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Day Zero Tulum EDM Music Festival - The Experience

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Day Zero Tulum Review

If you’re a fan of techno music, you should definitely add Day Zero Festival in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico to your list. This event takes place in the middle of a remote jungle and lasts for 18 hours straight over a warm January night and is hands down one of the best music and edm festivals in Tulum. The festival features deep sounds, amazing performances, jungle vibes, and a passionate crowd. During the New Year, Tulum embodies the spirit of Burning Man in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Day Zero festival is the peak of the impressive entertainment, music, imagination, and even crafts, cuisine, and art that make Tulum a beloved winter spot.

In my experience, the atmosphere and vibe of Dnight;lay Zero in the deep jungle is truly unique and stands out among other techno events worldwide. As Tulum has gained popularity in recent years, so has this event, which has been running for around 9-10 years. The 2023 edition is also scheduled to take place around January 9-10.


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Day Zero, a highly desirable Tulum party event, is almost ending after two straight weeks. Despite this, it continues to be a popular event for music enthusiasts in the Tulum scene. The event sells out on a regular basis and very early due to its reputation for bringing out the best. The purpose of this Day Zero Festival Review + Guide is to provide detailed information in 18 categories regarding the festival that would have been helpful to know before attending, to ensure a successful visit.

Planning a Trip to Day Zero Tulum

I have some helpful resources about Tulum that I would like to share before proceeding. I have personally lived in Tulum for a total of approximately 6 months and can offer plenty of advice. Tulum can be an incredible destination, as long as you take precautions to stay safe and are aware of your rights.

Day Zero Festival Venue

Day Zero Festival takes place at a hidden jungle location that’s approximately 30 minutes away from Tulum City towards the Northeast. Although the exact location is not revealed until close to the day of the event, it has been held at Cenote Dos Ojos for the past few years. This cenote is a popular attraction in Tulum but is transformed into the festival venue during Day Zero.

If you’re interested in visiting Cenote Dos Ojos, you’ll need to drive down some dirt roads through the jungle for about 10 minutes to reach it. Once you arrive, you’ll be able to swim in the cenote and explore a few caves. The surrounding area is filled with trees and would make for a great location for a jungle party. The trees create a natural amphitheater which would be perfect for a main stage, and laser lights could be used to create that deep jungle atmosphere.

Main Stage

Day Zero Festival makes good use of the natural amphitheater with hills surrounding the main stage. VIP tables, platforms, and stairways are placed on different levels of the hill, creating various viewing positions of the stage. The main stage area has impressive sound quality, lighting, and production.

The main stage has several performance spaces, including platforms in front of the DJ booth and at various levels above it. During the early hours of the morning, they utilized the space by featuring fire spinners, dancers, and color bombs that extended out into the crowd.

The Club Stage

For the past few years, Day Zero event organizers have added a second stage to provide a club-like atmosphere, while keeping the event outdoors. The Club Stage has been a massive success, especially in 2020, with beautifully decorated lanterns and intricate patterns crafted from tree branches hanging above the dance floor. It’s truly a mesmerizing sight.

The stage where heavier techno artists perform has impressive lighting and production and is surrounded by trees. However, unlike the main stage, it is mostly a flat area.


Cenote Dos Ojos has small cenotes, too! You can find a stunning cenote with cool and refreshing water towards the end of the main dance floor. It’s an ideal spot for a swim when the dance floor gets too hot or when the sun rises and brings in the heat. Additionally, there’s a cave illuminated with lanterns and swirling lights available for exploration.

You can see the best cenotes near Tulum.

Although they may appear tiny from the dance floor, the cenotes are actually among the finest diving spots in the Yucatan. These cenotes are connected to some of the biggest underwater cave systems, so you might want to revisit for scuba diving at some point. We went diving in nearby cenotes at a different time of day! Apart from the main stages, there is also a theater, several food vendors and market stalls, lots of chill spaces, and much more. We will discuss these in greater detail later!

How to Get to Day Zero Festival

Due to the venue’s remote location, Day Zero arranges transportation to the venue by charter buses. Previously, the buses used to pick up passengers at Chemuyil baseball field. However, there has been a necessary change this year, and the pick-up location has shifted to Tulum ruins (Tulum Mágico on Google Maps), which is more accessible.

This development is a significant improvement in festival accessibility. Instead of resorting to costly taxis to reach the pickup point, people can easily access it from a nearby town that’s less than 2km away. They can opt for inexpensive taxis or even take a collectivo bus. Moreover, the pickup point, situated around 20-minutes from Cenote Dos Ojos, offers more space for festival check-in.

Day Zero Tulum Crowd

The Day Zero crowd in Tulum shares similarities with a particular group of Burning Man attendees. Many burners visit Tulum during the offseason for a similar experience. However, it appears that Day Zero attracts a more affluent and entitled crowd from the Burner community. From what I saw, Day Zero resembled an exclusive version of Burning Man, with VIP tables selling for as much as $50,000. This conflicts with the values of Burning Man, which intentionally limits accessibility to certain individuals. However, VIP tables are a common feature in Tulum’s culture.

At Day Zero, including the one in Tulum, there are numerous VIP tables, and the behavior of the people there is predictable – they act entitled and superior. However, I only had to interact with them because I was taking photos. The majority of people wore expensive outfits that looked great, and while it’s not necessarily negative, the privilege is palpable.

Despite encountering some unfriendly or unwelcoming individuals, I overall had positive experiences meeting many friendly and happy people at Day Zero Festival. Though like any festival, there were both amazing and not-so-great people in attendance. Essentially, the festival could be described as Burning Man in the Mexican jungle with a lot of plug-and-play camp attendees.

It is important to consider that Day Zero festival can get very crowded. The main stage can be difficult to navigate, and I didn’t risk bringing my photography equipment there. In my opinion, the venue felt overcrowded and there wasn’t enough space, making it hard to move around. Additionally, it was very humid even in the middle of the night.

Day Zero Vibe

Although Day Zero Festival promotes an inclusive ethos and upholds a leave-no-trace policy, many attendees seem to ignore this message. Despite the posted reminders throughout the venue, some festival-goers still littered the grounds, potentially due to feeling entitled after paying for admission.

I want to mention that a lot of people have their phones stolen during Day Zero Festival, specifically in the packed crowds. Although there was some security present, theft was still a significant problem. I don’t have any information about the individuals responsible for the thefts.

Despite everything that has been mentioned, the jungle has an overall enchanting atmosphere. I have never been to a venue as incredible as this one. They did an exceptional job of creating a space that looked like it came straight out of a fairytale. Additionally, most of the people here contributed to and maintained this wonderful vibe.

The place was filled with lanterns, beads, and dreamcatchers, and attention was paid to every small detail to add brightness to the surroundings. Traditional Mayan dances were performed by people in Mayan clothing and face paint, enhancing the mystical atmosphere.


I want to clarify that the atmosphere at Day Zero Festival is really amazing. The attention to detail throughout the venue is noteworthy, from the club stage entirely covered by beautiful woven branch patterns, to the trees adorned with elegant lanterns and decorations, to fairy lights and traditionally painted rocks along pathways. It’s truly an impressive sight.

Day Zero Festival created a magical jungle atmosphere with lantern-lit cenotes and adorned chill areas with paint, lights, and branches. The amazing production set the tone for an unforgettable party and I was blown away by the experience.

The quality of the production at this venue matches their impressive decor. With top-of-the-line speakers, lights, and lasers, they feature a variety of performers on the main stage, ranging from fire spinners to dancers to large costumed characters, keeping you on your toes with each new act.

One of the highlights of the party was when a parade of people in costumes distributed colorful flowers to the crowd around 8-9am. It created a festive atmosphere, as hundreds of people danced with flowers in their hands while magical creatures moved around the dance floor.

Day Zero Lineup/Music/Artists

The lineup for Day Zero is particularly noteworthy, especially for fans of house and techno music. Many of the artists who perform at this event are also well-known in the international techno scene, making it a popular destination for festival-goers and Burners alike. 

The headliners for the event can range from artists with harder music styles like Ellen Allien, Ae:ther, and Dubfire, to those with more melodic sounds such as Bedouin, Black Coffee, Goldcap, Serge Devant, and &ME. The lineup for 2023 includes big names like Jan Blomqvist, Major Lazer Sound System, Joseph Capriati, Jamie Jones, and some returning artists.

During the festival, there are many amazing music performances between the two stages and it can be difficult to decide which ones to see. The festival is put together by Damian Lazarus, who is known for his melodic techno music and performs from sunrise until noon while wearing his signature long kimono and sultan hat. He takes the crowd on a mesmerizing musical journey at sunrise that sets the tone for the rest of the day. The vibe changes beautifully from night to day, and it’s a journey worth experiencing at any stage.

You can always count on the Day Zero Lineup to be carefully curated and stacked with top-notch performances every year, so no matter which year you choose to attend, you’ll be in for a treat.

Where to Stay for Day Zero Festival: Hotels/Camping

Since Day Zero Festival only lasts for one day, there won’t be any camping or nearby accommodation available. To attend the festival, most people usually choose to stay in Tulum town or in the hotel zone on the beach where other parties are happening for the two weeks leading up to the festival.

If you’re looking for a place to stay near Day Zero, your best option would be to stay in Tulum town. Tulum has two areas – a long stretch of hotels along the beach and a main city center located a few kilometers away. Staying in the town is the most affordable option, and the only way to get around is by taxi as there is no regular public transport available.

Here are some of our favorite places in the jungle that we like to relax in after partying. They are located close to where Day Zero has taken place in previous years. Check them out below! Output Language Code: EN-US

  1. The Yellow Nest – This amazing Tulum-style cabana, situated in the jungle, is only a five-minute walk (490 yards) from the venue. Its decoration and vibe are simply fantastic. During the day, you can relax and swim in the cenotes, and at night, you can easily walk to the party.
  2. Pepem Eco Aldea Tulúm – Day Zero is located about 930 yards away from the venue, which is a 10-minute walk. It is conveniently close to Cenote Dos Ojos, so you won’t need to drive to get there. Take a stroll through the stunning Tulum jungle and you’ll arrive at Day Zero in no time!

Day Zero Festival Amenities – Other Stuff to Do

There are several other enjoyable activities and places to discover at Day Zero Tulum. Here are some of the top recommendations:


There is a small theater where people can take a break, relax, and watch some videos away from the main music area.

Chakra Zone

Additionally, there is a charming area called the “chakra zone,” which features a wooden sculpture displaying the various chakras. There is also a maze surrounding the zone that visitors can explore.


The Day Zero Festival features fantastic vendors who sell a variety of festival clothing, jewelry, and other enjoyable items. Furthermore, many Mayan performers dressed in traditional attire were vending handmade crafts, and the booths had a wide assortment of exquisite wares.


Due to the crowds at the festival, it became quite hot. As a result, many people decided to take a dip in the cenote!

DAY ZERO: The Amenities and Service

Now that you understand the different aspects of Day Zero, here are some amenities, facilities, and services that you can take advantage of.

Amenities available:

  • – Tables with a privileged view of the show
  • – Live DJ and art shows

Facilities on site:

  • – Bar
  • – Food truck
  • – Cenotes
  • – Caves
  • – Theater for resting
  • – Chakra zone
  • – Marketplace

How Expensive is Day Zero Tulum?

Day Zero is a high-end festival in Tulum that attracts a more upscale crowd. It’s like Burning Man but bigger. Although more expensive than other festivals, it’s worth it, especially if you get the XXTRA ticket. This ticket gives you access to VIP bathrooms and areas, as well as express entry.

Trying out vegetarian and vegan options in Mexican cuisine is worth the cost since the food is delicious and fulfilling. However, we recommend not overspending on alcohol as it can be expensive.

Day Zero Tulum – Transportation and Parking

I had a hard time reaching the Day Zero Festival earlier, but this year (2023), it should be more convenient as the pickup point will be at the Tulum Mágico ruins parking lot instead of being 20 minutes away from the venue.

The festival will organize charter buses as the venue is located in a remote jungle and far away. The Tulum Mágico ruins will be the location for ticket checks and security. After that, everyone will board the charter buses to reach the venue, which is 20 minutes outside of town and located deep down a dirt road in a jungle cenote.

Once the festival ends, you will take the same buses back to the Tulum ruins parking lot instead of going to the Chemuyil baseball field in the opposite direction. At Tulum ruins parking lot, you can avoid the risk of being charged $100 USD by taxi drivers to get back to town. Although there is still a possibility of cabs overcharging, the distance of 2km limits the amount they can charge you.

Driving to Day Zero Tulum

If you want to have your car ready for you when the buses arrive to take you back to the pickup point, it could be a good idea to drive to Day Zero. You can conveniently park your car near the Tulum Mágico parking lot. However, you should be aware that locals may try to charge you for parking, as it is a new pickup point.

Taking a Taxi to Day Zero

To clarify, most people will need to take a taxi to the bus pickup point, as check-in for the event is located at the pickup point at the ruins. While it is not possible to take a taxi directly to the venue itself, the pickup point is only 2km away. However, taxi companies may overcharge for rides back to town or hotels after the event. It is recommended to haggle and split the taxi costs with others to mitigate the expense. Additionally, there will be food and market stalls available on Day Zero.

The Food and the Drink at Day Zero Festival

The Food at Day Zero

At Day Zero, there will be many food and drink options available for you to choose from. You can find pizza, falafel, crepes, fruit, and Mexican food from various vendors located in a row near the festival’s main entrance. The food prices are quite affordable, with meals ranging from around $150-$300 pesos (approximately $8-$16 USD) depending on your choice of food.

The Drinks at Day Zero

I was incredibly surprised by the high prices of drinks at Day Zero. After being shocked by the cocktail prices at Zamna of 300 pesos (around $15), I was shocked again to see that Day Zero had normal mixed drinks, such as vodka soda, labeled as “premium mixed drinks” and priced at 350 pesos (around $18). Additionally, the “Day Zero Cocktails” were priced at an astonishing 400 pesos (over $20). Upon seeing this, I realized that I would need to limit myself to only a few beers or perhaps not drink at all during the event.

The prices of drinks at Day Zero seem to be targeted towards a crowd that is willing to spend a lot on beverages, even exceeding the price of their ticket, or opting for table service.

To clarify, both beer and water were priced at 150 pesos ($7-8 USD). Although there was a water refill station at the start of the event, it was not available towards the end. As a result, attendees were forced to purchase multiple small water boxes for $8 each, which I find disappointing.

Day Zero: The Tickets and the Price

The Day Zero tickets are available in different tiers. If you agree to enter before 7pm, you can get the sunset ticket for $120-$150. The first release ticket is priced at around $150 and the cost goes up to $240 for the 6th release. You can also purchase an XXTRA ticket for $280-$340 which provides access to VIP bathrooms and areas and gets you quicker entry. If possible, it might be worth paying extra for the nicer bathrooms.

Tickets the event in Tulum do tend to sell out quickly, and some people take advantage of the situation by reselling them at much higher prices. I have seen some general admission tickets being sold for as much as $350, while VIP tickets are going for $700 to $800. To avoid this, I recommend buying tickets as soon as they become available. This year, organizers are taking extra precautions and requiring each person to show a photo ID that matches the name on the ticket. If you plan on buying or selling tickets second-hand, you will need to provide a copy of your ID.

Regarding the prices of food and drinks, please refer to the information provided above. It is recommended to allocate additional funds if you plan on consuming a substantial amount of food and beverages.

Day Zero Festival Safety and Security

I have been to festivals on 6 continents, but the Day Zero security checks were some of the most intense I have ever experienced. They will check and pat you down multiple times, so be prepared for that.

When I went to the baseball field recently, I had to go through multiple security checkpoints. The first two checks were for a pat-down and a bag search with a metal detector. Then, after the bus ride, there was another thorough check where the security woman even lifted up my bra. I’m not sure why there were so many checks, but you should be prepared for 3-4 checkpoints before entering, including searches of the main bag compartments and pat-downs.

The Restrooms at Day Zero

At Day Zero, there were porta potties placed in various locations around the venue to serve as bathrooms. Although they became very dirty at times during the night, one could usually manage to locate a reasonably clean one with toilet paper.

Having at least some form of VIP ticket comes with the benefit of having access to nice bathrooms. These bathrooms are located in the VIP area behind the main stage and are air-conditioned, which is a significant improvement compared to the porta-potties. When you’re tired and need to use the restroom, it’s much better to have access to a nicer bathroom. Also, during a rainstorm, I sought refuge in this cool box!

The Weather at Day Zero Tulum

Tulum is very hot in January and it can be quite humid. Due to the high number of people in attendance, you should expect to sweat a lot. Although I have felt slightly chilly at night on other occasions in Tulum, I did not experience this at Day Zero.

If you’re planning to attend the event, it’s suggested that you wear light clothes and carry a hand fan as it tends to get hot and humid, especially in crowded areas. It’s recommended to bring protection for your valuables, like a rain poncho or a plastic bag, as rain showers are frequent during the nights in Tulum in January.

Fashion at Day Zero Festival

The event called Day Zero Fashion is like Burning Man but in a jungle setting, and the attendees seem to be very attractive and wearing costly outfits such as hats, feathers, face jewels, flowy skirts, kimonos, and more.

To fit in with the fashion at Day Zero, even if you think your outfit may be too much, add more jewelry, face paint, and eccentric boho techno burner clothes. The event is like a fashion show and many people go all out with their fashion choices, especially since it takes place in the lovely jungle.

The Timings at Day Zero

Day Zero is a 20-hour party starting at 4pm on one day and ending at noon the next day. You can decide how you want to spend these 20 hours. Although some people arrive later at night or leave early, others push through the entire event.

To fully enjoy the experience, it’s recommended that you stay for the entire duration and participate in a traditional all-night party in Tulum. Dancing until the next afternoon is a common and enjoyable activity here.

Do you need Money at Day Zero Tulum

Day Zero Festival does not accept cash. Instead, they provide a wristband with a small plastic piece that you can use to store your money. You can refill this cashless wristband at 4-5 different locations, which enables you to purchase food and drinks.

The festival is understaffed at the cashless top up points, leading to long wait times for those who need to top up their wristbands. My friends and I waited for 30 minutes due to the limited number of staff members available, and there were many other unhappy people in the same situation. To avoid this, it is recommended to top up your wristband as early as possible and add enough money to avoid having to wait in line again.

Volunteering at Day Zero

At Day Zero Tulum, you can get a ticket in exchange for working an 8-hour shift. To apply for this opportunity, you can visit the ‘participate’ section on their website. Additionally, there are opportunities to run a food stall or a market vendor stall which are available to both local and international applicants. The stalls offer different types of foods and goods for sale.

Expert Tips for Day Zero Tulum

  • Try to stay until sunrise. Damian Lazarus performs a magical set during sunset, and there are some great performances after sunrise too.
  • Make sure to check out all areas of the venue, as you may find some hidden gems.
  • Spend some time at each stage.
  • If you choose to drink, be aware that maintaining a buzz for 20 hours could cost you a few hundred dollars.
  • Also, it’s likely to rain, so bring a rain poncho or plastic bag.
  • Consider bringing extra clothes, including a swimsuit if you want to swim in the cenote.
  • Lastly, make sure to pay attention to the surroundings and appreciate the remarkable attention to detail put into the venue.

Bottom Line: Our Personal Opinion

Day Zero was an amazing festival that we highly recommend. If you enjoy dancing and having fun for 18 hours while being surrounded by deep sounds, live performances, jungle vibes, and a like-minded crowd, then this is the perfect event for you.

What is the best way to plan your stay for Day Zero festival? I suggest spending 2 to 3 days near the festival to explore cenotes, typical villages, and nature. You can meditate, take walks and adventures in the jungle. After that, you can head to Tulum and spend a few more days exploring the Centro and the beaches. Also, don’t forget to read other people’s reviews of the Day Zero festival below!


Minimum age for Day Zero Tulum?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter Day Zero.

Do they accept large groups at Day Zero Tulum?

Day Zero Tulum welcomes large groups and it would be even more enjoyable to sit together at a big table with friends.

Are children allowed in Day Zero Tulum?

Sorry, but children are not permitted to attend Day Zero Festival.

What time does Day Zero Tulum starts?

Day Zero Tulum start at 4:00 PM.

What time does Day Zero restaurant open?

The food trucks at Day Zero are open throughout the entire duration of the event.

Can you make reservations at Day Zero Tulum?

You can book a table at Zamna festival events, and we suggest using our internal contact to get the best spot and value for your money.

How can you make a reservation at Day Zero Tulum?

To make a reservation at Day Zero, you can either do so on their official website or get FREE concierge service from our friend Virginia to book a table.

What kind of music is played at Day Zero Festival?

Day Zero Festival features a variety of music genres including techno, house, jungle, and mystic vibe music.

Do they accept credit cards at Day Zero?

Sorry, but Day Zero does not accept cash. You will need to load your bracelet with funds in order to make purchases at the festival stands.

Do they accept cash at Day Zero?

At Day Zero, you cannot use cash to purchase food or items. You must charge your bracelet first in order to make payments.

Should i pay tips at Day Zero Festival Tulum?

It’s always a good idea to review your bill and make sure there is no extra charge called a “voice propina” (Spanish for tip).

Is there a minimum spend at Day Zero Tulum?

You don’t have to spend a minimum amount of money at Day Zero Tulum.

Is there a dress code for Day Zero Tulum?

Express your connection with mother nature and the Tulum atmosphere by wearing tribal clothing, hats, feathers, face jewels, and everything else that makes you feel aligned with the vibe.

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