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Does it snow in Italy? 5 Best places for snow and ski resorts

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Does it snow in Italy? Well, the boring, but short answer to that is “that depends”. A better question to ask is “Where in Italy does it snow?”. Because the real question you are here to get answers on is when and where do things in Italy get white and snowy?

Allow us to provide the answers for you, so let’s get started!

How Often Does It Snow in Italy in Winter?

Are you wondering if Italy receives snow during the winter season? The answer is yes! Although it varies by region, many of the mountainous northern parts have a good chance of experiencing snowfall in December and January. It’s important to note that while some areas may get plenty of snowflakes, others might not receive any at all. So be sure to check regional forecasts before planning your trip!

It is highly likely that you will encounter snow falls up in northern Italy –north of Milan, where most snow fall and ski resorts are located in the Alpine region. However, if you’re hoping to witness snow fall in central and southern Italy cities like Rome and Naples – be warned; this is very rare due to the Mediterranean climate!

Does it Snow in Italy? Does it Snow in Tome? Yes! Snow covered Colosseum, Rome Italy
Snow covered Colosseum in Rome

Be sure to bring all the right gear for a winter wonderland if you plan on traveling anywhere near the Italian Alps and the Alpine region.

Snow in Turin, Italy
Snow in Turin

Northern Italy cities such as Milan, Bologna and Turin are blessed with abundant snow between the months of December and March during an ideal year.

Snowfall in December

December is the beginning of winter season in Italy and brings with it a chillier atmosphere. As daylight hours diminish, temperatures drop along with an average snowfall of 1.2 cm (or 0.47 inches).

For those seeking a winter weather wonderland, Northern Italy is the place to be in December. Milan and other cities experience snow and temperatures ranging from 3-7 degrees Celsius (37-45 Fahrenheit) while Alpine regions are even chillier with snowfall blanketing every night. Don’t forget your scarf as you explore this wintery landscape!

December brings frigid temperatures to Central Italy, like Rome in central Italy which experiences an average of 12-16 °C (54-61°F). Meanwhile Southern Italy remains markedly warmer and mild winters in comparison with the north. Although still cold, its temperature is usually around 12-16°C (54 – 61°F), a much more comfortable range compared to other parts of the country.

Snowfall in January

Winter progresses with increasingly frigid temperatures and the “Giorni Della Merla,” three of Italy’s chilliest days: January 29th, 30th, and 31st. Then Italy hits its lowest average temperature in all of January – 3° Celsius (37° Fahrenheit) – accompanied by a generous 1.3 cm snowfall (0.51 inches).

Snowfall in February

Although early February in Italy is often frigid, especially up north, the country begins to warm up as mid-February approaches. Central Italy tends to be a bit warmer than the northern area and receives significantly less snowfall. But for an extra cozy experience, many visitors flock southward where temperatures range from 38 – 55 degrees Fahrenheit (4 – 13 Celsius) with around 1 cm of snowfall per month (0.43 inches).

How to prepare for Winter in Italy? What to Wear & Packing List

When packing for Italy in the winter season, it’s important to consider which region you’ll be visiting. The southern regions have milder temperatures and more precipitation than other areas.

While snow may occasionally reach Rome or further south, it is unlikely that you will encounter such weather conditions. Temperatures average around 10° Celsius with gray skies a common occurrence throughout this season. Therefore, ensure your list includes reliable non-slip walking shoes (the streets become quite slippery when wet!), as well as waterproof outerwear like a raincoat and umbrella — must-haves for travel during the cold Italian months!

If you plan on traveling to northern Italy and chilly places like Milan or a ski resort, be sure to pack the essentials. Hats, gloves, scarves and warm boots are must-haves if you don’t want your journey turning into an icy cold nightmare! Temperatures usually linger around 0°C so it’s best to layer up properly – good shoes with enough grip that won’t leave you slipping in case of snow is also highly recommended. If skiing is what brings you north then make sure all your gear fits snugly; there’s no better feeling than conquering snowy slopes with appropriate attire!

Best Winter Places to Visit In Italy If You Like Snow

Italy’s landscape is dominated by three mountain ranges:

  1. The majestic Alps in the northern region,
  2. The captivating Dolomites that span across the northeast and finally,
  3. Down the middle of this beautiful country lies Italy’s longest-running mountain range – The Apennines.

Are you a winter enthusiast? If so, then let’s explore some of the top destinations for snow-filled fun!

Best Ski Resorts in Italy


abetone Italy snow winter december
Snow in Italy, Abetone

Are you under the impression that Tuscany is simply comprised of rolling hills and vineyards? You’ll be astonished to learn there’s much more! Just 100 km (62 miles) from Florence in central Italy lies Abetone, a snowy Italian city. With ski slopes ranging from beginner-friendly to expert level, Campi Scuola also provides lessons for those who are new to winter sports – an introductory session on either skiing or snowboarding will only cost €46 for two people. The most convenient way of getting between Florence and Abetone would be renting a car.

Piani Di Bobbio

piani di bobbio snow italy
Snow in Italy: Piani di Bobbio

Whether you are taking an exciting family vacation, or a romantic getaway, Piani di Bobbio is the perfect place for you! This ski resort offers wide and gentle slopes that are ideal for beginner snow sports enthusiasts. Located in Barzio – one of northern Italy’s most snowy cities – it’s only about an hour away from Milan by car. It also makes for great day trip option as well!

The ski school, which offers ski or snowboard lessons for beginners is among the suggested activities in the ski park. 

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Snow on Cortina D'ampezzo, Italy
Snow in Italy: Cortina D’ampezzo

In the wintertime, Cortina d’Ampezzo appears so picturesque you may be in disbelief that it’s real! This quaint Italian city is over 1,000 years old and located in the heart of stunning alpine region of Dolomites Mountains.

dolomites mountain refuge snow winter December in Italy
Mountain refuge covered in snow in Dolomites

From this stunning Alpine region, one can admire Mount Marmolada—the tallest peak of them all—and soak up its breathtaking atmosphere. Here lies a vibrant apres-ski scene with numerous boutiques and restaurants as well as luxurious hotels to accommodate visitors seeking an unbeatable holiday experience in northern Italy.

Prepare to be captivated by picturesque scenery, stay in locally-owned hotels with astounding views of the alps and the Alpine regions, frequent snow falls and feel the excitement from wintertime festivities.

High Modenese Apennines Regional Park

In the summer or winter months, this picturesque park remains a treasured destination for many. Snow fanatics in particular will adore its magical transformation into a snow-filled haven! Nestled within this lovely vista sits Cimone Ski Resort – the premier skiing site of Emilia-Romagna region and situated on Mount Cimoncino and Mount Cimone (both over 2000 meters). With captivating views, state-of-the art amenities, along with other services – it’s no surprise why skiers flock to here for an unparalleled experience!

Gran Paradiso National Park

ski resort italian alps
Ski Resort in Italian Alps

For adventure enthusiasts looking for something unexpected and extraordinary, Gran Paradiso National Park in the western Italian Alps is your perfect destination. During wintertime, this park transforms into a remarkable paradise where you can embark on amazing off-piste skiing or snowshoeing activities – granting you with unparalleled access to more pristine landscapes compared to other ski resorts! So don’t settle for anything less than an unforgettable experience at Gran Paradiso National Park these holidays!

An exploration of Valle d’Aosta is sure to be a captivating experience; you will not only relish in its delightful cuisine, unique language and traditional customs due to the region’s close proximity with France, but you will also be blessed with breathtaking winter scenery!

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Best Cities to see snow in Italy at Christmas 

Dreaming of a white Christmas in Italy? You may be able to make a miracle happen if you find yourself among certain mountain ranges. In northern Italy cities like Milan and Turin, snowfall is common for the holidays – even Venice has been known to get its share! As temperatures rise further south throughout central Italy, expect anywhere from 5-10 degrees Celsius on your wintery holiday trip.

Down south, Christmas Day temperatures can be as high as a balmy 13 degrees Celsius or more!

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Where In Italy Does It Snow & What To Expect?

Snow in Turin, Italy
Snow in Turin

Cities in Northern Italy regions like Milan, Turin, and Bolzano experience frequent snowfall. Of these three cities, however, Turin is renowned to be the snowiest due its close proximity to several ski resorts for which it is well-known. The winter season can also bring a chill to Milan with temperatures often dropping below freezing during December and January; thus making snow in Italy an expected occurrence here as well!

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Residents of the Bolzano area enjoy very little rain or snow, although it has been known to snow here occasionally. Rome and Naples on Italy’s Western seaboard are among those cities that receive the least amount of precipitation in all of Italy – a similar story applies for both Sicily and Sardinia as well.

For a more thorough understanding of the amount and distribution of snowfall across Italy, take a look at this map here!

How Often Does It Snow In Italy’s Alpine Region?

As winter season approaches, snow is sure to fall during the months of December and January here, as well as perhaps other neighboring months. Ski seasons usually kick off in late autumn, extending till April depending on the depth of snowfall.

Resorts such as Cervinia even provide skiing into May! Interestingly enough however; one can ski all year round in Italy if you know where to look – mostly on glacier resorts through spring and summertime.

Does It Snow In Florence Italy?

Snow and Italian gelato in Florence, Italy

Despite the mild winters in Florence in central Italy, with temperatures hardly ever dipping below freezing, snowfall is quite a rarity.

Nevertheless, if you’re fortunate enough to be visiting during wintertime on rare occasions it has been recorded that up to 2 inches of snow can grace its streets! It’s truly a unique experience – so why not take your chances and make the most out of your trip?

Does It Snow In Rome Italy?

snow december rome, italy
Snow in Rome

As Rome experiences snowfall only rarely, the city of central Italy was thrown into a flurry of excitement when flakes began to blanket its streets in winter 2012; it had been 30 years since the Eternal City witnessed such a scene.

When snow graced Rome’s roofs again in 2018, public transportation quickly became overwhelmed by this sudden and unexpected occurrence – resulting in an almost complete standstill! Generally speaking though, experiencing snowfall is quite unusual for residents of Roma.

Does It Snow In Venice Italy? 

snow in Venice, Italy
Snow in Venice

In 2018, a magical snowfall descended on Venice and captivated the attention of international reporters.

Normally, temperatures in March linger around 5 degrees celsius making it highly atypical to see flurries during springtime in this northern Italy city. If you’re looking for more wintery weather then December is likely your best bet – however January or February will provide the most ideal precipitation if you want snow!

Does It Snow In Aviano, Italy?

If you’re looking for a ski destination in the north-east of Italy, Aviano is an ideal spot. Snowfall can be expected here throughout much of the year, however snow reports indicate that late October and early November are prime times to hit the slopes in this region.

Does It Snow In Genoa Italy?

Genoa, although located on the west coast, can experience snowfall from time to time. While rare in occurrence, cold air coming down from the mountains has been known to bring flakes of white towards this city of northern Italy. Don’t get your hopes up too much though – temperatures rarely dip below freezing due to mountain airflow and if they do it usually doesn’t last for long. Nevertheless, Genoa does have a chance of being blanketed with snow every now and then!

Does It Snow In Milan Italy?

Snow in Milan, Italy
Snow in Milan

Snow in Milan is a common occurrence, yet it rarely accumulates and soon turns to slush. But don’t despair – the Alps are only a stone’s throw away so if you’re looking for snow in Italy, take your pick of ski resorts that offer breathtaking views and quality slopes! When visiting Milan in northern Italy, make sure to soak up some of its culture but also enjoy the world-class winter wonderland nearby.

Does It Snow In Bologna Italy?

Bologna in northern Italy is a lot further south than Milan, yet it snows more often and with heavier snowfall. Generally measuring around 25-30 centimeters of depth (sometimes even more), Bologna provides the perfect winter wonderland for those longing to experience a city in white! If you’re looking to escape into an enchanting snowscape, then visiting Bologna should be your top priority this season.

Does It Snow In Perugia Italy?

The temperatures in Perugia rarely plunge below freezing, yet it does experience snowfall on rare occasions. This phenomenon is typically caused by the Tramontana, a north wind originating from the mountains that brings cold air and can cause up to 20-30 centimeters of depth!

Does It Snow In Umbria, Italy?

If you wish to visit Umbria, Italy in search of snowfall, the average weather data suggests that your chances are highest from late December through February. Specifically, there is an estimated three days of snow likely to occur during February – more than double any other month! So if wintery fun and festivities are what you’re after, plan a post-Christmas trip to Umbria!

Does It Snow In Abruzzo Italy?

Are you looking for a snow-filled adventure near Rome? Look no further than Abruzzo mountain region. This majestic spot in southern Italy receives up to 40 days of snow annually, and at altitude levels as high as 3200 feet! Best part – it’s only 50 miles from Rome, making the journey completely manageable. Don’t miss out on this wintery gem in close proximity to one of Europe’s most beloved cities!

Does It Snow In Calabria, Italy?

The Calabria region in southern Italy enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, making snowfall an extraordinary occurrence. Even temperatures of freezing are scarce – the only places that may experience snow is on the higher points in cities and towns. Rarely have people witnessed such extreme weather conditions in this part of Italy!

Does It Snow In Lucca, Italy?

Lucca, Italy is renowned for its serene and temperate Mediterranean climate that rarely experiences snowfall. That’s why it was a momentous occasion when between 1991-2010 the city experienced no snowy days at all! If you’re ever fortunate enough to witness this rare event during your stay in Lucca, make sure to document the occasion with some photos – they’ll serve as an incredible reminder of your time there.

Does It Snow In Molise, Italy?

For the most snow and ideal wintry conditions, plan your journey to Molise between December and March. January or February are particularly splendid months for snowfall, with over 2 inches of accumulation typically seen. If you’re lucky enough to witness a white blanket covering the area – treasure it!

Does It Snow In Naples Italy?

Although you may see snow in Naples in southern Italy every few years, don’t plan on it. Chances are it won’t stick around long enough to make a lasting impression. If however you’d like to witness some wintery flakes during your visit there, try looking up at Mount Vesuvius in the distance!

Does it Snow in Pisa, Italy?

While temperatures in Pisa in central Italy may dip below freezing at times, it most often hovers around 3 degrees even during the coldest months of January and February. Occasionally snowfall might occur due to the tramontana wind from the northern mountains bringing chilly air. However, this is rare as it mainly resides on central Italy’s coast.

Does It Snow In Sicily Italy?

Unless you are intent on relishing a winter wonderland, packing your snowboots for southern Italy and Sicily is an unnecessary endeavor. Every decade or so, the towns of Palermo and Messina may experience some flurries, located in the northern part of this Mediterranean island; however if traveling to its southern region—it’s practically impossible that it will ever snow!

Does It Snow In Southern Italy?

Southern Italy rarely experiences snow, as the winter month temperatures typically remain above 10 degrees Celsius. So if you’re hoping to see a white blanket of snow when visiting the south end of “The Boot,” it’s best not to get your hopes up.

Does It Snow In Turin Italy?

If you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland, Turin is the place for you in January! With its snowy blanket and ski resorts to explore, this city offers incredible snow coverage from early winter months throughout spring. So take your skis (or sleds!) and prepare for an unforgettable experience!

Does It Snow In Tuscany Italy?

If you’re looking for a wintery experience, but can’t escape the urban life, try visiting Abetone ski resort or hiking up Monte Amiata. The Abetone ski resort is probably the most popular choice to make snowfall come alive in cities and towns that don’t typically see much of it! Plus, taking part in some alpine experiences such as skiing on powdery mountain slopes or trekking through chilly trails are guaranteed to quench your thirst for an adventure amid nature’s beautiful seasonal transformation.

Does It Snow In Verona, Italy?

Verona, located in the northern region of Italy, is prone to snowfall during winter months. While it won’t be a deep blanket of snow, you can expect light frost and slick surfaces- so don’t forget those sturdy boots if you plan on walking around the city!

Does It Snow In Vicenza Italy?

snow in lusiana vicenza veneto, Italy
Snow over Vicenza

The Veneto region boasts many ski resorts and a decent snow coverage in the northern mountains during the winter months.

You can check out the snow reports online at the resorts on each of your trips before making the journey.


Italy has more to offer than just sunny beaches and balmy summers. During the winter months in fact, the north part of this beautiful country can provide you with a wonderful wintertime getaway too! Whether you were fortunate enough to witness snowfall in one of Italy’s major cities and northern mountains this season, or if it was on your bucket list for next year, we’d love to hear about it! 


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Definitely! Italy offers a perfect skiing retreat with three spectacular mountain ranges guaranteed to provide plenty of snow in Italy.

Yes it does snow in Italy in February! Indeed, in northern Italy snowfall is generally most abundant during February.

Yes it does snow in Italy in November! As winter nears, snow blankets the mountain ranges come November.

If you’re looking for the ultimate winter getaway, it doesn’t get much better than Italy in ski season. The Italian Alps, Dolomites and Apennines are renowned for their spectacular snowfall that make them ideal destinations for a memorable vacation experience!

Italy has seen its fair share of snowy days, with some years recording an impressive 65.6 feet in higher altitude areas! The Falcade village was blanketed by 38.3 feet during the winter of 1950-1951 – a record for any inhabited place at the time. However, that number is dwarfed compared to the 71.3 inches reported within 24 hours at Roccacaramanico village back in 1951; marking Italy’s highest ever snowfall duration on record!

If you’re yearning for a snow experience while in Rome, then look no further than the Abruzzo region! Get ready to enjoy some of the best wintery views Italy has to offer.