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Fira, Santorini - 2023 Guide

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Best Things To Do In Fira, Santorini

Located on the western side of Santorini, gazing out towards the volcano and two volcanic islands (Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni), lies Fira- a breathtaking capital city. With its blend of Cycladic and Venetian styles, it has been a major settlement since the late 18th century. This stunning destination is not only home to numerous attractions but also one that will stay in your memory forever! 

For an authentic adventure, take the cable car or donkey path from the port to Fira; alternatively, you can also utilize one of the many road routes accessing this area. Of course, if you’re arriving by cruise ship tender, then transport won’t be necessary as Fira is your destination!


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fira santorini
View of Fira

Fira, a picturesque combination of natural beauty and alluring nightlife, is an ideal destination for anyone looking to relax or have fun. The views from the caldera are simply breathtaking any time of day. Stroll through its cobblestone streets during daylight hours for tranquility that will fill you with serenity – then, at night, immerse yourself in vibrant festivities! Enjoy a plethora of restaurants, diners, and cafes boasting spectacular vistas, as well as plenty of bars and clubs where dancing awaits until dawn. Fira surely won’t disappoint!

Not only does Fira boast the biggest shopping center and most exquisite dining experience on the island, but there are also plenty of clothes stores, gift shops, souvenir stalls, and supermarkets catering to all needs. Among its illustrious attractions is the Megaro Gyzi Cultural Center which showcases a wide array of collections while hosting events such as concerts and theatrical performances, in addition to two stunning cathedrals worth visiting. Located in Fira, two remarkable museums await the Archaeological Museum of Thera and the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. Here is where you can explore a plethora of antique artifacts from all over Santorini. Not far away from Fira, Kontochori holds yet another museum; the Folklore Museum of Emmanuel A. Lignos showcases six rooms-exhibitions detailing life in the 20th century! Don’t miss out on seeing these spectacular relics up close—it’s an experience like no other!

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Stroll down the renowned Golden Street, lined with precious jewelry stores, that connects the cable car to downtown and leads you directly to the Orthodox Cathedral, the Metropoli. Right behind the cable car stands the Catholic Cathedral, which symbolizes the entrance of a whole quarter devoted to Catholicism.

Perched atop a 720 feet/220 meter cliff, Fira provides an awe-inspiring view that is unmatched anywhere else. But it doesn’t stop there! Every night in October and November at sunset, you can witness the sun dipping into the sea behind Nea Kameni island as its golden rays illuminate everything around. This is one unique experience that should not be missed!

Fira is the best location to witness Nea Kameni, our beloved volcano, from Santorini and its annual Ifestia festival held either in late August or September. At this festive event dedicated to Nea Kameni, you can observe an impressive simulation of a volcanic eruption completed with colorful fireworks displays!

Make your way to Nomikos Conference Center in Firostefani and be rewarded with a stunning view of the city below. Go up one more flight of stairs, and you’ll reach the Nomikos Cava terrace for an even better panorama; enjoy delicious Santorinian wines or Volcan beer as you take in views above the volcano, caldera, and capital.

Explore the remarkable town of Fira on Greece’s beautiful Santorini island, with an array of spectacular sights from picturesque churches and breathtaking sunsets to invigorating boat trips and delicious local cuisine. Here are my top picks for what not to miss out on in Fira, Santorini!

Escape In The Backstreets

Undeniably, Fira is one of the most popular areas in Santorini. When three or more cruise ships are docked there, it can become overly crowded with tourists and locals alike. However, if you take a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the Orthodox Cathedral area, cable car station, and main shopping district – you will be able to escape into the tranquil settings that peaceful hideaways have to offer!

Exploring Fira is one of my favorite pastimes! It’s a pleasant walk from end to end, and along the way, you will discover a labyrinth of alleyways with secret chapels, richly-arched doorways, hidden viewpoints filled with vibrant flowers, and cats enjoying the sun. Taking an adventure in this charming town always leaves me feeling refreshed.

Photograph Fira’s Churches

fira santorini three bells
View of Sunset from three bells church in Fira.

Fira’s skyline is majestically adorned with church domes, making for one of the most breathtaking photo ops and a tranquil respite from the heat. The town’s crowning glory stands as its 19th-century Orthodox Cathedral, rebuilt after being damaged in an earthquake in 1956. Its interior holds exquisite frescoes, while outside mosaics colorfully decorate its walls.

The majestic Orthodox Cathedral stands as the centerpiece of Fira, along with its striking white arches that are impossible to miss. It provides a gorgeous backdrop for pictures and is an ideal place to rendezvous. This remarkable church exemplifies modern Cycladic architecture, giving Fira its unique charm!

cathedral of saint john
View o Saint John Cathedral in Fira.

Populated with locals, Plateia Theotokopoulou in front of the Baroque Catholic cathedral dedicated to St John the Baptist – built in the 1800s – is an ideal spot for catching up with friends, purchasing goods from a local market, and admiring stunning architecture. Not only that, but you can also marvel at the serene sound of nuns singing during evening mass inside Our Lady of Rosary Dominican Convent nearby.

The town of Fira is a breathtaking landscape, and its churches are no exception. The Three Bells of Fira – or the Catholic Church of the Dormition – stands out in particular with its three colorfully-painted bells and the blue domed roof that offers panoramic views. It has become an incredibly popular spot for photographers to capture images!

Learn About Santorini’s History

Santorini is now known for its picture-perfect white villages, but it wasn’t always so pristine. In fact, the island has a rich and intriguing past that you can uncover by visiting some of Fira’s museums. Santorini was originally home to the Minoans until one fateful day when a colossal volcanic eruption took place – ultimately shaping the caldera as we know it today.

A visit to the Museum of Prehistoric Thira is an absolute must while traveling in Greece! Though closed on Tuesdays and open only until 15:00, this treasure trove of archaeological discoveries features awe-inspiring wall frescoes from Akrotiri. It’s remarkable to see all the comforts and utensils that were used by people over 3600 years ago — a visual experience that will leave any history enthusiast stunned beyond belief.

Visiting the museum at Akrotiri brings to life a civilization lost in time, resurrected from being buried by volcanic ash during an eruption. Subsequent to this event, Santorini was reoccupied and influenced by many different civilizations, including Phoenicians, Dorians, Romans, and Ottomans. Conveniently located near public busses’ and taxi stations for easy access!

The Santorini Archaeological Museum (closed Mondays) showcases a wide variety of relics, ranging from sculptures to ceramics and carvings, all representing various points in the island’s history. There is an abundance of objects derived from later periods, such as the Hellenistic and Geometrical eras, on display here. After exiting the cable car building, you’ll come across this museum first!

The Santorini Folklore Museum provides visitors with an insight into local life through its exhibits, including antique winemaking equipment, furniture pieces, garments, and artworks displayed inside a cave house built back in 1861. Here you can get acquainted with island culture and traditions that have been passed from generation to generation!

Watch The Sunset

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Santorini sunset, then Oia is the place to go – but with its iconic domes and windmills framed against a stunning orange sky comes the crowds. For your best chance at finding yourself in a prime position, arrive early! Don’t worry though if time isn’t on your side since Fira also offers remarkable sunsets – plus it’s easier to find some peace and quiet there; while the area surrounding Orthodox Cathedral can get quite busy, other magnificent vantage points are only ever moments away.

If you check into one of the numerous hotels situated on Santorini’s caldera, you are virtually guaranteed to have a terrace where you can savour sunset with some vino. Moreover, if that doesn’t sound enticing enough for your taste in sights and sounds, head over to any cliffside bar instead for an unforgettable sundowner; here as the sun melts away into the azure Aegean Sea below – bliss! However, if crowds aren’t quite your thing, then why not try getting up early just once? As sunrise comes around, there is simply nothing more magical than admiring vivid pinks seeping through the sky while having it almost entirely all to yourself.

Walk (Or Cable Car) To The Old Port

One of the most renowned historical sites in Fira, Gialos is nestled at the base of dramatic cliffs. If you’re visiting Santorini via cruise ship, your tender boat will undoubtedly dock here. However, even if not aboard a vessel, it’s worth taking time to explore this area and its numerous waterside restaurants or take an exhilarating dip into refreshing aquamarine waves.

If you’re feeling adventurous and in shape, you can make the trek down 587 Karavolades stairs to reach Santorini’s old port. Just be aware that there isn’t much shade along this path, so bring a hat and water! Alternatively, although not recommended due to worries about their welfare and difficult terrain, donkeys do carry passengers up this hillside as well.

If you’re looking for incredible views, take the cable car built in 1982 by local ship owner Evangelos Nomikos. You’ll ascend 720feet/220 meters to Fira within a few minutes, and tickets are available at €6 for adults and €3 for children. However, if there are multiple cruise ships docked in Fira, be aware that both paths get exceptionally crowded!

Hike Along The Caldera

To experience the most captivating views, take a stroll along the cliff path of Firostefani, Imerovigli, and Oia. This 10km/6 mile stretch can be conquered in three to five hours (depending on how often you pause for pictures). For optimal vibrancy and color of the landscape, plan your visit during the late afternoon or early morning since there is not much shade available along this route.

Embark on a journey through picturesque pavements and mule paths, discovering awe-inspiring churches, cozy hotels, delicious restaurants, and breathtaking viewpoints along the way. Make sure to take an additional 45 minutes to 1 hour out of your day for a diversion to Skaros Rock just after Imerovigli if you’re able! If walking isn’t really your thing, or you don’t have time for that long of a trek – not to worry! You can easily get from Fira all the way up till Imerovigli in only 3km/2 miles.

Head Out On The Water On A Boat Trip

For a breathtaking view of Fira, hop on board a Santorini boat trip. As you sit at sea level, the towering cliffs stretch above you, displaying its distinct stratification of different rocks. From afar, the mass of white buildings glistens like snow blankets atop the cliffside – it‘s truly an unforgettable sight!

If you’re searching for a memorable boat trip in Fira, there’s something perfect for every occasion – from romantic honeymoon yachts to classic wooden boats. From the water, admire stunning sunsets and explore Santorini’s remarkable coastline as you sail or swim by. Go on an exciting journey to Nea Kameni in the center of the caldera and witness its active volcano with steamy vents emitting sulfuric fumes! Plus, discover hot springs & mud baths around Palea Kameni island plus Agios Nikolaos bay with its soothing thermal beach.

Admire Local Art

As the capital of the island, Fira is renowned for its art and culture. MATI Art Gallery, founded by Yorgos Kypris in 1990, stands out amongst its peers with displays that burst into life onto nearby streets near Orthodox Cathedral. The gallery houses a series of fish sculptures along with works from local artists – all to be marveled at!

If you’re in the mood for some cultural enrichment, Fira has several galleries that are sure to inspire. The Tzamia-Krystalla Art Gallery houses contemporary Greek art, while Gjopalaj Gallery displays exquisite wood sculptures. There is also the Art of the Loom Gallery which showcases glasswork, paintings, jewelry, and ceramics alike! And if it’s souvenirs you seek – there are plenty of shops around town offering artworks, crafts, and handmade garments that will remind you fondly of your trip when back home.

Feast On Greek Food

When you dine on the enchanting island of Santorini, you’ll find traditional Greek cuisine such as moussaka, kleftiko, spanakopita, and a refreshingly delicious Greek salad. However, to truly experience all that this stunning destination has to offer in terms of its culinary delights, try some local specialties! Fava is one classic; it’s a yellow split pea puree with olive oil and lemon juice for an unforgettable burst of flavor. And then there are keftedes (meatballs) or ntomatokeftedes (vegetarian tomato fritters), which will tantalize your taste buds thanks to the sweet red cherry-sized tomatoes grown right here on Santorini!

fira santorini
Selene Restaurant in Fira (courtesy of Selene)

When in Fira, be sure to sample a few of the local dishes like saganaki – fried cheese with honey – and melitzanosalata, an extravagant white aubergine paste. Don’t forget to save room for dessert! Baklava is a definite must-try; its thin filo pastry layers filled with nuts are soaked in sticky syrup that will tantalize your taste buds. If you’re looking for restaurants or cafés where you can experience traditional Greek cuisine, Argo, Naoussa, and Parea Tavern come highly recommended. Alternatively you can experience an amazing fine dinner at Selene.  Or why not take it one step further? Master the art of Santorini cooking by signing up for a cookery class!

Try Some Local Wine (Or Beer)

For millennia, wine has been cultivated in Santorini. But instead of the common rows of vines, these plants are wound up and nestled into shallow furrows within the dark volcanic earth – offering them a respite from winds and scorching heat alike. Here you can savour whites made from indigenous grapes like Assyrtiko, Athiri, or Aidani, as well as rosés and reds to complete your experience!

If a glass of wine is more your thing, look no further than Santos Winery just outside Fira, where you can enjoy their captivating caldera view terrace and partake in one of their tastings. If beer’s what your palate desires, then make sure to try some of Santorinian Beers. You can pick up some from local stores in Fira or head out on an adventure three miles away to the brewery itself – where you’ll spot the brewers working hard!


After 9 pm, the bustling capital of Santorini lights up with a variety of small bars and renowned nightclubs for all to enjoy. If you find yourself feeling peckish after your nights out, be sure to visit Fira’s main square, where local eateries prepare an array of tantalizing Greek delights such as souvlaki and crepes; surely something for everyone! Soak in the lively atmosphere until daybreak and make some unforgettable memories along the way.

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When To Visit Fira, Santorini

Whether you are looking for a bustling summer holiday or an idyllic sightseeing trip during the shoulder seasons – Santorini has something to offer! The island comes alive between June and September, with its warm waters reaching temperatures of up to 84°F. Spring and autumn months provide cooler weather, calm seas, and more economical prices. April, May, October, and November bring the best sights, with just the occasional rainy day here or there.

Santorini is tranquil during the winter season and still offers a variety of hotels and restaurants in Fira. The temperatures are mild, with an average high of 14°C/57°F and a low of 10°C/50°F throughout the day. However, it does tend to rain more often than other seasons, with occasional snow showers – December & January being the wettest months!

How To Get To Fira, Santorini

Placed to the southeast of mainland Greece, Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands that can be easily accessed via plane or boat. Its international airport links it to several surrounding European cities as well as Athens, where you’ll have access to a direct flight taking approximately 1 hour. Easily reachable by land and air alike, Santorini promises an unforgettable experience!

With just €1.80, you can take a local bus from the airport to Fira in about 20-25 minutes—hourly service during summer and less frequent trips off-season. For those who prefer speed over affordability, there are also a limited number of taxis available on the island for around €25; make sure to agree upon the price beforehand, as most drivers don’t use meters!

Santorini is easily accessible from Athens’ Piraeus Port, with a boat ride taking anywhere between 5 hours to 8 hours. Additionally, the island offers ferry links to other islands in Greece, such as Mykonos, Crete, Ios, Paros, and Naxos, although these vary in frequency. Upon arrival at Athinios port (8km/5miles away from Fira), you can take either a bus which will get you there within 20 minutes for only €2.30, or book a pre-arranged transfer directly to your hotel.

Where To Stay In Fira, Santorini

For an unparalleled stay in Santorini, Fira has a wide array of options, from hostels to luxurious five-star hotels. If your budget allows for it, opt for accommodation with beautiful caldera views so you can take in the gorgeous sunsets! Just 100 meters away from the cathedral is Aroma Suites, equipped with standard and sea view rooms as well as cave suites – two of which have their own indoor jacuzzi! Plus, on top of that, there’s also a breathtaking rooftop terrace overlooking a domed church.

The Cosmopolitan Suites are perfect for a couple’s romantic getaway, offering an awe-inspiring infinity pool overlooking the caldera. As part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World group, it offers only ten exquisitely designed rooms with private balconies or verandas and is just several moments away from restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Fira has a variety of accommodations available, from luxurious hotels and suites with breathtaking views of the volcano to affordable options like rooms, pensions, and apartments. Whatever your budget may be, you’ll find something that fits your needs at Fira!

Unfortunately, Fira doesn’t have a beach. To take a dip in the ocean, you’ll need to hop on a bus or drive for 15 minutes until you reach the seaside. Then it’s time to get your swimsuit ready!

If you savor shopping, dining, or simply soaking in the sights of your surroundings, then Fira is an ideal place to spend a few hours during either day or night. The port below hosts many cruise ships that don’t necessarily dock – it’s worth seeing!

Suppose you are looking to take in the sights of Fira. In that case, a stunning evening catamaran cruise and some strolling along its windy streets are all that is needed. Two days should be more than enough!