Cost of Living in Uruguay

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Uruguay's Cost of Living for Retirees, Expats and Digital Nomads

Cost of Living in Uruguay

Uruguay used to be one of the most economically-friendly countries in Latin America, but today it has become a bit pricier – at least by South American standards. But if you compare Uruguay with places like California, then living here is still quite inexpensive (around 20% cheaper), but in comparison to Panama it’s considered expensive.

Looking for an apartment in Uruguay? A one bed outside the city center will typically cost you around $450, while a centrally located pad can be up to $530. For those looking to retire near Punta del Este specifically, however, this is by far the most expensive place in whole country with prices starting at $150 per month just for all utilities like water and heating. Don’t worry though – local beer costs only 78 Uruguayan pesos (around two dollars) and 1 kilo (half a pound) of bananas is only three! Shopping locally is a fantastic way to save money, yet prices in the U.S. are almost always cheaper than other places worldwide!

Moving to Uruguay and owning a car can be financially daunting due to the country’s exorbitant automotive import taxes.

Fresh local produce in market in Uruguay
Local produce and food is both very tasty and affordable compared to the US and western Europe

Fortunately, you may neutralize this contrast in expenditure by taking advantage of how comparatively low healthcare costs are there. You won’t have to pay any taxes if acquire a retirement visa, allowing you transfer your vehicle without incurring extra fees. Your monthly expenses will fluctuate depending on where you settle and what kind of lifestyle you lead; however, on average it is possible live comfortably with an approximate sum of $2,300 each month.