Cost of Living in Italy

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Italy's Cost of Living for Retirees, Expats and Digital Nomads

Cost of Living in Italy 

Italy is a premier expat, digital nomad and retirement destination.

But surprisingly Italy can also be a perfect destination if you’re looking for affordability!

Costs are much lower than in other places such as the US and Canada. Although, living expenses will be on the higher end in bustling cities like Rome, Milan and Venice; however that doesn’t take away from their immensity of beauty! The demand amongst tourists and expats has caused prices to continuously rise over time.

If you’re willing to take a short 30-minute train ride away from Rome or Florence, you can still enjoy the culture and city life while living in a beautiful home atop a hill that comes with half the price tag. Retirees looking for an easy Italian lifestyle may be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it really is!

Embrace a curious attitude, investigate your options, and you will discover that Italy holds many outstanding bargains. You can experience a higher quality of life at an incredibly low cost in areas like Le Marche, Popoli or Puglia — lesser-known Italian rural regions with plenty to offer.

Need to save on daily living costs? Check out the budget-friendly country of Italy! You and your partner can live a comfortable lifestyle for approximately $2,100 every month or even less. Not only that, but many local delicacies are super affordable–enjoy an espresso for just 90 cents, two scoops of Italian gelato for roughly $3 for two scoops, and feast on a delicious three-course meal at about $28 per individual. Plus you’ll get health insurance annually with rates as low as $200 !

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If you are planning on making Italy your home for more than three months, then it is important to know that all residents of this country must pay tax on their worldwide income. However, the government has made an effort to draw in expatriates by enacting a 7% flat rate on foreign earnings – but only if you take up residency in certain areas of Southern Italy! This low taxation makes living and working abroad much more attractive, so getting accustomed with local regulations will help ensure that your relocation goes smoothly.