Healthcare in Uruguay

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Uruguay's Healthcare for Retirees, Expats and Digital Nomads

Healthcare in Uruguay

Prior to relocating to Uruguay, it is recommended that you review your expat health insurance options. Fortunately, the nation offers a high-quality public healthcare system and infrastructure which is easily accessible by all citizens, making Uruguay an ideal place for those seeking medical care. Ranked at # 65 in the world in the World Health Organization’s global ranking system.  

One of Uruguay’s most desirable characteristics is their private hospital health insurance membership plan called mutualista. Individuals relocating to this country have access to quality, yet budget-friendly healthcare for a monthly fee of around US$100 with a minor co-payment requirement. Additionally, long term plans that are accessible by locals and expats in Uruguay offer better value for money than other options available.

Old Car Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
The picturesque streets of Colonia del Sacramento

In order to get a Uruguayan Health Card, you must receive an approved medical check-up at a certified site, submit your birth certificate (required for obtaining an Uruguayan ID Card) as well as your marriage certificate if applicable.