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Coronado Guide for Expats: Everything you need to know

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2023 Coronado Guide for Expats

Coronado Panama has long been a haven for expats from all over the world seeking a tranquil life in a warm and inviting climate. With its beautiful beaches, lush jungles and modern amenities, Coronado offers something for everyone―whether it be retirees looking to slow down and relax or young professionals hoping to start a new adventure.

Coronado Panama provides an ideal location for expats of all ages looking to start a new life. From its picturesque sandy beaches, lush jungles and modern amenities, there’s something for everyone!

Things to do in Coronado

One of the great attractions to Coronado is the diverse range of activities available. Take advantage of the beautiful weather with beach volleyball or surfing, explore ancient ruins in Veracruz, or take a day trip to nearby Boquete where you can fish and kayak in the Chiriqui River.

There are also plenty of cultural activities such as music festivals and art galleries that can be enjoyed year-round.

Best Neighborhoods in Coronado

If you’re looking for a place to call home in Coronado, there are many great neighborhoods for expats.

Punta Barco is one popular destination with a secluded beachfront setting and luxury homes situated on hillside lots.

Meanwhile, Farallon has been gaining popularity among younger expats who are seeking an affordable yet comfortable lifestyle near the oceanfront. Other neighborhoods that offer excellent housing for expats include El Palmar, Venao and Chame.

Cost of Living in Coronado

When it comes to cost of living in Coronado, it’s surprisingly affordable compared to other areas in Panama. Groceries and dining out can be relatively inexpensive while basic utilities like water and electricity are quite reasonably priced as well.

Bottom Line

So whether you’re looking for an affordable place to settle down or just want somewhere with plenty of things to do and plenty of beautiful scenery, Coronado Panama is sure to have something perfect for you!