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Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun - An Honest Review

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The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach, Mexico a well-known hotel in Cancun’s hotel zone, used to charge for food and drinks separately but has now introduced an all-inclusive plan. We stayed there for 5 nights and have some insights that can help you make a decision about the resort. Read on for our Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun review.

The Ambience

Can you confirm the exact location of Grand Fiesta Americana in Cancun? It’s in the hotel zone, known as the “7” due to its shape. The hotel is situated at the very corner of this zone.


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The hotel is conveniently located within walking distance to bars and restaurants, and there is a large grocery store directly across the street and a Walmart close by in case you forget something. It’s about 30 minutes or 23.5 km away from Cancun International Airport (map). If you decide to stay in Riviera Maya, it could take up to an hour or more to drive from the airport. Choosing to stay in Cancun can save you time on airport transfers.

One of the biggest factors when choosing a hotel in Cancun is finding the right vibe for your trip. The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach caters to a diverse range of guests including families, couples, babymooners, and friend groups. Although we noticed a few partiers, this resort is not known for its wild party scene compared to other resorts in the area. We have experienced a few different resorts and can confidently say that this one is not a huge party resort.

If you want to stay in Cancun without partying every night, this hotel may be perfect for you. The main pool offers entertainment, but it’s not excessive or too much.

What’s included at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach?

The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach now offers all-inclusive packages, whereas before it was not a full all-inclusive resort. 

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During your all-inclusive stay, you can enjoy multiple amenities such as unlimited a la carte and buffet meals and snacks, with the exception of Le Basilic restaurant which incurs a surcharge of 1000.00 pesos per person. Additionally, you can also have access to unlimited soft drinks, juices, beer, wine, and spirits. The coffee drinks from the café and room service are also available 24/7. Please be informed that alcohol will only be served from 11am to 3am. You can enjoy a complimentary mini bar that includes soda, juice, beer, and snacks, which will be restocked daily.

The hotel also provides daily entertainment and activities, complimentary wifi, and twice daily housekeeping with nightly turn down service. You may also use the fitness center and kids club. Additionally, during our stay, the hotel was offering two complimentary roundtrip ferry tickets to Isla Mujeres.

The Rooms

Our original booking was for a standard ocean view room with two queen beds, which is the least expensive room option. We liked this as we were guaranteed a view of the ocean and not a view of a parking lot. However, upon our arrival, we were informed that we were upgraded to a king room with an oceanfront view due to availability.

Both options offer ocean views, but oceanfront rooms have a more direct and unobstructed view. Partially obstructed views may be present in rooms with an ocean view. We suggest comparing the prices of the two options before making a decision, as both are great choices.

You can find a detailed list of amenities on the hotel website. However, some of our favorite features include the option to choose between a king or two queen beds, housekeeping twice a day with nightly turndown service and pillow chocolates, a complimentary mini bar stocked with water, beer, juice, and soda that is refilled daily, and a bathroom with a large countertop, spacious shower, and plenty of toiletries. Please note that there is no bathtub if you are traveling with children.

Do all room types come with balconies? We love enjoying our morning coffee with a view of the waves. The spacious rooms have a separate living area, table, and television with several English channels, which is great for families who need some relaxation time.

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The Infinite Experience

The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach infinite experience offers a luxurious upgrade. With this package, you’ll have access to exclusive areas of the resort including a private lounge, VIP check-in, and an exclusive concierge. You’ll also have access to a secluded sun deck and bar as well as an adults-only beach club. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a wider selection of snacks and beverages for your in-room mini bar, along with your preferred spirit.

As part of your stay, you will receive priority booking for restaurant reservations throughout the resort. You can also enjoy a 30-minute wave runner rental and two hydrotherapy treatments at the Gem Spa. If you need it, we offer four hours of babysitting until 10:30pm per stay. If you’re staying three nights or more, you can choose two personalized resort experiences.

There are differing opinions on the Infinite Club experience. While some people enjoy the additional perks, others feel that it’s not worth the extra cost. Additionally, there are some concerns about the organization of the amenities, and it may be necessary to speak with the resort staff to make sure you receive all of the benefits included in the package. However, if you’re looking for a premium experience, the price difference may be worthwhile.

Restaurants and Dining

The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach stands out from other all-inclusive resorts for its exceptional food. Having stayed at multiple all-inclusive resorts in the past, we’ve experienced varying food quality ranging from questionable to amazing at different hotels. However, this resort had some of the highest quality and most creative food we’ve ever tasted at an all-inclusive resort. People often doubt the quality of food at such destinations, but this resort surpassed our expectations.

There are various restaurants to choose from, but some of them require reservations and some don’t. It’s recommended to make reservations early, especially if you prefer certain seating times. 

I highly recommend La Joya Mexican. The atmosphere is both elegant and distinctive, featuring mariachis who will serenade you while you eat (and even play “happy birthday” upon request). Additionally, the food is incredibly inventive. For more adventurous diners, I suggest trying the grasshopper tacos, while those who prefer more traditional dishes should give the mole a taste. Don’t miss out on this place!

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We had a great dining experience at Tuscany Trattoria and ended up eating there twice. However, it’s worth noting that some of the portions are bigger than what you would typically find at other restaurants. We always found ourselves really full when we left. Nonetheless, the pasta dishes – especially the ravioli – were absolutely delicious, and the meats were perfectly prepared. In particular, the veal was a big hit with our group.

If you’re looking for a great seafood meal in an outdoor setting, Isla Contoy is the perfect spot. The seafood is incredibly fresh and we enjoyed having lunch here multiple times.

There is a buffet restaurant called Vina del Mar that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We really enjoyed the breakfast there and were impressed by the selection, which included made-to-order omelets, fresh fruit, cheeses, pancakes, smoothies, tacos, and more. We even made a video showcasing their offerings. While we didn’t visit for lunch or dinner, this was simply because there were too many other options we wanted to explore.

Make sure you book early for the Havanna Club dinner/show as it’s only available on certain nights. The menu is set and features items like charcuterie, empanadas, soup, grilled meats, and dessert. The tango show takes place during the entire dinner and is a must-see experience. Check out the menu in advance and don’t forget to save room for the mouth-watering dessert, like the flan.

Le Basilic is a French restaurant that charges extra unless it’s included in your package. Although we have heard positive feedback about it, we did not visit it since the other restaurants were exceptional, and we didn’t want to spend more money. In regards to Coral Cafe, it is the coffee shop located in the resort. We frequently visited it for amusing coffee lattes, and they serve flaming coffee at night. They also offer sandwiches and deserts for people who are in a hurry.

The room service at this resort is faster than what we’ve experienced at other places. They have a comprehensive menu and we only used it for breakfast, but it’s available for lunch, dinner, or a late night snack. The best part is that it’s included in the all-inclusive plan.

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Pool and Beach

If you plan on staying at an all-inclusive resort, you will probably spend most of your time there instead of going on excursions. Therefore, it’s important to have the right atmosphere. This resort is not a party destination, although there are still people enjoying themselves. It is one of the more peaceful options in the Cancun hotel zone.

While sitting at the pool or beach, staff will offer you a variety of food and drink options from a menu that includes tacos, hot dogs, burgers, quesadillas, sandwiches, salads, ceviche, and sides. They can serve you any drink you desire. It’s a fast and convenient option for a day spent outdoors.

Pools with different vibes

There are several pools available, each with its own unique features. We have created a video to showcase the pool scene. To provide you with a brief summary, there is a family-friendly pool area with shallow pools for children. There is also a peaceful section that is perfect for relaxation. If you prefer a lively atmosphere, the activities pool is where much of the excitement happens. Lastly, there is a mixed-use pool that caters to different preferences. You can choose your preferred pool depending on your desired ambiance.

There are multiple swim-up bars available at the location. Additionally, the staff provides drink service. The infinity pool has various ledges, which allow for an excellent lounging experience. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the pool and had no complaints.

This resort has a towel game, which is more of a guest thing than a resort thing. Guests put a towel down on some lounge chairs in the early morning hours, and then leave. This makes it hard to find chairs for other guests who actually intend to stay. It is recommended to not reserve a chair unless you’re actually going to use it.

It is common to encounter this situation at all resorts, so it cannot be avoided. However, since there are numerous loungers available outside, it should not be difficult to find a vacant one.

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Seaweed is a common occurrence on beaches in the Yucatan peninsula, including this one in Mexico. The amount of seaweed can vary depending on the time of year. Despite this, the beach in question is considered one of the best in the area. It is situated in the hotel zone’s corner, shaped like a “7,” and boasts a fantastic stretch of beach. Other luxury properties nearby also highlight the quality of the beach. From our experience, the seaweed situation is slightly better than in the Riviera Maya region.

The hotel’s beach is not very big, which is normal for hotels located in crowded hotel zones. If you want a larger beach area, the Riviera Maya region may be a better choice.


The resort has several bars, including swim-up and pool bars outside. The staff will come around often to take your drink order no matter where you are. The main spot for evening drinks is the lobby bar, which has both indoor and outdoor sections. There’s also a sports bar, but we didn’t have a chance to visit it. Although there aren’t many bar options, it was enough for us, and we didn’t feel the need to go elsewhere every night.


Many people wonder whether they should tip when staying at an all-inclusive resort. Although it is not mandatory to do so, it is recommended to tip for exceptional service. The resort staff works hard to ensure guests have a pleasant and relaxing stay, so it is appropriate to show your appreciation through tips. Consider tipping the servers at the beach/pool, restaurants, housekeeping, room service, and any other points of contact as well.

We have had excellent service at all the places we’ve stayed in Mexico, but Grand Fiesta Americana stands out in this regard. You can find more details about our experience in our resort pool day video. The staff is very attentive and always willing to assist. They ask for feedback and offer to help in any way possible. It’s their commitment to improving that creates an environment for exceptional service.

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Amenities and Services

I have understood that you have covered the basic amenities at the resort. Could you suggest some additional facilities to me? Although I travelled as a couple and did not have kids with me, I have heard that the Kidz Coral Club is excellent. It has a fun theme and a complete waterpark for young children to enjoy. Children between the ages of 3-12 can participate in these activities.

We didn’t get a chance to visit GEM Spa, but we looked at their menu. We were disappointed to find out that access to the hydrotherapy area is only for those who purchase a spa treatment or have a package that includes it. The spa prices are expensive, as expected from a resort. We wanted to buy a day pass for the hydrotherapy area, but it wasn’t available.

The resort offers water sports such as kayaks, paddleboards, and jet skis, and has a marina area next to the beach where you can rent them. However, due to COVID recovery, there were minimal activities available during our trip. The resort does have some daytime activities, but it is quieter compared to other places in the hotel zone. Some of the activities they offer include water volleyball, water workouts, and trivia.

During the evening, there weren’t many entertainment options at the resort except for some dinner shows. However, there were no regular theater shows unlike some other resorts. We usually spent our time at the lobby bar as it was the only place for nighttime entertainment after dinner. I believe that the Grand Fiesta in Cancun could improve by offering more nighttime entertainment options.

Activites for Families

My partner and I went to Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach without our two children. However, I noticed several families with kids of different ages during our stay. The resort has family-friendly pools and a great kids club that features waterslides. I suggest packing some water toys for the kids as we saw many families bringing their own. Additionally, a grocery store is located across the street, where you can buy water toys if needed.

There are lots of food options that even picky eaters among your kids will enjoy. However, there aren’t many activities or entertainment options for kids to enjoy in the evening aside from the kids club. When we visited Mexico last time, we brought toys and games for our kids to play with in the lobby before bed.

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I suggest you consider staying at this resort in Cancun if you plan to bring your kids. It is more family-oriented and peaceful compared to other resorts that are more focused on partying. If you prefer a resort that is located away from the hotel zone, you can read our review of the Now Jade resort in Puerto Morelos. It is highly recommended for families and boasts excellent service.

Bottom Line: Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach is quite expensive, with off-peak weekend rates averaging $500-$600 per night and peak weekend rates around $700 per night. Additionally, choosing an infinite club room will be more costly than a standard room. However, while it is not a budget-friendly choice, it is comparable in price to other luxury properties and the service and quality here are outstanding. The staff always goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

We had an amazing time at Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach and would definitely come back without hesitation. The vacation felt luxurious in every way, from the exceptional food to the outstanding service. Our experience surpassed all of our expectations, and we highly recommend this all-inclusive resort to anyone seeking the ultimate vacation experience.

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