.32%, respectively.

Mugging, assault and drug trafficking are just some of the common criminal activities in Cancun that can put your safety at risk while travelling there.


Mexico, unfortunately like many other developing countries, has vast economic inequality. The hefty majority of its populace dwells in poverty and desires to find means for survival that are sometimes disreputable. Mugging is a frequent occurrence in Cancun with an incident frequency rate of 60.71%. Tourists tend to be particularly vulnerable as they are believed to possess wealth which makes them prime targets for criminals.

Mugging is an unfortunate reality in all parts of the world and it’s important to be aware of your surroundings when travelling. Although most are non-lethal and unarmed, victims can sometimes face physical violence if they resist. That being said, the risk increases significantly outside of hotel zones at night – so use caution! If you find yourself in a situation where you’re facing theft, the best thing to do is surrender any valuables that have been demanded from you: safety should always come first.

To protect yourself further against these crimes, avoid dark and isolated areas; leave expensive items such as jewelry behind; travel with companions rather than alone; keep all alerts on regarding suspicious activity within your vicinity. By taking these preventative steps, you will reduce – if not eliminate altogether – your chances of becoming a victim while abroad.

Is Cancun Safe to Travel to?


When visiting Cancun, you may encounter a number of scams that can be difficult to avoid. These con artists might try to sell you overpriced tours and transportation or even pretend to be police officers and demand bribes from unsuspecting tourists. Be wary and protect yourself from their traps!

Timeshares are notorious for their deceitful tactics. Swindlers often disguise themselves as respectable representatives of timeshare companies to lure in unsuspecting customers with convincing deals and offers. Once the contract is signed, however, they’ll bombard you with hefty fees and penalties if you decide against completing the purchase or wish to cancel it altogether. Fake taxi drivers who overcharge travelers or take them somewhere else than where they wanted to go, and merchants selling counterfeit products on the streets should also be avoided at all costs!

Of course, who can forget about the “helpful” locals that offer to guide you around town, just to lead you into a shop or restaurant where they expect some kind of compensation.

To ensure a secure and enjoyable stay in Cancun, here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Before traveling, make sure to look into reputable tour companies and transportation options.
  • Be suspicious of any offer that appears too good to be true.
  • Always request for a receipt when paying for services, double-checking the prices beforehand.
  • Don’t succumb under pressure – it is best not to decide on anything impromptu!
  • Remain mindful of your environment; try avoiding dark or secluded areas as much as possible.
  • If an instance gives you cause for concern, take heed and walk away without hesitation!


From a physical attack to sexual violence, assault can have devastating consequences for its victims, often leaving them emotionally scarred or worse. Unfortunately, solo travelers are amongst the most susceptible as they may not have anyone to count on in an emergency situation. Nevertheless, it is important to note that no one is immune from such acts of violence – regardless of whether you travel alone or with another person – assaults can happen at any time and place. While these acts tend to be rare, tourists should remain vigilant when visiting cities in order to avoid becoming the victim of such a heinous crime.

Consuming alcohol and drugs can be a recipe for disaster as it heightens the likelihood of assault. When one is intoxicated, they are more likely to drop their guard and make bad decisions that may lead to dire consequences. In Cancun, some establishments particularly in downtown have been known to spike drinks or serve tampered substances which put travelers at risk if not careful. But don’t worry! As long as you’re aware of your environment and remain vigilant when traveling, you’ll always stay safe from these dangerous scenarios.

Never be hesitant to ask for help if you find yourself in a dangerous or unfamiliar place. Cancun’s local law enforcement are prepared and equipped to handle such scenarios, so don’t hesitate to reach out. In addition, it is crucial that you remain vigilant when going through poorly lit locations or blindly accepting drinks from strangers – always keep your family and friends updated on where you are at all times as well as the estimated time of returning home.

What is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Recent tragedies have highlighted the potential danger of not having safe lodging measures when staying at an Airbnb or hotel. 2022 saw three Airbnb guests in Mexico City, succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning – a tragedy that is now inspiring further precautionary steps by travelers and hosts alike. Six individuals lost their lives due to similar circumstances in two separate incidents across the United States as well, making it all too clear that we must take extra caution if we are to avoid such horror happening again.

Things to Keep in Mind for your Trip

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless and tasteless gas created by burning fossil fuels. Poisoning can happen when household items like furnaces, kerosene heaters, stoves, lanterns and generators release fumes that people inhale. To ensure your safety, I highly recommend picking up a carbon monoxide detector for precautionary measures whenever you travel.

Travelers Diarrhea

Tourists journeying to Mexico should beware of Montezuma’s Revenge, also known as Travelers’ Diarrhea. Food handlers who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom can transmit this stomach infection through contaminated food or water. To avoid such a health hazard, it is recommended that you never drink unfiltered tap water and stick with bottled beverages instead. For those lucky enough to be staying at one of Cancun’s many luxurious resorts – no need to worry! You’ll have access to safe drinking waters so there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your Vacay!

Cancun Hotel Zone
Cancun Hotel Zone

Safest Places in Cancun Mexico 

  • Zona Hotelera: When you think of Cancun, a stunning 13-mile stretch along the coast likely comes to mind. It’s becoming increasingly renowned for its luxurious hotels, exclusive restaurants and cafes, unique shops, and vibrant nightlife – making it an adventurer’s paradise!
  • Isla/Playa Mujeres: If you are seeking a peaceful, tranquil holiday experience, look no further than Isla Mujeres 8 miles off the coast of Cancun. With its picture perfect azure waters and pristine white sand beaches, this is an ideal spot to take in all that nature has to offer. For accommodations, don’t miss my personal favorites: Atelier or Majestic Elegance both located on Playa Mujeres!
  • El Centro (Downtown): El Centro is the perfect destination for those looking to travel on a budget. Not only does it offer more reasonably priced lodging options, but also delectable Mexican cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else and exciting activities.

When on the road, it’s best to avoid any areas that are known for their high crime rate – just like how you would steer clear of such neighborhoods in your hometown. 

The Mexican government is committed to the safety of its tourists, and has taken great measures such as increasing security in popular tourist destinations to ensure that travelers are always kept safe. 

There’s no need to fret when you’re traveling to Cancun, as long as you practice good judgment and avoid dealings with the drug cartel. Mexico is a safe place full of friendly people, so rest assured that your visit will be enjoyable!

Areas to avoid in Cancun

To ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation to Cancun, here is a list of areas you should stay away from or be extra cautious in:

  • Outside the city limits– Cancun is incredibly secure, particularly downtown Cancun, so there’s no need to fear. However, if you plan a night excursion outside of the city limits or journey alone, be vigilant and always inform someone of your whereabouts. It’s best to stay away from the outskirts of this city, especially in areas like Lopez Portillo near Bonfil. It’s better not to take any risks here as there are various ways you can get scammed or harassed by local criminals in this area. If you must explore these places however, make sure it’s during daytime hours accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who knows their way around
  • When exploring beyond Plaza Dos Mil (Plaza 2000) for shopping and dining, be on the lookout. This area is renowned for its commerce but also infamous for criminal activity; you may be a target of confrontational panhandling or pickpockets. Stay alert to ensure your safety! 

  • Don’t roam ANYWHERE at night? Keep in mind, you are still in Mexico. Venturing out after dark is strongly discouraged; although the Hotel Zone may be safe, it’s best to take a cab from point A to B if traveling elsewhere.
  • Shopping in Cancun –Shopping and exploring local markets can be a thrilling experience – however, please take the proper precautions. Do not openly show your money, refrain from donning expensive jewelry, and keep your bag securely closed at all times as pickpocketers may be lurking in the shadows ready to strike!
  • Driving at night– It is generally safe to rent a car in, as long you take the necessary precautions while traveling. Generally, try to avoid driving at night. We rent a car 3 times a year when we visit the area and we always feel secure and unthreatened. In spite of this, the U.S State Department recommends utilizing toll roads where possible to minimize risks associated with being on the road alone or at nighttime.
Cancun Sign at Playa Delfines
Cancun Sign at Playa Delfines

How to Keep you Cash Safe in Mexico

Withdrawing cash: Whenever possible, use ATMs during the daylight hours and choose ones located in areas where there are numerous people. Additionally, opting to utilize those situated within shopping malls is a safe bet as well.

Carrying cash: To remain safe and secure, don’t take too much cash with you when shopping. If an item catches your eye but you don’t have the funds to buy it outright, then just place a small deposit on it in order to reserve it. Leave any extra credit/debit cards that won’t be needed at the hotel before heading out for the day.

Bank-card cloning/skimming: Bank card cloning (or skimming) lurks in Mexico, so make sure you never leave your debit or credit out of sight. If your card has a “chip and pin” feature, ask the waitstaff at bars and restaurants to bring the payment terminal directly to your table while covering up as you type in the PIN code. In case that isn’t possible or if it lacks this technology, take the cards yourself when paying – don’t let attendants get it away from view!

To ensure your financial security, we urge you to use a credit card rather than a debit card when fueling up at gas stations. Be particularly mindful of potential skimmers as they are widespread in these locations.

Valuable documents: To safeguard your travel documents (especially passports) from theft, store cash and other valuable items in either the hotel room safe or safety deposit box while vacationing. Nowadays, passport fraud is on the rise all around the world – including Mexico!

Dress down: Abstain from ostentatiously wearing opulent jewellery, exhibiting costly watches and other pricey clothing items.

Police Extortion in Mexico is real

When traveling abroad, it’s important to be aware of the potential for police extortion from tourists detained for minor offenses. Unfortunately, there have been some severe incidents in the past that prompted authorities to take drastic measures and dismiss hundreds of officers as well as several high-ranking officials; they maintain that this issue is now under control. If you ever get stopped by a law enforcement officer while driving in Mexico, remember to bring your driver’s license, vehicle registration papers and insurance documents with you at all times—they will explain what rule(s) you violated afterward.

Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid in Mexico
Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid in Mexico

 How to deal with police corruption

Don’t be a tough guy! Acting aggressively or attempting to provoke the officer will not get you anywhere. Instead, it could result in more serious charges such as disorderly conduct or assault. This can be incredibly damaging; if pushed far enough, officers even have the power to tow your car away – despite being illegal on their part. Thus, remaining calm is essential when dealing with law enforcement authorities at all costs!

Book tours through a reliable tour company or hotel.

Planning a vacation to Mexico can feel like an overwhelming task, but securing trips through the resorts takes away all of that stress. On arrival in Cancun or Tulum, travelers are able to effortlessly drift from their plane onto beaches beside mesmerizing blue waters of the Caribbean Sea!

No need to worry about things to do in Puerto Vallarta; just wait to be swept into the ocean on a catamaran or jet ski. This is all possible with proper excursion planning. However, book the wrong excursion and those stress levels may just double.

Safety Advice While in Cancun

Maximizing your experience in Cancun is simple if you take into account these invaluable tips:

  • Do not engage in any illegal activities and STAY AWAY FROM ANY DRUGS!
  • Choose to drive along toll roads as much as possible, and try not to travel alone or at night. It’s important to remember that in many states, police presence and essential services are largely restricted outside of the capital city/major cities.
  • When you’re exploring bars, nightclubs and casinos around town, take extra precautionary measures.
  • Don’t flaunt your wealth with expensive watches or jewelry as this may draw unwanted attention.
  • Be mindful when at a bank or an ATM machine; it’s wise to have a map handy for reference in case of any unexpected scenarios.
  • Escape the tourist traps that make false promises. Do your research online and don’t be fooled by flashy flyers.
  • When exploring a new city, make sure to stay aware of your environment and avoid walking alone in dark or secluded areas.
  • Order bottled drinks when dining out and never drink tap water as it can cause digestive issues.
  • To protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays during hotter months, come prepared with sunscreen and light clothing that breathes well.
  • Consider booking flights and overnight accommodations ahead of time so you can get the best prices since many places experience higher rates during peak tourist seasons.
  • Remember to show respect for cultural customs by asking permission before taking photos of people or locations!
  • Doing a little research on the city you are going to visit is useful. Plus, it’s wise to purchase travel insurance for extra security in case of any unforeseen events.
  • To stay safe when travelling, you should avoid flaunting expensive jewellery or cash in public places.
  • Just carry what you need and keep other valuable items locked away safely at all times.
  • Make sure that when withdrawing money from ATMs, they’re placed in well-lit and bustling areas; better yet, only take out cash from trustworthy establishments.
  • If ever somebody tries to rob you while travelling abroad, don’t resist; simply hand over your belongings before seeking help from authorities as soon as possible afterwards.

To make your visit truly memorable, take the time to learn some basic words in Spanish. Having a rudimentary understanding of the local language will help you communicate more effectively with those around you and ensure an enjoyable stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cancun safe to travel alone?

There is something undeniably thrilling about venturing to Mexico all by yourself. You have the freedom to explore, do what you want, and rely solely on your own decisions – that’s pretty empowering! Though solo travel may be challenging at times, it’s undoubtedly beneficial in many ways. Cancun has continuously proven itself as one of the top destinations for lone travelers; let us not forget why this powerful experience continues to captivate people from around the world year after year.

Best Museums in Cancun
Cancun Underwater Museum

When you travel solo, it is essential to ensure your personal safety. Take heed of these tips for the best solo experience: Avoid overindulging in alcohol or other substances as this can lead to hazardous and foolish scenarios; Be aware of your limitations when engaging in activities such as tanning on a beach – wanders around unfamiliar areas at night should be avoided. Always keep your eyes on your drink and never accept drinks from a stranger. With these precautions taken into account, you will have an amazing time while travelling alone!

Is Cancun safe for solo female travelers?

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, Cancun is an ideal spot for solo female travelers … or rather Cancun for solo female travelers is as secure and safe as you make it. While being alert and mindful of your environment as you would any other tourist destination, take extra safety measures such as staying in the hotel zone and refraining from wandering alone at night. Moreover, joining organized tours or taking trips with Facebook friends/expats can be a great way to ensure that your vacation runs smoothly!

However, be aware that some issues like male attention are unavoidable regardless of where you go; this includes traveling in Cancun. To guarantee your extra protection while on vacation here, we have compiled a few useful travel tips especially tailored toward solo female tourists visiting Cancun…

  • Traveling in a group offers more safety and security; make sure to never venture alone.
  • Prior to your departure, make sure you thoroughly research your accommodation. With plenty of excellent hostels specifically tailored for female travellers available, reading reviews by other women can be incredibly helpful when making a decision.
  • Venturing out alone in the dark is not wise, especially when traveling to Mexico. So don’t risk it; explore safely during daylight hours and with a companion if possible.
  • Always make sure someone is aware of your whereabouts. This could be the hostel staff, or even just family and friends back home.
  • You are not obligated to reveal all information- if you feel like someone is asking too many questions then don’t hesitate to withhold personal details about yourself from them.
  • To ensure your safety and well-being, don’t hesitate to make a scene if someone is making you feel unsafe. Find an employee or staff member to report it to – do not be afraid of being vocal! Do whatever is necessary for those around you to take notice; even yell “Fire!”
  • Keep your drink and food ALWAYS at your sight.
Best Things to do in Cancun with Kids : Ventura Park
Best Things to do in Cancun with Kids : Ventura Park

Is Cancun safe for families?

Absolutely! Cancun is a perfect place to take your family and the beaches are an ideal recreation area for kids. However, be sure to do your due diligence before making any plans – it’s not only about setting up yourself; you need to consider every aspect of safety when traveling with children.

An adventure to Cancun is an amazing chance for your family to be exposed to a new land and culture. More than that, it will also provide them with the most unforgettable beach holiday experience! To ensure the utmost safety of each one during their trip, make sure you have studied the map extensively, planned out a detailed itinerary beforehand and acquired basic Spanish knowledge.

Exciting activities like snorkeling, visiting Mayan ruins or taking personal trips on pirate ships are all readily available here in Cancun – so what’s not to love? With its excellent security standards taken into consideration too, there’s no doubt that this vacation spot provides every bit of fun families need without compromising safety at any cost.

Getting Around Cancun Safely

When it comes to navigating Cancun safely, you have several options.


If driving yourself is your preference, obtain an international driver’s license and secure strong car rental insurance before hitting the streets. It can be a bit overwhelming with large buses zooming around in their own style, so make sure to drive slowly and always wear your seatbelt!


Taxis are also a safe option for getting around – just remember that you should only use official taxis from Sitios (taxi ranks) approved by your accommodation; illegal taxi services open up unnecessary risks.

If you wish to save money, it is recommended that you agree with your Uber driver in Spanish prior to getting into the car. This will help ensure there are no misunderstandings when you reach your destination. Cancun has a safe and reliable Uber system – not only is it cheaper than other transportation options, but all of its drivers are regulated and tracked throughout their journey!


Buses and minibuses are an excellent option while exploring the city. They’re convenient, dependable, and inexpensive. And it just adds to your overall adventure!

If you plan on traveling further away from the city, you’ll want to take a coach with ADO–the most reliable company for trips such as Cancun Airport, Playa Del Carmen and Chichen Itza. You can easily purchase tickets online or at several ticket booths in the area.

For journeys out to islands like Isla Mujeres, Cancun’s ferry services guarantee quickness along with cleanliness & safety all together!

Do you need malaria tablets for Cancun?

Traveling to Cancun or anywhere in Mexico for that matter, you are at a negligible risk of developing malaria. As such, there’s no need to take anti-malarial medication. Nevertheless, it is advisable to check with the CDC about other recommended vaccinations before embarking upon your journey.

Is it safe to use the Uber app in Cancun?

Uber has become the preferred method of transportation for tourists visiting Cancun, offering a safe and reliable means of getting around. For added peace of mind however, make sure you always double-check your driver’s rating before hopping in, as well as reading any reviews they may have received. And just to be extra cautious – why not share your trip details with a trusted friend or family member? This way no one needs to worry about where you are!

What currency is best in Cancun?

To get the most bang for your buck, you should use Mexican pesos when traveling in Mexico. Many establishments accept credit cards, but cash will be necessary to pay street vendors and taxi drivers – particularly pesos! By wisely using local currency instead of U.S dollars, you will save money while still enjoying all that Mexico has to offer.

Should I Exchange money at Cancun Airport?

If you aim to get the most bang for your buck, it’s best if you avoid exchanging money at the airport. To make sure that you can receive maximum value in exchange rates, search for a local bank or currency exchange provider in town nearby instead. If safety is priority number one and convenience is also desired, then ATMs at Cancun International Airport may be your ideal choice.

Is Cancun safe to live?

With its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, Cancun is a safe place to reside. Quintana Roo as a whole serves as an ideal destination in Mexico for safety purposes. However, it’s important not to forget that any big city carries risk- so be sure to conduct proper research on secure areas and security protocols before you visit or move there!.

So, Is Cancun Safe to Visit?

Enjoy the alluring year-round weather and tranquil beaches of Cancun while being cautious to avoid petty crimes like pickpocketing. Despite some potential hazards, you can remain safe by exercising precautionary measures so that your stay in this beautiful Mexican getaway is an unforgettable one! Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer – book a trip to Cancun now and experience its vibrant nightlife firsthand!

Best things to do in Cancun for Couples : Cenote Suytun
Best things to do in Cancun: Cenote Suytun

Useful Information

  • Visas – Depending on where you are from, a visa may not be necessary to enter Mexico. Citizens of the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel and Japan do not need one for tourism purposes. However if travelling for other reasons in Mexico it is required – thankfully though the process of obtaining one is quite simple! All that’s needed is an application fee which costs just $44 and takes two business days to process. Once approved your Mexican tourist visa will last 180 days, at which point it can be used again multiple times over its lifespan.
  • Currency – The Mexican Peso is the official currency in Cancún, and you can effortlessly convert foreign money into it at local banks or exchange bureaus. Plus, if you prefer using cards to cash, no worries! Credit cards as well as ATMs are easily accessible throughout the city; plus international monetary cards are widely accepted here too.
  • Weather – Cancún, a tropical paradise, is an all-season getaway. June and July bring the most heat to this Mexican locale, so come prepared with light clothing that will protect you from unexpected rain showers! I suggest packing layers as well as items that won’t be ruined by moisture. Let’s not forget your sunscreen and bug spray either – Cancun is full of beach fun in warm weather but also comes with pesky bugs too!
  • Airports – Cancún International Airport, Mexico’s second most crowded airport, is located roughly ten miles from the city center. For a hassle-free journey to your destination in Cancun, I suggest booking a shuttle service from the airport well ahead of time with your hotel.
  • Travel Insurance – Before jetting off to Cancún, be sure you’re covered with travel insurance that safeguards against medical issues and theft or loss of personal items. With the unknowns around every corner during an international trip, it’s best always to be prepared!

Traveling to 🇲🇽 Mexico soon?

I recommend these travel resources for Mexico that I personally use:

🏨 Hotels: I have found that Expedia and consistently have the best deals on hotels and resorts in Mexico. If you prefer to stay at a vacation rental, check VRBO that is usually cheaper than AirBnB’s added fees!

✈️ Flights: To find the best flight deals to Mexico, I always use Kayak. Remember to subscribe to their price alerts for the travel dates you want. Another great alternative for flight deals is Expedia.

🚗 Rental Cars: I always use and highly recommend Discover Cars because it allows me to compare several car rental companies and view ratings on various factors such as overall value, pick-up procedure, agent efficiency, car condition, and total time taken.

🚙 Cancun Airport Transportation: For the fastest and easiest way to travel, I suggest arranging a private transfer with Cancun Airport Transportation. Honestly, no better way to travel from the airport to your hotel or resort.

🤿 Tours & Activities: For tours and activities in Mexico, I highly recommend using either Viator or GetYourGuide. These websites offer a full refund if you cancel your booking 24 hours before the start of the tour, and they also provide excellent customer service in case of any issues.

🚨 Travel Insurance: I always suggest purchasing travel insurance as a precaution before traveling, especially after a recent accident in a taxi in Mexico. For short trips, I recommend Travel Insurance Master, whereas for digital nomads, Safety Wing is a better option.

📷 Best Camera for your trip: I always carry with me a GoPro, It’s light, compact, takes great video and pictures, and most importantly, it’s waterproof! You just can’t go wrong with one. If you are interested in higher quality video and photography, I always carry with me on my trips and highly recommend the Sony A7IV which I think is the best travel DSLR Camera out there.

☀️ Biodegradable Sunscreen: Remember to include a good sunscreen to protect yourself from the summer sun. I always use and suggest Sun Bum Sunscreen, which is vegan, reef-friendly, and cruelty-free.