Honeymoon in Santorini

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Honeymoon in Santorini: How to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime - 2023 Guide

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Honeymoon in Santorini: How to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

For couples looking to indulge in a romantic getaway coupled with an adventurous touch, Santorini is the ideal destination. Its picturesque blue-domed churches, pristine whitewashed villages and stunning coastline create unforgettable memories that will last forever – making it the perfect spot for a honeymoon! Did you know that Greeks have 8 words for love?

Despite its small size, there are plenty of exciting activities for you to enjoy together – from discovering hidden gems on scenic hikes or exploring ancient ruins. Are you ready to plan your once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience in Santorini?

To make the process of planning your honeymoon straightforward, we’ve created this guide! You don’t need to add more stress and hassle on top of already organizing a wedding. Some links in this post may be affiliate links.

The Best Things to Do on Your Honeymoon in Santorini

Breathtaking Sunsets

santorini honeymoon
Honeymoon in Santorini: Romantic Santorini sunset

Nothing can compare to the breathtaking Santorini sunset. With your loved one by your side, you will be mesmerized as the sun slowly fades away into the horizon. This is sure to create an unforgettable experience that you and your partner will cherish forever. For the most magical Santorini honeymoon experience, you must witness the sunset from Oia. This iconic romantic moment is sure to live on in your memories forever as you reflect on its extraordinary beauty against a backdrop of majestic seas and skies.

Take a romantic cruise

If you and your beloved are looking for the perfect romantic experience, look no further than sailing around Santorini and Aegean Sea! From dinner cruises to hot springs excursions, there is a catamaran cruise available to meet everyone’s needs. For an extra dose of romance, why not opt for a smaller boat with fewer people aboard? Doing so will create an intimate atmosphere while providing stunning views of this beautiful island. Don’t miss out – book your dream sailing adventure in Santorini today! 

Take the scenic walk from Fira to Oia

Embark on an unforgettable 3-5 hour trek from Fira to Oia along the breathtaking caldera during your Santorini honeymoon for a journey of unparalleled beauty! The hike is suitable for all levels and offers magnificent views that will stay with you forever. It’s definitely one activity not to be missed while in Santorini!

santorini honeymoon
View from the Path Fira to Oia

Go wine tasting

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, especially wine lovers, a stop at Santorini should be non-negotiable! To make sure you get to sample their delightful wines without any hassle of transportation or needing a designated driver, we highly encourage booking one of their wine tours. But if your itinerary doesn’t accommodate it, don’t miss out on visiting the Santo Winery alone for some delicious sips and incredible views that will take your breath away before you depart from this beautiful place.

Book photography session and get some amazing photos of yourselves

On your honeymoon, don’t miss out on the chance to capture lasting memories with a photo session! Book a photography tour and explore some of Santorini’s most stunning landscapes while taking unforgettable photos that you’ll treasure for years. 

Go swimming at Amoudi Bay

Are you looking for a leisurely day in Santorini? Then Amoudi Bay is the perfect spot! Take in magnificent views, swim in crystal-clear waters and if you’re feeling daring, try your hand at some cliff jumping before enjoying an exquisite seafood lunch. Whatever activity strikes your fancy – sunbathing or sightseeing – it’s all there awaiting you.

Head to volcano crater

Ever dreamed of peering into the magnificent crater of an active volcano? Nea Kameni, located just off from Santorini, is your answer! With a convenient 20-minute hike to the summit and breathtaking vistas framing both islands along the way, there’s no better place for that volcanic experience. Plus, you can journey readly to nearby hot springs too with tours like this – it was truly amazing for us!

Take a private tour of Santorini

When planning your honeymoon getaway, why settle for anything less than excellence? Book a private tour of Santorini to enjoy an exclusive experience with the love of your life. Soak in all the luxury and comfort that this romantic destination has to offer while you explore its best kept secrets!

Romantic Walks in Beautiful Villages

If you are seeking a romantic setting, Oia and Pyrgos village offer an idyllic atmosphere for couples. From meandering along the seaside pathways in Oia to admiring the breathtaking views of this stunning island from a clifftop hideaway at Pyrgos village, these locations will inspire passion and timeless beauty. The horizon is especially captivating as we gaze out into its azure waters from high above; it truly encapsulates why Santorini Island remains one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. 

Bring your beloved to Eros Beach and share the joyful experience of swimming in its captivating waters. Afterward, you can blissfully bask under the sun while enjoying each other’s company. Make sure to take advantage of this unique opportunity for fun-filled adventure – swim until your hearts’ content at Eros beach!

The Food Affair

For foodies, Santorini is an absolute paradise! From traditional delicacies to a variety of dining experiences, there’s something for everyone. Pyrgos and its surroundings offer the best cuisine in town that promise to tantalize your taste buds. On Caldera cliff you can experience fine-dining with exquisite views as you enjoy brunch, lunch or romantic dinner with your partner. Seafood lovers should not miss out on Ammoudi’s tavernas – nothing beats feasting on freshly cooked seafood while taking in breathtaking views!

Enjoy the Santorinian Nightlife

The nightlife of Santorini is truly magical, allowing you and your date to be entranced by the beauty that surrounds as the moonlit sky follows you. Enjoy a cocktail from one of many beachside bars and discover enchantment while walking along shorelines in the darkness.

Have dinner with the magical view of the caldera

Make sure to reserve a romantic Santorini sunset dinner overlooking the caldera of Santorini. With its plethora of delectable options, your luxury hotel can assist you in arranging a reservation at your preferred restaurant – and this should be done soon after arriving on the island since superb locations do tend to fill up quickly!

Check out the world renowned Atlantis Books bookstore

atlantis bookstore santorini
Honeymoon in Santorini: Atlantis Bookstore

If you and your partner are book-lovers, a trip to Atlantis Books in Oia is an absolute must! This renowned bookstore has been created by university students who put their dreams into play. With its dreamy atmosphere and unique hours of operation, it’s no surprise that Atlantis Books is one of the best independent bookstores on earth! Don’t miss out – make sure to schedule your visit around this whimsical experience.

If you haven’t been to the shop’s terrace yet, your visit won’t be complete without seeing it! There, you can take in awe-inspiring views of the caldera.

Book a helicopter ride over Santorini.

If you’re looking to revel in the utmost of luxury during your honeymoon in Santorini, why not treat yourselves with a spectacular helicopter ride over the caldera? And if you want an extra justification for this special splurge, book a flight from Santorini to another nearby Greek island – such as Mykonos – at the end of your stay; enjoy breathtaking views and transportation all-in-one!

honeymoon santorini
View from helicopter

Relax in Fira’s Old Port.

Take in the picturesque views, soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy a delicious beverage at Fira’s Old Port. It is an ideal way to unwind on your honeymoon in Santorini—all without breaking the bank!

Learn a new skill with a Greek cooking class.

Rekindle the romance of your honeymoon with a Greek cooking class! You and your spouse can learn how to make delectable recipes that you’ll be able to recreate at home for years. And, let’s face it – Greek food is simply delightful, so there’s no better reason than this to savor its flavor in abundance.

Stay in a honeymoon hotel with a view of the caldera

If you’re searching for a truly luxurious experience, splurge on that once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon suites during your honeymoon in Santorini! Boutique properties tend to be snatched up quickly, particularly in the peak season. That being said, if you opt for an off season travel period there are plenty of incredible Santorini honeymoon hotels available with unbeatable views of the ocean – at amazing prices too!

Make sure to prepare in advance to get the best deal of a romantic hotel. If you’re on your honeymoon, do yourself a favor and splurge for a hotel accommodation with an exquisite Caldera view – it pays off! Make that extra effort of looking for a luxurious lodging spot with its own private pool. The experience of booking one of the honeymoon suites will worth every penny spent!

When to Honeymoon in Santorini

Let’s face it, spending a honeymoon in Santorini can be expensive. Despite being an incredibly small island situated on the Aegean Sea, simply reaching there is not cheap! If you’re looking to save money for your Santorini getaway, consider traveling during shoulder season – particularly from March and October. Prices of flights and honeymoon hotels will be more affordable compared to peak season; however do keep in mind that temperatures may still remain below average which might mean swimming at beaches won’t quite cut it (especially if you choose to travel during the early months of spring).

romantic sunset santorini
Honeymoon in Santorini

Let’s be honest; Santorini isn’t home to the best beaches in Greece. Even though Red Beach and Black Sand Beaches are famous. While April and September are considered shoulder season, prices still tend to remain higher than if you plan for a trip outside this period. May through August is when temperatures will be at their peak, but so too are crowds and costs – with July and August being particularly expensive!

Santorini is breathtaking all year round, though if you and your partner don’t like the idea of bundling up or avoiding swimming in the ocean, then we suggest that you avoid planning a romantic Santorinian honeymoon between November to February. During this time, temperatures are chilly and many hospitality establishments–including those with special amenities for newlyweds–are closed due to the season.

How Long to Stay in Santorini

When planning your Greek honeymoon, the amount of time you spend in Santorini largely depends on what kind of itinerary you have. Whether it’s a full-fledged vacation there or just a stop on an island-hopping tour – the choice is entirely yours! Even if you only plan to stay one day in this stunning coastal town, that would be enough for some sightseeing and getting acquainted with its unique atmosphere. However, we can assure you will want to remain longer as soon as you arrive: From Fira to Oia hiking trails and charming villages await exploration!

To experience all that Santorini has to offer, we highly suggest you spend at least three days there. Even if you decide to take it slow, one week is more than enough time for an enjoyable and tranquil getaway.