Habitas Tulum – An Honest Review

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Habitas Tulum - An Honest Review

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Habitas Tulum – An Honest Review

Habitas Tulum is a peaceful getaway located amidst the beautiful jungle of Tulum, Mexico and a serene private beach. Guests can indulge in wellness activities such as massages, facials, sound reconnection circles, and Yucatan honey group rituals on the beach. Furthermore, free weekly activities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork sessions, and reiki alignment are also available to guests.

In 2017, Habitas Tulum opened as a temporary pop-up hotel on a one-acre property between the jungle and sea. The hotel’s founders, who drew inspiration from the communal spirit of the Burning Man Festival, created a unique hotel experience that they refer to as a “home.” The hotel’s success led to its permanent establishment.

Habitas Tulum was the first property of its kind and has inspired the creation of new locations in Morocco, Namibia, and Saudi Arabia. Another property has recently opened in Bacalar, 130 miles south of Tulum. Habitas plans to open more locations in Bhutan and Costa Rica, all of which will be modeled after the original Tulum flagship.

The hotel has been constructed using modular and light-touch architecture to ensure minimal environmental impact. Your bathroom may contain a tree, and much of the surrounding plant life has been preserved.

The hotel has 35 rooms that are decorated with hammocks, reclaimed wood furniture, and rugs. The hotel’s centerpiece is a three-story glass and steel clubhouse that hosts the restaurant Moro. The hotel attracts a very diverse group of guests. During the warm nights, live music and DJs play while guests dressed in designer clothes and yoga pants socialize.


The boutique hotel consists of 32 canvas tents that are very luxurious. Each tent is about the size of a New York City studio apartment and is set on wooden platforms above the ground, with palapa roofs. The tents have king-sized beds, stylish wood furniture, kilim rugs, and strong air conditioning. Most of the tents are located in the jungle, surrounded by trees and plants. However, the best ones to book are the five oceanfront suites that are situated right above the beach.

The Atmosphere and Vibe

The atmosphere is distinctive, catering to individuals who enjoy dancing till early hours of morning and practicing yoga for an hour every day. The attendees usually wear fashionable flowy clothes with tattoos in different languages and have a deep tan.

The Rooms

The accommodations labeled as “rooms” are actually tents that are constructed on raised wooden platforms and come with their own private porches, full-sized furniture, midcentury modern dresses, hippie-chic wall hangings, and plush king-sized beds. Inside each tent, there is a sink and vanity, but the bathroom is located outside in a bamboo enclosure. The outdoor showers are surrounded by short palm trees and are quite stunning. However, it should be noted that the toilet is also located outside and may not appeal to those who are not comfortable with using the restroom outdoors in the middle of the night.

The showers have organic products made from local honey and coconut oils which smell heavenly. The Wi-Fi is both strong and free of cost. Instead of an in-room phone, you can contact the front desk and concierge through WhatsApp and they will reply instantly. Although there are no minibars, fresh filtered water is available in your room and the bar and restaurant are located just a few steps away.

In addition, there is a spa that offers various services such as massages and a signature treatment called the Tierra Maya. This treatment involves a full-body clay mask, followed by a massage and a honey facial. Moreover, you can find a few bicycles near the entrance which you can use to travel around the beach strip or go souvenir shopping in Tulum.

You can enjoy more privacy and a personal plunge pool to cool off in the larger Pool Room, which offers 8,600 sq ft of private space. This eco-retreat has four standalone options, resembling luxury safari tents with natural palpa roofs and neutral canvas walls that are perched on elevated wooden platforms, providing an intimate atmosphere.

Every room at Habitas Tulum has an outdoor bathroom that features a rainforest shower and locally-made organic toiletries made from honey and coconut. Although some might find the concept of an outdoor toilet odd, it works well here. The bathrooms are private and discreet, so you can feel comfortable using them. We suggest choosing an Ocean Front Room if you want to wake up to an absolutely stunning view of the Caribbean Sea right outside your door.

If you would like to stay in a more secluded area surrounded by the jungle, the Pool Room would be a better option for you. It offers a private plunge pool for you to cool off and a spacious private area of 8,600 sq ft. Despite this, you can still hear the sound of the waves while laying on the comfortable white bedsheets.


Habitas Tulum’s restaurant, Moro, has been consistently ranked as one of Tulum’s best restaurants. Moro serves a fusion of traditional Mexican techniques and Middle Eastern influences, resulting in a diverse menu that caters to meat-eaters and vegans at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dishes are exceptionally delicious and flavorful.

For lunch, I recommend trying the Grilled skirt steak tacos with avocado mousse, charred onions, and serrano pepper sauce. If you come for dinner, I highly recommend starting with the Beet hummus with Za’atar and extra virgin olive oil, served with homemade naan. For dinner, both Campeche shrimp cooked in a coconut and saffron mix and the Iron-skillet octopus with sweet pepper sauce are excellent choices. Don’t forget to try the Spiced carrots with tahini, pomegranate, and ginger and mandarin reduction on the side.

The selection of drinks on the menu is remarkable and includes various craft cocktails, elixirs, and smoothies, such as the Coba cacao. This smoothie is made with organic cacao, banana, dates, cinnamon, and almond milk, and is a great source of nutrition.

The kitchen, bar, and spa at Habitas Tulum receive supplies from the herb garden on the premises. Other than that, Moro sources all its ingredients locally through reputed suppliers. The honey used in your elixir comes from the family of one of Moro’s servers, who maintain bee colonies.


Habitas Tulum places great importance on wellbeing, offering it through two avenues: a spa and a wide variety of wellness classes and experiences. The hotel’s outdoor spa is tucked away in a secluded area surrounded by foliage. It features two treatment rooms, a jungle shower, and is adorned with aromatic copal and candles. Drawing inspiration from Mayan heritage, the spa’s holistic therapies are renowned. Its signature detoxifying Tierra Maya treatment rejuvenates the skin using honey and clay.

As a guest, you can enjoy a daily schedule of yoga classes led by experts, including Creative Vinyasa and Yin with Chinese medicine. These classes are included in your stay. Additionally, you can visit Elemental Blessing by the beach to experience Mayan spiritual traditions and reduce stress.


In addition to its thriving nightlife, Tulum and the surrounding Yucatan Peninsula are abundant in both natural beauty and cultural experiences. The helpful Habitas front-desk team is available to assist in organizing private excursions so guests can fully enjoy all that this exceptional region has to offer.

Don’t miss visiting the Tulum Archaeological Zone nearby, which is the ruins of one of the last Mayan cities. It’s an essential stop on your itinerary. Also, make sure to check out the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chichen-Itza further away. This ancient Mayan site is considered one of the new seven wonders of the world.

If you’re looking for adventure, go cave diving or snorkeling in cenotes. If you prefer nature, visit Reserva de la Biosfera Sian Ka’an. It has a diverse ecosystem, including a barrier reef, lagoons, beaches, savannahs, and many animals like monkeys, jaguars, turtles, and birds. Sian Ka’an means “origin of the sky” in Maya.

Bottom line

This spot is perfect for those who want to fully experience Tulum without being crowded on the main beach with the bachelorette crowds. The tents are cute, comfortable, and the overall vibe is fun. You can enjoy the beautiful beach and taste the healthy, tropical food.