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El Fogon Playa del Carmen - An Honest Review

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For an authentic local dining experience try El Fogon Playa Del Carmen. Their specialty dish is the roasted pork called “pastor,” and you can enjoy 3-4 tacos with different fillings and two beers for around $10 USD. Note that the menu is only in Spanish, which suggests that the food is authentic. Have a great dining experience and immerse yourself in the local culture at El Fogón.


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The Location

El Fogon has two locations. The main one is on Constituyentes Avenue (between 25th and 30th Avenue) and is open from 1:00 PM to 6:00 AM on some days. The second one is on the corner of 6 Bis Street and 30th Avenue, and it’s advisable for dinner and late-night snacks, as it opens later and usually has shorter wait times than the main location.

Typically, we order 3 tacos per person, which is usually enough to make us feel satisfied although we often wish we could have one more. The al pastor and chorizo tacos are available separately while the others are sold in groups of three. We liked the carne asada tacos, but we probably wouldn’t order them again. Instead, we recommend trying the al pastor and chorizo tacos with or without cheese.

The Tacos

El Fogon has impeccable service, and the staff work hard to serve delicious food to both locals and tourists. Although it may not meet the same cleanliness standards as in Canada/USA, we find it clean and sanitary. We’ve eaten here many times and have never gotten sick, though we do take Dukkoral every year. Our perception of what constitutes a clean and sanitary environment might be influenced by negative press.

I can’t stop thinking about the amazing tacos and atmosphere at El Fogon in Playa Del Carmen. The smell of charcoal grilled mayan meats, Spanish music, and warm corn tortillas with al pastor and chorizo make me want to buy a one-way ticket to taco heaven and never leave. El Fogon is a local taqueria with two open-air locations that specializes in tacos al pastor. Whenever I visit Playa Del Carmen, my first stop is always El Fogon for some delicious tacos.

Tacos al pastor are a delicious fusion dish that originated in Mexico and takes inspiration from Lebanese cuisine. The meat is cooked on a spit, similar to shawarma, and flavored with sweet and tangy pineapple juice. At El Fogon, the pork is hand-carved and served on a warm tortilla with onions, cilantro, and occasionally added pineapple.

El Fogon is a busy restaurant with fast food turnover, so the food doesn’t sit for too long. If you’re concerned, you can ask for tacos “sin cilantro” and avoid the cucumber, radish, and salsas. Although your tacos will still taste good even without these condiments, they do add extra flavor. It’s worth noting that we’ve gotten sick from eating expensive food at a luxury hotel before, so it’s difficult to predict what might affect you.

El Fogón is a taquéria located in Playa del Carmen. It is away from the crowded Quinta Avenida. Here, you can enjoy authentic Mexican dishes and drinks. At night, they serve Tacos al pastor, and some of the favorite dishes include chorizo, arrachera (steak), and chicken tacos. You can also try nopales (pickled cactus), frijoles charros (beans), rice, guacamole, and salsa with fresh chips. Do not miss the Micheladas (beer with lime juice) and licuados (fruit smoothies).

El Fogón Playa del Carmen is a Mexican restaurant with a traditional vibe that’s located away from the busyness of Quinta Avenida. The restaurant has a menu filled with tasty Mexican dishes and drinks. The most popular dishes on the menu and only available at night include Tacos al pastor, chorizo, arrachera, and chicken tacos. The restaurant also offers nopales, frijoles charros, rice, guacamole, and salsa with freshly made chips that go well with the dishes. Don’t forget to try the Micheladas (beer with lime juice) and licuados (fruit smoothies) while you’re here.

Bootom Line: El Fogon Playa del Carmen

If’re looking for an authentic local dining experience in Playa Del Carmen, avoid the touristy restaurants on 5th Avenue. Instead, head to El Fogón, which is very popular with locals and expats. You can find it five blocks north of 5th Avenue on Constituyentes and 30th.

El Fogón is known for their roasted pork dish called “pastor,” and you can get 3-4 tacos with assorted fillings and two beers for approximately $10 USD. Keep in mind that the menu is only in Spanish, but that’s actually a good sign that the food is authentic. Enjoy your meal and soak up the local culture at El Fogón.

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